News 17.04.2021


Our society was permeated from the lowest levels to the top with Satan worshipping pedophile child sacrifice leaders who were blackmailed and manipulated into sabotaging our political system for the purpose of turning it into a communist state of the New World Order.

Watch the Water: This week floods washing through the streets of Washington DC with no rain was a strange occurrence. Trump appeared to be literally draining the swamp by blowing up DUMB tunnels buried two miles beneath Capitol Hill. Those tunnels connected to a network of underground to tunnels across the US and globe.

Since July 2019 US Special Op forces have worked with other countries to rescue millions of trafficked tortured children from underground tunnels, along with discovering millions of dead bodies, underground cities, labs, torture chambers, cloning facilities and foreign occupational troops.

There would be a cyber attack and fake Nuclear Scare Event – just prior to the Emergency Broadcast System taking over Mass Media. The Quantum Internet would wipe out Operation Mockingbird (a CIA program that has controlled the Mass Media since the end of World War II).

Q the Storm Rider: Flood the Day, Enter the night, Police swarm, Military blocks, Channels down, Sats. Dark, 3 am, A world under their feet, Bodies float, Foreign interference, Still being washed out, Cracks in the tunnels, Water seeps, Count years, A sanctuary is born, Count days, Read a book, Law of War.

Be careful in major cities my friends, Hussain’s Antifa and Soros BLM start the rage /DS/ Race Wars across the world riots also start, Season of the Fires, The great event comes closer, Clarity 8-8-21, Past events, MJ12, We are not alone, You will love the ending.

The movement we started is only the beginning. WWG1WGA.

Trump waiting for judges in position before open up indictments – courts will work between civil and military setting – lots of people recruited to sift through paperwork. source

The SOUND OF FREEDOM movie was just presented at the Health & Freedom Conference in Tulsa, April 16 – 17. Speakers include Gen Flynn, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, Dr. Simone Gold, Patrick Byrne, Mike Smith, and many other Patriots.

SOUND OF FREEDOM stars Jim Caviezel as real life hero, Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad.

From the Operation Underground Railroad website: “Since being founded in December 2013, we’ve gathered the world’s experts in extraction operations and in anti-child trafficking efforts to bring an end to child slavery. O.U.R.’s Ops Team consists of former CIA, past and current law enforcement, and highly skilled operatives that lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts. These operations are always in conjunction with law enforcement throughout the world.

Once victims are rescued, a comprehensive process involving justice for the perpetrators and recovery and rehabilitation for the survivors begins.

Patrick Byrne posted a two and a half minute film clip on Telegram of Jim Caviezel speaking in a livestream after the showing of the film, SOUND OF FREEDOM. The livestream audience consisted of more than 500k people. As well, there was a theatre audience of about 4500 people.

This is what Jim Caviezel said to more than half a million people:

Jim Caviezel: [Tim Ballard[ is down there saving children as we speak, because they’re pulling kids out of the darkest recesses of hell right now. In D.U.M.B.S and all kinds of places.

The adre/nochroming of children… look… where we’re at right now, hopefully, we need your prayers.

When Tim Ballard came down to Bogota and we had finished two-thirds of it, I said, ‘Why did you pick me?’

He said, ‘Well, actually, they didn’t want you, they wanted someone else.’

I said, ‘Well I gotta tell you, I did these movies MONTE CRISTO and THE PASSION and about two-thirds of the way through I knew we were onto something phenomenal. And I said, I feel that with this film.’

And he goes, ‘Well it was actually those two films that I saw is why I had to have you in my film.’

[Jim paused with emotion.]

Question: Jim, you said a word a minute ago, and I want to clarify what that word was, cuz you said a word … you said ‘adreno/chrome’… and a lot of people here, there’s about 4500 people here and there’s about half a million people streaming online… we’ve had cyberattacks, the feeds been going on and off… but you said that word and show of hands, who’s heard that word before in this building?

Would you please explain to the extent that you want to or might now want to is because some people have never heard that before and we need to discuss that.

