News 19.10.2021


I have been telling you all

Veterans.. Discharged military (vaccine-related discharge//and hundreds of thousands of soldiers are uniting… preparing for war
WHs are organizing the front lines<<<<

It’s going to get real..
A fight to take back the country

Zero hour approaching source


Veterans/soldiers to rise against the mandates/vaccines..>>>>

White hats are moving sources through these continents….. The rise of the white hat military….

The world will follow the U.S. Soldiers uprising>>>>>
U.S. Veterans/newly discharged soldiers preparing for war<<

]]1776 world[[ source


_Turkey’s Nightmare Week in Syria continues.
Assad’s Army attacked the main base of Erdogan-backed militants in Idlib, 5km from the Turkish border.
Turkish Military intelligent officers are among those killed in the strike.@auraxchan
_Israel has allegedly assassinated Midhat Saleh, an ex-member of Syrian parliament, according to reports in Syria.
_Russia military vessels chased away a US naval destroyer that attempted to violate Russian territorial waters during Russian-Chinese naval drills in the Sea of Japan
_Lebanon in the middle of Beirut, a metropolis of millions, opposing militias are fighting street battles, using firearms and grenade launchers.
So far 5 dead and 30 injured.
_Turkey is preparing for a new military operation against the Kurds in Syria.
_ISRAEL – Over the next few weeks, the air forces of Germany America UK Greece France Israel India Italy will take to the skies in Israel
_URGENT – Chinese state media Global Times writes:”The PLA will maintain HIGH ALERT and is ready to fight any time. It will resolutely defeat all external interference and “Taiwan independence” separatist acts, safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”
_Meanwhile on the southeastern flank of the NATO, where Serbia and Russia already begun their annual Slavic Shield-2021 exercise in Serbia. A Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and cannon system destroyed an unmanned helicopter during the exercise.
_Kosovo border tension still on high ALART as SERBIA Mil. Forces do Exercise nearby
_Sudan protest calls for military coup as political crisis deepens
_USAF HC-130J, E-3C supports Combat Search and Rescue Training in South Korea –
_Japanese warship arrives in Singapore from Sri Lanka
_U.S. destroyer attempted to violate the state border of the Russian Federation in the Sea of Japan and refused to turn around – Russia deployed the huge “Admiral Tributz” and Americans turned around when the Russian navy approached “60 metres close”
_India-US soldiers participate in friendly matches amid joint military exercise Yudh Abhya
_The military are striking in Italy….Great news!!!!! The military aviation union calls for its first strike ever in protest against the Green Pass for work effective as of 15th October.
_North Korea’s Kim Jong Un vows to build an ‘invincible’ military as he accuses the U.S. of creating tensions
_2 Navy SEALs, 16 other troops suing Biden, DOD over vaccine mandate
_A combined force of CNA, CDF- Hakha and CNDF has carried out a joint strike against Myanmar military junta’s forces who are stuck between the main highway of Hakha city and Falam in Chin State. The attack results in 7 military vehicles destroyed, many soldiers dead and injured.
_MPT telephone line has been cut off in Hakha city and Falam Town following lots of explosions in Hakha city, Chin State.

_Eventually >>>WORLD WIDE MILITARY COUPS WILL BEGIN .. BUT FIRST…>> Martial law..(military in 32 countries will activate martial law against riots. Food shortage gas shortage/Vaccine mandates/, forced vaccines/lockdowns.. CITIZENS of the World will rise against the [DS] PLANDEMIC…. The martial law will be an excuse by white HATS to bring in Military in all major countries.. And in those days when people are under martial law… THE DEEP STATE/CABAL/and those who colluded in the scheme of the pandemic and Bank companies and pharmaceutical companies and deep state affair will be arrested [ZERO HOUR] )+ the FALL OF THE CABAL IN ALL COUNTRIES…. source

Why hasn’t Trump joined Gab or created his own social media site?

Because he doesn’t need to.

Donald Trump is the most popular man on the planet.

When he speaks the entire world listens.

When he releases a statement, his words are instantly shared across every platform.

Donald Trump has become uncensorable. source

📌After the biggest tax heist of all time (Cum-Ex scandal), a second similar case (Cum-Ex 2) has emerged in Germany. One hundred suspects allegedly leaked half a billion euros to the tax authorities. Extensive police raids across the country, including 44 millionaires.

