News 16.07.2021


This is a new channelling from Sophia of The One.

You are entering a permanently changed reality. It changes gradually. As the pedophilia pipeline ruptures, the banks collapse, and as they do, the money stops its free-flow into all of those (humans) taking part.

It blows wide open and all at once. While most humans will struggle for their necessities and to make sense of this news that they are hearing – the participants in this most hideous evil will be gathered up and/or running for their lives. Money and reputation will be the least of it.

I see chaos…


It will be very frightening and quite confusing. Heroes will arise then. Awakened ones to calm the fears of the sleeping ones. Such a time on Earth has not been seen.

You are living through the end of times. This is not the end of you. It is the end of times. These times. The time of the enslaved human race. It is ending. All must be in order before it does.

Prosperity for humanity is part of the plan. It has always been part of the plan.

In such a time as this you will be faced with multiple and frequent attacks to your reality. This is because it crumbles before your eyes. As it does, bits wear off here and there. At first occasionally, then it will feel like an onslaught of strikes against what you have known as real.

These may look like any or all of the following:

 Your body may suddenly or periodically feel or respond differently.

Your dreams will no longer feel “other-worldly”. Yet more as if they are running concurrently with your physical life.

Nature will change in ways that you haven’t seen before.

Your desires will shift.

Your eyes will see differently.

Institutions may dissolve, many, for sure, never to return.

Your concept of time will shift.

Your ideas around value will get shaken up.

These are the obvious shifts. You may not perceive them at first as any big deal. An ache or pain, here or there, a few closings, some odd weather patterns. Yet eventually and relatively quickly, these will accumulate and patterns of alteration will be perceived.

It will help to discuss the vast length of “time” this Awakening seems to be taking; linear time that is. For there are some of you (who are) reading these words who’ve waited decades for its arrival.

The shift in consciousness and change in frequency was seen by your seers and known about long before now. What feels imminent has felt as if it was on its way for a very long time.

It is now in your lap, you might say, and as you get up and move around you are feeling it. 

“Why is this taking so long?” You ask.

An entire civilization is being adjusted. Parts of it are being eliminated. Many of its deepest inner workings are coming apart on their own, or else they are being forcibly dismantled.

Your reality has been based on a construct that was designed to hold you always in its grip of enslavement and subservience. It has no intention of letting go and is right now being forced to abandon what it can no longer control.

This idea is not one it believes; it therefore will hang on until it sees the futility of doing so.

Your reality is changing this way because this is the way you are changing it. There are a lot of you working together to do so. Many do so without full clarity as to what it is they are changing.

This all takes time. Time determined by man. Time also determined by Source, who will enter the scenario at a certain point. There will be no doubt of this moment. There will be no questioning this moment. Your reality will be forever changed once it occurs. source

Telegram 7/15/21

Q & A – Food Shortage?

Q: Queen Romana, I’ve seen videos saying we will have food shortage in Canada, is it true?

A:  No. That is fear mongering.  

Everyone needs to know that the proponents of Agenda 21/2030, and their agenda have been stopped.  Not only that, they are all bankrupt too.

We have already WON!   

The only people panicking are the followers of evil.

Steer clear from people creating YouTube videos and channels to push fear, confusion, division, distraction and agitate Patriots. source

We know the:

1) Audit results will favor President Trump.

2) Mainstream media is facing their fate…how much longer can they last with their ratings free falling?

3) Big Tech is getting sued and this could cripple them.

4) Corruption is getting exposed and many things already happened that we may not ever see.

5) Banksters and Billionaires are under scrutiny.

6) Democrats that fled Texas, eventually have to come home to Texas and get greeted with some nice jewelry!

7) Joe is still driving the country to disaster.

8) Patriots are fighting like crazy to get the truth out there.

We may be waiting for President Trump to return publicly, his Greatness plan, but no one knows what is in that plan. No one knows the details for now that we are under the 1776 Republic America and not the defunct USA Inc. (that signed NESARA), it is hard to say what is expected. All we know, it is going to be incredibly beautiful! source

*Lebanon’s Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, is resigning.
*TD Bank website down.
*Gas pipe explodes in Saratov, Russia.
*Moscow airport flooded.
*Dam burst in Germany.
*Tons of plastic moving thru flooded streets in Haiti.
*Antwerp Nuclear Reactor shut down due to leak. source


DOWN. source

The video I posted yesterday from Nancy Drew at the Capitol where people were running out into the streets because The Beast Motorcade was rushing through…Downwards arrow

The police scanner had announced, “Trump and Kennedy moving out”. video source

I’ve isolated audio from the announcement in the Nancy Drew video.


Melbourne Just Erupted In Protests As Parts Of Australia Went Back Into Lockdown.

Australia Is Ready To Set It Off Now.
America Will Be The Last, But The First To Break The System Then All Countries Will Follow Like Dominoes.

