News 21.05.2021


We’re getting closer to the truth. Now Princess Diana is suddenly back in the news and some are calling for the Beeb to go bye-bye. We’ve got a long way to go yet before the whole truth comes out. This is reportedly Diana and her twenty-something daughter, Sarah.

We’re verrrrry close to a major event after several delays have forced the White Hats to stop short of the RV/GCR. Scott Mowry’s sources say they nearly pulled the trigger but suddenly a whole whack of new saboteurs meant they had to do another rousing round of arrests before they could go forward.

We hear that 50K troops have been earmarked for mass arrests, having been deputized as federal marshals. About to be deployed or possibly already deployed.

So… any time this month “it” could happen, so just be ready. A lot of parties are pushing very hard to get this done ASAP but we have to make sure the deep state clowns can’t get their hooks into our funds or mess up the Plan.

Scott reported that there are med-beds in Houston, TX but they will not be free. They cost $3M to operate and will not be coming to our homes as they are very complex and require two doctors and a technician to operate. It would be dangerous to put this technology in the hands of the untrained public. Perhaps a “wand”, he said. The beds will regress us in age, however. source

Here is an interesting Anonup post using Cue drops to explain the two current USA Presidencies – [B]iden’s shadow illegal presidency and President Trump’s legitimate Presidency.

Q was telling us there would be TWO Presidents
& TWO Elections in 2020 THIS WHOLE TIME
(1 rigged BIDEN shadow presidency and a
legit 2nd term TRUMP administration)!

We had WAY MORE than we knew!

1 + 2 = 3 source

Activity in Israel is escalating rapidly. We Light Warriors hold onto this Cue message: ‘Saving Israel for last’.
Cue drops refer to a ‘Sky Event’. There is a Solar Eclipse in Northern America on 10th June – just four days before President Trump’s birthday on 14th June.

Apparently Japan is refusing blood transfusions from [v]accinated people, and a Gold Coast Australian hairdresser is refusing to serve [v]accinated people. The number of these kind of incidents will grow exponentially as the Light relentlessly extinguishes the dark.

Awakened patriots around the world have never seen our God given rights more openly tested. Because of this we know now more than ever how truly precious our freedom is.
In the long run: Everything they have done has only served to harden our resolve. This too is backfiring on [them] and ensuring a bright future occupied by red pilled warriors who will never forget the tyranny displayed through this pandemic.
We have been shown glimpses of [their] plan and We the people will reject it.

Finally, there is a separation taking place in the lives of Light Warriors. Many of us are experiencing people fall away at an accelerated rate. Those people who are not journeying forward with us are slipping out of our lives. Dolores Cannon predicted decades ago that this would happen. On the bright side, fellow Light Warriors of a vibrational match are coming in to fill the gaps. It’s a soft shoe shuffle. source

There has been many C before D’s thrown out.
My latest guess plays into the CASTLE ROCK Scenario. POTUS always said BIDAN Would Crash the Stock Market the likes you have never seen.
It will be Precision Cyber by Space Force. Executive Order 1221.
Mr Pool is showing BIG SHOCK.


Do NOT PANIC. source

Mr Pool
Shock – disbelieve – Mind Blown
By what you see online
Power outage – Alert – Electric shock source

Charlotte, N.C. – More than 150 missing and/or runaway children were located in North Carolina, officials say. source

Watching a documentary on the human body & how it defends itself against diseases and such..
Here’s a 1.5 minute part about the need for people, especially kids, need to be exposed to multiple germs and such. It’s the only way to build our immune system. source

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh gave $100,000 to a private trust for Joe Biden’s grandchildren!
And the FBI is targeting Rudy Giuliani?! source

Iowa Senate passes HJR 5, an amendment to the IA State Constitution banning all abortions. source

We Are In A Spiritual War That We Can Win

Those wrecking our economy. Those manipulating our educational system. Those hijacking our free will with pavlovian social media cues. Those setting us against each other by presenting two sides to the lies. Are not interested in a future for humanity. Furthermore, their alien and evil spiritual beliefs are ultimately built on a weakness relying on temporary power and fleeting earthly wealth. This spirituality is no match for the word of God. It is no match for the internal wealth of those that have aligned their morality with the truth. source

