News 18.09.2021


Gene Decode described Ascension brilliantly

“There’s this big energy grid 
flowing through all Creation.
As we come into that infrared barrier 
the energy of our Sun goes up & up & up.
When it gets to a certain point it’s like a resonation oscillator 
the field collapses to the core
that’s what they call “The Event.”
Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!
When it collapses to the core 
it resonates harder & harder 
till it jumps an octave
In this case it’s gonna jump 2 octaves [3D → 5D+]
It’s already in process of starting to go up octaves in the core 
that’s why the energy’s going up on Earth 
& all other planets
[Schumann hz’s]
Then it blows outward
& wraps around each planet causing it to lift up too.
5D Earth is already forming & in orbit behind us.
The separation has already happened 
between negative & positive timelines.
It’s down to choice:
If you resonate negative, you stay here.
If you resonate positive, 
you go up” source

Which side are you on?

I am writing about this again, because at this stage YOUR MOST IMPORTANT WORK IS TO KEEP THE LIGHT !!!

Everything else does not really matter now! Now it is VERY VERY IMPORTANT to understand WHOSE SIDE YOU ARE ON ???

This is an unusual war, THIS IS A WAR OF ENERGIES !!! If you are still producing fear, despair, aggression, division, hatred, etc., you are on the side of the enemy. If you are light, love, patience, wisdom, kindness, etc. – you are on the side of the Light!

I think it is very difficult for many to understand HOW to stay positive in such chaos and chaos of dark forces ???? Answer: it is very difficult to be in the Light right now !!! That is why only a few people do it … This is what the psychos are counting on !!! They create as much chaos, lawlessness and pain as possible, because they know exactly how IMPORTANT NOW IT IS for them to harvest negative energies! Of course, the dark ones naively hope to somehow get out and they know for sure that this is their last fight. But darkness cannot prevail! It has long become IMPOSSIBLE for them !!!! They understand this, but they are still trying to swim out, or at least drag as many human Souls as possible with them to the bottom!

They are hopeless, but they are trying very hard!

I think we should try too! So that most of the energies in this battle were Light and in this way to bring the future of the Earth into the most favorable timeline !!!! source

Italy to make its vaccine passport (“Green Pass”) mandatory for all workers from next month, becoming the first EU country to do source

I’ve just had confirmation from one source that my initial intuition about the astonishing plandemic death toll in Italy was, in fact, a whole lot of pedophiles and probably pedovores. It seems to have been stop number one for the Earth Alliance in their “ethnic cleanse”.

I’ve always felt Q’s and Trump’s intel that the military was going to deliver the “vaccine” to eradicate the enemy is what has been happening under the guise of this plandemic.

The Light has had to play a clever game to defeat the dark. They have had to go underground as well as infiltrate the Illuminati circles and do whatever is necessary to gain the upper hand for this time. They have changed their names, worn disguises, taken on new lives as in “witness protection”, and have remained well hidden until such time as The Plan dictates their return. This is far bigger than most can imagine.

It is indeed time for the masks to drop and the coverups and hidden truths to become known. Dark to Light. We are ready. Is the rest of the world ready? Probably not—but catchup time is nearly over. The clock is ticking. source

Devolution Part 11 here

I’ve witnessed such an amazing feat of endurance by anons around the world. The mental strain that 2020/21 has brought to to those of us who are red pilled has been significant…yet we are still here with our heads held high. Pat yourself on the back digital warriors.
We’re not going away.
We’re a force to be reckoned with. source

CBS Evening News just told America that “Qanon” is telling their supporters to stay away from the Capitol because its an FBI trap! source

Donald Trump is ALWAYS many steps ahead.

Always has been and always will be.

Why did he never concede?

Why did he warn Joe about the 25th?

Why does he refuse to announce a 2024 run?

Why does he continue to call for the diamonds to be returned?

Why does he continue to tell us that he thinks we will be very happy?

Why is he still holding rallies?

