News 15.06.2021


There are a lot of fires burning in the western third of America, and I saw what looked like smoke in the sky on our walk this morning so I looked into it. This website shows a number of Southwest fires, and most of them seem to say “Cause: Undetermined”. We’ve had no storms, rain, or anything in many weeks here in the Valley of the Sun, but perhaps some higher elevations did. If they were lightning or natural causes, why don’t they note that in the description? Could arson be involved? This is a lot of fires for a couple of days of new activity. We hit 110F here yesterday, and it’s about 106 now and could get a couple of degrees warmer. You can’t blame fires on heat alone. Perhaps it’s distractions from the other incendiary activity in Arizona around the election.

We understand the tunnels and DUMBS in America that lead to Canada are under siege now by the joint military. These tunnels and Deep Underground Military Bases were created by the psychopaths ruling the world to traffic children, contraband, arms, etc. They hid their despicable acts underground where prying eyes would not see. Not even satellites.

… All over the world, arrests are in progress and resignations abound as the rats abandon ship or walk the gang plank.

Everyone wants to know about med-beds aka healing pods. I saw this and thought some might be interested. I take this to mean it would take no more than 6 weeks to revert our ravaged Human body to it’s original, fully-functioning and healthy condition before it succumbed to the effects of toxic food, air, water, mind control, pharmaceuticals, and genetic modification. Six weeks max. of treatment for the most serious patients. Outstanding!


Here are excerpts from James McConnell’s latest channelling of St Germain. I have been following his channellings for many years. This message is one of great hope for Light Warriors and humanity.

…See now what happens and what will happen after The Event occurs. See it. As the last piece has gone in, The Event can happen now any time. But it is up to the collective consciousness of man to bring this about. But you, those of you, seemingly few, are many. Many in the one. And the one in the many.

Trust yourselves. Trust in the power within you. The power incarnate within you. You have always had this power. It has never left you, except in your mind’s programming. Seize it now. Accept it now. Be it now. Feel the almighty presence now within you! As you say force as one voice to the heavens: “It is finished!” Group: “It is finished!” Feel it, though. Feel it deeply within you. Feel the power rising within you as you say it again now: (group:) “It is finished!” Believe it and you will see it.

There is nothing, and no thing, stopping it now. And the rest of mankind, the rest of the collective consciousness of man, will either come aboard or they will not. But that is not for you to determine.

It is for you to assist when the call goes out to you, just as you came when the call went out to you long ago and you came to assist. When one calls to you, be ready. Be ready there to go about your Father’s mission. For it is your mission. That’s what you came here for…

…Why do you think those of the forces of darkness want the power? They know what it is like. But their power ends as the vibrations increase. That is why they have done everything that they can to hold the vibrations down on this planet, to hold the planet in fear, to hold the population in fear so that they could control and keep the vibrations down. They have known all about vibrations for thousands and thousands of years. But their time is over. The low vibrations are giving way now to the higher vibrations. The forces of darkness are giving way now to the power of the light, the power of love.

And as you have heard before, it is no longer the love of power, it is the power of love. But even though that is said, it is your power within you, your righteous power, your power of light, your power of love, that will continue to catapult this planet into the New Golden Age of Gaia, into the Aquarian Age. The age that has been foretold for many, many millennia now. And you are now in it. This is it. You are at the crest of the wave, or the cusp, or the finish line, or the crescendo, or any other term that you want to use now…

…Let go of fear! Let go of uncertainty! Just let go now. And be who you were destined to be, when you stepped forth and said, “I will go; I will go,” and you went. And you came. And you are here. And you are done.

And I am done. source

I feel as if I am a character in ‘The Truman Show’ movie. My double-vaxxed neighbors are going about their daily lives – mowing the lawn, watching the mainstream news – completely oblivious to the fact that they are living through an extraordinary global operation to rescue humanity from millennia of enslavement by the dark forces.

Incredibly, as I wrote those words, one of the said neighbors knocked on my door to give me lemons. That’s the thing – these are GOOD people with kind hearts. However, they have chosen to follow a path that will have consequences. At this late stage in the game there is nothing any of us can do about their choices.

Is your tribe now clear to you…? Have the last few weeks sorted the chaff from the wheat and you now KNOW who your people are…? It’s been an illuminating time for me. I have managed to stay reasonably detached and observe what is taking place – in my personal life and globally.

