News 14.01.2022


The war has been a long row to hoe, and it’s not over; not quite yet, but we are seeing signs that at least some aspects are winding down. The Plan is meticulous, the road arduous, but failure is not an option and due to many land mines we must tread carefully.

The natives are restless, but only fools rush in. Regardless of the chaos and panic, we must adhere to The Plan, remain calm, protect ourselves as much as possible, and exude confidence and positivity.

We can see a lot more results now than even just a month ago, so it helps feed the fires of freedom, but many are of the mind that if we don’t see a breakthrough into the public eye in the next week or so that something must have gone wrong.

It is largely an information war, and we’ve accepted that data misused and twisted into lies and propaganda can be as deadly as a bomb. We have learned over the years, and we don’t fall for the tricks nearly as often as early on.

The BIG news of the day is, of course, the latest Project Veritas exposé of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s role in the gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab. I don’t know if we’ll ever get to the bottom of this spaghetti saga. There was at least one other lab involved in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and tales of the CV “virus” leaking, etc.  I don’t believe it was a leak. The globalists planned this latest scamdemic which was a large part of the snatching of control and furthering the genocide of Humanity. They have been using taxpayer money to fund their bioweapons and other terrorism for decades. Odd that this video is still on YouTube. source

We all have been going through a lot lately. The other day CirstenW, a Patriot, had been murdered. In the news it was reported that she had covid. You can see the signs that the Deep state want to push the narrative and lie that anti-vaxxers would be wrong and ‚die of covid if they don’t get vaccinated.‘ She was known to inform people about this movement just like I am doing it and several other Patriots. If you liked her or not, we have lost another Patriot.

Russian & allied peacekeepers stream into Kazahstan for a third day, as the President of Kazahstan orders law enforcement to fire at terrorists without warning; “Bandits must be destroyed, and as quickly as possible”. Kazahstan has been the headquarter of the Illuminati/Deep state and the Patriots have taken the country back.

Kazakh police & troops are currently clearing the city of Almaty, worst hit by looting and violence. Criminal elements seized a vast amount of firearms during this week’s riots. 4,000 people been arrested so far.

The National guard is on high alert in 30 states, based on what some insiders have stated. We have been noticing them in hospitals. In Arkansas, for instance the National Guard was mobilized in several places in hospitals in order to help with COVID testing. In reality it is all about the presence. They are conditioning the People for martial law.

We are witnessing world events heating up to a possible emergency, such as Russia who is invading and N Korea missile strike. We mentioned that there will be some sort of emergency played out in order to trigger the EBS.

There will be a new internet released with the most advanced security system. The Quantum Internet is also a form of consciousness. AI will detect malignant activity more easily online including criminal networks. source

The National Guard is activated in these states:

















New Hampshire

New York

New Jersey




Rhode Island

South Carolina





West Virginia

Wisconsin source

The day begins with a strong earthquake!
In the past hours, several earthquakes have occurred in the region of Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt.
As you can see on the map, the strongest earthquake struck east of Cyprus and had a magnitude of 6.6.
Another of magnitude 5.7 struck north of Crete, followed by smaller tremors in mainland Greece and Turkey.
It is very striking that two so-called ‘fake earthquakes’ occurred right in the city of Cairo. No information is available on the depth or strength of these tremors. They happened tonight in the Egyptian capital within about 45 minutes of each other!
Where else is the aircraft carrier? That’s right….. in Cyprus! source

Police break up paedophile gang on “” source

📌 Tajik peacekeeping contingent took over security of another power plant in Almaty.
During the riots and looting, workers were sleeping in the power plant, workshops and warehouses and were afraid to go home.
Tajik peacekeepers remember the time when Kazakh peacekeepers helped their country and consider it an honour to be able to reciprocate.
📌 Russian peacekeepers reinforced a key telecommunications centre in Almaty at the request of Kazakhstan.
This is an extremely important site that is heavily guarded. Locals and workers who feared further violence are happy – and are bringing food and drink to the soldiers.
Murado source

🇮🇱 Last night next to the Prime Minister’s house. Big protests for freedom of treatment in Israel. People in Israel refuse to be slaves to vaccines! source

BIG ⚠️ Ukraine is ready to take the necessary decisions to end the war in eastern Donbas at a new summit of leaders from Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Tuesday.
“It is time to agree on ending the conflict and we are ready to take the necessary decisions during the new summit of the leaders of the four countries,” Zelensky said in a statement. source

Na obrázku môže byť 3 ľudia a text, v ktorom sa píše „FLAVO 12 LUTENFREE 100g) SHOCKING SEX SCANDALS 10TV PRIME-TIME PRIME PERVS ACCUSED! ENOU Damning charges by TOP INVESTIGATORS ALI BIDEN PROOF IS A CROOK! Secret get-rich-quick deals EXPOSED! Influence- peddling family made MILLIONS overseas! GLUTEN FREE @“
Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „BERGISCH GLADBACH vor 3 Stunden Kindesmisshandlung Schwerer Kindesmissbrauch aufgedeckt: 65 Kinder befreit- jüngstes war drei Monate alt Die Polizei-Ermittlungsgruppe "Berg" hat in den vergangenen beiden Jahren 65 Kinder befreit und 439 Tatverdächtige identifiziert. Selbst erfahrenste Ermittler sind über den Fall tief erschüttert. Das jüngste vergewaltigte Kind soll nur drei Monate alt gewesen sein.“
The famous model Heidi Klum and her father come from BERGISCH GLADBACH 😉
Child abuse
Youngest victims are three months old – 65 abused children freed: ‘Suspects from all walks of life’
The police investigation group “Berg” has freed 65 children in the last two years. Even the most experienced investigators are deeply shaken by the case. “We have suspects from all walks of life,” said the head of the department.
According to local reports, columns of Russian military equipment have been spotted on the roads in the Khabarovsk region heading west for several days in a row.
Residents complain of traffic jams caused by the military convoys. source

