News 12.04.2021


Q has also said that this mission is bigger than we know. That is because most people are unaware of the scope and ruthlessness of the enemy and what they have done on this planet.

When we say that everything we have ever been told or taught is a lie, we mean it literally. It’s time we woke up to the greatest deception ever imagined. It defies description how these imposters stole everything from us, depopulated the planet, and pretend they’re royalty and deserve to live in the castles and estates they did not build. They gave us a fictional history, added years to the timeline, and turned us back thousands of years technologically.

If we are merely a LARP asking questions on the Chans, why are we being attacked daily by some of the world’s biggest media co’s, social media co’s deliberately applying censorship/banning, shills paid/inserted to disrupt (media matters), blue checkmark coordinated attacks, etc.?
All for a ‘conspiracy’ on the Chans?
All for a ‘LARP’?
Why is there a constant flow of disinformation being pushed re: Q?
Example: Disinformation push re: Mueller is a white hat.
FAKE & FALSE narrative.
When you can’t attack the information directly, you attack the source, if that fails, you ‘create false misleading information’ to discredit knowing ‘select’ ‘unaware’ followers would not take the time to self-corroborate the claims (same vehicle/tactics used by FAKE NEWS media).
Logical thinking always wins.
Nothing can stop what is coming.
As the target(s) turn to the other side, the attacks will intensify.
We have the source.
Q source

If you’re seriously talking about 2022, or even worse, 2024, you aren’t grasping the gravity of this moment in history. The 2020 election HAS to be corrected first, for any future election to be legitimate.” source


The Secret Contents of Ever Given Evergreen Container Ship (Translated Video by Kaan Sariaydin)

The Evergreen crisis, that container ship carried Very Important Contents
Those (shipping) containers had the products of a 30 year plan…
… products as a result of 30 years’ worth of investments
Let’s analyse this Step By Step and show you the visuals on the big screen
This is Why Covid-19 Cases are on the Rise!!! (Globalist) were planning to end (the Corona) game …
We were told that the ship broke down due to a technical problem
Nooo this is a lie
Why that Ship was stuck there? In that particular way? Is there a deeper secret behind this? What should our interpretation of this Event be?
Of course, of course (there is a plan behind this)
Now Firstly, this was a good Slap on Globalists face, by the Nationalist Powers!
Here Firstly World Trade (Monopolies) aka Global Powers lost $10 billion a day FIRST SLAP
SECOND SLAP no one (no media) spoke about this
The Climate Change Weapon, Yes this containers carried the substances (Weapons) that would accelerate the Climate Change!!!
What is It?
Without going into (too much) detail, let me tell you in a few words:
Mr Bill Gates have got his fingers in this pie
Very Simple actually! As we all know, for years he has been working on vaccines.
Recently he has been crazy about buying land, he has just bought 56,000 decares, which is 56 million m2 land just in Turkey
Today there was an announcement that He bought over 1 million decares in Arizona
He has been buying immense quantities of land and the reason was the following…
Now the Plan was to move on to the 2nd Second Techno Weapon
1st one, Covid was about to come to an end and I have been telling this for a while.
It was planned to end (this spring) in readiness for the April Climate Conference. There is a Climate Conference end of April.
This Climate Conference main theme, I am actually quite sad talking about this, is about Ox’s Gas. Even our Deputy Minister of Agriculture made a speech about how we should move to away from Beef Farming to sheep farming claiming that this will reduce Greenhouses gases
These individuals must have felt very sad about what happened (to the Evergreen containers). God has got a plan.
It doesn’t always happen as you (Globalists) have planned!
The Contents of those containers had the Chemicals that would activate the Second Techno Weapon which works with 5G Radiation Beams and transforms earth’s soil using Special Information Technologies.
Wow you are saying all this Gear and Technologies were loaded on this Ship?
Yes, Yes all those contents were seized, destroyed and this (catastrophe) was prevented.
Nationalist United and landed a massive slap (blow) to Global Capitalist Powers and prevented their World plans.
I would like to make a point here! People are talking aren’t they?
nothing is happening, you said that after March these things will happen
Let me tell you something! It’s happening, Huge events, Historical Events are taking place!
But you have to know where to look and How to Interpret the Events!
You CAN’T see these events in the main media!
All these events are Real, True
Nationalist Powers Secret Services worked on this together and unravelled what was set up.
Why do you think that ship was parked there for so long?
Do you really think this was a coincidence (What happened in China and Suez Canal)?
Immediately following these events Chinese Foreign Minister Turned up in Turkey, Dollar (and FIAT Currencies) were on the rise
Yes some of our (governments) decisions had a reflection on this, but the main drivers were them (Globalists) from all over the place.
China visited us on between 24-26 March, Chinese Foreign Minister was in Turkey
and on 27th of March The Evergreen container blocks the Road in China, Simultaneously (How Bizarre)
Those are Messages, Strong Messages (to Global Capital)
Meetings in Turkey finalizes and next day this happens
People should regularly try to avoid Conspiracy Theories and focus on figuring out the Real Events Happening
Mr. Biden had previously declared Turkey as an enemy, now all of a sudden said that we are friends again. While China was planning to vote to exclude Turkey from all conferences, following the Evergreen incident declared Turkey as an important country. Furthermore a country that was not invited to the climate conference was personally invited by Mr. Biden himself! Whatever happened unfortunately brought an end to Bill Gates’ ox gas and artificial meat project! How sad, billions are gone!
This operation was carried out in cooperation with Few Nations: Egypt, Qatar, Israel and Turkey all working together
These Goods have been monitored constantly
These (chemical) goods took 30 Years’ worth of investment and development; (They were not something that you can produce easily or in short time);Highly Technological Matter. source

