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The life of a conspiracy analyst/digital warrior is never dull, but it can be tiring, particularly in a war of attrition where we see the gradual division of the media into traitors and truthers over many years.

We’ve all been deceived. All our lives we’ve been deceived and there’s no shame in admitting we fell for it, hook, line and sinker. The shame lies in learning the truth and not acting differently and allowing the lies to go on in perpetuity. source

A pool of water located next to the Dead Sea in the biblical region of Moab – modern day Jordan – has unexplainedly turned blood red.
The Jordanian Water Ministry sent technical teams to take samples on Saturday after locals started posting pictures on social media – scientists believing, but not certain, that the color change has been caused by either algae, iron oxide, or the addition of a substance by humans.
The images have sparked an online firestorm, with red water conjuring up thoughts of a biblical plague of blood – 1 of 10 cast by God upon the Pharoah of Egypt to free the Jews from slavery, according to the Bible. source

The Protein Spikes and shedding are happening!!
The children of the vaccinated are getting sick and the hospitals children’s units are filling up. WHO and CDC have sent letters to all hospitals directors, informing them to label the children’s sickness as Acute Flaccid Myelitis ,which effects the spinal cord, nervous system and weakens the muscles the limbs and reflexes (the reasons for this.. So children sickness happening now can be faulted on the Delta Variant) >> AND,NOT TO LABEL as GUILLIAN-BARRE which is created through massive Spike Proteins> and produces a rare autoimmune disorder, and a persons own immune system attacks, damages the nerves (neurological system damage the brain), muscles damage caused by major spike proteins in the brain and organs.(Johnson& Johnson put warnings on their vaccines about GUILLIAN-BARRE side effects and blood clots)

The most dangerous people right now.. Are the vaccinated..

Why didn’t children get sick last year? Why are they finally getting sick after the vaccinations came out?>>>> Protein spikes , shedding<<<

Inside the WAR source

📍 Very interesting:
Yesterday’s earthquake on the island of La Palma has now been joined by another on the mainland of Western Sahara.
If you look at the situation, you know what I mean.
For your information: already during WW2 there was talk of entering a large tunnel near the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, Tenerife are quite famous).
These DUMBS supposedly run from the African continent through the Canary and Azores Islands to the American continent.
Orders that are hard for us to understand, so we keep repeating: We have to think bigger to understand!
This earthquake in Western Sahara had a magnitude of 5.7 on the Richter scale and a depth of 10 km.
Here in Fuerteventura, Hitler built a villa down south…Winter’s Villa…shrouded in mystery..and there are tunnels…supposedly for submarines. source

Na obrázku môže byť ‎mapa, obloha a ‎text, v ktorom sa píše „‎Sevilla Granada Gibraltar Rabat الرباط Casablanca البيضاء الدار Marokko Marrakesch مراكس Santa Cruz deTenerife Westsahara‎“‎‎
Na obrázku môže byť text
Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba, lietadlo a vonku
📌 Today we got anecdotal information from an insider who is very close to the military.
At this stage, I cannot and do not want to disclose this information in detail.
But I would like to share at least the following with you, dear readers, as we are also currently having and seeing this increased flying of fighter jets. It is very likely that weapons with supersonic speeds will be used as tunnelling systems to adequately penetrate the depths of DUMBS. That said, we have received information today in various respects that we have not been so wrong in our view and perspective with respect to these underground facilities. 🤩😉
I will post details later if needed. It is very important not to be afraid of the soldiers and let them continue their work undisturbed. Trust the military. They are doing a great job. They are the true saviours of humanity. 🙏❤️ source
Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba, obrazovka a text

📌 Dumbs – update with Gene Decode
When you look at the news, they only show you one place where this supposedly happened. But I looked and saw very rare earthquake locations that they didn’t mention. So Gene, let me share the USGS maps.
Gene: Here you have the main trafficking area in Port au Prince, and there’s a huge depth under this island, as well as under all of Haiti. What you see is the Alliance removing the dome. The primary dam is right here where you see it’s in miles, but it’s actually 33,000 feet deep. They love their numbers, their symbols, just like the 18-1 board said the symbols would be their downfall. So you can see a lot of maglevs here, this is a maglev coming in.

