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Today for the first time I encountered someone in the supermarket not wearing a mask. He was a tall young guy who strode confidently around the aisles as if he owned the place. I couldn’t see a mask exemption tag. Outside I said to him, ‘I notice that you’re not wearing a mask…’ He explained they are rubbish and he’s free to do what he likes. Love it. From now on, I too will stride confidently around inside shops as if I own the place, no mask exemption visible.
Every day we Light Warriors get emboldened to reclaim more of our sovereignty. We role model FREEDOM. People need to see that we are not afraid of the fake rules that are designed to break humanity’s spirit. source

News/quick reads

_Pennsylvania | There Is An Increase Of Vaccinated People Being Hospitalized With COVID-19 In Pennsylvania
_Pentagon’s First Software Chief Quit Because China Has Already Won Global Tech War
_1,000 INTEL documents given to DURHAM support more charges -Former National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe
_Cargo Crisis: Shipping giant Maersk diverts ships from backlogged UK ports
“Further disruption” to supply chains
_Major Blow To YouTube Germany Censorship…Court Orders Reinstatement Of Removed Corona-Critical Videos
_College athletes win religious freedom case against jab-pushing university, will not have to get COVID shot
_Airplane Pilots refusing the vaccines and mandates could reach critical point soon.. Media sieht
_TRUMP -“If You’ve Had COVID, You Don’t Need The China Virus Vaccine “
_ICYMI: Kash Patel Predicts Durham Will Expose Clinton Crimes
_Biden BUSTED As Pfizer ADMITS There’s No Vaccine Approved By FDA In The U.S. In Recorded Call
_Joe Biden could become embroiled in the FBI’s probe into Hunter’s finances, experts say: Emails reveal they SHARED bank accounts, paid each other’s bills
_Top American Doctor on Dr. Fauci: “I Think He Should Step Down – You Can Not Be a Public Health Official Distrusted by Half of American Public
_Biden polls and approvel ratings at all time low, as mass media begins reporting.

Lots of TESTS happening being conducted by SPACE FORCE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY<< Expect more apps, SOCIAL media to go down by the hours//// >>>INFILTRATION //// 45 HOLDS THE Keys source

In the thickest seasons of confusion and uncertainty the solution isn’t always to think you’re way out. Sometimes it’s not enemy prompted questions that need to be answered.
Sometimes the solution is simply to trust God even harder. Your faith as the compass… you will peer through the confusion when your natural mind cannot.
You’ll make it to the other side by simply taking one step at a time.
That’s all it is. One step at a time. source

Say goodbye to iPhones

Q-phones are already developed and manufactured in Germany, the United Kingdom with a final software upgrade in the United States. This smartphone is 3 dimensional and of the highest quality. It will become one of the main tools for direct credit and expenditures in daily life for consumer retail and business commerce domestically and internationally. This is a five hundred billion dollar manufacturing operation in three countries. Cost may increase as seven billion q-phones will be disbursed to all people on earth. The QFS will create its own internet that will work off its trinary code and perhaps a g8 network for SATCOM. source

Earth Alliance and Patriot News (excerpts)

Gradually you will realize that you have actually become not a part of the OLD Earth, but a part of the NEW Earth

I’m not going to justify myself or explain why things don’t appear to you. The great strategy in any battle is to take the enemy by surprise, to stop him from expanding, to stop him from making momentary and extremely dangerous decisions.

So today the enemy no longer has that communication network, which allowed them, with a simple command, to provoke an immense catastrophe all over the planet. Because those buttons that they used to push don’t work anymore. Destroying these bases inside the Earth, was the most difficult battle we had.

We are no longer inside it, we are no longer in the skies, because the skies are also cleared. All the openings, portals and escape routes are very well controlled and monitored.

So, we are concentrating now on the surface of the planet, on eliminating the living and thinking heads of this planet. To make this happen is not an easy move. Taking down a leader of a country, is not an easy move. It is necessary to armor all the rest of the country, so that he also does not make any abrupt decisions and cause the death of innocent people.

Nothing happens in your eyes, because everything is happening. And when we have total security for each and every inhabitant of this planet, then yes, that will be the final moment; the moment to remove each and every one of these thinking heads and take them away. They will not remain here.

