News 16.05.2021


Lin Wood is 100% correct. Every day you see the NWO Devils tear down something that belongs to The People. What you don’t see are the Military raids in the underground tunnels where they are rescuing babies, and you don’t see the dismantling the NWO financial system. There are many missions running simultaneously to clean up this evil mess.

In 1855 ISIS was formed by Kings of Morocco & Libya [HASSAN Family] togheter with the Rotal British family.

They signed in the Mohameddi Law which was to Kill The Bloodlines of Jesus Christ[DRUZE]

6 Yrs later they merged with Skull n Bones:

Rothschilds, Schiff, Rockefellers, Scherff aka Bush, Kissingers, etc.

Skull n Bones_ISIS Assassinated JFK.

1855 – ISIS Formed by Sanussi Family linked too UK Royals (Khazarians)

1861 – Merged with 322 Skull n Bones(Khazarians)

1870 – 1930 BIG PHARMA (Khazarian)

1871 Act of England(Secret Constitution placed by Secret Societies) Khazarians

1912 Titanic/Olympic Sinking

(Who was onboard, what really happened)

1913 Federal Reserve

1917 – 1923 Bolshevic Revolution

1945 – 1959 Operation Paperclip/Mockingbird.

1948 – Israel Formed(Khazarian/Bolshevic Govt)

1949 – Mossad = CIA Formed

Whistleblower General Flynn exposed the Gulen Terrorist Network:

• Flynn discovered that the Obama administration was creating funding and arming of Jihadist who later waved the flag of ISIS

• These jihadist actions were taking place in Gaza.

• Obama with the help of CIA, NATO and his jihadist cronies, were seeking to top Assad in Syria.

• These treasonous administrations created funding of ISIS a.o.

• The US/Jihadist morphed into thr Arab spring, destabilized the middle east and created the orchestrated migration crises.

• Hillary took part in the launching of the Arab spring as secretary of state under the Obama administration.

• Flynn blew the whistle on the involvement in the Gulen terrorist Network of the Oboma administration and by default of HW Bush, G Bush, Clinton, the state department, FBI, CIA and the DOG. source

Dolores Cannon said many years ago, when we get to the pointy end of this mission – (we have arrived) – we Light Warriors will be dealing with three groups of people. Group A are people like ourselves, fully aware and committed to the truth. Group B are people who will NEVER accept the truth in this lifetime. Group C are people who are on the fence regarding the truth – they are not sure which way to jump. She was told by Spirit that we must forget about Group A and B people. It’s the people in Group C who need our attention source

“Bill Gates has been urged to come forward and give evidence about his ties to Jeffrey Epstein – as it’s revealed he bought homes near the disgraced financier and one of his billionaire pals.” source

AP Knew Hamas Was Operating in Their Building in Gaza Back in 2014 Despite Their Bogus Report from Saturday source

The magnitude of the boomerang inducing traps that Trump set up boggles the mind. He trapped them with the election. He trapped them with the pandemic. Trump is a genius and nothing can stop what is coming.

The tide is, indeed, turning. The Light is relentlessly pushing out the shadows. However, we Light Warriors know that horrors lie ahead for Earth’s humanity when the shocking extent of [s]atanic activity is revealed to all. Cue said that humanity will be shielded from most of the sickening truth because it would be too much – enough will be revealed though.

We Light Warriors hold the ground and loving space as the 3D world crumbles around the unsuspecting human population of this planet. Our mantra will become reality: ‘Where We Go One We Go All.’ source

I’m sticking this update at the top just after press time. It suggests the “situation” may be heating up and you know what that means. Global unrest.

BREAKING: Hamas has issued a warning to residents of Moshe Aviv tower in Tel Aviv and instructed people to leave it immediately.

A lot of traitors will be leaving. Charlie Ward said 4,000 banksters have been arrested at this point because they stood in the way of the QFS and getting everyone switched over. They’re masters of obstruction. Little has changed since 9/11. source

DJT Deleted with 2:12 timestamp match.