Jim Caviezel: Essentially you have adrenaline in your body… I’ll just simplify it. And when you’re scared you produce adrenaline. If you’re an athlete in the 4th quarter you have adrenaline that comes out of you.

If a child knows he’s going to die his body will secrete adrenaline and they have a lot of terms that they use, that he takes me through, but it’s the worst horror I’ve ever seen. The screaming alone… even if I never ever saw it… it’s beyond.

And these people that do it… there’ll be no mercy for them.

This is one of the best films I’ve ever done in my life.” source

“The Gitza pyramid complex was a powerful resonator, casting electricity from the ionosphere. – Built with dolomite, granite and limestone, the pyramids had nearby 20 capacitors (batteries) in granite capsules; 1 ton each. – The complex had an aquifer under ground, piezoelectricity, and a golden cap on top in order to create a strong electromagnetic field through several chemical reactions.”

The properties of the walls acted as batteries. Lamps could be connected into the walls to obtain eternal energy without wires. This would still work with our current red clay brick and concrete buildings, had the knowledge not been hidden from us. Watch this video for more details. source

GhostEzra showed us a DEFCON 3 and Monkey Werx confirmed although bases have not raised their readiness level, he says

They didn’t need to have a real pandemic to launch the Covid scam. It wasn’t necessary to make people sick—only to introduce the potential and a media-generated scare with fabricated death rates. That theatre was just setting the stage for the vaccines that people would be so eager to take so they could “get back to normal”

The only infection on this planet we really need be concerned about is the psychopathic predators who are intent on eliminating us. I’m sure they have found every possible way to make us sick and die.

Ethylene oxide is another carcinogenic one which we now learn they have us jamming into our noses and throats on the PCR test swabs. That should wave a massive red flag, folks. And they’re getting people to test over and over.

EPA has concluded that ethylene oxide is carcinogenic to humans by the inhalation route of exposure. Evidence in humans indicates that exposure to ethylene oxide increases the risk of lymphoid cancer and, for females, breast cancer. study

When we hear Scott McKay talking about the possibility that Prince Harry is actually a good guy, it’s foolish to try to label everyone as a black or white hat. I personally thought it odd that Princess Diana’s boys would be evil, but we’ll find out in the end and will share whatever information we can when it comes from a source that feels good to us.

At risk of sounding like a broken record, a video with someone’s “opinion” about an apparent patriot is not proof of anything. Opinion is not fact. In addition, we have stated that some globalists have flipped because they didn’t want to be part of that body but were trapped so while they may have been operating in the “system” at one time, it in no ways means they are working against us now. Today is what matters; not the past.

Just as many bad actors have been replaced, such as Jared Kushner, Putin, and others, nothing is what it seems.

For most of us it should be doable to remain positive and expect the best. Some are even suggesting it would be epic if Biden were the one to execute the EAS/EBS that kicks it all off. Wouldn’t it just? source

Who is Deep State – Cabal – Illuminati – Elite?

How can this have happened?

Why didn’t we see this before?

Historical context

It is beyond the scope of this article to summarize Mediterranean area and the Near East up to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in AD 476.

But this is how far back this all goes……

The Assyrian Empire, Phoenician Empire and Babylonian Empire are famed examples of the numerous ancient polities recorded by historians.

The Roman Empire display aspects of sovereign power structures that are broadly common to ancient and contemporary global power hierarchies.

The Emperor was the ruler of the Roman Empire. Late period Roman Emperors held other titles such as Caesar and Pontifex Maximus.

These titles share similarities with the Pope and British Sovereign. Queen Elizabeth II. was the head of the modern Commonwealth Empire.

Her office was the authority that approves the Head of the Church of England, also known as the Archbishop of Canterbury.

By constitutional authority, this office dismiss elected British Governments. Its overseas representatives, Governor Generals, dismiss the elected governments in sovereign modern-day nation-states such as Australia and Canada.

Modern context

With rare exception, sitting Heads of State of influential modern-day nations do not publicly admit that a Deep State apparatus rules over their sovereign land.

