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We have a snapshot for a Monday morning to summarize a number of current stories, coming from Telegram Trump Source:

What’s going on?

 Ballots tested in Maricopa County are being counted for the third time. Now the Arizona Senate is doing it.
The new recount focuses on the number of ballots and will not count actual votes, unlike the first two tables.

 Trump will attend a pro-election rally on July 24 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Earlier, Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano initiated a full forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election in several Pennsylvania counties. This news clearly shocked Pennsylvania Democrats.

The Pennsylvania Department of State issued a directive prohibiting county boards of elections from cooperating with the Senate election audit. Mastriano responded by telling them that he knew the authority of his committee and demanded the legitimacy of the process.

Arizona State Senator:
“Georgia has proof that some people voted multiple times. Americans don’t like cheating.”

The U.S. Department of Defense issued a report warning that the world is approaching nuclear war as Russia and China develop new nuclear missiles, bombers and submarines.

The Justice Department is creating a database of Americans and related data collected during the January 6 protest outside the Capitol.

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones calls for an audit of the state: “Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger have failed to run a safe election.”

A recent study
in the United Kingdom showed that only six children out of nearly half a million cases of COVID died from the disease. The other 19 who died were children with pre-existing disease. Despite this, some countries, including the United States, continue to actively insist on childhood vaccination against Covid.

Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee are pushing a plan to regulate social media, specifically allowing censored users to sue major social media technology platforms.

The last level of the fence erected after the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol was removed.

14 missiles hit an airbase in western Iraq, where coalition forces are still fighting the remnants of ISIS.

Leftist doctor on CNN: “Biden should tell Americans, ‘If you don’t get the shot, you have to sign forms and get mandatory testing twice a week.

Acting Haitian Prime Minister Claude Joseph said mercenaries tortured Haitian President Jovenel Moise before he was fatally wounded in an attack on his residence.

…Scott Mowry revealed on the Sunday night Miracles Intel Conference Call that each time the White Hats attempt to push the RV/GCR through, more swamp creatures rear their ugly heads and block it and more arrests have to take place. Scott says thousands upon thousands of arrests have taken place over the past few months for this reason and we’re ever closer to reaching this milestone in our journey to freedom.

We also heard that they vowed to take as many of us with them as they could when they went and I believe that holds true, as well. Fortunately, we are for the most part, protected. Souls who wish to depart, of course, will do so. The rest of us do what we can to continue to fight the good fight and thank Source for the divine privilege to be here in witness to the greatest story that will ever be told about Humanity’s plight and our “great escape”.

What we see and hear in the “news” is an illusion. They will continue the illusion as long as possible, and the Earth Alliance will allow them to do what they will to show in no uncertain terms what they have in store for Humanity and would execute in full if they really were in control. We are nearly at the point that the truth will be told and the world will be forced to accept they were duped and have been asleep at the wheel for a long time. source

Mainstream media is claiming that Cubans are protesting to ‘get more vaccines’. Here is PROOF that is a lie. This graph also proves that jab rates in many countries are greatly exaggerated

How do I know the protest in Cuba has nothing to do with access to vaccines?THEY ARE RECEIVING MORE VACCINES PER 100 PEOPLE THAN ANY MAJOR COUNTRY.Another interesting piece of info on this graph is that people in the United States seem to have figured out that the vaccine is poison, as our daily vaccination rate has PLUMMETED.

…This is a fascinating bit of information about John Kennedy (not Junior).

22 pages of the Supreme Court to explain that those vaccinated with mRNA can be subjected to “License” because they are no longer recognized as Human Beings but rather as Trans-Humans, and what’s more once they become Trans-Humans under license they will lose all rights of Human Beings and by definition, since they are subjected to license, they will become the property of those who have requested the license! source

The World is AWAKENING!

Each day more BEgin to Question… seek Answers… and look for Better and HIGHER ways of Living.

When LIGHT BEcomes dominant in the Collective… it will Reach a Tipping Point at which the Balance of TRUE and False… LIGHT and Dark… will SHIFT.