In a recent Life Site News interview by Patrick Delaney, former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory, Dr Michael Yeadon, who just retired told him point-blank, “Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.”

And why would the government be lying about something so fundamental? “Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They’re going to kill you and your family.”

In another interview with American Frontline Doctors, he begged, “Please warn every person not to go near top-up [booster] vaccines. There is absolutely no need to them…If someone wished to harm or kill a significant proportion of the world’s population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now will enable it. It’s my considered view that it is entirely possible that this will be used for massive-scale depopulation.” source

Republican Rep. Peter Meijer has a warning for his party: He fears baseless conspiracy theories like QAnon will destroy the GOP from within if Republicans don’t decisively and unequivocally condemn the false and dangerous beliefs and take action to stop their spread. source

Q poured a bucket of ice cold water over the entire planet.
Many jolted awake.
Many cursed the bucket and fell back asleep.
Q then spent years teaching anons to carry their own bucket of water. Some carried two.
Our rugged shoulders are now capable of bearing the burden of many.
The truth is incapable of escaping our collective grip.
Our enemies foolishly attempt to shill holes in our buckets to no avail.
Our buckets NEVER empty.
The longer we carry them, the stronger we become.

There’s a reason the connection between 11.3 and the Law of War manual wasn’t made until it popped up on the boards on January 18th. (Just before inauguration)
There’s also a reason the DNI report on election interference was almost a month late and given to Trump just after the false flag event on 1/6.
Speaking of 1/6, there’s also a reason Trump delayed his speech and spoke longer than he was scheduled to.
Timing is everything. source

*Black hats and globalists attack the soul of America by destroying the twin towers through controlled demolition*
*White hats and Patriots respond by destroying the global cabal of black hats and globalists through controlled demolition* source

Vladimir Putin’s speech to the world.
I’m tired today tired of everything. I want to speak to all sides of the world. What the hell is going on here? What evil plans do you dream of? You sacrifice the innocent soul and victims of your dirty politics in the world! You keep washing people’s brains with your mainstreams, without the same and worldwide.I know your satanic plans to reduce the population of the planet. You are truly evil to use the most vulnerable to your plans. If you think people are simply subjecting themselves to the thought of massacre, leave your position immediately!If the USA and Europe don’t stop their plans immediately, you will not only face God’s wrath, but mine too. Finish your plan right away. Long live God and the homeland and receive enemies with open arms of death. source

Maria Zak, chair of NationsinAction, an organization that reports to the government, says Obama removed the top of the U1 cash pallets to pay for the Russian deception against Trump. The CIA was also involved.


  • What kind of money are we talking about? What money did Obama steal?

“Are you ready?” Iran. The money he sent to Iran… Obama looked through 14 pallets… $ 400 million was withdrawn and transferred to the bank. He used the money to carry out planned operations to overthrow President Trump and his administration. This is how he financed all the tests in collusion with Russia. It was $ 400 million belonging to citizens of the United States.

