News 17.05.2021


Trump or members of the Military are not going to compromise ongoing operations to save this country by telling you what’s really going on just to satisfy your curiosity. Every day you see the New World Order Devils tear down something that belongs to The People. What you don’t see are the Military raids in the underground tunnels where they are rescuing babies, and how they are dismantling the NWO financial system. There are many missions running simultaneously to clean up this evil mess. source

The battles Humanity is engaged in all over this planet should be evident to everyone now. There are battles foreign and domestic. War has been declared on Humanity and We are fighting back in a variety of ways.

…We continue to get news and research on the scamdemic; specifically treatments. I listened to this short video clip on Telegram of Dr. Urso of the America’s Frontline Doctors team revealing some facts about Hydroxychloroquine the cabal tried to hide. The studies showed HCQ protected healthy cells and attacked cancer cells. We told you these ghouls have buried cures for probably every disease—because they create diseases to take us out.

What do you suppose they did with all the trillions of dollars supposedly allocated for cancer research? What happened to all the money We, the People donated to the Susan G. Koman breast cancer funds, etc., etc.? Hmmmm? And no cure for cancer—just cutting, burning, and poisoning to prolong the suffering while it enriched Big Pharma, hospitals and doctors and the New World Order psychopaths.

…With respect to  the election status, we have breaking news from yet another state (Wisconsin). I think we all know where this will lead, don’t we?

It may be about America now, but all nations need to examine their election protocols and laws to ensure the integrity of their voting systems because a lot of people the world over are going to learn their votes never really counted for much. Their leaders were often not elected, but installed. source

The cyber-war for GESARA

Cyber-attacks were expected for the next two months as the Alliance continued to dismantle financial systems and bring in the Global Currency Reset.
State of Emergency has been declared in at least 17 states in US. This is a direct message from Q to get ready. It is a military operation.
The financial system is based on fraud. Set up to steal from us. It takes the money we work hard to earn and gives it to a tiny group of individuals. With the infinite supply of money, we have allowed them to buy influence.
The good guys who are with us are applying pressure on this financial system to end it once and 4 all. And it’s happening now. The banks don’t have any money, the Federal Reserve no longer exists, the bad guys are panicking and fighting back in many ways including cyberattacks. source

Every current member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was appointed by Trump during his time in office.
Still here.
Not one has been removed in the new administration.
No additional comments… source

Wars are manufactured.
Terrorist threats are manufactured.
Fear is manufactured.
Confusion is manufactured.
Division is manufactured.
Crises are manufactured.
Shortages are manufactured.
Diseases are manufactured.
Debt is manufactured.
Obesity is manufactured.
Depression/anxiety are manufactured.
Drug abuse is manufactured.


And its about to break… source

Fun Fact: Jeffrey Epstein started his career…wait for it…teaching children.

He then decided that he would become a professional pedophile and bought a schoolhouse in NYC that he converted into one of the major hubs of his underage sex operation.

While we have plenty of horrific evidence to dig into on his island, I feel like we should probably look into his place in NYC as well given how much easier it would be for elites to sneak a visit.

Just sayin. source

Masks have shown us that even something as simple as a smile can have an amazing impact.

The lack of positive face to face connections throughout this country over the past year has been a dark cloud of demoralization that did more damage to the American psyche than anybody could have possibly imagined.

A child’s smile can light up the entire world.


Tucker Carlson categorically stated on Fox News that [F]auci is responsible for the Plandemic. This 13 minute segment is essential viewing. It tells the whole story of the [D]eep [S]tate creation of the Plandemic. Tucker Carlson is a hero – this is some of the best investigative journalism I have ever seen. video

Excerpts from the segment…
‘How long will this terrifyingly irrational exercise continue?…More than any other single living American, Tony [F]auci is responsible for the [C]OVID19 pandemic…WHO is beholden to [C]hina and so it tried to hide the basic facts of the origin of this virus…In a functional country there would be a criminal investigation into [F]auci…’ (Tucker Carlson)

The day is fast approaching when the top [D]eep [S]tate henchmen won’t be able to safely walk down the street. I think they will be arrested before that happens. Enough of humanity is awakening. The truth is being revealed. Everything will proceed very quickly from now on. Buckle up! source

I am all girls, NETFLIX new trafficking movie out today.
When they start searching the shipping container for the missing kids EVERGREEN pops up 👀

Trump and His Allies Think He Was Sent by God to Be President source

When they instill fear they take away all hope. Many of you are falling for it. If you want something to happen or be true you must have hope source

Rio de Janeiro’s landmark Christ the Redeemer was lit up with a message promoting vaccines. source

Gaza on the verge of electricity blackouts as fuel is running out to operate the power plant, IDF confirms. source