EU agrees on details of Europe-wide digital COVID19 certificate. source

Fake election, fake news, and now fake driving. Such a joke source

Pentagon: National Guard Deployment at US Capitol to End

The Department of Defense confirmed on May 19 that the National Guard mission that was set up at the U.S. Capitol following the Jan. 6 breach will end on May 23. source

Interesting that Lady Di is now put in the spotlight 😉
There are rumors 🤔😁
We’ll soon get to see more of her, more than one might actually expect 😉🤷‍♀️🤗
Let’s be surprised 🥳🧡
Lady Di: Now the truth about your 1995 interview comes to light source

Special naval divisions of the US are preparing forthe upcoming World of Black Swan. The bubble starts with Money. The appearance of the Black Swan signifies an unexpectedly catastrophic financial event. By the way, Harris, members of Congress will be reluctant to surrender. This is a military operation. All governments in the world will be overwhelmed by the military. Cyber ​​attack and staging of Adrenal War. EVS – Emergency Broadcast System. New news, Quantum Internet. Military tribunals will be interrogated for 10 days in three sessions of 8 hours.a day. There are 10,000 hours of video similar only to the actions of the Epstein crusader, which cover child sex trafficking and human trafficking. Since the inception of the Quantum financial system, 4,000 bankers have been arrested so far, and attempts have been made to withdraw money from the Quantum system. With the new system this is impossible. The end of corruption! And GESARA / NESARA is coming to the final! Constitutional Republic! New Country! source

Putin: GM foods and vaccines threaten humans den
According to a report by the Health Freedom Alliance drawn up by the Russian Security Council (SCRF), Russian President Putin is said to have given instructions to protect the people from genetically modified food and drugs. Putin believes that human evolution is endangered by GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and that certain powers want to delay the evolutionary process deliberately and for their gain.
Humans as a species would either have the choice to develop their bodies and brains in healthy ways or to follow the Western example and purposely poison the population with GMOs, drugs, vaccinations and fast food. Putin wants to counteract this development in his country. A physical and mental handicap of the population is not in his interest. source

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „MAGNETIC TORMS ONLINE May 20, 2021 16:36 UTC Geomagnetic storms for the past hours torms occurred for the past hours m nor evel Geomagnetic storms for the last 24 hours Geomagnetic stors were ob erved Magnetic storm of eve G1 from 12:00t015:00 Magnetic storms for the last 3 days caln disturbances storm 41 18.0 18.05.202 19.05.2021 20.05.2021 Current solar activity 76 5(95nT) tesis ebedev“
So …. I woke up with the creepie heebie-jeebies this morning. This is what’s going on right now.Another magnetic storm is in process. source
Q54: “For I know THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” source

The biggest obstacle for the Q team and POTUS?

In my opinion, it’s making the controlled portion of the plan seem natural without causing too much damage to the American psyche.

So far they are straddling that line with perfection.

Trump has been quietly sitting in the shadows, allowing the enemy to destroy itself while he prepares his epic comeback.

People screamed at him for not using any of his Trump cards before leaving office.

What will those people say soon when he has successfully destroyed his enemy without even fighting and reclaims his Presidency with a royal flush in his pocket?

Remember we were told that “POTUS must stay neutral during this time for pure optical reasons.”

I believe that time is coming to an end.

Are you ready to take back control of this country? source

📎Member of the House of Representatives Jim Jordan demands an answer to the question about the origin of COVID-19, as the version about the leak from the laboratory in Wuhan attracts more and more attention from the establishment, the media and the public.

📎Marjorie Taylor Green in an interview with Just the News fried Pelosi:
“…Nancy Pelosi doesn’t believe in government for the people. She believes in a tyrannical socialist or maybe even communist government. This is a woman who does not believe in the safety of others. She is too focused on her power and control.”