Why was his last rally held directly after the Afghanistan debacle?

Why did he focus so hard on peace deals in the Middle East before leaving office?

Why is his next rally planned for the day after the audit results are released?

Why did he wait until a week ago to say he thinks the election will be decertifed?

Why did he just spotlight Raffensperger and tell him to decertify the election?

Why did he occasionally ask “Where is Durham?!”

Why did he tell Hillary he was going to hire a special prosecutor to investigate her crimes?

Why would HRC be terrified of the Michael Sussmann indictment?

Why did Merrick Garland allow Durham to continue his investigation?

Why does Trump occasionally remind us of OBAMAGATE?

Why does Trump often attack “HIS people”?

Why has he repeatedly told us that Joe isn’t in control?

Why hasn’t Joe reversed EO 13818 & EO 13848?

Why are these EOs so vitally important?

Why did Joe Sign 17 executive orders on day one?

Why did Trump put Christopher Miller in charge of Special Operations Command before leaving office?

Why did Trump tell Pence it would take MORE courage to certify the election than to decertify?

Why does Trump continuously tell us he caught them all?

Why did Trump establish the Space Force?

Why did he put the Great Reset plans into warp speed?

Why did he show the world that there are safe Covid treatments?

Why did he put Dr. Fauci in the brightest spotlight?

Why is he the only westerner to ever step foot in the Forbidden City?

Why was he treated like a king during his trip around the world in 2017?

Why did Obama follow him?

Why is Trump always confident?

Why does he continue to tell us the best is yet to come?

Why does he continue to tell us that we will make America great again?


The Art of War is a beautiful thing… source

On September 16, 2020, Q posted the Mickey Mouse clock with a filename that equals 117 = SEPT 16, 2021 (among other things). The filename can be calculated using various reduction methods for the numerical digits to also include 158 = DURHAM SPYGATE = MIKE SUSSMANN; and 212 = MICHAEL SUSSMANN, ESQ (lawyer) = DURHAM WILL INDICT M.S.
For those who claim that Q would never telegraph dates of major moves [even if in code], Q has done so many, many times. However, until news unlocks, it can be impossible to determine with certainty what the code means. Nevertheless, it IS possible. source

IT’S HAPPENING!!! 💣 💥 💥 💥

_The White House desperately trying to change Nicki Minaj’s stance on the vaccine, to stop her from redpilling her almost 200 MILLION followers (22 million on Twitter & 157 million on Instagram).
_Project Veritas set to release BOMBSHELL whistleblower story about the COVID-19 vaccine.
_NIH-now includes vitamin-c vitamin-d zinc-recommended-prevention-treatment AGAINST COVID
_DURHAM report starts first Indictments!
_”President Donald Trump just dropped bombshell news on the matter of election integrity by predicting that officials will “decertify” the 2020 presidential election, “I do believe they are going to decertify the election.””TRUMP
_CNN- 56% of Americans feel that Democracy is under attack. It is likey that Elected officials in the U.S. will successfully overturn the results of a future Election.
_General Milley caught in the mist of Coup Against Trump and working with CCP as informant> story opening up
_900 pages comes out on FAUCI and creation of Gain-,of-Function (COVID-19) and transfer of virus from U.S. to china 18 locations during Obama administration era.
_FOX News: DRONE over the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas captures on camera 8,200 migrants. Doubled in one day. Situation is “out of control.”
_SWITZERLAND protest against Covid restrictions and health pass,
_FRANCE, GERMANY, ITALY, UK. ISRAEL, SWITZERLAND expected to host protests into the Millions against Covid mandates, restrictions. Vaccines.

