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As we were told, we would come up against the wall in this battle to the point we can no longer sit on the fence. You have to choose. You give in and sacrifice yourself and get the jab to keep your job, or you stand firm, hold the line, and refuse to comply. We have to unify and stick together. We must ALL refuse to comply. They do not have the right to control us. No law supports their edicts or fake mandates. source

Q said “you can’t tell people the truth, YOU MUST SHOW THEM” 10 different times and yet it’s virtually ignored by most because they simply can’t handle the truth.

The truth is that we are fighting a spiritual battle against evil forces in a physical realm on a digital battlefield…and winner takes all. World War III is being fought with information instead of ammunition. The United States can’t survive a civil war in 2021. It’s not an option. China wants our farmland, nuking us isn’t an option. Invasion on foot is a fools task, it’s not an option. Data is the most valuable commodity on the planet. Whoever has access to the greatest amount of data is going to win this war. “WE HAVE IT ALL” Whoever becomes the trusted source for information to the American public is going to comprise the front lines of this war. “The news is dead. You are what matters now. Handle with care.”

The truth is that it’s understandably difficult to conceptualize that we are living in the preferable timeline. I understand that people are struggling and can’t take much more. I know that vaccines are harming people. But I also know that this was supposed to be MUCH worse. HRC for 8 years. Planned nuclear strike on our soil. Covid was supposed to be deadlier. Five year global lockdown destroying the world economy and justifying forced vaccinations on the entire planet. The Great Reset rolled in as the solution to the living hell that HRC was supposed to create. Instead we enjoyed Trump for 4 years and now we have The Biden Show. No nukes. No war. Covid is no deadlier than the flu. Half of the country (and the world for that matter) is rising up and fighting to take back control from evil tyrants. Parents fighting like hell for their kids. Instead of living through a technocratic communist nightmare, we are getting a taste of it. WE ARE BEING SHOWN. We The People are being provided an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and make the proper changes internally and externally in order to ensure this NEVER happens again.

The truth is that we’ve turned a blind eye while hundreds of thousands of children go missing every year. While the demons we now seek to destroy were using the most innocent souls on the planet as a pleasure commodity, satisfying their darkest desires behind closed doors where only God could hear the cries for help. One has to ask themselves…Why should God protect us when we can’t even protect our children?

The truth is that once you break through the matrix, the world can be a very dark and disturbing place. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve been given the gift of sight. We now see what needs to be done to rid our planet of evil and reclaim our beautiful home from Satan and his minions. That’s what The Great Awakening is all about. Humanity collectively rising as one UNDER GOD and allowing Him to take control as we purge the planet and begin to take our next evolutionary step as human beings.


This is a revolution. source


This Pfizer patent application was approved August 31st, 2021, and is the very first patent that shows up in a list of over 18500 for the purpose of remote contact tracing of all vaccinated humans worldwide who will be or are now connected to the “internet of things” Patent source

News/from the Under ground WARS<<

Earthquake [WARS] ..
OF THE D.U.M.B’s …>> Has brought many ELITES back to the TOP surface (out of hiding)

  • Clinton
    /////[THEIR] original plan was to infect the Earth with the VIRUS and deadly Vaccines and go into under ground cities till 4 YEAR CHAOS WAS OVER<<<

Now THEIR deep underground bases and infrastructure has taken major blows/>>>And many have resurfaced/////


many of you. Are barely learning of DEEP underground military bases across the World>>

Many are finally learning of Deep STATE shadow governments working behind the scenes that pull the strings of the news media/social media/Presidents/influencers/CELEBRITIES// FAKE HOLLYWOOD<<<EPSTEIN

World wide pedophilia>>>ect.

