News 15.03.2021


Former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler: Media Buried Climate Progress Made Under Trump Administration Source

New Mexico Border Rancher Russell Johnson to Biden: ‘Do the Right Thing and Finish the Wall’ Source

By Day 48, Biden’s White House Had Made Major Progress in Destroying America. Source

President Donald Trump’s leaving the White House has correlated with a decline in ratings and viewership for a number of cable news shows, according to an analysis. CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News have all seen overall declines in viewers, said Variety in its analysis, which added that after Trump’s second impeachment trial, “audiences for CNN have plummeted” and “MSNBC is seeing about half CNN’s drop,” while Fox News is down in single digits. Source

Investigation Underway After National Guard Member Stationed in DC Dies Source

At least 15 shot, 2 killed in mass shooting in US’ Chicago Source

Joe Biden is the human trafficking president
Just 50 days into his presidency, human trafficking and smuggling at the southern border have already gotten worse thanks to President Biden. Source

MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell said Sunday that the social media platform he’s launching in the coming weeks will be a “safe place” for those who have been “canceled” by big tech platforms such as YouTube and Twitter.

● “You won’t have to walk on eggshells anymore,” said Lindell, whose personal and MyPillow accounts were suspended by Twitter last month, noting that the release of his platform, Vocal, is scheduled within the next fortnight.

● “It’s YouTube and Twitter kind of combined. There’s nothing like it out there … journalists can actually go out and invite guests on and speak the truth,” Lindell told NTD’s “Focus Talk” host Jenny Chang. Source

“Operation Mile High”: NYC Jet Exec Indicted For Trafficking Children Source

Whites Can’t Share Oprah ‘Reaction Memes’ or They’ll Be Guilty of Practicing ‘Digital Blackface’ Source

Governor Says $1.9 Trillion Relief Bill Punishes Responsible States Like Idaho Source

Biden deploys FEMA to help with surge of unaccompanied migrant children Video

Could Cancel Culture be a Precursor to a Social Credit System? Source

The Vatican in a decree approved by Pope Francis said that the Catholic Church’s priests cannot bless same-sex unions because God “does not and cannot bless sin.” Source

US military halts gender-neutral Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) test as female soldiers were failing at a rate of 65%, according to a Pentagon study. Review to make it fair to “both genders” underway Source

Congratulations on setting the UK on the path to the end of anonymous free speech. Make it a legal requirement when opening a new social media account, to provide a verified form of ID. Where the account belongs to a person under the age of 18 verify the account with the ID of a parent/guardian, to prevent anonymised harmful activity, providing traceability if an offence occurs Source

The cure is hydroxychloroquine. And zinc obviously. Or quercetin appears to be an effective alt for HCL as the ionophore the big killer is bacterial mycoplasma pneumonia. Which is promoted by the masks. Need antibiotic for that. If this is a bioweapon as mcinerney says, why wouldn’t the associated bacteria be improved also FAUCI KNOWS THAT THE BACTERIA IS THE REAL KILLER but MSM is saying “virus virus virus”. You think the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing? Source

“We Are Hungry” – Violent Protests Erupt As Lebanon ‘Hyperinflation’ Accelerates Source

Rep. Ted Cruz requests a meeting with the Commandant of the U.S. Marines to put a stop to “political attacks intimidating Tucker Carlson & other civilians.” Source

Michael Cohen says his seven meetings with the Manhattan DA are ‘not good news’ for Trump: Prosecutors ramp up investigation into former president’s business empire Source

Pelosi blames Biden’s border crisis on Donald Trump. “This is a humanitarian challenge for all of us,” she said. “The administration inherited a broken system at the border, and they are working to fix it.” Source

McEnany: ‘Zero tolerance policy’ standard ‘apparently’ doesn’t apply to Cuomo Video

A few Great 3-Year Deltas today… + 946 comes up repeatedly in many timestamps…Kansas specifically! Source with all drops here and here

Poland’s central bank to buy at least 100 tonnes of gold, a 30%+ increase from current reserves Source

If I don’t believe and follow Q am I black pilled? NO. Just the opposite. It’s the Q followers that know full well all the undeniable evidence and proof will be revealed when the movie completes, and yet they bitch and moan about evidence. They know better or at least should know better. If you don’t believe Q is real and are a red piller, keep searching. Q is very real. – GhostEzra

Facebook to start promoting pandemic as a dogma that shall close people as long as possible at their homes. Every contradiction will be eliminated.
The social-media monoplist will label all posts about #COVID19 vaccines and limit the reach of content from users who share content marked false by “fact-checkers.”
This is the future of the social-media: a future of no opposition to a monopoly of definition that is written by those who own the definition (by owning of the plattforms that “curate” the definitions, they only allow what they want to be allowed, in most cases their own agenda). Source