Only takes one storm to change your life. source

CNN admits Joe is a disaster. Tied to Q4461 that ends with “God Wins” ❤️🌎🦅🙏


  • Today the 17th ………… equal to Q.
  • Tomorrow the 18th END OF THE EXECUTIVE ORDER
  • 1 to 2 days later the announcement is made .. over there … that all countries, all NGOs, all persons and people who participated in the election fraud have been expropriated .. because that was the E.O.
  • Defender 2021 ends on 05/29/21 … and then goes into active SHAEF at the latest.
  • Cyber ​​war between USA and communist China.
  • Proclamation of worldwide war status (has been for 3 years anyway, but you need something that can be shown publicly).
  • There may be a simulation of the 3rd World War, with sirens and the like … WE here, please let me know, then … it’s all good.
  • If because of this the MARTIAL LAW is proclaimed … all EARTH governments that are not clean have to resign … so of course also those here in this COUNTRY.
  • The 3 Gorges Dam can hardly be held … breaking it would immediately paralyze the whole world economy.
  • There is a lot in the AIR … and in D. it’s only about liability … but that is then subordinate.
  • We won’t starve to death …
  • It could then also come pretty soon … to the 10 days of 3 x 8 hours of clarification .. It is always puzzled whether that will also be the case in. D., but something will come here. source
Na obrázku môže byť obloha
Some well-known people from Israel claim that they cannot find any fragments of rockets and that the whole war is more like a light show with fireworks.
What do you think is behind this event? Purification of Satan’s underground bases?
Given the visual illusion technologies that White and Black hats have at their disposal, this could easily be the case.
Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba a text, v ktorom sa píše „Sergeant Major Major @SergeanMajor33 Return of all illegal tax monies/ UBI/ Digital Wallets/ 1776 Common Law for all/ Rainbow currency/ 1950s prices for goods and services. Welcome to our Jubilee. Preložit Tweet 4:13 odp. Twitter for iPhone“
Tento obrázok nemá vyplnený ALT popisok, jeho názov je image-72-651x1024.png
kaufland involved in human / child trafficking? !!

Simon Parkes: The characters playing Biden given termination date.
The point they will step down.
it’s unknown if this means Harris takes over or due to association with election disputes she is barred.
Normally House Speaker would then take over but that’s unlikely.
What are we left with I wonder? source

The owner of JW Foods, William Fehr has received the court documents showing that indictments for charges of Crimes Against Humanity against Justin Trudeau, The Pope, The Queen, The UN, the vaccine cartel, Premier Doug Ford, Health Ministers across the country, and Tyrannical Cops will be going before the Ontario Superior Court. video

Opis fotky nie je k dispozícii.
| De-programming |
Friends, program yourselves and allow your DNA to consciously unfold and purify.
Dark frequencies are bound in our DNA, which are implanted in the course of exposure and manipulation by various program elements and have been hidden since then.
We often ask ourselves why are we like this?
That’s exactly why!
It was intentionally used to prevent people from awakening, to hide their true power and thereby demoralize them.
We can rebalance this with the help of free will, awareness, nutrition and the environment.
We just have to BELIEVE in it and become SELF.
That is why it is so important to keep the vibration above in order to be able to free the original code again and defeat the manipulation.
This polluting creates distortions in consciousness that can be most effectively corrected and purified with high vibrations and sunlight.
Sunlight is currently providing the update, the rest will be magic. source

The panic sits DEEPLY when guilty of treason and crimes against humanity, which is why the MSM goes to great lengths in hopes of outliving and surviving the inevitable Trump card that we all know is about to come Playing stands. Remember that everything [they] try to do has been foretold and strategically prepared. NO amount of money, bribery, power, or influence can stop this. THERE IS NO SPACE TO HIDE. The game is over when the public knows. The rights and obligations of the US military to secure and protect our freedoms at all costs are justified. We are shown what would have happened in 2016 if the US military had not installed Trump in the Oval Office. This is done to ensure that this level of corruption never happens again. Power WILL return to the people. Keep the faith. Hold the line. God has won and we are being taught a lesson. DARK TO LIGHT. source

Dear fellow human beings, The overview of what is happening – for the last time? the 16.05. is coming to an end – we have 17th in front of us. Really a beautiful number. One that gave us hope for 15 long months. The ’17’ is the number of the letter ‘Q’ in the alphabet, something that first graders already know by now. The flag alphabet shows us the yellow flag for ‘Q’, called the ‘quarantine flag’. The statement reads: ‘My ship is suspected of being infected.’ Well – this plague, the real plague, is about to be finally eliminated.

