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We have a state of emergency declared in California now due to the extreme heat, and also in Crimea due to extreme flooding. The world is a crazy place and it WILL be an interesting summer as the good guys and the bad guys duke it out. source

The Whole Truth Must be Revealed

There have been so many references to “watch the water” and “TerraMar” that at last I went to an article on TerraMar. (No, I’m not going to reference it.)

I had to put my laptop down for an hour.

Again I offer the concept of “honest witnesses to the truth.” (1) Some people watch the videos of human-rights abuses so that you don’t have to.

The TerraMar Project centers around the use of submarines to deliver children to island settings where they can be … anything goes. That’s where my witnessing means you don’t have to witness. Yet.

The truth will eventually come out but it is as grisly as you can imagine. The people responsible thought they could get away with anything. Joe Biden has an island next to Epstein’s Island and TerraMar is home delivery. I’m biting my tongue to stop it from saying further.

Having seen Frazzeldrip and associated photos, this story only adds more detail to the horrible acts I know are being perpetrated on children.

It’s our mess. We have to stop it. And I think that’s what Operation Defender-Europe 21 in March 2021 was about and other operations underway as we speak.

Oh, my. My view of humanity’s assumed basic decency is taking hit after hit. I guess I should think of this for what it is – a cancer that’s being removed. On all levels.

The time of separation/bifurcation moment is here – again, like everything else, I assume, gradual for society but sudden for each individual. (2) The Alliance taking the cabal down.  The military and law enforcement dismantling a worldwide child-trafficking network (think Ever Given).  Washington, the City of London, and the Vatican shut down – under cover of Covid-19. These are not gradual.

How are we going to manage the news when it hits?  I can see now that a day must come when the whole truth and nothing but the truth must be revealed.

The only way to stop the revenge cycle is to show every person on the planet unmistakably the unspeakable crimes the people responsible have been practicing upon the children of the world.

They loved power. They thought they could get away with it.  They never thought Hillary Clinton would lose. Now they can’t hide all the evidence which they, in their arrogance, left strewn around. source

Scavino 10:34
Grammar typo, it should be “nor” when using “not in a sentence.

We are in control.

Confirmed typo.
Q source
Explosion at a fireworks warehouse in Moscow. source

NSA Reveals In Response To FOIA That The FBI Has Involved A “Inadequate Monitoring” Of 16,000 Americans source

weather forecast in Europe source

Magnitude 3.9 quake registered off Daytona beach as US Navy conducts “shock trials” on the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford. source

Mr Pool video
Nie je k dispozícii žiadny popis.
Nie je k dispozícii žiadny popis.

Planetary Situation Update, June 17 2021

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The war between Light and dark forces for Chimera underground bases is at its peak, and the decisive battles ending in Light forces liberating the bases are expected to occur soon.

The Chimera underground complex which extends below the central part of eastern Congo and below most of Rwanda and Burundi has not been liberated yet, and hostages captured there and in other bases still need our assistance with meditation:

This underground war precipitates to the surface as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

Galactic Confederation fleet, especially Ashtar Command, Pleiadian and Sirian fleet, are moving closer to the surface of planet and Mjolnir (quantum cannon) weapons are now deployed in Near Earth Orbit in icosahedral formation to continue clearing quantum anomaly and all dark force exotic weapons in all surface and subsurface layers of the planet, physical and non-physical.

Mjolnir is particularly targeting etheric scalar weapons grid which was created by the Orion dark forces during the invasion of 1996.

Scalar waves are produced when two opposing waves of the same frequency exactly cancel out each other: link

They can be misused to create strong etheric fields that can capture souls after they leave their physical body through the death process, and this capture is exactly what happens to most humans on the surface and most hostages in underground bases.

Also, scalar fields can be misused to attack Lightworkers and to induce emotional pain, energetic discomfort and also physical pain by triggering central nervous system.

As Light Forces progress toward the surface, the dark are attacking key Lightworkers with those scalar weapons, falsely hoping that this will slow the progress of the Galactic Confederation fleet.

The main thing slowing the progress of the Confederation fleet is the so called subquantum anomaly. Subquantum anomaly is the part of quantum anomaly which extends throughout the whole universe on scales smaller than Planck length (10 e-35 meters) and can not be detected by any means, according to the so-called trans-Planckian censorship conjecture: link

This practically means that the Light forces can not detect it, even in their Ascended state, they can only guess its effects after it begins to influence objects larger than Planck length, so basically all particles and waveforms in our universe. The Orion dark force scientists have learned through experiments spanning many millennia and sometimes even millions of years how to trigger subquantum anomaly to produce anomalous effects in our universe. Throughout the universe, this can only produce a very thin quantum fog, whereas close to the surface of this planet it triggers serious quantum anomaly which significantly hinders the progress of the Confederation fleet and also significantly decreases the efficiency of the Light forces in general. They are now fully addressing this problem and there are already signs of progress.

The most dangerous phase of the planetary liberation war lasted from December 2017 to May 2021 and things are finally beginning to look a bit better now, although the danger is far from over….

… a lot of healing energy will be released on the surface of the planet.

Victory of the light! source

“We are living in BIBLICAL times.” — Q

COVFEFE is an Antediluvian term for “In the end we win.” It was commonly used by the sons of Adam to rail against the evil actions of the fallen who had led man astray.

The Dead Sea War Scroll describes the War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness (Army of Belial & those who assist them from among the wicked) with inscriptions TRUMPETS, banners and liturgies for the priests during the conflict.

In the War against the Evil ones each side will fight alongside angelic hosts and other supernatural beings and final victory is achieved for the Sons of Light directly by the hand of God. In the end, all of Darkness is to be destroyed and Light will live in peace for all eternity.


The city of Houston, Texas was hit by an earthquake that, as often, has no set size or depth. The epicentre was west of downtown. There was also an earthquake in Los Angeles this morning around 6:00 am with no information of magnitude or depth. The epicentre is marked by the city.
There are no coincidences…

Tens of thousands in darkness after a power outage hits US Virgin Islands. The U.S. Virgin Islands Power Company announced complete power outages in St. John and St. Thomas on Friday. source

Obviously, if we interpret the news in the mainstream media accordingly in relation to military operations, it also means that people should stay at home so that nobody gets hurt.
The government flights (Berlin-Lisbon) of a few days ago may have something to do with this.

Before I go into more detail, here are some thoughts:
1) The tunnel system of Brazil, the Canary Islands and Portugal (Lisbon!) Then in Normandy to London, Birmingham …
2) Lisbon old town, the cultural centre of Soros, socialist government since the end of military rule in 81? – There’s certainly a lot to clean up here.
3) The Portuguese were geostrategically extremely important to the Deep State because of their location – see also Azores, Terceira – Madeira – there is or was a real need for cleanup there 4) The Portuguese military seems to be playing a major role in CENTCOM cleanup and special operations. The corresponding trust must have been there for a long time; some of the military may have been involved in the early development of NSA whitehats and links source


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