Pope Francis Calls for ‘New World Order’ After the Pandemic Source

Facebook’s Global Planning Lead Benny Thomas: “I can target racist people… it’s that easy. Because data is very powerful,” says Mark Zuckerberg is “the ruler” of 2 billion people. Source

Message from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“I would like to urgently draw your attention to important questions linked to the next vaccination against Covid-19. For the first time in the history of vaccination, the so-called mRNA vaccines of the latest generation intervene directly in the genetic material of the patient and therefore alter his individual genetic material, which represents genetic manipulation, which was already prohibited and hitherto considered criminal. This intervention can be compared to genetically modified foods, which are also very controversial. Even though the media and politicians are currently trivializing the problem and even foolishly calling for a new type of vaccine to return to normality, this vaccination is problematic in terms of health, morality and ethics, but also in terms of genetic damage which, unlike the damage caused by previous vaccines, will be irreversible and irreparable. Dear patients, after an unprecedented mRNA vaccine, you will no longer be able to treat the symptoms of the vaccine in a complementary way. You will have to live with the consequences because you will no longer be able to be cured simply by removing toxins from the human body, just like a person with a genetic defect like Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, stopping genetic heart disease, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc.), because the genetic defect is eternal! This clearly means: if a vaccination symptom develops after an mRNA vaccination, neither I nor any other therapist will be able to help you, as the damage caused by this vaccination will be genetically irreversible. In my opinion, these new vaccines represent a crime against humanity that has never been committed in such a significant way in history. As experienced physician Dr Wolfgang Wodarg said: Actually this “promising vaccine” for the vast majority of people should be BANNED because it is genetic engineering!” End quote. Source

Scavino, Space Force & DoD Qomms! 🍿

Q1339: Expand your thinking.
Why are we being attacked?
PATRIOTS do NOT reveal classified information.
Selling makes money.

-DoD timestamp 12:00pm.
Q12: Mil Intel- Good guys are winning!
DoD mentions an F-16.
F = 6 (letter of alphabet)
F-16 = 6-16
Q616: SUBMISSION COMPLETE. Source with pics here

Czech police attack a young father without a mask while his son screams in horror.
The police pursued the man for not wearing a mask.
After the video went viral, the police officers were suspended and an investigation was launched.According to a Facebook post, the man was in trouble with the police after he “took his child from the playground” and forgot to bring a mask.
Although the video drew widespread condemnation of the police officers and led to their dismissal from their jobs, the mayor of Ugerske Gradiste, Stanislaw Blaha, partially defended the police officers ‘ actions in a statement. Source

Airforce One’s new livery is very significant, especially when it is the same colors as John Kennedy’s plane.

I keep getting the feeling the new Air Force One is or will be a marker.

Cowboyw2b again, with a Cue drop linked to the Ides of March (15th March).

The Ides of March = 3.15.
Just sayin’

Ghost Ezra with a brilliant Cue connection to Trump Hotels. ‘Watch the water’. St Patricks Day on 17th March.

Watch that green water.

Doq Holliday reminds us that the divinely motivated Cue team (which includes President Trump) will NOT let us down.

Less than 10 have the picture of what’s truly going on.
By design.
Trump is one of them.
These are the most brilliant minds that God has set aside for a time like this where we take our Country back.
God has heard our prayers and he’s heard the screams of the innocent children.
He will NOT forsake us.

Finally, this excerpt from Matthew Ward’s March channelling makes two things very clear. Firstly, the Alliance will DEFINITELY win the battle to save humanity. Secondly, there will be unavoidable civil unrest in USA when President Trump’s presidency is officially confirmed. Matthew says that this announcement must precede NESARA/GESARA.

March 2, 2021

‘It is likely—let us say unavoidable—that a period of unrest will follow public acknowledgement that the country’s government is being reformed. As stated in our last message, that must precede implementation of G/NESARA’s other provisions, which will benevolently impact life worldwide, and the changeover in governance is the primary thrust of light forces in that country. Although the Act is a straightforward piece of legislation, its essence is spiritual, its purpose is ending the long reign of darkness on Earth.

We know how eager you are for that day to come and you would like to know when it will. If we knew, it would be our joy to tell you, but we don’t know. The success of this monumental undertaking is absolutely clear in Earth’s energy field of potential—and it is fait accompli in the continuum—but there are no absolute timelines.’ (Matthew Ward)

We can take a lot of comfort from Matthew’s message. This last phase of the waiting game is testing the mettle of every Light Warrior on Earth right now. We are doing the best we can, albeit with some moments of impatience and frustration. Source


  1. Doti Brown

    Thank you for all you have done to bring our country back from the abyss. “We the people”

    • Ivy

      Thank you very much, we truly appreciate it.



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