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I believe the trend as more and more “truth” is told seems to be the story is much worse than we thought. They had to break it to us gently so we wouldn’t shut down and discount it because it was so extreme. Even now, many simply do not assimilate the truth. They outright reject it.

We’ve been so programmed (and in some ways traumatized) that our minds are fragile and we can’t accept the degree of degradation in our society. Gradually over the years it increased incrementally and we adapted. That way, they can hide it in plain sight.

None of us are everywhere at once so we don’t often see the “big picture”; the 40,000 foot view, as Q referred to it. As the multitude of little snapshots are gathered and arranged where we can see them all, like a jigsaw puzzle, the enormity of the deception and manipulation is apparent in stark detail.

Remember when Trump began talking about Chy-na? Then came the China Virus—which the lying, treasonous media screamed is racist to even suggest, and now we’re seeing more clearly the veracity of the threats from the CCP….

Chinese prisons are full of tortured citizens who should not be there. The focus is now on the horrific practices of the CCP against the Uyghurs, and the massive organ trafficking operations. Very little the Chinese want to protect gets past the firewall unless a brave soul leaks it.

Every time photos are leaked that suggest Humans are a commodity they wheel out the “PR stunt” excuse; just as they did to explain away the giant skeletons and the naked young man escaping F’ckinghim Palace on a bed sheet.

The horrors escaped from China are still fleshing out the story so I think we can expect more to come, but the propaganda war is alive and well on social media.

Imposters are everywhere. There are fake accounts on Telegram for Gen. McInerney and James Woods with a LOT of followers. These men tell us they are not on Telegram, so…

We’ve been fooled many times and continue to be. These people can be very convincing. Their survival depends on it.

As for Audit AZ, there will be a break, beginning on the 17th. What a lovely date

There have been threats and hints about food shortages for a long time that have not materialized for the most part in USA but these recent pipeline issues have the media rearing their ugly heads again and suggesting they are coming. If it’s not “climate change” threatening us, it’s gas shortages and skyrocketing prices.

Yesterday I watched a video hosted on Charlie Ward’s site about the lies NASA has told. It includes some of the footage Jetson White used in the recent video I shared. We really do need to question everything, folks. These people are shameless and think it’s funny to keep us living in a make-believe world of their creation while they steal billions of dollars from us.

And they have the gall to tell us we can’t go to the moon any more because they destroyed the technology needed to do it. They think we’re stupid. video

Things are really heating up in the Middle East and Israel now as you have no doubt realized. It’s getting very interesting on Earth source

So Done in 30 was not time. But 30 Countries. 30 Military Take Overs. The Rest will follow. Fast, Faster, Fastest

Israel Is Last. Zion Wuhan/BigPharma/3GD Rods Incoming Paris shooting arrow into Achilles

What about the ankle? The “vulnerable” achilles heel is metafor for the 3G dam and the river Styx of the underworld. The war in this myth is metafor for the war between Light and evil/underworld. In the myths Achilles was said to have died from a wound to his heel, ankle, which was the result of an arrow—possibly poisoned—shot by Paris. Paris is JFK jr. He will metaforically shoot the arrow in the ankle and finish the underworld Cabal. Returning after being considered death just like Paris is the greek mythology.

On 26 Nov. 2020 Mike Adams interviewed a DARPA-linked engineer who monitors military rendition flights to GITMO and other locations, plus he interviewed a former DIA intelligence analyst and psychological operations specialist with decades of experience in the federal government. . . . “

Adams confirmed that as of late Nov. 2020 Rendition flights continued at a very rapid pace, indicating many potential traitors were being interrogated either during flights or at black sites services by those flights.”

These govt sources confirmed that the pattern of increased military traffic was largely focused on the East Coast (D.C., GITMO, Florida, Virginia, etc.)

DC to Mar-a-Lago given REPEATEDLY OVER THE PAST 8 MONTHS by Monkey Werx, a 31+ year military aerospace engineer veteran who specializes in tracking military flights via OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) in order to determine what’s happening geopolitically.

“Rendition flights” were taking place in late Nov. 2020 in America, as Deep State traitors were being extracted, put onto covert flights and interrogated about their roles in the Nov. 3rd cyber warfare attack against the United States.

