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What we’re currently seeing are the signs/counter-signs and disinformation about the predicted WWIII scenario. It is not about a world war, except for the fact that the entire world as we know it has declared war on the global El-ite psychopaths. Our best sources tell us the WW scenario is cover for deploying the military of every country to make the arrests of the cabal’s minions. source

We’re getting signalled that Obama is going down. Will he be the first big arrest? Now let’s be clear that Obama, Hillary, and others have already been dished out their appropriate penalties for treason and other crimes by the military after tribunals. What we are about to witness publicly is for the masses who have not been paying attention. This is for the history books; the official, public truth-telling. source

Come down the rabbit hole with me. Where’s my conspiracy theorists at?

There’s some things I want you want to you pay attention to and tell me what you think.

The video I posted yesterday of the plane that was taking off with people flying off it in Afghanistan as it took off. Look at the video. You’ll see a few odd things. First, look at the numbers on the plane in 1st pic. Read the numbers backwards. 1109. (9/11). Coincidence? You’ll see a really happy guy throwing up his hands running along the plane. Pretty chaotic for him to be so happy. You’ll see a guy climbing the plane and his stash or people’s hair barely blowing. Not blowing in chaos and air blowing from a jet engine about to take off. Let’s talk about that air. When a plane like that takes off, why is everyone still standing or doesn’t look phased by the thrust? Do you know what happens when a jet like that takes off? Look at slide 5. That’s what happens. Go back to slide 2. videos

Optics are being destroyed one day at a time for Joe Biden. Remember how hard these are to gain back in public perception. Trump had to battle the DS at every turn while still accomplishing his agenda. Biden is battling himself, setting back his agenda and the confidence his voters had him in. If they try to rob another election this time they’ll have a national crisis. Add in election reform coming soon and this won’t be another option for them. Tick tock.

Never interfere with an enemy when he’s in the process of destroying himself. source

Biden’s average approval rating drops below 50% for the first time amid the crisis in Afghanistan and surging COVID19 cases source

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is an “act of love,” says Pope Francis in a public service ad by the Vatican. video

This is to make you hate them
Do you remember the Hologram Pope?
Vatican is Empty. source

This should wipe out the few doubts about the global alliance to take down the cabals source
Na obrázku môže byť 4 ľudia a text, v ktorom sa píše „While Prince Andrew was besties with USA's most prolific Pedo and sex-trafficker.... ...his big brother Charles was besties with UK's most prolific Pedo and sex-trafficker. Association mages NOCOINCDEN“

I can confirm that John McAfee is not dead, that he is well protected, and that he is a senior NSA officer.

He had to pretend to be dead in Spain to escape an assassination attempt and then returned to the United States, is doing very well and enjoys perfectly effective protection.

He is the one who designed for the NSA the encryption used by the President of the United States for his encrypted communications. source

Clear Look says that it is Donald Trump himself who will denounce during his return the electoral fraud, but also the manipulation on the covid 19. All the awakened ones know that the manufacture of this virus had several objectives: to create a false pandemic in order to be able to sell the vaccine. By surfing on this false fear fabricated from scratch, and by organizing this false pandemic, she made it possible to beat Donald Trump by fraud (postal votes) while destroying the economy not only of the United States but of the whole world.

Only the Deep State did not know that Trump and the Alliance let it go, they knew what was going to happen… they let this fraud consummate to the end. With all the more liberticidal measures put in place by the Deep State, people are forced to wake up. We are in a movie. I repeat, in any case, whether in the USA and France, the Alliance is in control, probably also in Canada. This is only my humble opinion, but I may be wrong.

Other info (still according to Antoine), Wendy Rodgers senator from Arizona and ex-member of the Marines, indicates that 2000 people volunteers who helped with the counting of the votes during this audit of the county of Maricopa in Arizona, will soon speak to the hurry. When the time is right, they will, and it will also be like a bomb.

Then Democrat Nancy Pelosi would consider leaving parliament. According to Antoine, this means that she will be arrested by the Military.

I wanted to highlight this paragraph. Because it concerns Canada and Quebec. A French mage, Nathalie (Magie Blanche des Anges), sees a liberation in France, Quebec and Canada. Certainly, it is only clairvoyance, except that it goes in the direction of what one senses.

