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We can now see where they were going with the ‘Poopy Pants Biden’ extravaganza and the media’s demands to know when he will have his annual checkup. He’ll be getting a colonoscopy and VP Kamala Harris will be the new ring-leader in the circus. You can bet many will say this “movie” stinks.

Well, that won’t take long, did it? I told you it changes fast. He’s back—but they laid the groundwork for Harris to take over the reins in the event that…??? What else might the physical at Walter Reed reveal? Tune in for the next chapter of Poopy Pants Goes to Washington.

Washington and Canada flooding: One dead and thousands evacuated following days of heavy rainfall

After setting alight the town of Lytton last summer when Dr Charles Hoff was openly challenging the globalists’ vax protocols you’d think they’d leave them alone but since there are so many tunnels and obvious ocean access in that province and we know about the underwater base off the coast of Vancouver Island, there may be covert ops going on to clear the infestation of the… uh… parasites in that corner of Canada in lieu of the recent earthquakes—not that the Earth Alliance caused the flooding event, but if they know in advance it’s coming and can’t stop it and it suits their own agenda, I believe they would take full advantage. I recall Queen Romana advising people months ago to store food above flood level.

Queen Romana is organizing aid of all kinds from generous people and many have pitched in with food, money, distribution, and transportation for thousands of stranded people as well as the relocation of animals. It’s very mountainous in the Hope, Merritt, Frazer River and Coquihalla Hwy areas of the Rockies and if the one road through the canyons is blocked/closed—those folks are cut off from any supplies, fuel, etc. Power can be out, and it sounds like it might be long-term in some cases. It would no doubt impact transportation [road and rail] of supplies to Calgary, Edmonton, etc. from the coast. Supply chain. Coincidence?

I hope you can see that the advice we have given for years now to be prepared for anything and to stock up on food, water, fuel, meds, pet supplies, cash, etc. and to have a bug-out bag cannot be considered fear-mongering. It’s crucial to maintain situational awareness at this time. You may not want to watch the news, but be aware of the weather, fires, etc.

People all over the world have been locked down, displaced, evacuated, burned out, flooded, dealt with ferocious hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, tsunamis and volcanoes and earthquakes—you name it. We just don’t know what the future will hold so be prudent, take advantage of this heads up you have because you’re awake; protect yourself and your family and of course, help others where you can. It’s far better protection than the “fake vaccine”. Remember to check in on the elderly and disadvantaged. Not everyone is glued to a gadget all day and up on the local alerts.

Tunnels are going to be coming up in conversation a lot because the biggest back story that the general public is as yet unaware of is the global Human trafficking industry. It’s not only about sex, it’s largely also about adrenochrome; the Human-derived drug of choice for the bloodline predators. Because of the people involved, the world will find it a bitter pill to swallow and it will leave them reeling.

Another curious development I heard about was a nasty smell in Jacksonville, Florida along the water. It has some folks asking, “What if children’s museums across the US were entrance points to the tunnel network?” I don’t think they’re really “asking”. We hear that the children are safe so the bodies if there are any… well, you can draw your own conclusions. As Q stated, it won’t always be clean; meaning they would have to do things that ethics would prevent in times other than a war for the survival of our species and Human life would be spared as much as possible.


I think it has to be that way until the majority realizes it.
According to C. G. Jung, the archetypal form of this collective psychosis of Corona is not yet complete.
Collective self-knowledge is only possible when everything is in ruins.
I regard this fascist measure of Corona as a kind of exorcism. Those who have never experienced their shadow do not know what it looks like.

Our society is deeply infantile. Just like a toddler must first tap a hot stove a few times to realize it is hot. In order for this deeply infantile society to have the ultimate hot plate experience, it must now complete the journey. Anticipatory thinking is denied to it; the learning experience is only possible when one can paint one’s own devil on the wall and contemplate it there: Well, well, I am so dark!

Therefore: Yes, please, tighten the measures to an intolerable degree and finally lock us all up! You must finish this journey now.
Rejoice in yourselves and shudder comfortably at your horror.
I’m gathering evidence and watching you lay the heavy blame on yourselves.
(Alex) source

Why is it important for everyone to be home at the last stage? To protect children from terrorist attacks? Do you think those on the Polish border are there out of boredom? In the latest attack, the freaks are ready for anything.
That’s why you need to be at home!!! The screws are so tight on both sides they can’t be moved. Source

👉 A whole train full of Abraham’s – it’s nice to see. Yes, there seems to be a lot of activity around Hohenfels / Grafenwöhr. Yesterday also in the airspace
👉 And we are seeing more and more Americans on the road. Here on the A4 between Hermsdorf.
👉 On the A12 towards Frankfurt/Oder (border with Poland) – British army source

The MSM will do anything to divert attention from this case. Watch this.Jurors are currently being selected for the Ghislane Maxwell trial. So keep your eyes open…the case hasn’t started yet, when it does we should all demand to see or hear it.Facts are important.