No, they will not be judged by human laws, because their actions go far beyond their own laws. These are actions that will be reviewed by the Universal Courts, by the Universal Laws. It is not you who will determine what the end of these thinking heads will be. Some are already falling naturally, without us having to do anything. And I tell you, they are desperate, because without their power in their hands, how can they threaten anything?

Nobody will see anything happening right now, everything will have already happened, and you will just be informed. Because if we did everything live, the very energy of those who follow these enemies, could cause mass disasters.”

The Starseeds on this planet have not only been clearing their own karmic residue, but also the residue of the Collective, that has been accumulating for millennia.

This is why Starseeds have the hardest time coping with the different symptoms, with all the energy waves that come into the planet. As we stated previously with each wave of light it is required that we make more room for the new light. And we do this by clearing the old, again our personal but the Collectives’ low vibrational residue in particular.

This is just one of the things a true lightworker does. We will say a Starseed in particular. This is why we are here. Yes, we may be few in numbers. But our light, our power and courage are stronger than that of a million who are ‘lost’ or remain asleep.

So, to answer your question of what a lightworker is, there you have it. But we will go on a little further.

What is a lightworker? What qualifies one to be a lightworker? Any person that ‘wants’ to do good? Any person that is aware of the crimes of the Cabal? Someone who ‘wants’ to believe in Ascension, so long as the Global Currency Reset manifests?

Perhaps a lightworker is one who WORKS WITH THE LIGHT. 

One who meditates on a daily basis or at least does their best to do so, and sends light and love to the world. One who each day envisions the world they desire. An individual who does not attach themselves to the ‘web’. Whether it is mainstream or independent media. Whether it has to do with disclosing Cabal crimes, or praising a leader, or hoping and focusing on currency revaluations. A lightworker, who’s focus is mainly within. For through the SOURCE WITHIN, the infinite light that exists there, bringing it out into the open and anchoring of that light, the world is being changed.”

Most of us in RV GCR land, will remember our average body temperature was forever recognized at 98.6. But now it’s 97.7, or 97.4, somewhere in there. We dropped 1 degree in normalcy. How did that happen? A shift took place all over the world, yet we were not informed and nor were we advised. It just became a thing, normalcy, and is now accepted as our reality without question. There’s a lesson here for all of us.

Everything seems to be a trial. Everything is difficult. Family relationships are rocky, everyone tense. Neighbors, friends, workplace cohorts, all on edge. This is the time for change and drastic change is coming. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse – for all of us, even the 1%ers.

The Military aren’t talking. No one is really talking, other than to be encouraging. Words like, “Stay strong, know that we won,” are carried every day. The Military aren’t talking because they are busy following orders, both from the White Hat side, and from the Brown Hats – those taking orders from the evil overlords. We can only hope that when the time arrives for the battle to start, the war will already be over. Just like our temperature shift occurred. One day, suddenly, we’ll recognize that it happened. We will see the evidence. We will take the evidence as just another day, no big deal. But, some of us will see and know and record these events.

We are building the new world with the power of our light and love.

Why is this taking so long?

There is not enough focus on building the new. Perhaps I should say ‘anchoring’ the new, for it already exists.

All that needs to be done is rid ourselves of the lower vibrations and the toxins in our bodies and watch the higher light enter our physical vessels, and the light of our soul take over our very reality.

The Collectives thoughts are scattered, as they have been for millennia. Improved, more connected but the connection isn’t strong enough, between people, nature, and nations. This is another reason why the process is taking longer than expected.

The truth is we as lightworkers are making a difference just by being here on Earth. But what if we can do more?

We can do more.

Why do we not?

How many lightworkers take time each day, envisioning the new world they desire?

How many lightworkers focus within, tirelessly and eagerly seeking that connection with their soul?

What are you doing to raise the vibrations of this world?

We have to be honest with ourselves. It is the key to making us snap out of the idea that there isn’t much else we can do.

Now, how many lightworkers spend time on the internet, browsing all the different blogs and anxiously looking for a word on the gcr, arrests, or something to go boom?

How many spend hours each day reading sugar-coated messages from the Higher Dimensional Beings? Oh yes, they are sugar-coated. But that is a whole other subject for another time.