They tried to delete the proof. Nothing is deleted. source

The BBC journalist conducted a bombshell 1995 interview with Princess Diana has resigned for health reasons, shortly before a report is to be published investigating whether he acted improperly to secure Diana’s permission to take part. source

Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba, dieťa, sediaca osoba, stojaca osoba a vonku
Replica of the White House is in Germany You lived there 😄
Pay attention to the little things in the picture 👀👀👀 they tell you 😉
That’s why Kennedy said … I’m a Berliner 🥳 source

The intuition of oneness & divine navigation in this dream world of separation from bird’s eye oneness awareness of the whole dream
Intuition and Direct Knowing is the only way to Live! We are virtually DROWNING as a society in an ocean of lies and deception from every conceivable angle.
Your Intuition is the EQUALIZER, in a game tilted against you. It is tapping in beyond this toxic soup of magic and mind control.
Your Spirit is beneath no other. It is of the highest Divine Order and Power in Oneness, unassailable.
It speaks through the veil to you, continuously, through your Intuition. You were taught to doubt this. To second guess it. That it’s just paranoia. This is completely false. This Intuitive Power is the highest, most advanced intelligence you have access to. Much higher than any book smart intellectual knowledge.
It can see ahead of the curve, outside of linear time and the pervasive belief in separation and sin, which perpetuate these illusions.
It is your highest Expression of Consciousness Guiding and Protecting Your Awareness and Expression in the Dreamworld.
Strengthen this Superpower by paying close attention to It, listening to it and acting on It, even when you have doubts. Don’t listen to doubts, which always come from ego.
There is no being that has your back more than your own Spirit. It is Your built-in Guardian Angel. Trust its guidance above anything and anyone else in this realm, because it is You, at your highest potential, pulling you towards Divine Life, like a multidimensional magnet, while everyone else is sleeping and dreaming separate personal dreams of separation.

Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba a text, v ktorom sa píše „The Washington Post #HamasLies Punjabiwala- @titubadruddoz Two brothers from Gaza, LAKENEVS one thought that the other had died during the bombing, but was surprise #Gazaunderattack (Claritza imenez/The Washington Post) World Fate of Syrian boys captured on video mourning loss of brother μaknown August 2016|7 The fate 13/05/2021 witter Android two boys seen weeping video and their brother an Aug.25 bombing attacki Aleppo City unknown. An strike funeral the boys' brother on Aug. 27 the pair were thought be present. THIS IS NOT GAZA 2021 THIS IS SYRIA 2016“

◽️Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: “Israel is systematically destroying all the tunnels of Hamas, the towers of terror and the homes of the leaders. The operation will last as long as it takes.”

◽️Netanyahu thanks Biden for his “unequivocal support.”

◽️Telegram blocked the channel of the Hamas Al-Qassam Brigade at 00: 00 local time for violating the Terms of Service.

◽️The Israeli air force last night struck more than 90 targets in the Gaza Strip.
“Among the targets attacked were the homes of Yahya Sinwar, chairman of the Hamas political bureau in the Gaza Strip, and his brother, Muhammad Sinwar, who is responsible for supplying the organization in Khan Yunis,” the army said in a statement.

◽️Electricity was lost in Gaza after a series of explosions. This happened after a series of rocket attacks on the Gaza Strip by the Israeli Air Force. The airstrikes came after the resumption of rocket attacks on Israeli cities from the Gaza Strip.

◽️According to the Israeli army, since the beginning of hostilities, Hamas terrorists have fired about 2,900 rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israeli settlements. Of these, about 450 fell in the Gaza Strip (hence the numerous casualties among the local population of the Gaza Strip). Approximately 1,150 more missiles were shot down by the Iron Dome batteries. In total, 10 people were killed by Hamas attacks in this round of the war in Israel: one soldier and 9 civilians (one of them an Indian citizen).