Potential juror for Ghislaine Maxwell dismissed over meeting with Jeffrey Epstein A 12-person jury and 16 alternate jurors for the Ghislaine Maxwell trial are expected to be empaneled on November 29, with the trial set to begin later that day. source

📌 The corporate press has spent more time lying about the Kyle Ritterhouse case than reporting on the global pedophile ring.The media has spent more time attacking and slandering a child defending his life than a pedophile destroying the lives of children.Think for a moment.Help us expose evil.
📌 Substantial evidence in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial shows she linked VIP elite to children for the purpose of rapeThe prosecution in the child sex trafficking trial of Ghislaine Maxwell alleges that the defendant linked “VIP elite” to children for the purpose of rape, according to court documents. According to court documents, the emails show that Maxwell arranged to “connect powerful elites, including politicians and heads of state, with underage trafficking victims they liked. “Prosecutors asked the judge to allow the pedophile elite to be identified during the trial. source


So we can observe what we see on the radar, we can distinguish between civilian machines and military machines, so that means we are able to observe on the radar the movements of military aircraft if possible. And in doing so, we have found the following things: there do seem to be correlations between various meteorological phenomena, earthquakes and aircraft movements. This means that, for example, we observe machines like the P8 Poseidon and the P3 Onion, which are the so-called Robert Jagdmaschinen u Boot Jagdmaschinen chase ships, as they are called, and they sail the sea. However, we have noticed and very often we can see, or usually can see on radar, that this machine is over land – at the moment, for example, the P3 Orion between Wolfsburg and Berlin.

Anyway, we have done some research and you can read that these machines are equipped with onboard electronics that can detect anomalies in the ground. These anomalies include cavities, tunnels and associated tunnels. Of course, we do not know how deep they go, and it always has to be said that the military, and it does not matter whether it is the German military or the US military or wherever, has technology that seems probably quite new to us in the civilian sector, that is to say, military developments are much further advanced than we know, and it can therefore be assumed that these machines are scanning the ground to detect the tunnels and tunnels in question. What we have found in connection with these scanning flights is that there are very often various ground tremors in these areas, that is to say, they have been scanned and shortly thereafter there have been ground tremors in the very area where the scanning was carried out. For example, various tunnels were connected that seemed almost impossible, such as one of the first tunnels that we discovered, these giant DUMBs from Rome to Jerusalem. And there were countless earthquakes, but it was exactly on this line, and so gradually a picture emerged of a great number of tunnels and DUMBs that we basically didn’t think were possible. We’re constantly getting reports of various detonation sounds. Of course, we don’t know what they are, that’s quite clear, but we can say that they are demonstrably not detonations because we are not getting any reports of damage anywhere.

So if you blew up, for example, a house or a tunnel, there would be detonation damage somewhere, i.e. a house would be buried or a house would collapse or a road would be destroyed. But we don’t have anything like that. In that regard, we had reports recently from a Gene Decode video that perhaps there could be an air war. That would explain, for example, the earthquakes that we have very often on the screen here on the official website that show us a depth of 0.0 meters. This means that the earthquakes would actually be happening somewhere inside the earth, but when they occur right on the surface they are marked as having a depth of 0 metres. Of course, I don’t know how these earthquakes occur, what causes them, but I’m working on that too and hope to get an answer from somewhere at some point, and I’m actually quite optimistic. However, we often encounter tornadoes, as mentioned. First, the corresponding scanning flights appear and two days later there is a detonation and we have often seen a tornado in this area. Whether or not the incident is directly related to that, we don’t know one hundred per cent. It was just striking that it was always in places where there were corresponding earthquakes. There are unfortunately a lot of things that are very probable and cannot be confirmed, but it makes total sense and I think we’re all looking for answers, which is basically what we’re trying to give here.

And I think it should always be addressed that we get countless letters from our readers about seeing various military units on the roads. Whether they are on motorways or on dirt roads, whether there is a military camp set up somewhere, whether there is a Bundeswehr or a US army tanker somewhere, we see the army everywhere in Germany. We also see an incredible number of planes and helicopters, as our readers confirm. But one thing needs to be said because the question arises: yes, there is an army everywhere, but where is the war? It is true, this war is going on underground, and I think it is very important to understand that. We are talking about an underground war of troops that are on the move. We see them in a quasi-peacekeeping mission, that is, we’re on the move and they’re going from point A to point B, but we don’t see any acts of war. Strangely enough, we always get reports in the evening, I hear gunshots, there was a shot and so on, so these so-called, I’ll say it now, acts of war are taking place in the dark, even though we don’t see any damage. So you have to realise that there is much, much more going on at the moment than we have even begun to see, and most of it is going on underground. If you look at a lot of the news, we also come back to the topic of priming, which is becoming more and more prevalent these days. For example, there are reports of secret tunnels, tables and so on, and you also have to take into account that as early as 2019, the U.S. Department of Defense is talking about the Pentagon providing a budget of 500,000,000 to train CHUS soldiers for wartime, and that’s as early as 2019.  source

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  1. TK

    The 0.0 meter earthquakes are from the White Hats blowing up an alien spaceship trying to escape one of the DUMB tunnels. I think Gene Decode mentioned this in one of his talks 6+ months ago. Hope this helps with your research. Thank you for all your hard work in your daily briefings. Love y’all!

    • Ivy

      Thank you very much for the info and feedback, we really appreciate it! Bless you


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