News 12.10.2021

HUGE Solar Storm Could Hit Earth Any Moment Now

UK and US meteorologists are predicting a possible ejection of plasma from the sun any moment that could cause havoc with already struggling power grids and spacecraft navigation systems.

Spectacular auroras may be visible in New York and northern England, with effects likely to last into Tuesday.

The potential solar storm comes as the UK’s National Grid warned the gap between energy supply and demand is at its worst in six years, with blackouts possible “if we have a very cold winter”. source

Wernher von Braun (NAZI/NASA/DEEP STATE PLACED AFFILIATED GOON) explained all these_Events that would happen in our lifetime and would be made to install a one World Government<<< // he went to his death bed speaking to the end of these man made [DS]EVENTS

  1. The Russians would be made the enemies
  2. Next, third world countries, rogue “terrorist” nations would be created for Distractions and submitting these nations into a global runned World Bank
  3. Next, there would be an asteroid threat..
  4. And finally, an invented threat against >>extraterrestrials<<

Here is the simple TRUTH>>
[They] are planning hard for the FAKE Alien invasion>>>
Even the VATICAN talks about aliens and put alien deities in their Nativity scene<< Pentagon still releasing alien files//<<
FBI admits aliens exist///

[THEY] are getting ready to pull this ♦️♠️ CARD… Fake invasion…..///


Trust me…I have been to Dulce Base in 1993 <<<

(Q) isn’t kidding nor lying about

Consider the vastness of space

Very interesting time to be alive..

[Moloch] God of children sacrifice. 👽<<<< Deep state, SATANIC CABAL >>>>>


Here’s how the [DS] ELITE Art World works>>

BUY A CHEAP PAINTING FOR COUPLE HUNDRED/OR THOUSAND$$$ ( PERHAPS HUNTER BIDEN PIECE) /// HAVE A DEEP STATE agent/ORGANIZATION appraise the painting for 500,000$ _ 10,000,000 $$//// Then donate the pieces to Museums or world wide [DS] orgs>>> THEN GET A TAX DEDUCTION<<<

Now you know why millionaires/billionaires donate pieces/and the same pieces go back to the same subsidiary companies and [DS] owned/CONNECTED World Art Appraisal….>>> It’s all a scam<<
Money laundering<<<//// source

Southwest Airlines shares tumble after mass flight cancellations, carrier weighs more cuts///

Tens of thousands of people stranded across the U.S. in airports as 2,000 more flights cancelled
Southwest Airlines blames weather<>> MASS WALKOUTS.. Patriots pilots/staff/Workers who will not take the vaccines/mandates >>> masses are quitting and the media isn’t reporting<< source

The largest European newspaper BILD openly accuses YouTube of “dangerous interference with freedom of speech”, as the platform illegally removes videos criticizing government measures in the “fight” against COVID19. source

Simon Parkes: La Palma Volcanic Eruption

It is now time to consider the volcanic eruptions on the Spanish island.

There is a white hat operation to turn off the source of this agitation.

I don’t know if the HARRP facility in Norway is still in operation, or who now has ownership.

But I would be surprised if the bad guys still had control. source

‼️Spain becomes the first Western country to officially admit the use of chemical aero-spraying on the population.
Under the Emergency declaration they admitted that the Military Emergency Unit and Biochemical Military Unit have the know-how and capabilities in place. They claim to be using it for Covid reasons but back in 2015 a Spanish Congressman uncovered in the European parliament that 4 workers of the Spanish Weather Agency had confessed that Spain was being sprayed with lead dioxide, silver iodide and diatomite.‼️ link

✳️ 2 huge crystalline underwater pyramids were found in the centre of the Bermuda Triangle.
📜 The pyramids are almost 2000 meters deep and are roughly three times the size of the Cheops pyramid.
There are various western scholars who believe that this area of the Earth was once dry land. But after a devastating earthquake, the landscape changed completely. Other scholars claim that several hundred years ago, the waters of the Bermuda Triangle area were considered the centre of activity for the inhabitants of Atlantis, and the pyramids at the bottom of the lake were used as a supply depot. source