I am learning that many people are undergoing huge challenges in their lives. All the unfinished business from all their previous lives has now landed unceremoniously on their doorstep in a big yucky pile. Unsurprisingly, many are overwhelmed, depressed and on medication. It is not difficult to see why the global suicide rate is sky rocketing.

I am in close connection with a soul brother. We talk most days. We have decided that taking life one hour at a time is the way to go at present. It echoes Master Hilarion’s advice: ‘Feel your way through Ascension, moment by moment’. I ask myself in a moment, ‘What will I do next?’ It may be as simple as stepping outside the door to check the weather for my daily walk. I just do the NEXT thing. All those ‘next things’ add up to a day. I go to bed, get up and do it all over again the following day.

I am sensing that the most isolated time is now over for Light Warriors. We endured a few months where there was very little intel. President Trump and the Alliance were silent. Every day we diligently dug for clues and held our faith because that’s all we had to go by. Trust and faith in the Divine Plan. Our hearts told us that everything was okay.

All that is changing. The Light is pouring onto the planet and President Trump and the Alliance are about to lead us into a glorious phase of widespread revelations. It will be a shocking time for unaware people – but we Light Warriors will embrace this development with gusto. We have waited patiently. Bring it on! source

Dan Scavino re-tweeted the famous ‘Cue’ photo of President Trump and team to wish him Happy Birthday. Love it!

Here is Lin Wood’s birthday message for President Trump. Note the three plus signs. Very cool.

As he leads America through these extraordinary times, we pause today to wish Happy Birthday to our President, Donald J. Trump.They are holding a spot for him on Mt. Rushmore but he has more work to do first. Thank you, Mr. President. Happy Birthday!!! Well over 100 Million +++ American Patriots love you. You fight for us. We will fight for you. Keep Fighting! (Lin Wood)

Finally, (Q) The Storm Rider tweet – CDC has admitted that the jab causes heart inflammation in young people. BOOM.

PM Boris Johnson announces a 4-week delay to the reopening in England amid “Delta variant,” says he is “confident” it will be the last extension. source

Biden over 2 hours late to his news conference at the NATO summit. White House has not provided any explanation for the cause of the delay source

NOW – Biden finally appeared 2.5 hours late, held a short speech, and called a few selected reporters from a prepared list of names. Press conference concluded after first question on Ukraine.

Over 100 reporters waited nearly three hours for a 25 minute press conference from Biden. He only took five questions before exiting. source

Biden locks up for half a minute when asked if Putin is still a “killer,” then forgets the second question asked by the reporter. source

US Congress opens an Investigation into the Biden Administration for Dropping Sanctions on Key Assad Ally.This investigation comes after Biden unilaterally lifted sanctions on a key funder of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s ongoing war, a decision made by the State Department late last week without congressional consultation.US Lawmakers have demanded internal docs related to the decision. source

Ukrainian President announces his country will be inducted into NATO & become a Member of the Alliance. source

Now NATO ARTICLE 5 can be used.Declarance of War even for a Cyber Attack. source

The scare event is all the nuclear reactors, which will be hacked by rogue states such as CCP, Iran, and Israel, the world internet will be shut down, including MSM, big tech, some power etc, then they will initiate EBS, it’s the perfect storm!!!! source

UPDATE – US Secretary of State Blinken on Zelensky’s claim about Ukraine joining NATO: No, “nothing has changed.” source

Mr Pool decode

  1. Quantum leap – merging timelines:
  2. Quantum future financial activation
  3. Quantum history for energy fuel

Beautiful future
And so it is source

CNN/NBC direct channels on YouTube/averaging about 91k views & after 4 days avengers out to 450k/Compared to older uploads w/Trump averaging about 5_11 million views

Many Patriot ANONS YT Channels & private chans averaging daily views 75k to 500k

Patriots & ANONS are destroying CNN NBC FOX daily views (combined with TV and their official YouTube channels)

ANONS YouTube channels (Several)
hit over100k daily..W/Telegram
channels hitting up to 400k views
A COMBINED 1200 Telegram
channels & hundreds of ANON
YouTube channels hitting well over
10 Million views a day and growing

Congrats Digital Soldiers💥 source

The best part about the DOITQ proof and repost today by Dan?