At first they seek from the only place they Presently Know which is the Human Mind…

but because increasingly more TRUTH is BE-ing added to Collective Consciousness these individuals will have Access to it and Many will BEgin their journey of Awakening.

The Chaos and Struggle that We are seeing in the world at this Time represents the dissolution of Old Energies that have been Alive and well established in Human Consciousness for many centuries.

Those who still Consciously embrace these Dense and False Energies are Feeling Emboldened to act out as they Experience the Presence of Energies NOW Surfacing in Order to CLEAR.

Many are Experiencing a sense of Panic as they observe the world’s Chaos. Because there is only ONE… many will Feel it even if they are not prone to emotions like panic.

If or when We experience fear… anxiety… or panic that seems to come out of nowhere Remember that it is Never ours unless We claim it as BE-ing ours.

The ONLY Reality that is Permanently ours is the Fullness of DIVINE SOURCE Consciousness.

Do NOT resist if you experience these types of negative emotions… but rather rest in the Realization of your TRUE BEing Knowing that God SOURCE never formed ITself as them.

BE Patient Dear Ones… for the ENERGY is quickly Changing even if it doesn’t seem that way and We will soon See Results.

NOT in their Fullness… but through the Collapse of many Old Structures and Beliefs as increasingly more BEcome Fed Up with the Status Quo.

This of course will create conflict between those who Stand to Benefit from the Status Quo and those who see the Need for Change.

The LIGHT will always Win because it is the ONLY Reality making anything else simply a Conceptual image in the three dimensional mind.

The Human State of Consciousness is conditioned to “do” because its sense of separation from Good drives it to continually Fix… Heal… Correct… Invent.. Serve etc..

This has Translated to Spiritual Living as well through the need of many for Ceremonies… Chants… Rites… and Rituals etc.

WE Just have to BE. The Belief that Spirituality is doing this or doing that is Separation.

Our work is to simply BE the LIGHT in every Moment… as We go to work… as We do the dishes… as We live our ordinary lives.

The HIGHER Frequencies of an Evolved Consciousness constitute a Person’s Energy Field which Automatically Radiates Outwardly wherever they go.

Many Feel it and may BE attracted while others are repelled.

How others react to our Energy is NOT our problem… what matters is that We Hold the LIGHT by BEing the LIGHT.

This is how We are Helping to Lift the ENERGY of a World that has for so long been stuck in the density and pain of Believing itself to BE separate from God SOURCE and All Others.

This is what the Evolutionary SHIFT is offering Personally and Globally to those who will accept it–Freedom from the oppression of others having power over you.

Freedom from the Belief that We are just a Human Body subject to everything ever Dreamed Up in minds ignorant of Truth.

NEVER Doubt that We are DIVINE BEings who chose to live in the lower resonating energies of a three dimensional planet in order to Spiritually Grow and Help others do the same.

Allowing is the ability to Stand Back and Observe the ever Changing Show while fully Aware of Reality.

Allowing means Trusting that our HIGHER SELVES Knows what We need even if or when our lives experiences do NOT seem to meet Human Standards.

Allowing means Trusting that the Evolutionary Process is unfolding both Personally and Globally without the need for us to personally Fix… Heal… or Change it.

Spiritual Evolution is inevitable and CANNOT BE Stopped because it is the Reality. How quickly it takes place is up to the people of Earth. source

Panic indeed. How many Twitter backgrounds before it’s no longer a coincidence? source

Several earthquakes occurred in the smaller Greek town of Thiva, about 50 km north-west of Athens, at about 04:30 today.
They are given in varying depth and strength.

The strongest is given as 4.3 on the Richter scale, the fault line is NOT nearby.

However, if one considers the proximity to the sea and looks at the local companies, there is reason to doubt whether the quakes are of natural origin:

various transport companies, food packaging companies, military bases and pig farms.

Connect the dots

ALL D.U.M.B.S Tunnels and underground facilities are getting worldwide destroyed

The quakes also continue unabated:

In Switzerland, a magnitude 2.1 quake occurred today at around 07:15 at a depth of 2.1 km and is again exactly on the Rome to Amsterdam line.