◽️All foreign airlines have suspended flights to Israel.

◽️In Palestine, it was reported that four local residents were killed and 25 were injured on Sunday night. source

Lin Wood states that Trump is still the president and that the military would call on him “for the code if they need a first strike.” He also states he believes Trump signed the Insurrection Act in secret source

President Trump’s Social Media Platform will be launching on July 4th source

IDF has reportedly destroyed the home and office of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in Gaza. source

3,000 rockets fired from Gaza towards Israel in less than a week, says IDF. The vast majority of them were intercepted by the Iron Dome defence system or hit open areas. One Iron Dome missile: $40,000. Total cost so far: $120 million. source

Prince Andrew is removed from almost 50 patronages as charities rush to distance themselves from him over to links to paedophile Jeffrey Epstein source

Na obrázku môže byť mapa a text, v ktorom sa píše „May 13, 2021 11:00 GMT U.S. Naval Update Map: May 13, 2021 f (Stratfor)“

This means that we have an aircraft carrier off the Japanese islands in the China Sea and the entire west coast of the USA (from Alaska to San Diego) is also covered.
At this point, there is again a reference to a mirror message with an Australian destroyer, which allegedly had two whales on the bow. That was 100% news of the failed DS action with submarines!
One is still at the Persian Gulf and India.
But the last one, its location is really interesting! Directly in the North Sea lies an aircraft carrier, from where it flies from the mainland (GB) to Iceland and, more recently, to the Azores. What was it called? Military courts on aircraft carriers? source

Silicon protects the brain from aluminum

Aluminum in the brain is problematic and can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, aluminum is ubiquitous. It is taken with food, water and vaccines. The body cannot always completely excrete aluminum. It is stored in tissue or possibly in the brain.
Silicone brain protection
Food and drinking water may contain aluminum. We also take aluminum regularly through vaccines – usually in our youngest years.

The body often cannot completely release the metal again. Then toxins are stored in tissues and organs, often directly in the brain. Vaccines are particularly dangerous in this respect because they are injected directly into the tissue and thus automatically bypass the digestive tract, which acts as a barrier to toxins of all kinds. source

I have a friend who is an expert in her field.
She had many patients who underwent so-called vaccinations and asked them all to participate in a free post-vaccination analysis.
To her horror, she found the following:
The image above shows completely normal, intact and healthy cells before vaccination.
The change in cells after vaccination manifested itself drastically within a few days after vaccination!
The last image shows foreign, not endogenous nanoparticles, which suddenly become visible in the blood!
The body can never detoxify from this and these particles will eventually find their way into every cell in the body!
My friend is crying over this analysis because she understands something about blood and how it works…
The effects and long-term consequences of this vaccine injection will affect the health of those vaccinated for the rest of their lives! source

Dan Scavino tweeted a video of rough waters off of the coast near Mar-a-lago.

The weather service has issued a warning…HIGH RIP CURRENT RISK REMAINS IN EFFECT THROUGH MONDAY

* IMPACTS…Rip currents can sweep even the best swimmers away
from shore into deeper water.

Note timestamp 5:14 = 514
Q#514 = /greatawakening/ source

Dan Scavino = Serious WATCH the WATER COMS.

Last tweet = Literal vid of WATER being WATCHED.

5:14 tweet time stamp = 5:1+4=5 = 5:5
5:5 = Clock Activated = It’s time for the STORM.

DS following count = 847 = Q847
= WATCH the WATER (there’s a few more recent Tweets directly linked to WTW Q drops).

DS tweet time stamp = 7:48 AM = W 748
= Sept 7, 1776 = 1st use of submarine in Naval Warfare (sub-marine = under WATER).

Interesting side note:
Hammurabi posted: Watch the Water,
Sept 7, 1776 (Q758) at 5:04 AM on 5/14/21.

