News 19.05.2021


At 5:13 am local time on Tues. 18 May these Deep State Freemason Pedo-Satanist psychopaths mainly on the Israeli side, started getting arrested and taken out by special forces operators (including Mossad white hats–yes, there are also White Hats in Mossad alongside Black Hat leaders, and they worked with other special forces operators to arrest and take out the Deep State psychopaths).

…“The Military has been preparing secret something [a secret FF event] at both the White House and Capitol since January 2021. An event like that would literally bring the house down on all the criminals nationwide. We’ve seen pics and videos day and especially night [Citizen Journalists recording strange happenings at the Capitol Bldg and at the White House]. There’s no denying something’s up.” source

President Trump has not been seen in public for two days. He is not at Bedminster. This could be a good thing.

I know the military is committed. They will not wait for audit results. They have a timeline. When simultaneous missions here and abroad are completed they will  implement the first phase. Then a Hard Martial Law, Population Control, Confessions, Transitions and transfer of power source

Why are there so many mysteries and unexplained events? We know the answer to that question. They don’t tell us the truth because many of us can’t handle the truth. The general public certainly can’t because they have no basis,  background, or perspective to understand. They don’t know there’s a war going on for our planet; for our very survival.

…Do you think we should put the reality of Morgellons on the 6:00 news? Watch this brief video from a doctor who grows her own Morgellons and studies it. Link to Telegram. Who would believe us? They already consider us conspiracy theorists. The world needs a dramatic wake-up call, and they’re going to get it.

…The riveting story of the AZ election audit changes every five minutes it seems. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors refuse to cooperate because if they do, they’re going to jail. They’re going to jail anyway, but this drags out the drama so more people get engaged and wake up.

This battle of good versus evil will probably take a while to fully resolve. Taking the red pill also doesn’t mean overnight resolution of the plague. There are a lot of evil, dishonest, greedy people on this planet. source

Now many liberals are mad at Joe for how he is handling the situation in Israel / Gaza.  They are timid about their anger for many even admit to voting for him and they now regret it.  

But what I am noticing, is that Joe voters are now admitting that Joe is a complete disaster and failure!  The Fake News was that powerful in spewing propaganda and untruths that got many Joe supporters to vote  / support Joe…now they are learning the truth.  We tried to warn them. source

Connecticut govt. secretly tells health care workers covid vaccines are DEADLY, but withholds the same information from the public.

Today we bring you a shocking true story about covid-19 vaccines, the government of Connecticut, and an open admission that vaccines contain dangerous, even deadly substances (spike proteins) that are documented and known to cause vascular damage to human beings.

It’s all admitted right in the open, in these Connecticut government documents shown below, which admit these vaccines can be fatal. The original documents used in this research may be found at the following links: (all PDF docs)

link 1

link 2 source

  1. May 15th, people in 100 cities around the world united against Covid tyranny in the second World Wide Demonstration for Freedom.
  2. More than 500 Orange County, CA, residents united and spoke at the Board of Supervisors meeting against vaccine passports, causing the BOS to pause their plans.
  3. Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings kitchen line removed from Target website after Courtney Stodden accuses her of past bullying.
  4. MSM was forced to admit that it’s plausible Covid originated in a lab, as scientists from Stanford, Harvard and MIT slam the WHO for dismissing the ‘viable’ theory and call for more research.
  5. RINOs chose Chip Roy to replace ousted Liz Cheney. Chip got clobbered 134-46 in favor of the hand picked Trump candidate, Elise Stefanik.
  6. TX State Legislature passed a bill banning abortions performed after the detection of a fetal heartbeat. Gov. Abbott will sign this into law
  7. Josh Hawley’s book is a Top 10 Bestseller despite cancellation attempts. In it, he lays out his plan for antitrust legislation against Big Tech
  8. MI Senate Oversight Committee voted 3-0 to subpoena 55,000 documents relating to Gov. Whitmer’s handling of nursing homes after ignoring its initial request for two months.
  9. Disney’s revenues decreased $636 million in the second quarter, followed by a 4% drop in stock price.
  10. Israel continued to bombard Gaza, destroying the office tower that housed several propaganda media outlets including Al Jazeera and AP.
  11. Dr. Shiva’s First Amendment lawsuit alleging the US Government made Twitter silence his political speech is headed to federal court May 20th. Judge orders Twitter to testify.
  12. Swamp Rat and Deep State agent Liz Cheney was fired yesterday and Kevin McCarthy is feeling the heat.
  13. The wall is being built on the Southern border again.
  14. In Arizona, the 2020 Election is being shown to be stolen in this audit and more evidence is coming out every day. More states will be revealed in coming days.
  15. Trump is absolutely unleashing “bombs” in his messaging and he is just getting warmed up.
  16. Ellen cancels her show after 19 years (Anons know why).
  17. Fauci lying in front of Congress being found out as a total fraud.
  18. More masks are coming off after CDC makes their recommendation
  19. NYT just published an article detailing how Fusion GPS and other private spy agencies manipulated journalists into believing in the fraudulent Steele Dossier, and how often this corrupted relationship drives deceitful news.
  20. GOD IS IN CONTROL and will continue to be IN CONTROL source

