News 18.12.2021


There is so much to be grateful for right now if we put ourselves in that frame of mind. Time is passing rapidly, as we speed ever closer to the arrival of the Golden Age of peace and prosperity. The constant insights and accelerated soul growth is exhausting so most of us are sleeping solidly – and needing nana naps during the day! Most importantly, our tribe connections are growing exponentially. These are 5D connections so they are blessed with a particular joy that cannot be replicated. We are indeed fortunate.. source

How old were you when you learned that there are Omikron, Delta, Lambda and CORONAtion islands in Antarctica and all the variations of Greek letters? source

an unusually large number of earthquakes have occurred near Indonesia.
Unfortunately, there was also a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. The epicentre is located in the Banda Sea about 11 km north of Maumere. It is reported to be 18.5 km deep.
Many recorded earthquakes are 10 km deep…
However, it is noteworthy that all the earthquakes to date have NOT triggered tsunamis, although reports by various news agencies cite depth as the cause of the last strong earthquake.
The 2004 tsunami was triggered by an earthquake with a huge magnitude of 9.1 – 9.3 on the Richter scale, whose depth is officially given as 30 km… source
Massive earthquake triggers tsunami warnings and spark panic in Indonesia
A powerful M7.4 magnitude earthquake rocked eastern Indonesia on Tuesday, triggering a tsunami warning and causing crowds to flee their homes in panic. source

Austrian TV… Serious complications of vaccination that can affect all organs…healthy body cells are destroyed by the vaccine….so instead of a protective vaccination, the injection causes the autoimmune destruction of healthy body cells… we should ask ourselves what the government wants to achieve by forced vaccination.
The truth can no longer be stopped. source

Fauci considers the possibility that the C. vaccine increases the likelihood of contracting the virus. Fauci quote:
“It wouldn’t be the first time that a vaccine that initially looked good in terms of safety actually made people sicker.” The narrative of the NWO and NATO protagonists is increasingly collapsing. source

📌 Big changes are coming. The big dodo goes down with the big booboo!!! No more nice guys or girls. Keep your heads down and stay positive. We have taken a big step forward. The elites are running but they can’t hide. The books are being closed NOW. We warned them but they didn’t listen. No mercy.
📌 There have been significant energy changes since 2020. Many souls have reached their earthly expiration date. People may not understand this, but for some it is time to move into the next realm and make way for the birth of a sovereign paradigm that will pass through the birth pangs of the matrix. source

The PA, the planes and the properties: Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘life of luxury as Jeffrey Epstein’s second in command’ is laid bare in series of images shown to sex trafficking case jury. source

Antifa is being secretly arrested in California and now in Portland??
Texas man sentenced to federal prison for assaulting deputy U.S. marshal with hammer during Portland protests
PORTLAND, Oregon – A Texas man was sentenced to federal prison today for attacking a deputy U.S. marshal with a construction hammer during a protest in downtown Portland in July 2020.
Twenty-four-year-old Jacob Michael Gaines was sentenced to 46 months in federal prison and three years of supervised release.
“Mr. Gaines’ actions in July 2020 were intentional, dangerous, and could have seriously injured or killed the deputy U.S. marshal who confronted him. His attack on a federal law enforcement officer justifies the lengthy prison sentence imposed today,” said Scott Erik Asphaug, Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon. source

The loader was not marked as a dangerous load at all! The highway parking lot had to be closed for several hours! And then there was the news that Bergkamen was offline and that Telekom was experiencing major disruptions.
👈 And so you know the cysts, raids….. 😉
👉 Dangerous goods transporter accident on the A1 motorway near Bergkamen
The overnight accident of a dangerous goods transporter on the A1 motorway near Bergkamen was relatively minor. However, the motorway car park had to be closed for several hours.
👉 Bergkamen is offline
Many residents of Bergkamen currently do not have access to the internet. There is an extensive fault on Telekom’s lines. It is expected to be repaired today.
👉 That’s interesting too… Bergkamen is a former mining area and is crisscrossed with supposedly unused tunnels. This report is from May 2021…
👉 Reports that there was an earthquake. source


CHINA (Evergrande) defaults on 82.5 million$$$ interest that is part of the larger half-trillion Debt that is mostly real estate that is 30% of China’s GDP << CHINA >WILL<default and S&P just dumped the Chinese property giant into default… The world economics will be Shaken. Rockefellers/ROTHSCHILDs BANKS in China connected to world banks (GPMB <World Money laundering scam)///

The half Trillion Chinese Default fallout is 10× worse in trading and banking numbers as ELITES and brokers/World trading corporations began to steal more money to cover debts (they don’t want to lose or use their own money.. So they steal honest investors$$$ and create INFLATION >> CREATE A BUBBLE… then bet against the system and help bring down the market by first busting the BUBBLE >>then stealing homes and assets from hard working families >>> COLLAPSE (like 2008)////// THEN CREATE WARS… >MEANS $$$$$$<

ROTHSCHILDs/ROCKEFELLERS/World banks Cia, VATICAN, EU. Wall street > DEEP STATE CABAL must regain this half trillion Chinese Default lost (which actually= 10×worst in banking terms )….so the only way out is >WAR

CHINA+ROTHSCHILDs+ROCKEFELLERS+ECT ECT ECT=[DS] >>wants TAIWAN’S 759,000,000,000,000.000$$$$$
TRILLION$$$$ GDP <<<(and control of the microchip companies to control the world)


,ASSETS and Military RESERVE in these countries<<

RIPPLE EFFECT<<SERBIA helps Russia, and brings Romania, under control quickly…..