This tunnel is becoming more and more likely.

Another quake occurred yesterday in the Adriatic Sea: This one would be on the Rome to Prague line, but I still lack indications and details to be able to speak of DUMBS here as well! source

As you know, I live in Athens Greece and yep, the earthquakes in this reggion have started since saturday night and still shaking the area. The tunnel from Vatican to Jerusalem is beneath this area source

Unexploded World War 2 bomb found at Guy’s hospital near London bridge, police has sealed the area. source

Major flooding is occurring in parts of London. Tube station at Sloane Square is getting flooded. source

London flood horror: Streets and cars submerged as biblical rain smashes capital source

Pennsylvania: many reports of water rushing into homes and people trapped. source
China: Heavy rains and flooding have forced thousands of people to evacuate in China’s southwestern province of Sichuan, with authorities on Sunday urging citizens across the country to brace for more downpours. In Sichuan, torrential rain since Friday has raised the water levels of 14 rivers, swept away boats and bridges and forced the evacuation of more than 4,600 people, state media reported. While no casualties have been reported, state media said the rain and flooding have affected more than 120,000 people, forced the cancellation of some train services and caused more than $27 million worth of damage. About 27,000 homes in the city of Bazhong, Sichuan were reported to be without power. About 560 miles to the northeast in the city of Xinzhou, Shanxi province, state media photos showed cars driving through inundated streets. Jincheng city, also in Shanxi province, raised its heavy rain signal to red, the highest level source
AZ audit PANIC! MSM going haywire over Q source

Documents Reveal Obama’s EPA Approved Cancer-Causing Chemicals For Fracking in 2011

Between 2012 and 2020, fossil fuel corporations injected potentially carcinogenic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), or chemicals that can degrade into PFAS, into the ground while fracking for oil and gas, after former President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency approved their use despite agency scientists’ concerns about toxicity. source

Russia: Rosgvardia has kicked off the Zaslon 2021 exercise across multiple regions in Russia that will go from July 12-30, the first large-scale exercise of its kind. source

Cuba in revolt.
South Africa on fire.
The Haitian President assassinated.
The Middle East is reeling from conflict.
China on the march & Russia firing warning shots.
Meanwhile, the Leader of the Free World is scarfing down double-dip ice cream cones. source

India, Bengaluru:

The city police have rescued 111 women and arrested 134 people in 45 cases of human trafficking in the past six months.

Forty cases are registered under the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act (ITPA) of 1956. source

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „LooP @00_LooP_00 It is precisely in the most difficult moments that you will discover who you really are. Your true nature will take over. Once you find your true self you will no longer be able to lose yourself. Use this opportunity to understand who you are and you will find your balance. 4:44 AM Jul 12, 2021 Twitter for iPhone“

📎A doctor living in Florida has been arrested in connection with the deadly attack on Haitian President Jovenel Moise.
The police said that Dr. Christian Emmanuel Sanon is one of the masterminds of the plot. According to them, he arrived in Haiti last month on a private plane for ” political reasons.

📎Poland has faced an increase in illegal migration on the border with Belarus.

📎More than 100 vaccines against coronavirus infection are under development. This was reported by the chief researcher of the World Health Organization (WHO) Sumya Swaminathan.
“We have 105 candidate vaccines under development. Many of them are at the third stage of clinical trials, ” she said during a briefing.

📎WHO Head Gebreyesus: “The highly contagious delta coronavirus strain has already been registered in more than 104 countries, and it will soon become the dominant one in the world.” source

German Armed Forces create Space Command >>Weltraumkommando<<World Dream Command<
In the next few days in Germany finalized testing Satellites commands/Power Grid sector controls & EBS systems. Military operations securing ground control to Neu Sats. through 401 administrative dist. 294 rural dist. & 107 Urban dist. source


