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CONTINUITY OF OPERATIONS (COOP) is a United States federal government initiative, required by U.S. Presidential Policy Directive 40 (PPD-40)<(DEVOLUTION plan), to ensure that agencies are able to continue performance of essential functions under a broad range of circumstances. PPD-40 specifies certain requirements for continuity plan development, including the requirement that all federal executive branch departments and agencies develop an integrated, overlapping continuity capability, that supports the eight National Essential Functions (NEFs) described in the document.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides guidance to the private sector for business continuity planning purposes.[1] A continuity plan is essential to help identify critical functions and develop preventative measures to continue functions should disruption occur.[1][2]

Continuity of government (COG) is the principle of establishing defined procedures that allow a government to continue its essential operations in case of a catastrophic event such as nuclear war.

Both plans keep the U.S. systems from collapsing(fully) and keeps the public perception from fully knowing what’s happening behind the scenes for the reasons of Public Panic and Civil War outbreak<<<<
As MILITARY OPERATIONS are taking place behind the scenes to secure/reverse the Three Branches of Government from a foreign captured Operation. Military is helping in public dissemination of information through several key sources/EVENTS and including several civilians who become operators inside the Atonement Military Operations.

The Military must first exercise all legal avenues (>done by the book Q) through all 3 BRANCHES of the U.S system before FULL Military action and OVERT/COVERT Operations can be DECLASSIFIED

The Perfect STORM is colliding Patriots…


OPS <<<

MIKE LINDELL HAS U.S. AGs in his pockets // TRUTH SOCIAL//
] DURHAM [ //TRUMP….. are all colliding together in a perfect placed PLAN<<<

THE [DS] plan is to manoeuvre between Russian CRISES and TAIWAN/CCP CRISES/ man made weather WARS (weather weapons over 3,000 patents exist..1500 Classified)// The PANDEMIC..

Keep watching all the deaths of the Elites coming up… resignation/firings in major orgs around the world///>>>>

It’s not coincidence

UK is currently under CONTINUITY Of Government Operation

Similar operations are happening in

Deep state in PANIC<WORLD WIDE<

[SOROS]<inside the KILL BOX

People must rise across the world and feel like they are taking back their countries ( not just complaining in internet media posts . But actually physically demanding their RIGHTS!!!!//////

We are in the final moments where white HATS MILITARY is giving the DEEP STATE Controlled minions (courts, lawyers Congress, high officials) to make their decisions to change their NARRATION of what’s happening worldwide
(This is called>By the books<\legal avenues)/// this important EVENTmoment must happen to show all legal resources and avenues were taken and denied by a foreign occupied system.
, So when/if the branches of government do not comply with the Military (Classified) orders to correct the PLANDEMIC/Elections/Fraud/bioweapon release…… The HAMMER DROPS.

Keep watching the news it unlocks the maps.< source

Everyone has had their chance to get to this point on their own. The people who are left are GOING to be shaken, with no choice in the matter. But everyone will get there eventually. It’s an ego-death for a lot of people. And money won’t matter anymore – the rich and the people with big houses will realize that nothing matters.
People will have to let go, let it ALL go – the ego around their jobs. And they will need to learn self-love – not to rely on it from other people. That will come – with remembering who they are, they will remember what is good for them, good for their health. And they won’t be able to go back. It’s almost like it will be physically impossible to eat and drink how it was before. Things like meat will become repulsive. Overtime. I’m not saying this happens in one day. But everything falls away.’

Patriots should consider the peaceful protests happening around the world more of as thermostats rather than creating actionable change. They are showing where we are in the Great Awakening: Quite far.
Instead of being discouraged by their displays…one should feel inspired and encouraged that they are not alone and that millions of people around the world are learning to cherish freedom. Awakening is the first step towards true victory.
And we’ve made colossal strides.

Just released photos in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

Below is a photo from Jeffrey Epstein’s parlor
in his Manhattan brownstone.

Look closely at the two figures underneath the gilt table
underneath the gilt mirror.

These people are sick!
Nothing can stop what is coming.
Q source



The federal government has ordered TELEGRAM to implement the Social Security Act in the future. networks. This means: censorship like Facebook and YouTube. TELEGRAM is not expected to comply with this request. It has already been announced that Google and Apple will be taken to court in this case. This means: TELEGRAM will be removed from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. In this case, Android users can still download the original version of TELEGRAM directly from (also available for PCs). Urgent request: do it now, because that’s where you’ll find the uncensored TELEGRAM app, which also shows channels blocked by Google and Apple. This is not possible on the iPhone. Therefore: Next time buy an Android phone (Samsung, Huawei, etc.) and trick the censorship of Apple!