📌A man from Bavaria faces a prison sentence. He posted a childhood photo of his son playing with his penis. The son, who is now an adult, had previously allowed the publication. Now his father has been arrested for distributing child pornography. For several months, a strict LAW has been in force in Germany under which such childhood memories are punishable by severe penalties. Minimum sentence: one year in prison.

📌Almost daily, there are also unusually large cocaine finds: 1.8 tons in the port of Rotterdam and 2.5 tons on a German sailing ship off the Spanish coast. source

Russia closes its NATO representation for the time being source

Double vaccinated but still died of C19; former US Secretary of State Colin Powell is dead source source

Na obrázku môže byť cesta
👉 Today and Saturday between Klietz and Burg on road 107 and B1 several convoys with different equipment in both directions. Bundeswehr and also Dutch, as here.
Military movements here are massively increasing.
👉 At Ingolstadt (night video)
👉 Observation from Altmark. I saw the vehicle about 1 hour ago in Stendal. The turret gun was not covered – you don’t usually see that in public road traffic.
👉 Spotted in Hohenwarsleben today around 11:40. Irxleber Strasse/ Zum Raukler intersection
👉 Comment. There were always days when there was a lot of shooting, but then there were days when there was no shooting at all. Nowadays it is noticeable that since the army corps are there, only rifle shots can be heard, but no more artillery. But this is probably just a coincidence. source

I know that a lot of people are struggling right now. You have a family of anons to help get you through. We have a community of frens to encourage each. We are all staying strong together. Clinging to God.
WWG1WGA source

Health Minister Spahn announces the end of the pandemic state of emergency in Germany.

“This ends a state of emergency that has existed since March 28, 2020, and thus for almost 19 months,” Spahn said. The parliament still has to confirm the decision at the end of November. source

We try to keep it light, but we know there are serious threats out there that could potentially be unleashed on unsuspecting Humans. Some targeted individuals, and at least one who frequents the comments here on the ship, are attacked by psychotronic weapons even now.

The cabal members are like spoiled little children. They are used to getting their own way and being in control, so if you cross them—look out. They’ll be having tantrums and lashing out at anyone they can. Torture is commonplace in their world and Humans are afforded little in the way of compassion or empathy from these psychopaths who only know how to dish out what was served to them from infancy. We have to stop the cycle of depravity and satanic practices.

Some suggest that microwaves or 5G may trigger the technology in the clot shots at a time of the New World Order’s choosing and take out millions of people en masse. Some thought it might be space weapons and possibly for that reason and perhaps others, specific satellites have been shot down by the Space Force, we’re told.

The psychopaths are going to push it as hard as they can, and more and more people are reaching their limit and realizing they have to take a stand, regardless of what they have to sacrifice to do it. If enough people don’t do this, it won’t matter. It’s all or nothing. We either stand together in unity, or we go down together. Win… or lose. Where We Go One, We Go All.

Yes, they can threaten all they like but let’s see them ENFORCE what they’re threatening. They are counting on most of us being in fear, and we’re just not any more. There are far more of us than of them and their high-paid goons.

Yes, the “loaded” vaccines are wreaking havoc on Humanity. We don’t understand them, and can’t be sure why some people are literally unaffected in any way by negative side-effects while other die within hours or days of injection. It is getting the attention of a lot of cognitively reasonable people and they are realizing something is deeply amiss when governments the world over are calling for mandatory jabs for all age groups now. source

Mon. Oct. 18, 2021
The Capitol

And, just like that, the mystery fence is pretty much finished. Hmm….. source

Not 40% but 60% of Pilots are against vaccinations//POLICE WALKOUTS// MILITARY discharges ///teachers against vaccines urging students to WALK OUT//// MILLIONS walk off jobs because of mandates. Vaccines…>>> Shipping ports coming into CHAOS<<<
WORLD mail delivery starting to see disruption … Millions of delivery workers across the World walking off jobs due to vaccines/removed by mandates//…. source

Simon Parkes: Military action across planet to move to second phase.