📎The election director of Lucerne County, Pa., pointed to the shortcomings of the Dominion voting system to address the challenges of this week’s primary election. Ballots marked “Democrat” appeared on the screen regardless of the voter’s party registration.
Election officials blamed a” coding error ” on the voting machine.

📎A district in California requires companies to report on vaccinating employees against Covid-19. Those who refused to be vaccinated must wear a mask and comply with other restrictions.

📎The state of Utah prohibits the mandatory wearing of masks in public schools and universities.

📎Fully vaccinated people in Oregon now have to show proof of their vaccination status to enter businesses and other facilities without a mask. Companies that do not check the vaccination status will have to make sure that everyone wears masks without exception.

📎An unidentified man in Minneapolis dismantled a roadblock erected by the BLM in honor of George Floyd. First, he deliberately drove into it in his pickup truck, and then used an axe.

📎Palestinians drove a caravan of cars down 47th Street in New York’s Diamond District, known for its Jewish-owned businesses, and threw a small incendiary bomb that exploded on the sidewalk. No one was injured.

📎Arizona Secretary of State Kathy Hobbs sent a letter today stating that the voting machines tested by the Cyber Ninja team over the past few weeks should never be used again.

📎Chicago’s racist mayor, Lori Lightfoot, faced a backlash after she decided that only “black and brown” reporters could interview her about her two-year anniversary in office.
Many people wonder if she lets her white wife talk to her. Lightfoot later tried to defend her racist interview policy: “As a woman of color and a lesbian, it’s important to me that diversity is always the center of attention.” Does she even know what she’s saying?

📎CNN has admitted that host Chris Cuomo (brother of disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo) participated in “inappropriate” strategic meetings to help his embattled brother.
Chris Cuomo has been involved in several conference calls with the governor and his aides as the sexual harassment allegations have escalated. He told his brother that he should not leave his post, as it would soon be quiet.

📎According to published documents, former FBI Director Louis Freeh donated $ 100,000 to a private foundation for Joe Biden’s grandchildren, and also discussed “future work options” with Hunter as an intermediary.

📎Biden on Thursday made the remarks at the signing ceremony of the bill on hate crimes in Asia. The performance was watched by 799 people.

📎The media reports that in India, against the background of the epidemic of “black mold”, which arose as a side effect of the spread of the coronavirus, another fungal more dangerous disease, which is called “white mold”in the country, has been discovered.

📎Putin: “Everyone wants to bite us somewhere or bite something off of us, but they need to know that we will knock out everyone’s teeth so that they can’t bite. This is obvious, and the key to this is the development of our armed forces.” source

Dehonestation of Kurz in the primary transmission
A peek into the chat logs of influential ÖBAG boss Thomas Schmid reveals the existence of a homosexual team around Austrian Chancellor Kurz, exchanging pictures of penises and state allowances. Although the media are aware of this, they do not report on these new male alliances for fear of being accused of homophobia. source

The “earthquake” in Berlin… In addition, I have been following the daily earthquakes in the mountains between Kazakhstan, etc. and around China for several months now. The earthquakes seem to be getting closer and closer to China, both from the mountains and from Myanmar. There are more and more earthquakes everywhere, and my take on it: they are not natural earthquakes…. Just my observations… source

Na obrázku môže byť mapa a text, v ktorom sa píše „Stunden, Dienstag, 18. Mai. 2021 Aktualisiert 18 May 2021 20:16 GMT- vor wenigen Sekunden Erdbeben gespürt? Berichte es! In den letzten 24 Stunden gab es 10 Erdbeben der Stärke von 5.0 oder höher, 36 Beben der Stärke von 4.0-4.9, 99 Beben der Stärke von 3.0-3.9 und 228 Beben der Stärke von 2.0-2.9 alle Nach Magnitude filtern: 2.0+ 3.0+ 4.0+ 5.0+ Terrain Sat chstan Hybrid Streets OSM an Plates Mongolei Kirgisistan stan China akistan Japanische Nepal Südkorea Indien Ostchinesisches Meer Mvanmar nmar (Birma) 1000 km 500 mi + Golf von Bengalen Thailand Südchinesische Leaflet Map data: © Google Maps“

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