I see we are in the midst of a great awakening, you know, and you see the old paradigm collapsing and the new one emerging, both in the same space at the same time. The highest frequency always wins. That is the law. The highest frequency is stronger than the lower frequency. A thought that comes from the field of fear, worry, control, domination and manipulation is less powerful than a thought that comes from the field of love.

Evergrande heralds the end of the global financial system. According to financial experts, the world’s financial system will completely collapse. The Chinese real estate company “Evergrande” is heralding this event with its insolvency. The coming global financial crisis will be bigger than the 2008 financial crisis triggered by the collapse of Lehman Brothers. The Chinese real estate giant ‘Evergrande’ is struggling with debts of USD 292 billion. One expert says the company’s collapse could trigger the end of the global financial system. The current fiat money system is full of financial distortions and debt. source

The Purge 👉 AMAZON 😉
I reported on the tornado last weekend. Something in me was skeptical of the official description even then. I think it’s due to a major cleanup operation by the White Hats. Teri Wade: This wasn’t a tornado, look at these streets. Amazon continues to build a Mickey Mouse wall clock. Amazon apparently wants you to buy a wall clock. The market for directed energy weapons. Are you breathing? Then thank a tree.
NO TORNADO. The Amazon Mickey Mouse clock was introduced exactly two years ago. The Amazon building was completely destroyed. Chemtrails covered the sky the day before the storm hit. DEW HARP bars.
Amazon is the lungs of the earth, right? Amazon, without the letter E for energy, is an underground tunnel network for trading, supply and shipping companies. It extends underground like a lung. It operates covertly through warehouses and the internet. Selling babies and adrenochrome for nice pillows and bags for a few $10,000. The Mickey Mouse clock had to be cleaned. source

Dozens of truckers blockaded the Port of Dublin on Monday to protest rising fuel costs, a shortage of drivers, increasing taxes and other operating costs. Tensions at the port were evident when one of the truckers was dragged away from his truck by riot police. Authorities said up to 40 vehicles were involved in the protest. As a result, major traffic jams were reported in the port area. source

Another earthquake in Berlin! Today at around 14:10 an earthquake occurred in Berlin with no indication of its strength or depth. The epicentre was reportedly in Gropiusstadt. And again around the school, playground……

Explosion of freedom protests across Europe last week!!!! The criminal global fa+sh*m$us has lost all of Europe! People united against pharmaceutical na+cists!


I’m often asked how I’m coping with this time….I’ve really stepped out of the old 3D matrix, and so I’m on New Earth. That doesn’t mean I don’t function in the Old Earth, but I no longer allow the Old Earth to dictate to me. That’s a question of transcendence. I’ve always been told that the Old Earth doesn’t exist anymore. In fact, it only exists in holographic form for those who still want to deal with it, because in reality, we create our own reality. Read that again: you create your own reality. In the higher dimensional state, you actually feel a deep sense of Oneness and Unification. There is love – and love is omnipresent.

Duality has evaporated and you are now beginning to experience life differently. The judgments, the divisions, the separations have disappeared and you are beginning to realize how much of the old 3D was just a rehash of an old Hollywood movie that has actually become unnecessary. It’s only accessible to those who want to be stuck in that old movie, so they play it over and over again. But it’s one of those old film reels that you have to rewind on an old rickety machine. The sound is distorted, just like the truth. After all, it’s just a movie and it’s not the truth. At any time you can step out of this movie and begin to fully enter into the truth of who and what you really are. You are entering into a new reality that you are now creating in harmony and unity by embracing the divine within. There is inner harmony and peace.

Your vibrational frequency can now rise into new realms and work within them without limitation or hindrance. The possibilities that are now opening up are truly endless and limitless. All that you are now creating reflects your inner wholeness, and anything that does not is no longer in control. What other people do or do not do on the old earth and in the old film is their business. It is their own choice. You allow them the freedom to be. It is no longer a place where you want to spend your life. You’ve left that forever. Sometimes it can seem like there’s a huge glass bubble around you, and no matter how hard the actors in the old movies try to get into your bubble (New Earth), they can’t. Because their frequency is too low, and therefore they can’t get out of the old movie yet. But actually, they can if they want to.I love this time. Because it brings the infinitely new. The infinite ability to co-create a New Golden Age on New Earth, inspired and lovingly, within the Law of One, as One.Of course, you can choose to still be in that old Hollywood movie – the choice is yours. I choose rather to operate in infinite space, in infinite creation, with awe and wonder, love and joy, and to experience signs and wonders and so many things that I can admire, that I can learn more about and that I can develop. (J. Kusel)

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