IT’S HAPPENING!!! source

📍 Algeciras, Spain: five-man drug gang arrested and eight tonnes of hashish and vehicles seized. The gang had shipped large quantities to other countries. A: Raid of encroaches in Reinbek, Germany. Hundreds of kilograms of cannabis were seized. One arrested, one on the run.
📍 A record find in Rotterdam: FOUR TONS OF KOKAIN. A big find in the port of Schiphol: 200 KILO OF KOKAIN in frozen fish. source

Na obrázku môže byť 2 ľudia
🧐🧐 Bild TV reports on human flesh in hamburgers. The presenters didn’t even know what headline they were reading 😂😂😂.
We’ve pointed out before that human remains are increasingly being used in meat products. It doesn’t matter if it was bones or just leftovers, whatever was left after the satanic feast was disposed of in our food source
Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba a vonku
Movement of military equipment in Germany
📌 The observed transports are transporting material. They are power generators, shipping containers, transhipment cranes on the way, accompanied by Feldjager (Military Police) vehicles.
It is a transport of materials for the construction of infrastructure. For what purpose is not yet known. Should, soon, the connecting nodes appear. So far, it looks like infrastructure in the military area. Barracks and other military facilities are being newly occupied and equipped. I’m told there will be repairs…
Along with the flight traffic we’re seeing, it’s clear we’re being militarily occupied. So far, it seems to be a peaceful preparation, no rush is visible anywhere.
📌 I don’t mean to say that nothing is happening, just that the material for the infrastructure is being transported peacefully. But there are still operations going on in the background, accompanied by explosions and tremors. source

‼️….. delegations from all over the world converge on Athens
📌 Here is the arrival of the Italian delegation, the Israeli delegation and the US delegation from SHAPE – 01-0029, which has been here for some time, among others in Düsseldorf and Stuttgart
.📌 And several other participants of the Athens Rally: Canada, Bermuda, Bahrain, Switzerland, France twice and again the Czech Republic with another delegation. The English were also there with BAe146 Statesman reg. ZZ700 source

Surely you have noticed that today is 1️⃣7️⃣(😉).9.2021 👉 one week before Christmas-according to the Julian calendar. I found some voice messages on the German net from guys who are watching the air traffic. Today they found out that Greece is a place of HUGE interest!!! In connection with these reports, it is now clear to me why GEORGE magazine (founded by JFKjr!) shared this news. I think it was a clue to what is happening in Athens today…..
📍 Q-Clock ends today.
Do you believe in coincidences?


📌 Still in the air 99-0003 – Destination Crete? Where N163PA also landed yesterday? still accompanied by Sentry. They were joined by the Slovenian delegation (Team Romanov) (pink object).
📌 JFKjr and Diana on their way to Athens. The good guys from the Ministry of Defense were there yesterday to get ready. Christmas is coming.
📌 Also German presence on site: bomber 14+03 also landed in Athens. Does that make sense now?
📌 A Learjet from Crete, based in Ramstein.
📌 ‼️ These are the current sightings for Athens. To recap: AF2 99-0003 is there, LV01 of Slovenians, i.e., Romanov team, German delegation with 14+03 Boelcke, probably on behalf of CentCom/German Kaiser, Czechs just departed, Intel delegation of Israelis/MI6 landed, Spanish landed, Hungarians landed, Serbs landed, and a delegation from Malta landed.
💥Voice news👇
📌📌 Very very interesting. In Greece, in Athens, there are partnership talks going on that also concern us, Germany. I saw Austrian and Swiss planes and some charter planes. Maybe it’s the Habsburgs who flew in with them. Most likely they are talking about the administration of the state that is now the Company. I’m sure this is something we will all feel in the near future. Italy has arrived. I’ll keep an eye on that.
📌📌 World history will be made here today. They’re all here. They just flew in. Lithuania, Switzerland, Bermuda, Bahrain, Canada. They’re all getting off, I have to assume, JFK, LADY DI and I don’t know who all will be there. This is where the contracts will be signed. World peace. September 17, the week before Christmas on the Julian calendar. Hallelujah. And we can be there. It’s incredibly beautiful.
Canada, Bermuda, Bahrain, Switzerland, France twice and again the Czech Republic with another delegation. The English were there with BAe146 Statesman Reg. ZZ700 source