Nathalie, based in Nice, had predicted in December 2020 that Donald Trump would be back. She did not give a date but did not see Joe Bidon remaining in power. He will be arrested. She even sees an end that risks being tragic for the Democratic candidate.

Roughly speaking, this is what it plans for Quebec and Canada: <I see something coming from the USA. This news coming from the USA will allow Quebec and Canada to free themselves. There will be a NEW START, by the end of the summer or in the fall>. She sees the Falling Government of Canada, that of Quebec as well. So Exit Trudeau, Legault….

She predicted the same for France. The Macron Government will not pass the fall… <In Canada I see a lot of people who fall because of the vaccine, unfortunately. I see blood issues, people with health concerns. There are also sexual problems>. By this she means that a vaccinated person can infect a non-vaccinated person during intercourse.

According to her, there is no doubt that the Pyramid will collapse. This Pyramid is probably the Globalist Elite and its government henchmen who obey them… It also predicts to be careful with children, because we will try to vaccinate them. She also says that information will be revealed on Canadian TV (and therefore Quebecois too) which will be catastrophic for people. Will it be the revelations about the harmful effects of the vaccine? No doubt, since sooner or later it is said (it is not clairvoyance but a forecast) that the truth will appear. Either way, it’s inevitable. She also says that in Canada they will try to put the health pass. <But the Pyramid will break its face>.

Clear Look had said it, the events which will take place in the USA will bring down the European Governments. But also from North America, South… even Asia where the Deep State is powerful.

I repeat, this is just me, everything will collapse by the fall. Of course, it will start with the Revelations in the USA, but we must also do our own. We must move, demonstrate, strike and boycott…. If we do it en masse, everything will collapse. Of course, in parallel, the Alliance soldiers on their side as well as Trump and his allies like Lindell or Flynn will do what is planned. But we too must move, and not let go. source

Na obrázku môže byť 3 ľudia
Lithuania and its president, just now photographed live on TV. source

A spokesman for the Taliban warned that U.S. troops in Afghanistan have to leave by Sept. 11—the anniversary of the terrorist attacks that launched the United States into the war—after troops were re-deployed to the Kabul airport to oversee an evacuation. source