Overall, Germany seems to be in the spotlight today. Three reconnaissance planes and three tankers in the air at the same time is not seen every day, and it is safe to assume that there is far more military equipment in the air than is currently visible on radar. The “exercise quota” has certainly reached a high point. Whatever is being practised here simply coincides too well with expected events. source

Germany – More photos were taken by people. So again confirmation that alternative communication channels are in the works. We see material transport, logistics in the form of cranes and wheel loaders, batches and types of generators and radio technology with satellite communication. In any case, very, very interesting! source

👆👆👆Comment from a local citizen: this morning Nordholz / Cuxhaven. Bundeswehr armed with roadblocks and NATO rolled wire outside the airport. I’ve never seen it like this in front of an airport. source

Venezuelan fishing boat with 4.25 tonnes of KOKAIN stopped off the Iberian Peninsula. Twenty arrests. source.

The sun is currently very active! I have been observing the Schumann resonance and solar activity very regularly for several months now, but in the past year we have never had these fluctuations.

We seem to be getting more and more support in all directions. The energy potential is increasing and time is noticeably speeding up almost month by month. This is what it feels like when people are allowed to experience a change of times without a change of incarnation. This time we are taking our bodies into another dimension. Let’s stop complaining and start being glad we are allowed to live in this time! source

Link to official bulletin source

NEWS FLASH: If We The People don’t comply, the Great Reset fails.




Strap on the Armor of God and draw the line in the sand.

Good versus evil.

This world ain’t big enough for the both of us.

Have faith in humanity 

God is good. source

Earlier this year Scavino posted a man walking towards what appeared to be a precipice.
Tonight Scavino posted a man reaching the precipice.
Is Dan hinting at something here?

Fitting considering that 2021 has been all about experiencing the precipice and finding the will to change. source
Fascinating to consider all that anons have been through as a group. We’ve been hardened, tested, and beat down. Yet here we are still standing, fighting and believing.
There will come a day when our faith will be rewarded. I suspect that the relief we will experience will be difficult to describe. Our sense of community has helped us survive in this trying year. Where we go one we go all has never been more crucial.
In the end:
Something Biblical is happening and we have been given front row seats as we witness God’s deliverance.
We live in a glorious time to be alive. source

Britney Spears’ family has a long, dark history of locking women up article

Anonymous source:

“Let’s take a look at my hypothesis about homosexuality. I will say right away that there is no genetic incentive for
homosexuality. He generates himself directly from existence.
Psychology is trying to find ways to protect it as it’s kind of a social mechanism, but it hits a brick wall again, which almost disappears instantly on evolutionary timescales. However, I think there is another explanation for homosexuality.
Take, for example, the toxoplasma of Gondi. When it infects rodents, it changes their behavior, increasing the likelihood that they will be eaten by cats, where the Gondi toxoplasm can then multiply. Homosexuals have a very high level of infection with parasites. According to the National Institutes of Health, 70% of all homosexuals are men infected with intestinal parasites, unlike only 10% of heterosexual men. This incredibly high level of parasite infestation may explain why homosexuals experience such an increased desire to commit adultery. By this intestinal parasites always need new hosts. Without a viable transmission vector, the parasite dies. The incredibly high rate of parasitic infection among homosexuals explains why they are so obsessed with sex. Their behavior changes in much the same way that the behavior of a rat changes as a result of interaction with the toxoplasma of Gondi to allow the parasite to survive. This also explains why the media is going crazy about ivermectin. Ivermectin is potentially the most effective drug to remove parasites. An anecdotal case in my family makes me strongly suspect that ivermectin may actually be a cure for homosexuality. My cousin was a homosexual until he was prescribed ivermectin from Covid. After taking ivermectin, he filled the toilet with intestinal worms. Soon after, he lost all attraction to men and found women sexually attractive. He was repelled by his former nature.” source

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