News 11.10.2021


The challenge of our day is in riding the fine line between the Great Awakening and the Great Reset. If we do not go low enough into the precipice then future generations will suffer and fall into the same pitfalls that humanity has in days past yet if we go too low our world will spiral out of control. We are experiencing the necessary birth pains that lead to a new era. The cabal was never meant to last. They were never destined to stay in power. Humanity has to wake up before we take the seats of authority that the cabal once held.
We the people have the power. Empowered by God and love of our fellow man. source

John Durham cannot be defunded while he’s in the middle of a federal prosecution.

A federal case takes 12 to 18 months on average to adjudicate.

Did Durham purposely wait until the final days before the statute of limitations ran out to charge Sussmann, so he could give himself as much time as needed to finish his massive investigation without worry of being defunded?

It surely could have been part of the decision.

If so…brilliant. source


is a significant part of Homeland Security and other agencies and has the ability to collect air quality samples and find Nuclear isotopes/Biological WEAPONS tracings (air/ground/water) samples/Chemical Warfare in the atmosphere


Newest 🎯 >BOSTON<<<

MONKEY WERKS << ALSO TOUCHES CLOSE TO THIS SUBJECT>>>of something major happening in Bedford Massachusetts<<<<

/// I told you all.. Last year in Italy..NY..UK… These major places were Sprayed with a bioweapon.. That mimic sickness and cause the same affiliation of a weekend immune system that attacks the lungs and BLOOD////

(It’s my understanding… We were attacked with the re-release of SARS,, and Sprayed frozen Protein Spike CRYSTALS and…. The introduction of 5g was first rolled out in Wuhan.. The very same place.. The COVID-19 was released//// source

David Icke:
I’m actually an incredibly positive person about where humanity is going. We are going into a very different world, because we are going into a very different state of consciousness. Am and you know, because I’ve been diving into this for so long – I can see what consciousness was like 1990/91 about these very subjects.
“You are a nutter mate, you believe in little grey men” – all that stuff was going on. But look at it now: the interest, the curiosity now the people have for subjects they would have just waved away – “All that’s mad mate” 30 years ago.
This consciousness shift is happening, some are going massively more to sleep and into the five senses and the padlock at the door is being snapped.
But so many more are awakening – that’s the energy, that’s the consciousness that’s going to ah, that’s going to bring this nonsense to an end. source

Listen fam, for all those who bash us for telling you to stock up, and say “we’re tired of hearing to stock up, weve been hearing that for months now.”

Here’s your proof. If you need it in plain sight, Here you go.

Green arrows are cargo ships, red are oil/fuel tankers. There is no shortage of anything. The only “shortage” is the amount of ships being allowed to offload their goods onshore.

I’m sure anyone who lives near the coast can verify the number of cargo ships sitting on the shoreline. source

Simon Parkes: All commercial flights cancelled in/out of Washington DC Monday 11th source

Southwest Airlines cancelled ONE THOUSAND flight yesterday after cancelling 800 the day before. link

Think about it. Air traffic controllers and flight industry employees are walking off the job in the thousands. THIS is what will wake people up. When people can’t hop on a plane to visit Aunty Joan in another State – even when they are FULLY JABBED – they will get angry. FINALLY.

Great news – 1.5 million people tuned into RSBN’s coverage of President Trump’s Iowa rally. That figure doesn’t take into account people who tuned into other sites like Newsmax where I usually watch it. link source

I have been warning people about the depopulation agenda about a year before it started to happen. I have also informed the public about the Chimera Group (over the years) who came here in 1996 via COBRA reports.

It has taken me a long time to figure this out…and I am on top of it. Decades ago I seen photos of huge giant spider statues around the earth. I did not understand it. Art? Who would want to do something like this? …and why? Most people do not like spiders. I find cockroaches more offensive…but this takes it to a whole ‘nother level. Now imagine these creepy insects as big as you or as big as a building!!!

One thing I have come to realize from a lifetime of research into the unknown topics is…the universe is teeming with life. Anything you can think of is already out there alive and well.

Any animal or insect you ever saw has been genetically crossed with humans and other life forms to create all kinds of stuff. Most of it we would find disgusting and horrible.

Think about the bar on Star Wars…and then take it even further.

Why are all these giant spider statues are all over the place? Too many to show here…but I will show a few so you get the point.

I did a story a while back about the Queen Chimera Spider in the Congo. Under the floor of the jungle in the Congo underground is a huge Chimera Mothership base.

The good news is…the base in the Congo has been destroyed after the boys upstairs removed the queen and took her far away.

However, the satanic cabal has opened a portal (not long ago) at CERN and it remains open so more evil Chimera has come in and are underground somewhere again.

The GFL are on it now. That will be dealt with. Just for the record…the global CIA headquarters is located under the CERN facility. (I think the Rods of God have a date with CERN soon)

So now comes the ugly part and it will be followed by proof.


The Chimera Spiders came here to take over this planet. They intend to do so by using humans for food to feed the larva stage spiders by laying the giant spider eggs in humans. This process kills the host eventually…so the body goes in the ground for burial and the eggs hatch and the larva feed on the body and grow larger. And there you have it. A horror movie from hell. Only problem is…it’s real!!!

Now the proof. But first the good news. If treated properly…the eggs can be killed and you will be fine.

So how do the spider eggs get into the human body you ask???

Go ask Dr. Fauci. He is behind it all. He is working with the dark evil Chimera to make this happen and you were never the wiser.

They put the spider eggs in the jabs people. (along with a lot of other really bad stuff) But we are only talking about spiders today.