Abundance comes in many forms. Do you feel you are abundant in any form? Do you think you can truly create some type of abundance for yourself? Do you feel empty, hopeless? Perhaps you are focusing on things you shouldn’t be. 

Do something else for a change. Be absorbed within, don’t let the outside absorb you and your energy. source

Tento obrázok nemá vyplnený ALT popisok, jeho názov je IMG_20211014_061211_625-1024x765.jpg
AUDI assembly lines are shut down.
The semiconductor crisis has now hit Audi. source

📌On the topic of economy. I was at my car dealer yesterday (one-year-old BMW). He said they have over 300 cars ordered. New ones are no longer being delivered as usual, hence the young used ones.
He says he doesn’t know if they will survive if they don’t get any more stock.
📌I work as an analyst for a large energy supply company. It is probably known that EON is currently no longer accepting new private (gas) customers (reported by Bild). However, many people do not know that EON has also completely stopped selling electricity and gas on the futures markets to distributors (e.g. top insolvent utilities)! EON is not just any sausage shop, but one of the few really big players in the German energy market… Especially in the professional wholesale market, where really high amounts are involved.
📌Market research companies, in recent years we have always made up a large part of our turnover with studies for the financial sector, i.e. banks, insurance companies, testing either websites, apps or simply advertising media such as TV spots or social media campaigns. So far this year, almost no studies have been commissioned, and I am talking about large, well-known financial institutions like Deutsche Bank, Sparkassen, etc., but also large insurance companies. It is possible that they all got together and looked for another institute where they could park their hundreds of millions of euros and have their studies carried out, but I think that is very unlikely, especially as we have had framework agreements in some cases. The other possibility is that they simply do not have the money anymore. When I said it out loud last year that our financial clients might disappear, I was laughed at, but now it has happened. It’s the same with Google, they used to hire up to 2 million people a year from us, but things are looking bleak there this year as well.
📌I work for a very large paper manufacturer and our warehouses are currently full and overcrowded. I think they know they won’t be delivering any more soon and couldn’t deliver any more. source

➡️Ships in ports
➡️Airplanes falling from the sky
➡️Commercial aircraft on the ground
➡️Finance on thin ice
➡️Vaccination…….. Get a booster(s)?
➡️Boundaries (missing)
➡️Film scenery (puppet theatre)
➡️”Former” president visible daily
➡️”Current” president (FJB)
➡️MSM is struggling
These are just some of the obvious facts that even the most humble sheeple cannot ignore.
Remember, we know all of these things,
the blind don’t. Soon they will need you. Be kind.
(After our victory) source

✈️12.10.2021 – 8.27 pm
Air Force 1 is currently en route. However, the destination of the flight is not yet known, it is currently at an altitude of 11,000 feet. In any case, the aircraft has been flying very regularly lately…
At this point, a descent is initiated to possibly approach Montreal.
Bombardier 14+05 has just completed an exciting circuit around Cologne-Bonn. There must be something more militarily interesting at Westerwald near Altenkirchen.
The Swiss delegation in Bremen
I’ve never seen her there before. So I think something bigger is developing there now.
The three Hercules C30Js circling Ramstein and the Palatinate Forest were joined for the last half hour by a KC-135T reg 59-1470. It also appears to be a larger event, as although we don’t see Tornadoes, Typhoons or Falcons on the radar – they are probably being counted on.
There has already been a lot of helicopter activity this morning, with NH-90s in particular currently “on course” source

✈️Just a small explanation about air traffic (Poseidon in the picture):
📌Fighter aircraft (Tornado, Typhoon, Falcons) have appropriately optimized weapon systems for specific missions aimed at destroying or neutralizing enemies of humanity buried in underground facilities.
The Sentry, Poseidon, E-6, E-8, as well as some “civilian” aircraft are equipped with fairly sophisticated creature detection equipment/technology. Only when their missions locate targets are ground-based interceptors (see above) sent on their missions. No fighter flies a nautical mile just for the joy of flying – all pilots are given precise missions before deployment into their steady and knowledgeable hands.
Both fighters and mission control are supported by the Space Force, and therefore the galactic alliance. source

We have already had the topic mentioned several times in Austrian and German newspapers: Tribunals. And here we have another topic: BUNKERS!!! This article prepares the masses for what is to come. It is called PRIMING. They are beginning to introduce the subject of BUNKERS into the subconscious of the people. Will there be more articles on this subject in the future????