Welcome back>>CLINTON source

If you still haven’t figured it out..
A.I. [WAR]<<<<

The TRUTH isn’t for everyone….
///Conspiracy theories from last year proved true>>vaccine passports>> more lockdowns>>forced vaccines>> MRNA in vaccines>> PROTEIN spikes>>Social media Giants working with Democratics to steal election (Twitter/Zuckerberg/YouTube/ect )>>millions of business lost>> forced mandates >>soldiers would lose jobs>> and on and on<<<<<\\ these Conspiracy theories proved true<>

===the best way to control a human. Is to control their body health and fear (fear of becoming sick/never healing from sickness…>> So the DOCTORs, corrupt health industry can manipulate your body and control the out come of fear/false heroism in saving you/>>>> –[DS]objective__>CREATE ( INTRODUCE)A PROBLEM IN SOCIETY>>WATCH SOCIETY GO INTO CHAOS>>THEN FINALLY INTRODUCE A SOLUTION (FALSE SAVIOURS/ THEY PLANNED THE WHOLE>PSYOPS <</////

It’s very important to learn of A.I. & NANO TECHNOLOGY>>>>IN THIS MOMENT<<<
A.i in the phone
A.i in the computers
A.i in social media
A.i government projects [CLASSIFIED]
A.i. In inside all Industries<<<

NOW A.i. In the body>>><<< [GATES]> .

You are inside a WAR
… For your future and civilization and for the children<<<>>>
Get your spiritual armor strong//
Get ready for the hardest parts of THE PLAN<<

Red OCTOBER source

Stay Vigilant!! Stay strong!!!
Have FAITH<<<
The power of your mind is sacred and can rearrange molecules/atoms/)/

The holy infinite Spirit dreaming mind FORCE…..///
Compassion, love, faith, honesty <
These vibrations are SACRED… source

Simon Parkes: There is a connection between the recent turning off among the social media platforms and the attack on British Telecommunications BT internet server.

Very many people in the U.K. experienced the loss of BT internet yesterday Friday. source

Large-scale operation against child pornography in Central Saxony and the Erzgebirge. 35 suspects for possession and production(!). Two children were taken into custody source

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „FISCH Hallo Frank, das ist in einem Aldi-Markt im Erzgebirge von heute Mittag (12.10.) LG und vielen Dank für deine Arbeit 12:54“
📌 Yesterday in Neuburg an der Donau at Aldi it already starts. Toilet paper, rice and various other things are missing. On our enquiry, we were told that there were significant problems with deliveries. It is the same at Deichmann. Many things are missing there. The shop assistant said that they have never had such delivery problems.
📌 Aldi store in the Ore Mountains as of noon today (12.10.)
📌 I was just at my Ford dealer and my
Sales Advisor alone already has over 150 cars outstanding! He said orders for the Focus can’t be in because the assembly lines were already down for the new model…
📌 I live in a small district town in North Rhine-Westphalia.
Started a small company in the middle of July. Since then I have been waiting for a tax identification number, which is a condition to be able to issue an invoice. On my enquiry, the tax office told me that they were delayed due to illness and technical problems.
It may take another 4-6 weeks. That will be at the end of November. 4.5 months to get the tax number ??? What’s going on?
📌 Moin Frank… I was just about to order a drink in a can.
I always do. No chance the rep happened to be there and said there are extreme difficulties in making cans. The clerk then said: “The same goes for everyone. Coke, Red Bull, beer… it doesn’t matter! They all have problems getting aluminium
📌 I work in an aluminium casting foundry and we supply 100% of the products for the automotive industry. Not the OEMs, but their suppliers (e.g. Conti). Production has been down significantly for some time now and challenge forecasts are revised downwards every week. Otherwise, it is part-time. In addition, raw material prices have doubled to quadrupled. Overall, I think the situation is more than tense, but it is not reported internally. However, many people recognise the situation because they can just add one and one. source
Na obrázku môže byť ‎vonku a ‎text, v ktorom sa píše „‎ERNATIONAL ೧ထ B350902 الجيش يداهم احد الابنية في محيط الطيونة مباشر‎“‎‎
We recently had reports that there was a power outage in Lebanon for more than 24 hours and people could no longer get their money. There’s a lot going on in Lebanon right now, the army marched in three hours ago source