No credible global power structure has publicly claimed to be the Deep State or a component of such an apparatus.

It was difficult to prove with adequate evidence that a contemporary Deep State ultimate power reins. If any such body exists, it would not want its structure to be public knowledge…..

Such admission would be confirming that the congress or parliament of multiple nation-states is a rubber stamp façade that has no true power as it answers to a higher authority.

This situation contradicts the Doctrine of Parliamentary Sovereignty that exists in most Western countries.

According to this Doctrine, the elected congress is the highest authority in the land.

It was all false evil illusion.

We the Critical-thinking researchers have used information to conduct our own research to further share knowledge to reveal the Deep State and the structures that this entity exhibits within all of our own nations, global regions and world order.


The Deep State has aggressively concealed the masterplan of its heinous agenda.

The ratio of ‘We the People’ is around 100,000:1 (0.001%) in Western nations.

Few people supported to have any role in crimes against humanity if they understood the masterplan.

The major way that the Deep State executes its sadistic agenda is by hiding the true roles that lower ranking public and private sector employees, i.e. pawns, contribute to their overall schemes. This grand agenda is shared only with those who need to know. Others are told the bare amount of information required to contribute to the masterplan.

Lower rankings did not know that some sealed coffins flown home on military aircraft are loaded with Afghan opium for Deep Statists.

Missionary nurses did not know that ‘life-saving’ vaccines they compassionately inject into Africans are deliberately loaded with HIV.


A repeat theme in Deep State diagrams shows citizens at the bottom of the hierarchy, based on socio-economic status.

It was the aim to keep this bottom hierarchy; we the people, a sleep.

They considered humanity as sheep slaves.


Attached you find an overleaf lists of the 15 institutions that were dominant in all underlying global power structures.

But to all this is now coming an end.

All institutions have been infiltrated by ‘white hat’ factions now.

Humanity is liberated but most are still a sleep.

The silent war behind COVID to conquer the darkness has taken out the black hats.

Humanity will soon wake up to the huge changes that will reveal all of the evil darkness to realize all of the Light and heaven we are entering.

Deep State – Cabal – Illuminati – Elite are all gone.

Game over.

Heaven on earth will be our reality.


As Kerry Cassidy notes in her new vlog for April 14, some say there are more reptilians living inside the earth than there are of us on top of the earth! Her view: there’s no way “white hats” (she includes Trump) can take all the bad guys (and reptilians) out. Nor can they take us humans all out. The result of any attempt would just result in mutual assured destruction (Me: formerly identified as MAD in the heyday of the Cold War nuclear confrontation era). Instead, she says there will have to be negotiations. source

The people can now see the [DS] system, who is involved and what lengths they will go to reach their goal. This is going to get worse before it gets better. The [DS] is now ramping up the riots to push their multiple agendas, race wars, gun control and it just so happens that this is happening exactly when Arizona is going to be audited. Flynn states that the Arizona and Michigan audits are tactically important. The world is watching. Stay alert the [DS] will counter. source

Occasionally people leave links to Real Raw News in my comments.
While the articles are interesting, they seem too good to be true.
Today someone left this article about Hillary’s Trial and Conviction at Gitmo.
It’s the last of a 5-part article covering her trial that has been supposedly going on.
What has me curious now about it is, Pompeo has posted a tweet at 5:20 on April 16, 2021
Well, the timestamp leads to an Intel Drop about ‘No Deals’ and Gitmo.
Could this be happening? Would a reporter be allowed there if it is?
Q520 (in part)

Note that in Q837 it says to ‘Listen carefully’
This is how that video starts out:
“Our Movements is about REPLACING a failed and corrupt Political Establishment
with a NEW Government controlled by you, the American People.”
-Donald J Trump source

Wait until people find out that:

A.) Obama skimmed 400 million (of American taxpayers money) from the pallets of cash he sent to Iran, so he could fund the Russia hoax and go after President Trump.