🔸 Dresden was again terrorized in a very targeted manner. 25,000 fans outside the empty stadium at a time when the Corona fairy tale is already in the grave all over the world outside of the ‘FRG’. We saw rioting deliberately provoked by the system that convey the charm of civil war.
🔸 The ‘Wochenblick’ reports in the mainstream about judges bought by George Soros. Education for the comatose.
🔸 We hear from the media about the military exercise that will begin tomorrow, Monday. This is based in the US military base in Ramstein and lasts the whole week.
🔸 Also in the mainstream, the deep sleeper learns from Dr. Johann Menser that ‘viruses’ are an invention of Louis Pasteur. We yawn bored.
🔸 A tornado is raging over Wuhan in China. Possibly a targeted deep state purge on the communist CCP activity stage.
🔸 At the Chinese 3 Gorges Dam, we wait almost every minute for the report of the collapse. The resulting human suffering is unimaginable. Hopefully we are mistaken and the dam holds.
🔸 The figure ‘Sebastian Kurz’, which probably only exists in an imaginary way, has now been completely dismantled. So far, the exposure has been limited to corruption. The more serious offenses come later.
🔸 At the perfect time, the ‘auschwitztruth’ channel publishes hundreds of original photos on the truth of the completely mendacious historical representation of an important period.
🔸 Dan Scavino, one of Donald J. Trump’s closest confidants, makes us happy with a short video about the approaching flood. What might that flood?
🔸 The upcoming public takeover of the military in the USA and France have meanwhile been carried across the mainstream to the general public.
🔸 The topic of the Apollo moon travel lie is now being made public and prepared for deep sleepers.
🔸 In Israel we are pursuing the systematic elimination of all Khazarian-Zionist fields of activity. This starts with DUMB explosions and extends to the controlled demolition of high-rise buildings. hundrets ofNew Year’s rockets, whether real or CGI, are used to model a distracting narrative.
🔸 There is now an attractive reward for finding Annalena Strunzdummchen’s master’s thesis. The same continues to work consistently on their unpopular work of proclaiming the abolition of short-haul flights. This whole 15 month program was all about waking up. To what extent one turned to deep sleep or awakening, each individual decided of his own free will. After you have successfully mastered all of the past learning content such as the fairy tale virus, disgust tests or lethal injection, the advanced lesson on ‘contagious vaccinated people’ came up. Again the game of ‘fear’ versus ‘confidence’. Now, hopefully last, you will be presented with the topic of ‘light versus dark actors on Telegram’. But I am sure that you will excel in this final exam as well. source

Bill Gates is in big trouble!
👉 Bill Gates and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein were close friends
👉 International mainstream media and an army of lawyers now have him in a pincer:
👉- It’s not just the divorce now, but all of a sudden allegations against him arise from all sides, which put his credibility as a philanthropist into question.
👉- NY Times, DailyMail, the British Sun and many more suddenly report mercilessly about the “vaccination philanthropist”
👉- Has Bill Gates lost protection from well-known supporters and institutions? Everyone turns away
👉- Revealed: Bill Gates and convicted pedophile sex offender Jeffrey Epstein were close friends. They met regularly in the New York “love nest”, in which the British royal family Prince Andrew came and went. Epstein is said to have advised Gates how he could end his “toxic marriage”.
👉- Bill Gates’ asset manager Michael Larson has been sued for sexual harassment. Melinda Gates had requested an outside investigation and wanted to fire Larson. But she could not prevail, the man stayed in office.
According to the NYT, Bill Gates himself is said to have consistently pursued the female sex in an uncomfortable way, according to statements by employees of Microsoft and the B&M Gates Foundation.
Bill- Bill Gates is said to have proposed that convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein be entrusted with the philanthropic organization of the couple and that he be officially engaged in order to rehabilitate their image “!!!
👉- The friendship between Gates and Epstein began back in 2011, three years after Epstein publicly pleaded guilty to forcing minors into prostitution.
👉- Gates and Epstein met when Epstein set up a fund for the Gates Foundation and JP Morgan !!!
👉- Bill Gates had a longstanding affair alongside his marriage that broke the barrel for Melinda in 2019: She filed for divorce! source

Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander Hussam Abu Harbid has been killed during an airstrike in Jabaliya, #Gaza source

Turkey’s Erdogan called Pope Francis over Israel-Palestine conflict. source

Russia warns West that Arctic is “our land, our waters” (AFP) source

U.S. Supreme Court takes up major case about rolling back abortion rights. source

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum to cancel August Singapore meeting. source

CNN has fired Adeel Raja, a freelance contributor, “in light of these abhorrent statements” he tweeted Sunday. source

The Zionist in Israel, control the terrorist in Gaza. This is a White Hat operation, taking out the Zionist, and the Palestinian terrorists. source

If you want to know more about current 2021
levels of quantum mechanic “TIME TRAVEL” capability watch the mini series DEVS.