3 year delta

Biden 2.5 hours late

Mr Pool post👆👆 from this video video source

RAMBUTAN is a codename for a division of British Intelligence GCHQ.Some sort of Distress Signal.Not sure but thinking Flights, Russian Sub, Iranian Vessel or China Nuke Reactor. source

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters says “f**k you” to Facebook’s offer to use “Another Brick in the Wall” song for a marketing campaign, calls Zuckerberg “one of the most powerful idiots in the world” source

Cristiano Ronaldo was annoyed to see two sugar-laden Coca-Cola bottles in front of him at the #EURO2020 press conference. He then held up a bottle of water, saying “agua,” Portuguese for water. source
Biden gets lost reading his notes at the EU-US summit.
“And uh, I’ve said before and I apologize for the – Oh, I didn’t Jake Sullivan from the State Department [inaudible]. I’m leaving out a lot of people here I apologize. I’m going to get in trouble. But, anyway, we’ll get back to that. But um we um you know…”
This is hard to watch. When will they invoke the 25th amendment in order to put Harris in? source

Here we go the Weather System for the 1st time in over 20 years has been taken down. It is illegal for planes to fly without it. Planes, Trains & Automobiles.. source

Map of Germany almost all green- almost without covid….Merkel insists on measures until under winter (the purges will probably be almost finished) 😉

On the occasion of the meeting between Putin and Biden next Wednesday, June 16, 2021 (add 1 of 16 to the number 2+0+2+1 and you get 666), it sounds ambiguous! Wouldn’t this shutdown be great for carrying out the Lake Geneva cleanup? Watch the water? “Geneva residents will have to prepare for special days in the middle of next week. On Wednesday, rallies are banned, a move sharply criticized by leftists. Because “La Grange” is on the left side of the lake, while delegation accommodation and the airport are on the right, there are restrictions on movement around the city’s vast perimeter. The entire area of the lake, including the busy Mont Blanc bridge, will be completely closed on Wednesday and boat traffic will be suspended – only residents and authorised persons will be allowed into the security zone. The measures will massively disrupt traffic flow. The Cantonal Government is therefore asking employers to send their employees to their Home-Office . The public is asked to “limit to the maximum extent possible” travel by private or public transport on this day.” source

Boris dad – satanic ritual ↓ source

🟣🟣🟣 Schumann blackout lasts more than 72 hours (14.6.2021) We are in a historic situation. Never in the past has there been such an outage of Schumann frequencies. October 2019 saw the longest intermittent outage to date. I put the picture in the feed last night. There is no information yet about the missing data from Tomsk or the simpler monitoring station in Cumiana, Italy. Since there is no new data from either monitoring station, a failure or maintenance is unlikely. As I mentioned yesterday, Schumann frequencies control our collective mind (HAARP). Without Schumann frequencies, this control is no longer present, conditioning can be broken, the impulses associated with brain waves are no longer present. Self-responsibility is now required. Thinking and behavior must be regulated by one’s own powers. No foreign determination. Self-determined thinking. Many people will feel overwhelmed by this. It is impossible to judge what is happening. Others feel liberated. These are very exciting days. This opens up a huge potential for development. source

Tento obrázok nemá vyplnený ALT popisok, jeho názov je FB_IMG_1623734533164-1024x933.jpg
📌 Michael Flynn: Where do you want to start? With how the Secretary of State of Arizona got three million dollars from a private company, or do you want to talk about how the whole world is watching one county in the state of Arizona. Now, I’m not just talking about the interest of a few “swing states” in the Union (states where traditionally the vote distribution for both parties tends to be even “swing states”), I’m talking about the entire libertarian world watching Maricopa County. There’s a delegation from Pennsylvania there now, and they already know how to proceed with their forensic audit that they’re going to initiate in their state. There’s a delegation from Wisconsin in Maricopa County. And if you want to follow someone directly from Maricopa County — I’m following Senator Kelly Townsend. She’s reporting very fairly and accurately on the progress of this whole event. My guess is that over the next three to four weeks we’re going to hear an absolute bombshell – from Arizona and probably Georgia as well as the results of these audits become available. The next three or four weeks will shock the world. The whole world will know what we have been saying all along and we have been conspiracy theorists to them – myself, Sydney (Powell), Patrick (Byrne), Mike Lindell. In the coming weeks, we will see the number of these states grow, not just Maricopa County, Arizona.. source
Tento obrázok nemá vyplnený ALT popisok, jeho názov je FB_IMG_1623773982440.jpg


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