📌📌 Interview with Marcel Polte.
Nothing for children or minors. Images of horror and satanism.
… and then her own child had to join in and got into cannibalism. There are government officials, police officers, teachers, politicians, it goes through all the layers.
What’s in it for these cults, why are they doing something so sick?
Energy. They take into themselves the energy of dead beings, they say, and these are the ideas they believe and they believe are correct.
I’m a lawyer, Marcel Polte, and I’ve worked on cases for a long time. I’ve also done the research for a book called THE DARK NEW WORLD ORDER. It talks about ritual violence and mind control, adrenochrome, etc.
When you hear these things, you think that it’s not possible that someone is abusing children, taking their blood, etc., that it’s not real. But it is real today there are already many sources where it can be proven.
FIRST, we have to say and admit that there are indeed satanic cults or sects in our society, these are entire families that have been abusing children over and over again for generations and passing down this satanic agenda. These are not contemporary fads, I know specialist psychologists who have been working with these people for maybe 30 years, in the US and Germany, who end up with people who only reveal in therapy that they are from a satanic family and have experienced the most severe form of abuse, they have had to participate in cannibalism, so really terrible things.
The perpetrators of such acts are not civilized people, they are mentally disturbed individuals who have been practising Satanism forever.
There is a very good documentary, you can find it on YouTube, it’s called Hoehlen Leben by Liska Strach, it ran on ARD in two parts. There is a testimony of a young woman, whose sister I know personally, that she was part of this culture and had to give birth to a child without medical help and then she had to kill her child and cannibalism occurred. These are cases that psychologists and psychiatrists have been writing about for over 30 years, everything is published. It’s absolutely horrible stuff. It’s a massive problem, recently more than 140 therapists, police officers, doctors, etc. have come together to discuss this, so it’s no small problem. Even therapists then have mental health problems from the shock of such an examination.
But the fact that the patient in question may be lying is also taken into account. When the ARD documentation was filmed, both nurses were told that they had not been in contact for the past 10 years. But they both told the whole child-killing story identically…
It’s not just this woman who has this experience, there are a number of such reports. Therapists in Germany were interviewed (given a questionnaire), and in 3 federal states alone, and it came out that they had encountered 212 such cases of ritual violence. Of these, 42 were fatal offences. The question is whether someone was actually killed in these offences or whether the death was just staged. It is known that when a fatal tort was staged, in many cases there may have been multiple cases because when someone is part of such a cult, these things happen over and over again with reenactments. Children in these cults learn to kill very early on, they have to kill other children. I have found in several reports that the child has to first tie the other child up and then kill him. And this is very common in these cults.
Then these people have to be evaluated as to how criminal their act is, whether they had to do it and couldn’t have done it any other way in the situation, etc. There is also the question of where the children who are being abused come from all the time. It has been found that there are women in these cults who have no other task than to give birth to children who are then not registered anywhere. There are many books on ritual violence.
The victims who survive and get free always testify that the Perpetrators come from all sorts of circles, government officials, policemen, teachers, etc.
There is also compromising evidence where underage children are slipped to certain people for sex and these people are then easily blackmailed.
What do these cults get out of it? I mean, it’s completely sick!
The motives are different. Those who are at the very top, those on these satanic agendas and demonic forces, believe that if they ingest blood, they will receive the energy of a dead being.
It is known from history that every human culture has, its rituals. Christians, Jews, Celts, Vikings, in Africa, in Islam… sometimes people sacrificed themselves before the battle. They hung themselves by their legs and slit their throats. The Vikings in particular believed that they would then get to Valhalla. These crazy rituals have always been done, but I would never have guessed in our time! It’s like going back to the Middle Ages!
The things I’m talking about have been around for a long time, you can find them in various literature. The problem is that the surviving victims usually don’t want to believe that they actually experienced something like this.
Then there are the various churches and the scandals of priests with minors. Or churches where members are not allowed to donate or accept blood, like the Church of Scientology, which includes Tom Cruise, or the Jehovah’s Witnesses. They’d rather have a family member die!
Scientists have studied what effect blood has, whether positive. And they found that adrenochrome, which is a substance that forms in the blood as a result of extreme pain or fear, does indeed have positive effects. And it even acts like LSD. Whether it causes rejuvenation is not known, but these people believe it does.
Children who grow up in Satanic families are deliberately induced to have a split personality. The child is exposed to fear and stress and drugs and electric shocks and other things for so long that he or she cannot stand the terror and builds up a protective mechanism that splits the personality. That is, there will be one new personality in his person. There was a movie made about it, Split, with Bruce Willis.
I know someone who suffered a split personality because of bullying at school. There are some really incredibly perverse people in this world. And it doesn’t matter at all about location, skin colour, etc.
In a child with a split personality, the other personality takes up to 30 per cent. And it can be, and is, programmed. For example, prostitution. That’s where the big money is. Child porn movies are the way to sell. Films called SNUF are made where children are tortured to death. It makes a lot of money because there are still a lot of people who are willing to pay a lot of money for such sadism. I know an insider, he was adopted as a child by an American soldier. He’s experienced everything I mentioned and the last one he saw. It’s people who don’t know what to do with their money anymore who will pay for such perversions. There are even videos of them holding baby hunts in the woods. The kids are naked, they have roller skates on their feet because they can’t escape in the woods and the people who pay for them hunt them.
I know a journalist to whom I have given all sorts of material about satanic practices, lots of material. He started working on it, but then he shut up. When I called him, he suddenly made excuses for the crown and lockdowns, but I understood immediately. He didn’t want to deal with it, he wouldn’t get paid for it. They’d rather deal with the tabloids and all sorts of world news, but not this. The media doesn’t want to cover it.
I know of places in Nigeria where women are hidden who are only giving birth to children for further use. Nobody gets in there. The media doesn’t want to write about it either. It’s the same everywhere. Someone finds out a similar thing, starts looking into it and eventually when it comes out in the open, they are still condemned. We know the Snowden case.
People’s programming has different degrees and levels. Psychotherapists all over the world testify similarly and present similar histories. Such a person with a split personality and mind programming may act like an adult one moment and then switch to the other personality and act like a small child and still talk and not be aware of the fact that he is an adult. That’s how psychotherapists know that the split personality originated in childhood. You can’t fake it. It’s even the case that a person has one myopic personality and not the other at all. And that can be proven. I’ve seen cases like that. It works on a placebo basis. I know a patient with a split personality who can change his eye colour. I wouldn’t believe it, but he’s my patient. There are even cases where there’s a change in blood count and things like that.
Nothing is impossible in this world.

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