Increase in military activity now given green light. source

I have translated several comments on the topic TUNNELS
📌 I come from Mainz. My father had a friend whose father was the head of the cathedral. That meant they could go into the catacombs as boys. The cathedral was connected by tunnels to all the monasteries in the city. During the Second World War, the Ewigen Anbetung monastery was bombed. And after the tunnels were cleared, numerous children’s skeletons were found. The official version: They were the secretly aborted children of not very pious nuns.
📌 Here in our village Wiernsheim near Mühlacker, between Pforzheim and Leonberg, there is also a monastery complex with cellars and corridors. When I was young, my grandparents told us that these underground passages lead to the Maulbronn Monastery (UNESCO World Heritage Site), 25 km away. Until 2 months ago, we heard muffled banging sounds several times. Four months ago a very old building in the outer ring of the monastery complex was demolished. Apparently the building next door cannot be demolished for conservation reasons (it was to be used for a home for the elderly). They drilled mile-long pillars into the ground, and I wondered what they were supposed to support. Since then, the above road has been closed for at least 3 months for construction work. And the scary thing is that until a few years ago the monastery complex was a sort of children’s home. I never saw any children. I always thought it was strange.
📌 I grew up in Dillenburg, Under the Schloßberg mountain is Germany’s largest tunnel system, most of which is not open to the public, We visited the Kasematy as children as part of our compulsory schooling! The scale is larger than Ehrenbreitstein in the German corner.
📌 I was born in Constance on Lake Constance and grew up in the neighbouring village of Hegne on Lake Constance. There, many years ago, there was also talk of the Hegne monastery being completely covered with cellars all the way down to the lake and then underground passages.
In the 60s or 70s, it is said that construction work was carried out in the monastery and children’s corpses (bones) were found there. We in the neighbouring village found out about this because people from our village were working on the monastery. My father said that they must have been illegitimate children that the nuns had received from the clergy on the island of Reichenau.
📌 Pic.: Klaster Hegne source

👉I translated some comments from Germany
📌Report from Frankfurt airport. All warehouses and storage areas for cargo are overcrowded. In 17 years of working at the airport, I’ve never experienced this-
For about 2 weeks cargo was unloaded/storage in the area where planes normally park.
📌We were at Aldi in Hamburg yesterday and it was scary. The shelves of goods were crammed on top of each other, so they probably didn’t look as empty as they actually were. Almost no coffee, toiletries or drinks. I asked the visibly good-natured cashier what the reason was, and she replied, “Be happy, then it will be over soon. I winked at her and we both had to smile.
The subway in Hamburg is similar. There, too, the range is getting thinner by the week. My girlfriend wanted to order goods from Rewe today and couldn’t choose a delivery date because there were almost no goods available.
📌As for the economic situation, I want to say that I can confirm what others have said about China – I work for a large sex toy company (in the UK) and about two weeks ago we got a flood of emails in which Chinese suppliers and manufacturers also confirmed that they would resume production 2-3 days a week (apparently the government wants to save electricity this way, they’ll probably turn it off for the rest of the week!) as well as extreme restrictions on silicone supply, we should be prepared for extremely high prices and long delays.
The problems are increasingly spreading to all sectors and industries! Here in England we have had extreme difficulty getting rubber boots for my son in the right size! Allegedly, again, problems with supply and production. A colleague in the US said she heard on the news (a few weeks ago) that if you want to buy your child a bike for Christmas, now is the last date because the lead times are so long. I’m surprised that we haven’t seen any particular impacts in our stores yet, but 4 energy suppliers have just gone out of business again (12 in previous weeks!) and petrol stations stopped working a few weeks ago! I had to go to three at the end of September before I got lucky, and there were long queues for the ones that were still open!
📌I work at IKEA and we have huge problems with deliveries. All items that come from Asia can no longer be delivered. It doesn’t seem to be a matter of weeks or months, but permanently.
📌I also work at Audi NSU. Production of the B, C and D series is on hold for the entire year. My A8 colleagues were home for a total of 9 weeks this summer (4 weeks holiday, the rest part-time). Part-time jobs have been announced for the whole year, but part-timers are still being recruited. There are already rumours that the entire VW group wants to introduce indirect compulsory vaccination. They want to issue warnings to employees who do not get vaccinated because they are putting employees at risk. I think the tone is going to be even harsher. (Hence the 30,000 laid-off employees). Too many people in Germany are still “too well off”. First, we need to get to the edge of despair.
📌Lebanon: A gold-backed currency is being introduced. Banks are closed, a colleague who was there just last week confirmed this to me. The Beirut embassy was still open yesterday, but not today. I am working on the visa procedure. source

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