Na obrázku môže byť stojaca osoba a cesta
📍 Today at 9 am at the Röhn Ost rest area, the following vehicles with LM plates then proceeded north on the A7 motorway.
📍 Train with military vehicles at Gross Kreutz (Havel) station in the direction of Brandenburg an der Havel or Magdeburg. It was twice as long as in the video. Bundeswehr source
Na obrázku môže byť vonku
Throughout Europe, an incredible number of armies can be seen (both in the air and on the ground) compared to the past, when exercises were also taking place.
Everywhere is staging, crashing and flooding, but 👉 ATTENTION!!!! 👉 Only in the CR is it absolutely normal 👉 because it was announced to the public by the MSM that it is just an exercise 🤦♀️🤦♀️🤦♀️🤦♀️🤦♀️ 😂😂😂🤣
📌 Germany: Also, our company’s approved construction work in Neuburg / Donau was banned due to military exercises (🤣🤣)  source

📌 Germany, highway A9 L-B, vehicles clearly US Army, cargo of two transporters mobile chassis for common small sea freight containers and a tanker.
📌 Saarland – two Bundeswehr vehicles.
There is a “Kaserne auf der Ell” (barracks on the Ell) in Merzig, but no such vehicles have been seen yet. Also presented here are BW ten tonne trucks with loading facilities for standard shipping containers or in this case with tarpaulin.
📌 Docking at Stuttgart Airport…EUCom and CentCom are based there as well as the SHAEF and SHAPE offices. As STR also has a military section, the Chinooks from Illesheim, Franconia have been regularly seen and heard in Stuttgart for the last 6-8 weeks. source

Again a big movement of the army in the direction of Libava, it is 8 o’clock in the morning👉 soldier. Tatras about 10, military uaz, jeep, civilian-military cars… source

📌 Marti hi. How do you put those planes on FB and their flights. I go to the town of Myjava. And I’m out pretty often at night when I’m hunting. Night sky between 10 and about midnight …. Supersonic planes don’t count during those two hours, so 30 pieces fly over and that happens for a very long time, towards Austria. From Austria quite often large B-type planes. In those two hours 5 pcs minimum. And along with that, even a B2 or B21 in complete silence like ghosts. This has been going on for a very long time. So the sky at night is incredibly busy.
📌 B2 flies like ghosts, no sound behind it, you just see in the sky it flies and flashes but no sound
📌 Daddy was a mechanic, an airplane modeler and read about 500 books about airplanes all the air battles in a small town so it stuck with me. Supersonic’s are a massacre when they fly and these are flying, if I didn’t focus on the sky I wouldn’t even know they flew over. source

Around Ceske Budejovice 😉 😉… 💥 so it’s starting to get nice with us 😆💣💥👇……if you have additional info, please send it to Messenger
📌 What we’ve been shown doesn’t make sense. What’s there and you can’t see it? What are the Eagles doing there, equipped with the most powerful and advanced weapon systems on a fighter? What exactly is being neutralized here? How far underground is “it” located?
The 📌 F15 seems to be very thirsty……this is the third refuelling.
📌 And the MSM doesn’t even need to explain to us that the F15 is doing some “training flights”, that’s utter nonsense.
Across half of Europe for refuelling practice? source

“They rebuilt fences around the Capitol. The Marine Corps is stationed in Washington DC. The National Guard has been deployed in every state in the US. Then yesterday in Pennsylvania, they announced that they will take another look at the results of the 2020 presidential election. And then our hero Donald Trump publicly announces that an unnamed source is going to cancel the 2020 presidential election. That’s more than a coincidence, ladies and gentlemen. Now it’s getting real, get ready for it, because when it happens, you know it’s going to blow up. Great news!” source

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    News 13.09.2021I believe Trump and white hats want America and the world to be unified. One of their primary objectives is to bring people together on common ground. The deep state/black hat actors want the exact opposite. They are pushing the same tired narratives but with fresh twists. Vaccinated or unvaccinated.…

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