Canadian city Lytton burns down days after HAARP warning issued to NOTAM (a Notice to Airmen and flights)
*That testing will be done
June 21_25 2021
On June 25 a heat wave started and killed over 230 people by June 30… with a billion shellfish cooked by the heat wave in the waters.
July 1 days after the HAARP TESTING a village in CANADA burns to the ground.. Even metals that could withstand such heat melted to the ground..90% of the village Lytton, CANADA BC. burned.
710,000 lightings reported by North American lightning detection network June 30_july1.. But not one agency blames lighting for the fire.. But put blame on CLIMATE CHANGE. >>The Premier thanks Gov. For creating rain to extinguish the fires on Live tv??<<<(he let weather modification Tech. Slip in his speech) source

Explosion hits Israel’s Ashdod reactor facility source

Chinese Channel Threatens Japan with Nuclear War

A prominent Chinese military channel posted a video on Saturday. It says if Japan sends a single military unit to intervene in a Chinese takeover of Taiwan, Beijing will respond with an all-out war. source

Check out our transcript to this interesting video

White hats control everything – Nicholas Veniamin and Michelle Fielding (16.06.2021)

As a reminder, a message from Romana Didulo:

Hi, Canada, I’m Romana Didulo. I’m the founder of Canada’s First. As of February 2021, I am Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Canada. You ask who appointed me to these positions. The people who appointed me are the White Hats, the White Hats, along with the US military and global online groups and their governments. The same groups of people who helped President Trump, who seized the assets of the Vatican, the assets of the fake royal family of the united kingdom (which they have been transferring from the central banks for over 200 years). The same people who seized the property of 13 blood families and the property of royal families throughout Europe. The same group of people have removed criminal governments around the world.

Now I would like to give a special salute and thank you to the armed forces of the US and Canada. I thank them for their sacrifices and service to the people. Above all, I thank you on behalf of the people of Canada. A special thank you to the digital soldiers. These people have sacrificed a lot of their time to inform people around the world. I would now like to talk about the vaccinations and shots that have been taking place across the country since February and March of this year.

As Commander-in-Chief of Canada, I have declared Canada a vaccine-free country. All vaccinations and injections are illegal and a crime against humanity. And for groups and people who may not know, let the following be said: Inside the Republic, the penalty for crime against humanity, treason, economic sabotage and bioterrorism is death. They will be tried for crimes against humanity under the Nuremberg Code. And if that is not enough, I, as Commander-in-Chief, will summon them to a tribunal where they will be indicted for their crimes, and there they will receive the death penalty for those crimes. I warn you that the government for which you now work and which runs the state like a company from which you take your orders will not be there to protect and defend you. It will no longer exist. The banking system and this government will not exist. I, therefore, recommend that you think very carefully and reconsider your actions and stop supplying, distributing and administering the vaccine. They are not just vaccines, they are not authorised for use, they are emergencies. You are experimenting with these substances, it is a drug and poison cocktail that has been mixed by the pharmaceutical industries and used by the nation of Canada as lab rats. And these actions will not go unpunished. There will come a time when the leader of Canada, and that is me, will sign court orders and I will do it.

In the BRD, the situation seems to be that the Commander-in-Chief has not yet been named. The transfer of his function depends on the Special Forces, the Army and the Global Alliance and the Federated Forces and the Special Intergalactic Force for the Defense of Earth and Humanity and the White Hats, who in their majority, if not all, are descended from the real and ancient royal families, bloodlines. For simplicity, there are structures that lie above the German Empire, that is, the BRD firm and the Weimar Republic firm are referred to as the German Empire. Regardless of the national borders. The new commander will declare Germany a test and vaccination free zone with immediate effect. Because they fulfil the signs of crime against humanity, murderous intent under natural law, the supreme law of this universe, and other rights and articles of the international court of justice, the Nuremberg Code, etc. They will all be tried for their acts before a national tribunal without exception. In the zones, everything will initially be run by the military to protect the people, and tribunals will be held for treason, bio-sabotage, crimes against humanity, etc.
The new Commander-in-Chief will call on all concerned to stop all dealings in relation to the supply, requests, etc. of these vaccines. They must think very carefully about their actions because not only in Germany but in the whole world, they will not be granted an exemption. source

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