We learned today that our cell account with AT&T has been zeroed out. It’s normally about $150/mo, and we got a notice that the account is not accruing charges—but we both still have cellular service. Hubby called to see what the confusing comm was about and had it confirmed. Qincidence? source

James O’Keefe at Project Veritas is my all-time journalism hero. His latest expose will end the Scamdemic and facilitate the arrest of [F]auci. James, we are eternally grateful to you for your extraordinary bravery and tenacity. You never gave up, even during the [D]eep [S]tate’s heart-breaking destruction of your office. source

A great post that outlines the Kazakhstan connections to [B]iden Sr and Jr and China. As the writer says, this evidence is enough to end [B]iden’s administration. source

Young >ARMY< soldiers will be battling ‘seasoned freedom fighters’ across two dozen North Carolina counties in a two-week ‘guerrilla warfare exercise’ where they attempt to overthrow an


Special Forces candidates will participate in the two-week Robin Sage training exercises in which they will practice overthrowing illegitimate governments
Robin Sage places soldiers in a ‘politically unstable’ fictional country and uses ‘unconventional guerrilla warfare’ to defeat a ‘numerically superior enemy’
Soldiers will face off against seasoned military members and specially trained civilians during the exercise, which serves as the Special Forces final exam
Several citizens, however, are concerned the exercise encourages soldiers to target civilians
News of the training exercise comes at a tense time in the US, just five days after the country celebrated the first anniversary of the Capitol riot
It also follows the DOJ’s creation of a new ‘domestic terrorism’ unit as the nation faces what officials said is an ‘elevated threat from domestic violent extremists. source

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „Gold Telegraph @GoldTelegraph_ 34m BREAKING NEWS: ONE OF UNITED STATES LARGEST STUDENT-LOAN PROCESSORS WILL CANCEL THE DEBT OF 66,000 BORROWERS, TOTALING $1.7 BILLION. 15 bet the United States wishes they could cancel the national debt as well. 60 வ்Sகpp 192 Gold Telegraph @GoldTelegraph Source: NAVIENT Student Loan Processor Navient to Cancel $1.7 Billion of Debts Navient, one of the nation' largest student-loan processors, will cancel the debt of 66,000 borrowers, totaling $1.7 billion, in an agreement with 40 state.. 7:32 PM Jan 13, 2022 Twitter Web App“

12.01.22 Earthquake in Switzerland 🇨🇭 CLEANING THE UNDERGROUND; CERN – GENEVA, LINE Rome – AMSTERDAM source

Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Prince Andrew is taking on tsunami proportions. For those who don’t know the background: Virginia Giuffre is one of the underage victims of Andrew’s abuse. Mossad agents Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein trafficked her and other young girls who were part of a worldwide pedophile ring run by the Mossad. Andrew is reportedly seeking an out-of-court settlement with Giuffre to avoid the embarrassment and image disaster that an indictment in New York would bring. If Giuffre rejects the deal, which she apparently intends to do, her lawyer will summon members of the British royal family. The Windsors will be embroiled in a lawsuit over a worldwide paedophile ring. The world will learn that powerful people in the upper echelons of globalist cults are addicted to pedophilia. Everything is going exactly as Q announced on his site. The world will soon see for itself that the power of the New World Order is behind the trafficking of children around the world. (RT) source

What happened to the field of medicine and healing? It’s gone in the big scheme of things. It’s time to bring holistic healing—TRUE healing—into the Light to support the Human body and spirit rather than tearing them down.

How much thought goes into safety, practicality, common sense, comfort or respect? Little to none, it seems. “Medicine” is a profit-generating enterprise. They attach a bar code bracelet to you in America as soon as you enter a hospital and all the doctors seem to hear is the “ka-ching-ka-ching” of the cash register.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to pay up when you leave—IF you leave alive—because they will continue to send you invoices for months after your stay. They’ll keep you alive while you’re contributing to their bottom line and obscene lifestyle, but eventually the golden goose will be allowed to die because there are plenty more suckers where that came from. When you insert your straw into the social security system, your days may be numbered.

Patients in the medical system are treated like cattle with no rights or feelings because that is how the former ruling establishment thought of us; less than barnyard animals. The monsters who were running the world are being exposed and the Human population has to assume their position of authority and personal and civil rights and settle for nothing less than what they deserve. The corrupt medical industrial complex has to go!

Support the practitioners who “do no harm”; naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists, sound healing, thermography, holistic dentists, therapists who offer true prevention and safe diagnostics. Stop taking the toxic chemicals and refuse to be irradiated, cut, burned, and poisoned. The butchery must end but Humanity as a whole must demand it and see to it that it is done. Participate. Engage. Execute.

Each one of us is unique. We each have our own unique energy signature, and everything else. Even identical twins are not identical. We should demand personalized service from healers. The ones I have had the pleasure of dealing with honour our uniqueness and only use precedents for the sake of comparison and diagnostics to narrow down the problem. Solutions are personalized. source

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