B.) Obama and Hillary skimmed enough uranium from their deal with Russia to make a nuclear weapon and they planned on attacking the United States with it and blaming Russia, inevitably kicking off a nuclear war and the beginning of their depopulation agenda.

The more you know… source

Questioning things is a good thing, not a bad thing. Especially when you see posts circulating arguing Pelosi is now a white hat coz she said she will not rush the SCOTUS expansion bill, or that everyone is dead it’s all CGI or that everyone is alive it’s just a FF…

When people are directly starting to make sh*t up for elevated hopium counts, one has to pause and start fucking asking.

Question everything, and not just go with things that feed your bias and dopamine receptors. source

Twitter down for 17 minutes on the 17th of April source

📎General Michael Flynn warns that it is possible that Antifa and the BLM will appear and try to stop or interrupt the planned inspection in Maricopa County.

📎The Democrats introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to abolish the Electoral College.
Democrats are definitely planning to merge the lower courts, the Supreme Court is voicing objections.

📎The Indianapolis gunman who killed 8 people and killed himself has been identified as 19-year-old Brendan Scott Hole, who worked at a FedEx facility. The police and the FBI have previously questioned him. Chris Ray is back in the mud.

📎CBS News edits the police Bodycam footage, right and left edges cropped to skip the part of the video where 13-year-old Adam Toledo was seen with a firearm.

📎Psaki says Biden is “proud” of being the UN’s anti-American ambassador after she called America’s “founding documents and principles” racist.

📎”Every day in the United States there are mass shootings, this is a national shame!” – Biden says, not realizing that the national shame of the United States is himself and everything that is happening in the country is the fault of the Democrats.

📎An Asian left-wing journalist is beaten by a BLM mob during a standoff with the Portland police. The riots continue.

📎West Virginia Governor Jim Justice will not veto a bill aimed at preventing biological girls from competing with biological boys in school sports.

📎Two professors from Montclair State University in New Jersey argue that LGBT sex education should be taught to children in elementary school before “normal values” become “more deeply ingrained.”

📎Google and Big Tech are targeting audits in Arizona’s Maricopa County. They prohibit posting requests for volunteers on their websites.

📎German Chancellor Angela Merkel has received her first coronavirus vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine. This was announced on Twitter by the official representative of the German Cabinet of Ministers Steffen Seibert.

📎Washington residents report F-22 military fighters flying low over the city.

📎The Vatican has invited Chelsea Clinton, Dr. Fauci, New Age representative Deepak Chopra, and the CEOs of Moderna and Pfizer to speak at the May health and Soul conference.
CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Gupta and model Cindy Crawford will also speak.

📎Science American reports that they have coordinated with the mainstream media to start using the term “climate emergency ” instead of”climate change.” The organization says the problem deserves the same coverage as the COVID-19 pandemic.

📎A group of American and Chinese scientists announces the creation of hybrid human and ape embryos. Official version: the study is part of an attempt to discover new methods of creating organs for those who need a transplant.

📎The Russian Interior Ministry has demanded that more than 1 million illegal immigrants from the CIS leave the country. In case of non-compliance with the requirement, which will be valid until June 15, the Ministry of Internal Affairs threatened to expel them independently or completely ban them from entering Russia. source

US Navy, Dan, US Army Qomms & more 🍿

-Navy includes 1,1 & Action pics
TS 5:00
Q500:Includes 1,1
Codes command Action

-17 News
Q:We are everywhere
Can “Qanon” be stopped?
Q:Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

-17/Chandler News
Chandler=Child Handler
Who is R Chandler?
Dig Deep
This goes far beyond spirit cooking

-CNN Staffer admits pushed PROPAGANDA to get 45 out
NY Post/Don Jr. mention PROPAGANDA
DECLAS provides truth
What happens when media KNOWINGLY pushes false PROPAGANDA?
Silent War Continues

-666 News
How many in power worship the devil?
Haiti’s PM resigns
All connected

-Navy:On the ready
Q:On the ready

Catching Covid helped fight cancer
Q:The cure will speed WW

Dan photo 45 Stands with team
TS 10:50
Q1050:Stand Strong

-Flynn, Lin, Lindell in front of board with 17


Army:Going Dark
Going Dark meaning
Dark to Light

-Dan IG US Flag, 45 & Reagan
When you can’t make them see the light make them feel the heat

-45 mentions +++
Nothing is Random
Everything has Meaning

decodes with pics here

Ladies and Gents…I believe I just had an epiphany.