It’s raging in Israel. After Israel it’s our turn; whether visible or not and Germany is being prepared for the new era all the time in the background. I really didn’t care what you can see outside, but I’m still happy about everything visible, that’s clear.
Today is May 18th. This is the DAY that Trump’s Executive Order, signed July 2018, expires. It says roughly given again all countries, all NGOs, all people who participated in the election fraud will then, today, expropriated. Well, we know that Dems was there with Dominion so all NGOs here such as the media, courts, tax offices, politicians etc are also with private assets expropriated…WORLDWIDE.
We are waiting for the courts, the judges, the prosecutors, the mayor, the media, the politician. The case of the CABAL has long been here even if there are still annoying pseudo-offices and pseudo-bailiffs who have always acted illegally still do the worst things. They will continue until the last second, you have to fly in the armchair to Gitmo BUT, everything is due to the defenselessness of the Germans. If we had defended ourselves much more with the right means and the right knowledge, we would too already on. So first Israel, then we. I KNOW many channels write it the other way around, I don’t care. I don’t listen to them, there are so many who just copy what the first one writes think about the 5 levels deep.
In Germany, there is also a question of LIABILITY; WHO is liable for the DAMAGE here..well do you negotiate with the Cabal? Probably not. We will see. In any case, today is May 18th. That’s good … and soon it will be May 29th .. Defender 2021 will transform its “FORM” again as it did before … in February 2020 … they came as Defender, they converted into active SHAEF .. it remains exciting. Don’t get vaccinated, stay away from vaccinated people … as far as possible. Now wait for the REST, but please finally with enough POWER, SEND LIGHT, SEND PRAYERS, formulate everything positively, there is a lot more possible. That is what everyone can do. TO SHINE. source

Google unleashes “MUM” – a model for complex searches that is 1000x more powerful than the former model called “BERT” source

There’s 3,141 voting counties in the US
Q just happened to pick the one county that would be ground zero for Election Fraud
Oh and this Q drop is from 2018
Enjoy The Show
Sometimes you can’t tell people.
You have to SHOW them source
Unmarked helicopters coming and going from the Capitol building multiple times. Members of Congress have to fly out of Andrews AFB in USA marked aircraft. So what’s going on? source


3D, 4D and 5D all exist in parallel

Depending on your state of consciousness at any given moment, you experience what is reality for you in that situation, communication or relation with your self or others.

By learning how to navigate the frequencies and energies between different emotions on the scale between high and low, we can learn to move and switch between these dimensions.

It is human to experience low emotions and you continue to do that as a human being.
The aim is not to only exist in 5D.
But to learn how to embrace and transmute emotions in the process from 3D to 5D every time.

Living only the 5D existence is an illusion and can be the trap of spiritual ego.
When emotions and darkness are not truly processed and transmuted one can think they are further along in their process when in fact there are still layers covered.
The transmutation of past trauma will guarantee success in advance but it remains a process of ongoing ascension.
Layer by layer.

Ascension and development in your process will be particularly easier in a free world than it is in the matrix.
Ultimately, however, we are emotional beings and experience life through contrast.

The ego takes experiences and emotions very personal. And it condemns, fights, defends, denies or trivializes out of fear that deeper negative beliefs about yourself or the world around you may turn out to be true.

Coming into the 4D dimension means recognizing, accepting and addressing these emotions by feeling them and learning from them. This is the transition dimension that can feel like storm; restless and chaotic.

In the 5th dimension, you accept yourself in all your light and darkness and you also accept the other. This is the connection with your higher self, through your intuition, your soul.
In this dimension, we recognize that we are all different and therefore connected. We all contribute to the whole in our own way. There is no right or no wrong.
There only is:
I am
You are
We are
Everything is fine

Navigating between these dimensions is life’s work and a daily process of awareness, balance and making choices. Live in harmony, respect and peace with yourself and the world around you.
The most difficult and most beautiful thing there is.

It is my mission to hold the light and constantly open the field to a fifth dimension vibration for you to connect to. I am here because of you. I read all your posts. I connect to your light. Connect to mine. I can not do this alone. I need you. You play a very big part in this awakening and ascension.
Just by being you every day. By shining and connecting your Light.

Together we can cause a web of high vibration all over this planet. source


The Colombian Civil War, the collapse of the South American region.

“The Colombian authorities have deployed police and special forces in all major cities of the country – Cali, Medellin, Bogota, Caldos, Yumbo and others. Local officials act tough. The violence escalates immediately after official talks with the protesters.
While the central government can still put out the embers of the civil war, there is a sense that everything in Bogota is run by law enforcement hawks. For people like Defense Minister Diego Molano, it is easier to see the protesters as Cuban “agents” led by FARC militants than as citizens with whom to negotiate.” source

Unvaccinated Australians are restricted from entering Australia source

📎Big news: The Cyber Ninja team has announced that they have recovered deleted files from voting machines in Arizona.