📌 I got the information from a young lady who works in a hospital in Cologne. The army marched into the hospital, occupied the hospital and closed it for two or three hours, arresting people, probably doctors. This lady works there as a nurse, and at first, she was also escorted and had to stay outside the hospital so that she could observe the whole thing from the outside. After two hours it was all over. The army withdrew, took someone with them. She gave us another report on how the whole thing was going on, who had been arrested and so on. In Munich yesterday we saw 6 combat helicopters, 1 Air Force, they were deployed there and it was not just me that saw them, but other people in different parts of the city. A lot of people called me to see if I had seen it too. They were flying right over me. I saw that the institution was taking over, on Sunday a whole convoy of medical and paramedic vehicles, police cars, all with sirens going through Munich. It all points to the fact that everything is finished, that it’s over. source

Na obrázku môže byť vonku
A2 near Magdeburg, direction Berlin 👉👉 Military police on the road with the “Green Minna”? I wonder who are they transporting or who are they coming for? source

📌 Another earthquake near the Solomon Islands! The earthquake occurred northeast of Australia with a magnitude of 6.4 on the scale and a depth of 10 km! Earthquakes occur frequently in this area, but are usually much deeper. All of the earthquakes marked are at a depth of 10 km and actually produce the expected pattern. Darwin/Australia is marked because we already know that the DUMB continues from there! So far I have not been able to find anything about tsunami warnings, and this is what I find very strange: a depth of 519 km was given as the reason, here we are talking about 10 km and also no tsunami warning
📌 Another earthquake on the African continent: it occurred in Tanzania with a magnitude of 4.7 on the scale and a depth of 10 km! Have you noticed that earthquakes are occurring further north?
📌 It is strange how and where earthquakes occur at a depth of 10 km! Check this out! All of the marked earthquakes occurred at this depth and again give a pattern! This time far into China…. Here is the link again 👉 The new silk road!
📌 Within minutes 2 earthquakes were removed from the list, but 2 more earthquakes were added in Russia at a depth of 10 km. (marked with an arrow) source

📌 Kerpen 👉 Radio technology that we currently see in a pretty decent range…..
📌 Near Grafenwöhr

Na obrázku môže byť cesta
📌 I drive around the barracks in Cham (eastern Bavaria) every day. Since yesterday an unusually large number of cars are parked inside the fence. There also seems to be a particularly large number of military vehicles and equipment behind the hedge (so far life has been rather quiet there😁). I also noticed this morning that the second access road to the barracks has been opened up. This had been secured and blocked with rolls of S-wire for several years. In addition, 5 large garrison buses came to me heading to the barracks. Another bus of the same type was just leaving the area. Conclusion: currently busier than average….probably due to the open country exercise 😏💪😁
📌 Today a military convoy on the A8 Munich – Salzburg. Generators, towing vehicles, …… And the strange thing: license plates I’ve never seen on German roads before, with blue-white-red vertical “flag” stripes.
📌 Power generators/distributors 💪☺️🙏 source
📌 Comment 👉 I still remember the screams of politicians when Tesla posted the first job ads. They were probably very unspecific. In other words, they were not what we would classically understand as job ads with clear qualification requirements. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, because with the general shortage of qualified workers, such postings are becoming more and more open. But now it makes sense. Because one thing was clearly spelled out: one should be on fire for a new development and want to give everything for it 😉 And the second point: from the beginning, there was criticism/concern that there was not enough water available in the region for car production. Tesla has always refuted this and claimed that these fears are unfounded. That might also make sense
📌 There is an Instagram profile of Tesla Motors itself about the Brandenburg factory. There’s also a video there that gives a taste of the Tesla towers.. source

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  1. PatriciaEroz

    Keep Fighting, Q-Peep❗️
    Someone Has Got To Keep The Nefarious Ones
    Thinking They Can Still Win This
    & U Q-ers Are EXACTLY WHAT
    NEED RIGHT NOW To Keep Them

  2. Pamelina rose

    My spiritual fire of light is the warrior fighting energy from God’s grace to serve and protect his Guidance upon his children and all HUMANITY
    Its definitely a beautiful thing feeling the almighty father I go beyond to protect and serve God’s country
    its my God’s given FREEDOM to follow his righteousness his TRUMP ARCHANGEL his bloodlines of jesus christ amen


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