The main purpose of Q was always to reconnect humanity with God.

Arrests, exposure of corruption, fixing the broken systems…all secondary outcomes.

Earth is being reborn, purging itself of evil and returning to its natural state of love and light.

God. Wins. Always. source

Hitler did not die in 1944.
NOT in a bunker.
This was his butler, who was also his double.
He and other members of the SS fled to Argentina, where he died in a car accident in 1957.
Eva Braun would have died (fake) #QMap 📜🔍 #Q #Anon
with him and her daughter Ann in the accident.
He was born in 1942.
Eva and Adolf had 3 other daughters who were brought to Germany to grow up in the “motherland”. Their names are: Angela, Theresa and Dalia. Later more.
Other Nazis fled to Antarctica, where they had an ice base. The Nazis had flying objects (we would call them UFOs) that could fly from pole to pole in less than 30 minutes.
Many of the Nazi scientists were brought to the United States, given false names, and hired by the government to provide them with US technological knowledge. The US thought it better to have it than the Russians. This was called Operation Clips.
After Hitler died in Argentina in 1957 ………. Eva Braun changed her name to Madelyn Lee Payne, took her daughter Ann and moved to the USA. He married Stanley Dunham and changed her name to Madelyn Dunham. Ann became Stanley Ann Dunham. Ann was 19 when she became pregnant by a Kenyan citizen named Barack Obama. He moved to Kenya and gave birth to their son Barry. During this time she realized that the man she had “married” was already married and was returning to America with her son. Shortly after her return to America, she married Lolo Soetoro and had a second child, a Mayan daughter.
Moreover, Hitler was a Rothschild. Her mother was Klara Polzi, who was employed as a maid in the Austrian homeland of Salomon Meyer Rothschild, where she became pregnant. He returned to Germany to give birth to Adolph and later married Alois Schicklgruber, who later changed his name to Hitler. Family lines are very important to the Illuminati and they raise their children or have children out of wedlock to spread them as much as possible.
Let’s look at Barry Soetoro. If you’ve been following me so far, your mouth should be open. Let me understand. Barry Soetoro = Barack Obama II = Hitler’s nephew = Rothschild by blood. Maybe that explains why Angel Merkel’s aunt, the German chancellor, kissed him and looked at him so lovingly during a visit there. Her other two aunts are Theresa May, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, and Dalia Grybauskaite, the president of Lithuania.
Hitler’s plan for a 3rd Reich turned into today’s 4th Reich, and his descendants were brought to high-ranking positions in strategic countries to impose the Illuminati NWO = Nazi world order and THAT is what Trump prevents or tries to prevent. source

Hammurabi: “Just when all hope seems lost one of these COURT CASES is going to emerge out of nowhere & get this fraudulent election overturned”. 3/4/21 (March Forth)

General Flynn: “2020 COURT CASES in Michigan & Arizona (out of nowhere) are ‘tactically’ important to prove Donald Trump won the election”. 4/16/21

(Both COURT CASES entail Dominion Software
Dominion – Dominate – Demon Minion – Demonic – Domineer – Dominatrix – Domain – DOMINOES)

Election interference 2020:
How to safeguard US elections after DJT?
“It has to be done right. It must be proven in a COURT OF LAW. There can be no mistakes.
Good things take time.” – Q

Will voter fraud be exposed before Jan?
“No. Fraud. 2020+ safeguarded.” – Q

Q tells us right here what’s going to happen
(and how). Trust. Have Faith. Q KNOWS.

You have a front row seat, ENJOY the SHOW.


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