Na obrázku môže byť vonku
👉 Our military training facilities in Klitz and Altmark are full! There’s never been so much going on.
In 1998, I worked in the Commander’s office in the Planning and Briefing office at the Klitz range. The drill sergeants checked in and out with me.
What’s going on now was last seen during the cold war 💪😉🙏.
🚢 This is the Dutch frigate “HNLMS Tromp”. Not “Trump”, but “Tromp” 😉
This observation is particularly interesting in the context of the already observed deployment of Dutch troops in northern Germany. In recent days we have repeatedly received reports of Dutch military convoys in the direction of northern Germany.
🤔 The Dutch in northern Germany means the following to me:
Many British and also American soldiers are already in Holland and of course also in Germany.
North Germany in this case means Hamburg to me.
In Hamburg we have the DUMB, the entrance through the Elbphilharmonie, in Holland it is Amsterdam. In terms of distance, it’s not far.
What if the “inhabitants of DUMB” are driven to the coast by the earthquake and the armed forces are literally waiting for them there? source

We haven’t discussed the sectarians here yet…..In Germany, Scientologists have branches in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Hannover and Frankfurt, Stuttgart…….. so Scientology is part of the human trafficking….That they are freaks was clear anyway…….Connection Actors-S.c.i.e.n.t.o.l.o.g.y=Hollywood…… it would be interesting to find out the situation about Sci. us 😉
👉 In Stuttgart, they have the entrance closed and a big dirt road in front of it 😉
📍 In the middle of a quiet Australian suburb there is a secret facility of the Scientology sect, where children separated from their families are forced to work full-time without pay and live in poor conditions.
Survivors of the place report that they were brainwashed into believing they would never escape. One young man who escaped the place with the help of his father says he lived there for at least a year and a half or even two years.
His name is Shane and he’s 21 years old. He was taken to one of the notorious RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) camps. Scientologists are sent to these camps for training or “penance” for seemingly trivial crimes.
Those who questioned Scientology’s methods learned of the sect’s brutality. They were housed underground and had to sleep, eat and study on the dirt floor.
When Shane was six years old, his parents were sent to a camp by Scientologists. He lived in a small room with 11 other kids. When he was eight years old, he signed a voluntary lifetime service agreement with the church.
Shane says the kids had to march in step like the military every morning and salute because it was supposed to promote discipline in the young people. Everybody wore a black uniform and you had to run and never walk. At the age of eight he had to work 35 hours a week.
Even food was not always available in sufficient quantities. The adults always ate first and the children had to divide the rest among themselves. At 15, Shane was working seven days a week, 14 hours a day. His job involved working 100 hours a week in a commercial kitchen earning only $4 to $35 a week.
It took Shane fourteen months to come to terms with his experiences in the Scientology cult. But even today, he suffers from recurring nightmares.
According to lawyer O’Donovan, there is no law yet in the Australian state of New South Wales that sets a maximum number of hours for child labour. RPF camps also exist in many other countries. Those who have managed to escape tell similar stories – for example, of having their fingers broken in the name of a Scientology leader, being shouted at and beaten for 20 hours while cold water was poured over their heads. source

What is happening in Italy?
Corona and Europe are falling and siding with Italy. Satan’s headquarters. Look at Rome. Millions of people in the streets.
Draghi falls. If not him, then Rome.
Soon there will be no trucks going north.
In many squares in Rome, the situation is getting worse. The police are still standing against the people. Still
They’re using water cannons. This is nazi+sm*us.
Believe that the players will fall, Kurz has made a start.
If families take to the streets, and that is happening now, anything is possible. Everyone sticks together, vaccinated or not. As I said, time is running out.
The fact is, it’s now or never. Winter is at the door. October has to make up for it. Otherwise, there will be a big problem.
👆The fact that players are falling is obvious. I’m curious to see what the scenario will bring in the coming days and weeks. October is definitely hot already…  source

Tento obrázok nemá vyplnený ALT popisok, jeho názov je FB_IMG_1633926139064-723x1024.jpg
Austrian Armed Forces – Blackout profile picture on Facebook source

I recently received confidential information that China is massively reducing its steel exports, supposedly so that it can massively increase its own armaments. The commodity market as a whole is coming under increasing pressure. In my view, we have not yet reached the end of the road. I have the feeling that global trade will collapse first, so that the need for national production chains will become apparent again in the future. We definitely need regional supply chains again in the new era. This will bring prosperity, independence and, above all, as little controllability as possible to all regions…. source

💥This has now actually happened as expected: Earthquake in Tasmania! It happened last night with a magnitude of 2.7 on the scale and a depth of 10 km! From various reports we have learned that the DUMB runs from Melbourne/Australia through Tasmania to Antarctica. So there’s already been an earthquake there. However, we can assume that there will be an earthquake in the capital city of Hobart source

Other earthquakes occurred near Haiti, off the coast of Colombia and southwest of Iceland in the Atlantic.
All 3 earthquakes at a depth of 10 km!
Complementing reports of DUMBS in the direction of Iceland and La Palma a few days ago!

There have also been earthquakes in Botswana, Africa. Magnitude is given on a scale of 4.3, depth 10 km!
So when will Madagascar shake….?
DUMB most likely coming from the direction of South Africa, but probably also from the direction of Australia/Perth source

You already know about the Rome-Amsterdam tunnel.
These are the tunnels that are located here, the so-called DUMB. But now something else has come to light. On this very line lies the historically famous Ordensburg “Vogelsang” in the Eifel.
It was therefore already in use during the Third Reich, which is why it is so well “maintained”. Today it serves as an exhibition, cultural and educational centre, where the German Red Cross DRK has, among other things, a museum and an educational institution. The distance to the Mechernich complex (UTA underground warehouse), the largest NATO underground warehouse in Europe, is only about 15 km! source

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