Liberation Earth Is Here. source

Hello George!
Check out all banking/financial institutions being hit 🥰 source
  1. The virus exists but cannot spread
  2. The virus is a modern Cain sign
  3. The virus has 33 times the letter A in it’s genome sequence (this is called NOP sled)
  4. Two things came out of Wuhan – The virus (SARs-CoV-2) and doses of adrenochrome (C₉H₉NO₃)
  5. SAR Technology has the ability to identify genome sequences
  6. The virus was just a tool used to contaminate adrenochrome doses and mark/tag those who consumes it
  7. Adrenochrome consumers indeed received the virus and were eliminated
  8. The Vaccine is the revenge <<<——
  9. SpaceX launched many SAR satellites during the past 1.5 years, those were used in the EVERGREEN “incident”

This pretty much sums everything that happened since late 2019 till now. source

Floods>>World Wide
[They] sure are pushing this Climate CHANGE narration into full force and using all weather Modification patents and weapons to cause chaos in many countries…>>> Mockingbird Project<< … You know how the game works now: False Flags//control the news>> control the sheep//>Weather Modification [DS] PROGRAMS source

Military: [MSM] News

_11 nations participate in massive US-Australian military drills
_U.S. Air Force sent group of B-52 bombers to Indo-Pacific
_U.S. Air Force aircraft briefly lands at Taipei airport, irking China
_Russia says fighter jet intercepts U.S. nuclear-capable bombers over Bering Sea
_Alabama Military Base 1st in US to Require Proof of Vaccination
_Pentagon admits Colombians arrested for assassinating Haiti president were trained by US…
_Afghanistan distrust of US endangers possibility of nearby staging area
_China Says It Expelled U.S. Warship ‘Trespassing’ In South China Sea
_Biden Executive Order Strengthens and Expands U.S. Sanctions on Chinese Military Companies
_Pentagon says it trained some of the suspects in Haiti assassination plot
_Bad News: One Russian Expert Is Betting on America in a U.S.-China War
_Miami Mayor calls for air strikes on Cuba
_Ex-U.S. cybersecurity chief urges skepticism of Trump-Russia report

// The REAL Military news…
They are staging for a Summer on 🔥…. And A World COUP after
😁 source

Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba, stojaca osoba a lietadlo

*11 different militaries in Australia for “training” purposes.
*Australia on intense lockdown until midnight July 29.
*US is scheduled to fire a missile off of Queensland this weekend (of the 17th).
*China has threatened everybody over Taiwan.
Look at a map & add it all up. source

NY Yankees Canceled Game Because Several Players On Team Tested Positive To Covid-19.
Crimes Against Humanity.
**The blame is being placed on the unvaccinated public by MSM. source

Robert Shaw, an AP bureau chief in 3 US states, dies source

Ministry of Defense triggers military disaster alert amid the deadly flash floods in parts of Germany, according to a spokesman in Berlin. source

Removing the Cabal

Phase 1: Arrests
The Cabal has done so much damage to the society that it has to be stopped immediately. Arrests of the Cabal are the only course of action left. There are some New Age people against that procedure, saying violence only provokes more violence. They need to understand that this action is not promoting violence, but protection of innocent people from the sociopaths of the Cabal. Each day this does not happen, 25,000 people die of hunger because of the actions of that Cabal.

Phase 2: Adjudication
After the Event, members of the Cabal will be taken to prisons with zero contact with the outer world whatsoever and will be isolated from each other.
Adjudication process will then start and this will involve humanity as a whole. It will be a mass catharsis and dramatic healing for humanity to see those criminals finally being held accountable for their actions. Humanity as a whole will decide what will happen to those individuals so that new balance is reached.
Amnesty will be granted to some of them. This pertains mostly to those that were born into the Illuminati and basically had no choice but to go along with the program or risk being killed. There are many good souls in there that want to get out. A few of them have already done that and are now fighting for the Light. Many will defect just before the arrests get started. Many of the younger generations Illuminati do not agree with the program and some have been secretly helping the Light forces to take down the Cabal. After the Event, psychological help will be offered to them and they will be able to be integrated into the society.
For many members of the Cabal, amnesty will not be granted. They will have to balance their past actions. Those who are unable or unwilling to do that will be removed from the planet.

This must be a lawful process during which humanity as a whole will adjudicate.  No private witch hunts will be allowed as this deprives others of the catharsis and balancing process. This will not be done out of revenge but to restore balance. Revenge is a trap and it does not solve anything. Just remember what happened in French revolution. After the Event, private acts of violence against members of the former Cabal will not be tolerated and will be treated as crime under common law.

Phase 3: Integration into society or disintegration into the Central Sun
Those who have balanced the consequences of their past actions will begin their process of integration into the society. They will not be allowed to hold any office in the new society. Anybody else who would like to hold any office in the new society will need to take sociopathy test. This test will determine if they are capable of holding that office without doing harm to the people.
Most members of the Cabal are sociopaths – in short they are not capable of positive emotions that make us human.
Those members of the Cabal that will be removed from the planet will be then taken to the Galactic Court and will be judged according to the Galactic Codex, section III:
link Some of them will be able to accept the Light and balance the consequences of their past actions. First they will be taken to virtual reality simulation chambers to understand how their victims felt and then they will do whatever they can to rectify the situation. After that they will be integrated into the Galactic society.
Others will be unable or unwilling to accept the Light and will not balance the consequences of their past actions. They are unredeemable and will be taken to the Galactic Central Sun for restructuring.
Their personalities and soul essences will be destroyed with the Electric Fire into the basic elemental essence. Electric fire of the Central Sun will disintegrate their Causal body (vehicle of the soul). Individualized spark of the soul will be then dissolved, with all memories and individual traits erased. It will return into the Source and will have to start a new cycle of evolution from the beginning. 
This process will be completed before the First Contact. After First Contact with the Galactic Confederation on Earth, no dark individual will exist anywhere in the universe. source

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