Dan Scavino posted link to same Q drop
exactly 2 hours later at 7:58 AM on 5/14/21.

What are the chances both our posts (with the same message) would lead back to the same minute of the same day (1440 minutes in a day)?

“We are united. We are ready. From darkness to light. God has already won. The logo here is a spear with a spark of light inside. You can see the darkness outside and the sparks of light inside. The spear enters the darkness, being similar to it from the outside. (Penetration instead of invasion). You disguise yourself as the evil darkness outside, but inside you are the light. You enter with a dark dot, but diffuse the light from behind. You cut through the darkness and spread the light. We all need to keep doing this until there is more light. The transformation of energy from darkness to light. That’s why Space Force is the Power of the Universe. They are stronger and more powerful than anything else. This is evolution and ascension. It is also an inverted descending triangle, opposite to the sign of the ascending triangle of the Masons and Illuminati.” source

Humanity has always been wanted and coveted for this little thing called DNA.

Our DNA has been damaged and we have been misled to the point that we no longer know how amazing we are.

Our DNA is being re-activated, which means that these two biological strands of DNA are starting to speak to the 10 strands of DNA that crisscross and wrap around them.

These 10 strands of DNA were intentionally cut from us because these 10 strands are our inter-dimensional strands.

They “cut” these strands so that they could not communicate with the two biological strands.

They couldn’t communicate anymore so that kept us in a very low vibrating existence. It still keeps us isolated from an incredible reality.

This means that our DNA is made up of 12 strands and there is one strand for each dimension and this strand corresponds to a density of experience.

It’s the experiences of these higher frequency densities that keep us evolving and that’s what they try to take us away from.

This reality is where all of our psychic abilities, telepathy, healing abilities, time travel are located, it is where all of your Akashic records are located and much more!

This enemy of darkness is trying to erase the original blueprint of human DNA that we are in the process of recovering, which will bring us back to our original blueprint as it was when we were created. These dark rulers are trying to suppress our ascension!

We have to see how far these psychopaths go to degrade our DNA. That is, they try to suppress our ascension with chemicals, toxins, poisons, vaccinations, GMO foods, they bombard us with low frequency signals to keep us in check.

Right now they are in a massive push for physical, global control because they cannot stop what is coming due to this incredible Human Awakening! !!

It’s a real testament to our incredible power that Draconian bloodlines cannot reach.

These extraterrestrial psychopathic elites, live in an extreme fear of humanity and its awakening which widens our consciousness, because they lose everything, that is to say the total control of all their empire.

The enemy’s plan is to erase every part of our original coding to achieve total control over the human race. I’ve said it before, I think that’s what happened to the Grays.

Which means that in the 80s there was a major phase of kidnapping of humanity by the Grays because they were becoming a completely artificial intelligence.

They were losing all power of individual thought and needed our DNA to get it back, but to no avail. They too were victims of the reptilians. They are a dying breed.

The goal of these dark players is to hybridize the human race, with the goal that we become a corrupt, non-empathetic race of AIs with no individual thought processes and no emotion.

Because with emotion we ask questions, so in return we want answers, which is a major threat to them.

They want us to be a corrupted artificial bloodline to be easier to control. They try to suppress our frequency and to do this biologically they do it through toxic vaccinations.

Consciously, they bombard us with frequencies and low vibration signals. People who are not mentally unstable are easily corrupted by these signals.

Which means that if they were about to come out of the abyss, these signals and frequencies will push them over the edge, until they lose their minds.

These dark leaders know that boundaries and restrictions limit our spiritual growth. Because, not only our DNA exists biologically but also multidimensionally. They have tried to destroy us biologically and at the same time destroy our consciousness, but it will not happen.

These elite psychopaths know they are on the verge of losing their mighty empire and they are not ready to let it go without a fight. Hence the current world situation.

It’s going to get hard, very hard, but humanity has no choice but to fight.

From the shadow to the light ! source


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