📌Good news.

📌Theory – BUNKRY source

💥German 🐑 are starting to get the “red pill”!!! NTV – hard MSM 😉💥RKI (Robert Koch-Institut): more and more vaccinated in intensive care units source

📌 I’m in Berlin for work right now. I was passing by Schloss Bellevue (Bellevue Palace is the official residence of the Federal President since 1994) and there is no longer a Police station, but 👉 ARMADA!!!! source
⚠️Just a reminder that the freaks put Adr “en&ochr+om in the wine!!! The Rothschild wines are known for this…. and others. And what was in the Cerny Forest area??? I have written about it several times: Rothsch. lung clinic ‼️‼️‼️‼️

…….Here are a few examples of their wine labels.

📌For anyone interested in looking for more symbolism on their labels, here is a link.

👉Why is there a tank in the woods near Offenburg-Fessenbach?

👉Comment on the report

First the “exercise” and then the blackout in that exact area

🧐? Fessenbach, Zell Weierbach, Ortenberg are famous for their wines🤔.
and there’s a plane circling the Black Forest almost every day. link source

Whether you want to believe POTUS is secretly in charge or not, it doesn’t matter.
Outside of the White House, he has managed to unite citizens (workers, nurses, doctors, pilots, law enforcement) against a tyrannical, out-of-control federal government.
You are witnessing the biggest campaign to get people to fight for their country before the globalists pull the lever of the Great Reset. You are now part of the resistance, whether you like it or not, keep fighting! Do not succumb to any form of tyranny.
We are in a second revolution and we are all trying to save the country from the globalist empire. source

📌 I love my soulmates, but some of you are expecting life to go back to “normal”. It wasn’t NORMAL! There were shadows, veils and deceptions. You are in the midst of the GREATEST MOMENT IN HISTORY! That means EVERYTHING is collapsing so it can be rebuilt!

📌 Stop clinging to what has been and KNOW that GOD wants you to focus on what He is about to do! Stop expecting it to happen in your time and on your terms. THE CREATOR MADE YOU AND IS THE ARCHITECT OF DIVINE TIMING! Let him work. You may be missing out on MIRACLES because you are clinging to the past.

📌 Let it go and let God do it! For some reason, you are not in control of EVERYTHING. Control is WRONG! FREE WILL IS REAL! Step out of your comfort zone and let God lead you to your true purpose.

📌 If you cling to things that have never benefited you, then it is your FREE CHOICE to suffer by holding on to your own chains. LET GO OF YOUR CHAINS! Free yourself. It’s time.

📌 Understand that the rearview mirror only shows where you have been….. The windshield lets you see WHERE you are going! Open the roof. Open the windows. Let the wind in. Feel it on you and enjoy life again! source

It’s time to get up, you’ve slept long enough. Only together can we do this. Remember, SHAEF is not here to free you, he’s here to watch your back. In all actions with weapons that are directed against you, SHAF will act. They are here to protect you, not to do the liberation for you, which, dear ones, we must do ourselves. SHAEF is here to clear the way for these mafia structures that have taken root everywhere, and you must govern yourselves.

Is Shaef still valid?
With the Occupation Clearance Act of 30 November 2007, the full occupation law, i.e. the SHAEF laws, are once again in force.

I say to all Germans that they must read the laws in order to exercise their rights.

What is Shaef?
Image result for shaef Switzerland
Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (abbreviated SHAEF, English … Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) was the future American president Dwight D. Eisenhower.

What does the basic law say?
The Basic Law is our constitution. It contains the most important rules for the state, and therefore also for people living together in Germany. These rules must be followed by everyone, for example, schools, hospitals, courts, authorities, but also by all citizens.

If the authorities do not respect the basic law, you can bring this to the attention of SHAEF, then you can visit them. You must use them and send the criminals to Guantanamo.

What are fundamental rights?
Human rights are rights that all people around the world should have. They include the right to live in freedom and security. Everyone should be able to express their opinion freely. … In the German constitution, human rights are referred to as ‘fundamental rights’ source

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    The journalist needs to look into the Q-Phone more as it is associated with the Chinese. There is ways of capturing your data before and after encryption.


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