“In the days following the Nov. 3rd 2020 election, he noticed a huge spike in military air traffic, including flights of “black ops” charter planes in an around GITMO. His analysis concluded that many of these flights were “rendition flights” where Deep State traitors were interrogated for their roles in the Cyber Warfare election rigging attack that the United States just endured. source

There is so much more going on than people think. What’s being uncovered is going to change the way people think about the past. We’ve been lied to.

The Military is working hard to rescue the children. And finding out more about who’s involved. Pray for them.Today I was told that conditions underground are so horrible the troops are having mental breakdowns. They are carrying most out because they are babies or have been in cages and can’t walk. Workers are not being arrested, they are being executed by head shot. Damn them to Hell!

So after speaking to a soldier who was part of several night time raids in a network of underground tunnels used to receive abducted children I’ve been impacted by his descriptions. His emotions of anger, disbelief and horror. I can’t get the 15 minute or so call out of my head.

Not surprised to find almost nothing online about the tunnels, professional abductors, receiving, distributing, the medical processes these monsters are using on these babies, especially the babies because their blood is pure, free of contaminants. Apparently covered up.

What you will find online is vague. Like a fog. What ever witness interviews, pics, videos have been removed. But there are a few videos from people who were kidnapped but not through a child sex trafficking network underground tunnels that even lead to Canada.

Outside our country I’ve found hacked foreign reporting of President Trump’s “War on Human Trafficking” but this should be the biggest story on Earth and it’s being covered up by everyone. source

Signatures do not even match!

Not sure what is happening, but it is interesting that Joe’s letters are coming from the IRS.

Why would a letter from Joe come from the IRS? Signatures do not match! Again, another sign that Joe is not president. source

A very goodmorning to you all
Remember that whatever turmoil is going on in this world right now, remain peacefull in your heart.
See it but don,t absorb it.
Understand tge dark is coming out to be transmuted.
You understand this because you came here to be part of this shift, this Great Awakening.
You choose to wake up when you got the call.
Your soul knew it was time.
So now is indeed the time to shine the Light of your soul on this planet.
Find birds, animals, children, nature, music to resonates with and remain in high vibrations.
Ground yourself daily by standing on the earth barefoot.
Stand strong and connect yourself to the grid of Light so nothing else can touch you or rock you out of balance.
It is up to you and me now to support this shift.
We are the light on this planet right now.
We are the guardians of the higher timelines and high vibrations.
We will ensure the tipping point of conciousness will always be and only can be the Light. 🙏💗💫 source

News from ISRAEL:

IDF continues bombing campaign on targets in Gaza despite the latest warning issued by the Hamas military wing. Hanadi Tower, a 13-story building in Gaza City, just collapsed. source

Tel Aviv under attack. Direct hits reported. People heading to public bomb shelters. source

Iron Dome lights up the sky in Israel as a massive rocket barrage is being intercepted. source

New barrage of rockets fired at central Israel. video

Rocket impact in Holon on the central coastal strip of Israel. video

Massive explosion after a direct hit near Ashkelon, Israel. Eilat-Ashkelon oil pipeline facility damaged and on fire. source
Trans-Israel pipeline and oil tank hit and on fire in Ashkelon. source

Israel’s PM Netanyahu: “We will continue the attack on Gaza with full force.”

Defense Minister Gantz: “Towers will continue to crumble. This is only the beginning.”

IDF Chief Kochavi: “Hamas will pay a price, heavier than they ever have before.” source

Mayor of Lod, Israel: “We have completely lost control of the city, and the streets are witnessing a civil war between Arabs and Jews.”

Israel orders border battalions to move from the West Bank to Lod. source

Synagogue burning in the city of Lod. video

Tanks being moved to the Gaza border (Fox News) source

Israel destroyed the Al-Jawhara Tower in Gaza video

Hamas batteries firing long-range rockets at Tel Aviv. video

More rockets launched towards Tel Aviv. IDF says over 350 rockets have been fired in this latest attack. video

Sky over Tel Aviv is filled with rockets and Iron Dome interceptions. Unreal footage. source

Ras Al Amoud police station in Jerusalem set on fire. video

Israeli Air Force launched a series of powerful strikes against targets in the Gaza strip this morning.