📎Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones posted a tweet inviting all residents of the state to meet him at Liberty Plaza in Atlanta. Many believe that Jones plans to demand a comprehensive forensic review of the results of the 2020 Georgia election.

📎Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer of the 13th District of Michigan allowed evidence of fraud with voting machines to be made public in court. He will then decide whether to proceed with the Bill Bailey election fraud case, which is being represented by Matthew DePerno.

📎Paul Gosar, a member of the House of Representatives, warns against interfering in the audit of the US Department of Justice: “Honest people do not interfere with the audit.”

📎The hackers behind the attack on the Colonial Pipeline received $ 90 million in bitcoin ransom money.

📎Maricopa’s supervisory Board is doing everything possible to stop the election audit – they are attacking the Senate and the audit team, begging them to stop the audit, interacting with leading Democratic lawyers.

📎Biden traveled to Dearborn, Michigan, on Tuesday to visit the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. He was pushing his highly unpopular $ 2 trillion infrastructure bill, which has nothing to do with infrastructure, including $ 174 billion to develop electric vehicles.
At one point, Joe Biden repeated the lie that his “great-grandfather” was a miner.

📎Six months after the 2020 election, Fulton County, Georgia, still lacks the necessary legal supply chain documentation for nearly 19,000 ballots.

📎Biden will waive some U.S. economic sanctions on Russia to simplify the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany.

📎Election officials in the District of Pennsylvania are working to address the issue of ballots being rejected by voting machines.
According to election judge Chris Varney, voting machines in Fayette County rejected only Republican ballots according to a given algorithm.

📎Netizens ridicule a video showing a” fully vaccinated ” Joe Biden wearing a mask while standing on the street next to two vaccinated Democrats in masks. Propaganda every day. But now it’s funny.

📎Amer The non-profit organization America First announces a lawsuit against the Stark County Election Commission of Ohio regarding their contract with the dishonest Dominion Voting Systems.

📎After Trump’s historic peace deals between Israel and several Arab states, Psaki lies and says: “We don’t believe they actually did anything constructive.”

📎The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and the Soros-backed sheriff are pleading with the Arizona State Senate to stop auditing elections “for the good of the country” in a video message.

📎Arizona Republican Party Chairman Dr. Kelly Ward: “Maricopa County supervisors plan to ignore subpoenas, which means they will disrespect the authority of the Arizona Senate.

📎CNN released a pathetic report trying to discredit the Arizona Audit Office and the Cyber Ninjas team. The so-called “expert” they interviewed, Ryan Macias, was hired by the corrupt State Secretary of State, Kathy Hobbs, whose job it is to slow down and eventually stop the process. CNN calls Ryan Macias an “independent,” which is complete nonsense.

📎MS MSN: Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor and Republican Jeff Duncan promises to try to wrest control of the Republican Party from the hands of Donald Trump and his supporters in order to “heal and rebuild” the Republican Party in the state and across the country.

📎Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has ordered a Canadian energy company to shut down an oil pipeline that has long been the target of activist attacks, despite fuel shortages caused by a cyberattack on the country’s largest pipeline. source

The Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum calls on companies to lay off unvaccinated employees as part of the “Reset Jobs”program. The tweets were deleted after a negative reaction on the network. The comments on the newly edited post were quickly filled with screenshots of the first deleted tweet. source

President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has banned residents from choosing the COVID-19 vaccine they would like to be vaccinated with.
Duterte insists that no one should ask for a specific brand of vaccine. source

‘Deleted Files’ in Maricopa County Recovered source

Jill Biden told supporters that Kamala could ‘go f*** herself’ for attacking Joe for supporting racist policies during the 2019 Democratic debate. source

Russia will not tolerate any more civilian casualties in #Gaza, Russian foreign ministry source

Another sudden frequency drop in the European power grid happened on Monday, but smaller than the one in January, spokesman for the German transmission system operator Amprion confirmed. source

CVN 71 >17
Mirror Timestamp 9:06 > 6:09
58 On gun
Trust us. > Trust the plan.
We have everything.
How can we use what we know?
How do you ‘legally’ inject/make public/use as evidence?
What are you witnessing unfold?
TRUST the plan. source

How would life be if you had no cell phone bills, no cable bills, no internet bills, no electricity / energy bills and the prices for goods and services were reset to the prices of the 50s and NO INCOME TAXES . Think about the general implications for your quality of life. ENJOY! source


  1. Paul

    great article, thank you for your explanation of 3D-5D. Helps me a lot.As always, I’m trusting God’s plan👍😎

    • Yancy

      That would be so awesome. It would be just as I have often thought it should over the years in pondering the landscape and thinking why isn’t it so!!

    • Ivy

      Glad to help!

  2. Laura

    I read in telegram the Qthestormrider you posted is not legit.

    • Ivy

      How do you know what you read is legit though. The point is for people to think for themselves. We don’t dictate you to believe the stuff we post.

  3. Michael D Cervini

    To God be all the Praise and Glory!! He has been informing me through prayers and downloads that this has already been won in the heavens so we just need to be Patient! He has our backs and to Him be all the Glory!! Amen!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😇😇😇

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