It is reminiscent of remote viewing (Star Gate/Project Yellow Book) whistle blower Bill Wood’s testimony on the secret government “time travel” program.

According to BW both players (Q & CABAL) know the game is over. It’s only a matter of time before we do this and they are forced to do that and then we are forced to do this and then eventually… inevitably… and in ALL scenarios… checkmate (WHITE HATS WIN). Yes there are moves left on the table but based on the rules of the game bad guys have already lost & good guys already won (technically). Going Forward in Order to Look Back.

There’s no version of “reality” where the Q-TEAM timeline doesn’t unfold into the Great Awakening.

Somethimes the future can find the past.
Past Predicts Future – Future Proves Past.

“Time travel is fun.” – Q source

As you embark on your new day make time to peel back the onion and tap into your inner divinity and then take action on the message that you are receiving from GOD/SOURCE. In the new day eliminate your negative self talk and your limiting beliefs by understanding that you are a divine child of GOD/SOURCE and GOD/SOURCE wants you to prosper. When you start your new day ask GOD/SOURCE to show you the way.

It is when we turn to GOD/SOURCE and go back to our spiritual teachings that we begin to become the light to show others the way and thus create a new day. Each day gives us a chance to focus on being of service and value to others thus bringing more positives into our life. Each day gives you a chance to be a lifter and to find your way. As you become more and more spiritually aware and awake you will begin to see that each day gives you a chance to grow and to make a mind, body, soul connection. source

What happens when the public finds out the MSM was KNOWINGLY complicit in the murder of thousands of Americans by glorifying Dr. Fauci, spreading fear porn based on twisted statistics and demonizing hydroxychloroquine because Trump endorsed it (yet another trap).

Game. Over. source

🔰 Michigan Voter Fraud Atty. Matt DePerno’s Office Broken Into – Then VFW Hall Cancels DePerno Presser After Threats!

● Matthew DePerno is the brave lawyer representing Bill Bailey, the plaintiff in the Antrim County, MI voter fraud case.

● DePerno has received multiple threats over his fight to expose voter fraud in Antrim County, Michigan where over 5,000 votes were flipped from Trump to Biden in the November election in a solidly RED county.

● On Friday evening, Matt DePerno’s law office was broken into.

● According to DePerno, the break-in took place in the late evening. Police were called to investigate the break-in and it was determined that nothing was stolen. The real question is, who broke into DePerno’s office and what were they looking for? source


  1. JM Smith

    WOW! Powerful, powerful, uplifting post. It had me glued to the screen, at the edge of my seat until the very end❗️Thanks you, Mr. President, Q and US military for your hard work and sacrifice to the American people. This post gave me more pep in my step. God Bless You and God Bless the USA❗️ WWG1WGA

    • Ivy

      Thank you so much! God Bless us all awakened and the hardworking people helping to better our planet.

  2. JAMES

    Thanks for all your work.

    • Wanda Niebauer

      Thank you so much for these post very uplifting and I do believe all of it . Again thanks

      • Ivy

        Thank you very much, I am glad you have faith and feel better coming to see out posts 🙂

    • Ivy

      Thank you!

  3. Melanie Chiu

    Praise God, I Am that I Am. These action through the many that God has raised up for this time and age, is to show forth His loving kindness toward humanity.

    Thank you for always sharing and caring and God, thank you for opening our eyes so we can open others! Have mercy on all those involved and strengthen them as they carry out Your will to bring in the restoration of all things. Amen

  4. Jus Mee

    Hitler did not die
    Hitler had 3 daughters and 1 son. Girls were Theresa, Angela and Ludmilla. Boys name ??? but it’s out there
    Hitler was US-Sponsored and suppported, then when war was closing he had to get out and disappear
    The US military ‘bought’ the killed himself and died/was burned with Eva lie and sold it to the world.
    In reality he and Eva escaped to North Germany, then by submarine to Antarctica, and then to Argentina.
    We all thought the war was over but it was NOT… It was just moving to the USA.
    Of the 1500 Nazis that were capured and tried for war crimes, only 10-20 ever served any prison term
    1200 were smuggled OUT of Germany and into the USA under “Operation PaperClip”
    They ended up with top jobs in USA in all areas of Industry, Sciense, Law, Medicne, Education and NASA
    They have been there ever since – changing, influencing and moulding us and our history to their ends.
    Hitler then moved to the USA and ‘became’ Walt Disney’
    Hitlers daughters went away to school and became Angela Merkel (Germany), Theresa May (UK) and Ludmilla, Latvia.

    Hitlers REAL name? Kermit Roosevelt. Teddy, our 26th President… was his father



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