48 Palestinians, including 14 children and 3 women, killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza, 304 injured so far, according to Palestinian Health Ministry. video

Al-Qassam Brigades launched 15 rockets towards Dimona, the area of Israel’s nuclear facility. source

Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigades issues new ultimatum to Israel: Withdraw from #AlAqsaMosque and #SheikhJarrah or “100 times” more rockets will be fired at 6pm towards new targets. source

Hamas confirms several top commanders killed in Israeli strikes including the highest-ranking Gaza division commander. source

Al-Shorouk Tower building in central Gaza collapsed after it was targeted by a series of Israeli missiles. source

UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday to discuss the escalation of tensions between Israelis and Palestinians source

White House will brief Members of Congress about the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline tomorrow at 6pm. source

Gov. DeSantis declares a state of emergency in the State of Florida over gas shortage due to Colonial Pipeline cyberattack. source

Virginia declares a state of emergency in the Commonwealth following a cyberattack of one of America’s fuel pipelines – Governor Ralph Northam source

We desperately need updates from around the country by citizen journalists concerning military activities surrounding the rescue of children from trafficking tunnels. They are carrying out raids and rescue missions every night according to a soldier I spoke with this week.Recently the Military rescued hundreds of children including babies in a tunnel network near Colorado Springs, Colorado. After the tunnels were cleared they blew them up. These are huge tunnels source

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is coming to an end after 18 years on the air.
If You Know You Know source

We are at war. People don’t understand that we are at war right now. We have a alliance that is carrying out missions against China, our military is dismantling a century’s year old corrupt financial system and blowing up underground tunnels saving babies every night.Our enemy is pissed off we are unraveling their financial system and child sex trafficking businesses. They are fighting back. They will lose. The cyberattacks are to be expected. There will be more. Be prepared. Our side is following a timeline. Their side is crumbling. source

When Q stated that we are saving Israel last for a very specific reason he also said that reason was never stated within the drops. There is definitely a mystery and fog that has permeated this chapter of the movie. As I have stated often: Faith has been absolutely essential when walking through 2021. source

More than 120 retired generals and admirals wrote to Biden suggesting he wasn’t legitimately elected and questioning his mental health source

Little things “kept: in the Vatican source

Those buildings fully Collapsing in Gaza strip being hit from one missile are CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS!!….
Deep State operators inside both Israel and Palestine camps
have been INFILTRATED long ago (Mossad/CIA)// … Israeli handlers ( MOSSAD, >>UK MI6>>ROTHSCHILDs>>CIA>>Dominion have alot to hide… From human trafficking to Epstein creation to VATICAN banks… The Mossad/Kazarian mafia controlling Ukraine>>> the connections of corruption of Israeli Elites run deep into United States MSM [CIA] control)

No matter the awful killings and WAR>>> we must keep our eyes to ARIZONA<<<< source

To be clear…. ALL Countries are fighting to rid their country of DEEP STATE CABAL..
/Good people caught inside a bad Evil CABAL controlled Government stystem/)
Prayers go out to Middle East, people caught in the battle and fridges of WAR source

We are hanging on a thread of gods mercy. He is allowing this madness to get his people to turn to him in acknowledgement of our need for Him – in all things. Nothing is impossible for god. We can not rely on a man. Only god can save us. Lose the ego, spare your loved ones. I wish masses who were eager to have faith in a depopulation vax gave that faith to God! source

Keep your enemies close: Drug trafficking tunnel is discovered under construction at home across the street from Mexican military police station source

The router story so far:

Dominion allegedly ran the election in Maricopa county. [1] Maricopa county allegedly never had the admin credentials and effectively ceded the ownership of the election to an OUTSIDE VENDOR. [2]

Jack Sellers, Chairman of Maricopa County Supervisors, said in a press release that the network routers used by the elections department are shared across 50 different county departments. The routers contain confidential information and info about classified law enforcement activities. He notes that WHOEVER has access to this router could potentially INTERCEPT SENSITIVE DATA.