“How do we know that?”

“I like that question. This is the most important thing that everyone should understand. I can tell you which bank he’s in
kept the money… I can tell you about the flow of money and I can tell you where it went and who was in the room, including the Sheikh of Dubai, when the final decision was made. It was in Dubai. The sheikh landed his helicopter on the roof of the US embassy and now we have people in the embassy who need to come forward. These people at the State Department are very knowledgeable. And some people gave information about what happened there. It really was a high-ranking guy from the CIA…

Are we getting closer to the Obamagate disclosure? source

White House LIVE Webcam is down!!! Error 404!!! Dave Hynes shared this and said it’s been down since last night! 💥💥
Môže ísť o dielo 1 osoba and interiér
Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „Where is DJT sitting in the Masterpiece by John McNaughton (Westminster Abbey)? Prodigal Church of British Royals (location of Prince Phillip's Funeral) John McNaughton ANAGRAM Chan Anon Hangout The Masterpiece= The Great Reveal NCSWIC“
Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „"Pull back the curtain." CG (Trust Grassley) "Much will be revealed. Picture being painted.' "Not everything can be publicly disclosed because so much ties back to FOREIGN HEADS OF STATE."- Prince Phillip Foreign Head of State“

Dan, Pompeo, Grassley, US Air Force Qomms! 🍿

-Dan TS 7:05pm, Japan flag
Q705: 5
Q4343: Q w/ Japan. 2+2= 5? Coincidence?

-Pompeo talks Taiwan, freedom & Checkmate, playing chess
TS 7:44
Q744: Find the link
Trump has ultimate command.
Q:How about a nice game of chess?
Objective: Checkmate King
Q523: Checkmate

-Dan TS 12:10
Q12: Mil Intel
Q10: Mil investigation
Q1210: As the World Turns

-Grassley at Storm Lake
The Calm Before the Storm

-Dan 25,000. Remove 0’s=25
Q25: Proof to begin 11.3
Flow of info is vital

-US Air Force: Testing 1, 2, 3, “Exit” door
Q: Testing, Testing, Testing
How do you fix something that is known to be broken?

-Pompeo mentions full armor of God 6:11
TS 2:06pm. Remove 0= 26
Q206: Can’t wait for the green light
Q26: Only way is the military
Q6: Mil Intel
Q11: Mil Intel
Q: Put on the ARMOR OF GOD

-Dan TS 10:49pm/2249 MT
Q1049: How do you catch a fish?
Q2249: Plan. Are you awake?
Plane turning: As the world turns.

-Dan inspirational 45 video

-45 Reminder source

The UnXplained: Apollo 12 Uncovers a Hollow Moon source

How CNN Faked a Story about Matt Gaetz, Got Caught, But Still Won’t Remove It. source

Why hasn’t Fake President Bye-dan not held a State of the Union address!!!?

Why hasn’t Congress held session?

President Donald J. Trump signed the Stafford Act on January 11, 2021. This was signed AFTER a declaration of a State of Emergency (declared by President Donald J. Trump!). Declaration of War makes FEMA and DHS in control of that designated area. The DoD Law of War Manual is followed there after because Washington DC around the Capitol Building was military controlled.


Has Joe Bye-dan’s Executive Orders really taken place? An Executive Order is only used for the government and its employees. Congress is on the hook to prevent this from happening, but Congress has NOT met once! That’s because of the Stafford Act!!!

By the way, the Election Interference EO is still in play!!! I mean I have had this info since January.

We are not waiting another 4 years for this crap. The Election Process MUST get FIXED!!! Blockchain Patent for Elections source

All the messages from GEORGENEWS on tonight’s YT feed. source

Vladimir Putin Just Officially Banned Same-Sex Marriage In Russia source


Ezra A. Cohen🦅

10:37 <> 22:37

BOOMs en route.


History will judge you well.

Flood warning from Red Castle? hmm source

$1 Dollar When the United States was a Constitutional Republic. The “Greenback” of 1860 – 1871 was backed by Gold.
*No Freemason, Illuminati Occult on it. Also the Founders named “the United States” source

The Founders: “the United States”.
A Constitutional Republic

A Corporation not a country.

President Grant made a deal with the Devil. Literally. Our currency has Satan printed all over it. source



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