Q source

Where ever BIDEN goes now

Dozens of FIGHTER JETS/ refuelers/spy birds are protecting him<<< this isn’t reported in Mainstream media..
/// This should give you the hint… Why sub hunters are constantly sweeping the East Coast and Warships positioned in high Alart, staggered along the East coast <<<

[DS]PANIC source

It is being reported that Russia “has begun to move Tor short-range surface-to-air missile systems to the border area with Ukraine.”

Ukraine has shocked the world by opening up the bomb shelters in Kiev
Ukraine has opened bomb shelters in the capital of the nation as fears of a Russian invasion soar. On Wednesday a Ukrainian minister and former top spy warned the conflict could spread globally.

Banks in Belarus are preparing to switch to Russia’s version of SWIFT due to imminent sanctions by the west…

Belarusian banks are preparing for tougher Western sanctions by signing up to Russia’s alternative to the SWIFT, the international financial messaging network that underpins the global banking system, Russia’s Moskovsky Komsomolets tabloid has reported.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz is reporting that after Joe Biden’s recent call with Vladimir Putin, the Russians moved an additional 10,000 troops to the border with Ukraine.

Middle East>middle east

North Korea>>>>> was silent for a while…

India border.> China> Pakistan

Through all the commotion..>Africa will ignite Coups < /// South America will come into heavy conflicts, 🔥

South Europe>>> SERBIA.<<<

Storm of the Century

I gave as much info as I could this past year, of what was about to erupt…. Most thought I was fear-mongering and this wouldn’t happen..///

Military is the only way

The world is connected

Most won’t understand what’s happening till the dust settles….. And the Worldwide operations are complete and MASS arrests take place during, after the STAGE. PLANNED _EVENT… source

Alex Collier update – November

📌 President Trump, former President Trump, current President Trump, whatever happens, yes, he said a few days ago that the next 7 or 8 days will be remembered. 2 days ago Elon Musk said the new quantum internet will be available by the end of December. Regulation would also be in place by then. Now that the quantum internet is emerging, measures may be put in place for the quantum financial system. If it were mid-December, we would know. The 3 Gorges Dam and the big pharma labs will kick off the Black Swan event. The start of the Black Swan event will trigger everything. Not just the RW revaluation of world currencies. May the planet see the manifestation and expansion of freedom, these events will change the world forever. And we’re talking from now until the end of Dec. The earthquake and long floods on the Yangtze-Tiang River have to do with the destruction of facilities on the ground and below. Some of them belong to the CIA.

Gene Decode seems to be the man for the job when it comes to this sort of thing. What’s going on right now? It’s not a war against Russia, it’s not specifically a war against China. What we’re seeing is a war of White Hats around the world with the reptiles, with the Rothschild family. That’s what this is about. And these Rothschilds are getting sharper, they’re paying you with this ridiculous money, but they’re terrified because a new system is coming. That’s another part of the story. Then you might also be interested to know that HIV has never been isolated, Aids has never been isolated, HPV has never been isolated. They can’t even prove that it actually exists, and yet they passed it on to us and our children. Polio was caused by heavy metals that were sprayed. The pharmaceutical companies made it into a virus so they could sell a fucking vaccine. According to the Omicron study, the virus is only transmittable through television and mainstream media.

The government was supposed to publish the international exchange rate last Monday, well, yesterday the Iranian government published the international exchange rate and the international exchange rate for the new dinar is $11.90. I don’t know how it’s going to be in each country, but we’re expecting a release starting this morning or probably Sunday, so tomorrow. It is also interesting that it is called the gold dinar because it is backed by gold. The Kuwaiti government is sharing Goldi Middle, so they will have their portions, which is a remarkable thing. First of all, it will add a lot of stability to the Middle East, and secondly, Iraq has paid Kuwait. He paid you. And you didn’t pay him in dinars for his work? You were paid in a new currency backed by gold. So everybody’s a better friend again. All is forgiven, and everyone is ready to move on. We understand that Iran is supposed to be very close behind, and we know that if you have been watching the currency and the currency basket for the world’s foreign exchange reserves, it is not Rothschild’s nonsense. He always insisted that Iraq would be the first country to launch and then launch all the others. You all have your own schedules, so it could be that if you want to exchange your dinar, it’s a good time to start making appointments. Nothing yet about the other currencies in the crowd, but it’s happening, it’s happening a lot and everyone should be very excited because it will end poverty. And it will change the way the world works significantly from this point on. You should note that yes, the Rothschilds have been informed that their bloodline may no longer exist on this planet. We can read into that what we want. But they and their ancestors, whatever it is, are gone, they’re gone anyway, it’s over. The rate in Iraq is $4.81, while in the US it is $11.90. It may be higher in some countries. Now it depends on when they exchange your dinar and ask for cash. Here in the U.S., if you ask for it, as far as I know, there is a new currency that is going on the U.S. note instead of the Federal Reserve note. Very many changes, many changes, all good things, all good things, which is not to say that shenanigans are not likely to happen. source

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