In a last ditch effort, Maricopa County Supervisors hold an emergency meeting to find a way to deflect the router subpoena.

The geniuses decide they will ask George Soros’ puppet, Maricopa County Sheriff Penzone, to release a statement claiming that THE ELECTIONS DEPARTMENT ROUTER IS USED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT. In said letter, Sheriff Penzone clarifies that ANY PRIVATE VENDOR who has access to the router would be able to expose vulnerable classified data, regardless of any steps taken by said private vendor who may say otherwise.

Now we have a conundrum. It’s alleged that Dominion ran the election and had control of the routers, since Maricopa county never even had the admin password to the machines. Sheriff Penzone confirmed that any outside vendor who has had access to the routers will be able to expose classified law enforcement data, regardless of what the vendor says or promises to do.

Did Dominion, a private vendor allegedly with access to the elections router, have access to the law enforcement networks via the router?
Did George Soros have access to the elections network via his puppet who runs the law enforcement network?
What are the other 49 networks also on that router?
Why do election servers need to be connected to 50 different unrelated networks?
Was election data modified by other networks sharing the same router?
Was HAMMER AND SCORECARD deployed in Maricopa County?


Sources: source, source

📎Senator Rand Paul lashed out at Dr. Fauci over funding for a lab in Wuhan. “Dr. Fauci and the National Institutes of Health have a responsibility to use taxpayer dollars to improve functional research, to use viruses as weapons to make them more contagious and more deadly,” he said. Fauci tried to parry, but it was pathetic.

📎Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declares a state of emergency due to gas shortages.

📎Michigan County Republican Party chairman and attorney Haider Kazim is dropping a voter fraud case in Antrim County.

📎An emergency request has been filed for the release of a cancer patient infected with COVID. He was in prison because of the “protests” in the Capitol. Now his life is under serious threat.

📎Liz Cheney calls President Trump a “threat to freedom” and again accuses him of trying to steal the election by rioting in the Capitol. She gives this speech on the eve of the vote to remove her from the leadership of the Republican Party.

📎A new 25-foot-tall statue has been unveiled at Rockefeller Center in New York to honor ” African culture.”

📎Double standards of the Democrats. President Trump was banned from Twitter for allegedly inciting protests, but the Hamas leader was allowed to celebrate the “bombing of Tel Aviv”on the same social network.

📎Biden’s stupid Homeland Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to reporters: “The border is closed.” And that’s after a record 178,000 illegal immigrants passed through last month.

📎A 15-year-old girl who killed an Uber driver in Washington with her 13-year-old accomplice has pleaded guilty to felony murder. The verdict is scheduled for June 4, and the court appearance of the 13-year-old criminal was postponed to May 19.

📎Governor Roy Cooper declares a state of emergency due to a gas shortage in North Carolina.

📎”Jihad Squad-Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib (Democrats) don’t believe Israel has the right to defend itself against Hamas terrorists when they launch rockets at Israel,” Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Green tweeted Monday. “They also support the Fifa/BLM terrorists who attack Americans. People who support terrorism cannot belong to Congress.”

📎Florida Governor DeSantis: “Children don’t have to wear masks… We need to let them be children.”

📎In Kamala’s violent new America, encouraging criminals to use children as pawns to freely enter the United States, five girls are found lying on the ground on a farmer’s ranch in Texas… one of them was naked and crawling on the ground trying to escape.

📎An Arizona election witness claims that a private company scanned ballots outside the office, not by election officials. Only after that, the ballots were delivered to the counting center.

📎Windham, New Hampshire. The Patriots filed an emergency injunction against the bogus inspection that began yesterday morning.

📎The globalist Pope Francis defends Biden over his abortion policy. He says the US bishops ‘plan to rebuke him may look” divisive.”

📎A former nurse has been sentenced to seven life sentences for the serial murder of elderly patients at a U.S. military veterans hospital.

📎Turkey strongly condemns the Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the death of civilians. This is stated in the statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

📎The Windows 10 system update has led to a massive breakdown of personal computers.
According to users of the Microsoft operating system, the failures began after installing the driver from AMD. The software was distributed through Windows Update, being installed on some computers by force. source


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