You can see it’s running at 10, at 33,000 depth, you’ve got submarines coming in from the ocean and you’ve got other systems going to other locations where you can use smaller vessels. Here you have smaller areas and also in other locations they were doing ritual sacrifices of children, that’s what they were doing. And again on the harbor side and here you have a lot of tunnel systems built under the roads, so there’s a vibe here. So you’ve got a road with a tunnel that goes all the way to Port au Prince and it goes into this other port area where they can smuggle children and do all this stuff. And the Alliance is destroying that. The tunnels also go up to Jamaica to Kingston, it also goes up to Cuba to Havana and that’s already under Alliance control and here you see it goes to Guatemala City.

And again, they’re also doing it in Puerto Rico, where they’ve been working for three years on a huge facility that goes under the whole island of Puerto Rico and goes way up. This one goes deep, it’s actually not natural, if you look at the p waves and the s waves, you won’t find p waves on it, which are actually not natural, and you can see the lines of the maglev tunnel systems that sometimes go very shallow because of obstructions or they have to go deep. Here you see deep because the Agharthans are now helping to eradicate, they’re coming down from the middle of the earth and going up to the Virgin Islands, so you’ll see some regular tremors there, not always 10 but in 90 cases they do. You see them in a nice line. You have to look at the p and s waves, the best way is to go to the Raspberry shake site where you can see if they are natural or not. There you go Andy, a lot of it would be natural, but when you start to see the line – the line of really obvious earthquakes…

When we go to Africa, these are lakes because they can use them for hydroelectric power. You see this whole waterway of lakes and things going up. They’re working in Zimbabwe now, isolating the South African dumbs, as you can see. The main place where it’s concentrated, that’s alpha draco, it’s the most massive repository of children on earth, it’s thousands of tens of thousands of years of storing children, it’s concentrated in Sowetho. They’re also working on isolating the rest of Antarctica. You see a massive series of elevators here on the sandwich islands, there’s a huge depth that they’re transporting children from South America, there’s a maglev system that runs one way on one side of the continental plate, which is a huge gap that they can easily go in and build and then it will run on the other side.

Here you can see this massive lift coming from the huge dumbs under New Zealand that goes through the harbour here. The Agharthans come up, one goes up to the middle of the country and then you have the ones coming up, they get shallower as you get towards Christ Church and then they come down and run maglevs on the continental plates.

You see Afghanistan, they’re helping us isolate and secure Afghanistan just like we know they took over Kabul, so they’re destroying the dumps. Here’s Kabul and it’s the first free country on Earth. It was incredible opium and poppy fields that they’ve isolated and they’re destroying the Golden Triangle and destroying the dumps there with tunnels. They burned the poppy crop in the Golden Triangle. The Taliban have been funded and armed by the Alliance and they have taken over Afghanistan, locked its borders, locked its airports, emptied its prisons and started filling it with Isis elements who are doing terrorism. All the stuff that the mainstream media shows with burning buildings when they went in, none of that happened. There were people waving flags, like the Allies going into Germany, and so it’s just isis and the Taliban didn’t ask him to go in at all. So these are the places here in Afghanistan that they occupy, this area right in the northeast.

These two are the main ones, then they go down and do the same thing in much of Asia and the Middle East. In the Middle East, as I said, they’re tunneling under the lakes and using them for hydropower. Here you have one coming across the Caspian Sea. They also isolate the entrance to the Mediterranean. The tunnel that goes from Europe to Africa is now cut off. They’re continuing to isolate and they’re going into sub-tunnels coming out of the one that they’ve already cleaned out the gold from, which was $34.7 quadrillion in gold that went from the Vatican in Rome all the way down through Albania, they found a tunnel system that goes into Switzerland.

So they’re isolating and getting it up through Austria. it goes through Austria, up to Switzerland and so on. They’re isolating and they’re pulling it out, they say the gold is there in septillions, they couldn’t get to the deeds yet to actually inventory it because it’s so huge. It’s somewhere in the range of 90 septilons based on the volume of that dump and the big huge tunnel system. The tunnel from the Vatican went all the way up through Albania and then they found, once they emptied that gold tunnel system that went to Switzerland, Austria and so on, so they’re working on that now, and then it went all the way down to Jerusalem.
So that’s an update on the tunnels. source

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