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It’s quite a war. Not only are we fighting to remain current in all the breathtaking developments, we’re battling the the fake news, fighting to stay healthy and to wake others up and protect our rights so we never have to step back in retreat. source

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Italian minister of health source

I’m tired of hearing how people can make a ton of money off gold, silver, digital currency or the RV. Money is not going to get us out of the predicament we’re in. Wealthy people will not be happy people, necessarily, and if they have enough toys to distract them, they might not be the kind of people we want representing us locally or in the seat of government—wherever that may be. We need to change our view of currency and its place in society. It is not the be all and the end all except to the globalists.

If we have access to the technologies other civilizations have, we don’t need gobs of money, or jewels, or expensive vehicles, yachts or mansions. Those are the trappings of the “elite psychopaths”, and what has it done to the Human condition? It was used to bribe and blackmail politicians, bankers, Hollywood bozos, and people in every walk of life. It was used to buy silence and sell out Humanity. It was used to set them apart from us.

We need pure food and water, and we need med-beds to heal the shocking degree of damage done to those still left. We need to house and clothe everyone. And we need the time to reeducate the world and rediscover our spirituality. We need our Ascension.

WE, the PEOPLE, or whoever is left on our planet after the next stages will decide how to move forward according to what WE want—not some controlling group who believes they have all the answers and the right to implement the systems necessary to go forward as they see fit. What happens in the future will evolve as WE evolve. WE are the creative ones and WE know what we want. source

by QTSR see

_ HAWAII out Protesting against the vaccines and lockdowns since March
Israel night protests, against vaccines and mandates carry on into midnight hours _Tens of thousands march against the vaccine mandates in New York city _Glasgow protest against vaccines passports _SWITZERLAND 7 days of protest against the vaccines laws and mandates.. people eating in the streets defy Covid
DC PROTEST has more officers.FBI. law officials and MEDIA crews than Protesters.. Only 400 protesters showed up for the false flag event _Berlin Germany protest continue through the month against against
_FRANCE railway workers and civilians continue 2 weeks PROTEST against mandates
_ANTIFA ,BLM protest in Liepzig burn buildings in protest.. And ANTIFA members turn on each other during protest and spark fights
_Australians plans Major protest for coming weeks and unifying against the tyranny
_Austalians fed up with governments.. And civilians speak of civil War
_Texas city declare State of EMERGENCY
_Over 230 significant antigovernment protests have erupted worldwide

You will love how the Story ends_
The GREAT Awakening source

It’s unfortunate that some retreat to the rear because they don’t have the fortitude to deal with truth but the rest of us will soldier on—because nothing matters more than the truth—even when it hurts.

Until we get the truth, we cannot move forward.

Penance is coming.
Regardless of what you think, you are not yet awake.
You do not know how deep this goes.
If you knew, you could not sleep.
Many of you could never go on.
You need each other.
You need every ONE of you.
Learn to play nice with each other or be left behind.
If one stumbles, pick them up.
If one asks a question, give them the answer.
That is how we grow.
There’s no more room in the plan for arrogance and self importance.
If you turn ONE away, you’ve hurt the plan.
If you hurt the plan, you’ll be left behind.
We are watching.
We see it all.
There are no secrets.
You would never believe the files kept on everyone of you, for that matter, you’d never believe
WHERE they are kept.
Prepare for the next phase.
Prepare each other.
You are one.

Q source

Everything that has further seeped into the minds of the sleepwalking masses since Trump got into office:
The media is fake and evil.
There is a cabal of elites that control governments.
Celebrities and politicians went to a paedophile island with a temple on it and are blackmailed.
The FBI are an abomination.
Hollywood is full of paedophiles and corruption.
Our voting system is rigged and has been for decades.
The swamp is a den of vipers.
Adam Schiff has a pencil neck.

And people tell me that the Great Awakening isn’t happening.
Open your eyes and look. It’s all happening. Light is exposing it all. source

Biblical floods or world peace; which is it to be?

The eruption last week of a volcano on the Atlantic Island of La Palma has the potential to trigger a 100 meter (about 300 foot) tsunami that would devastate the East Coast of the US, the Southern coasts of Europe, and large parts of coastal Africa and South America.

This comes after the three gorges dam in China came under heavy pressure from “once in a thousand-year flooding,” earlier this summer. If the dam burst, as many as 600 million Chinese would be affected and countless deaths would be recorded.

It is no coincidence these events are happening as the fake, criminal administration of Joe “rubber mask” Biden faces a September 30th fiscal year-end payments deadline it cannot meet.

On the surface, this looks like high-stakes geopolitical poker between the US and China, each threatening to flood the other.

These threats seem to be connected to financial warfare as seen in the widely reported (in the West) imminent collapse of China’s Evergrande Group and corporate propaganda reports about “budget deadlock” in the US government.

The Evegrande collapse, if related entities are included, would affect $1 trillion worth of debt and could impact the Chinese economy almost as much as a Biden regime default would affect the US, CIA sources estimate.

That is why this source initially suspected the La Palma and Three Gorges problems were linked to this US/China conflict.

However, fact-checking with multiple sources revealed a much deeper conflict involving the Thule Society, the French Grande Lodge de L’Orient freemasons, the Swiss-based Octagon group, the Italian P3 freemasons, and the Satanic pseudo-Jews who pull the puppet strings of most G7 so-called leaders. Parties such as the Chinese Lotus freemasons, the Scotts rite freemasons, the Russians, and others are also involved to varying degrees.

A surprising revelation was that, according to MI6, the thousands of earthquakes that followed the eruption of the La Palma volcano were caused by the “HAARP system”, which is not located in China, but in Norway.

This is fascinating because last week a Japanese diplomat was murdered in Norway and Norwegian police seized $2 million in cash, according to sources in the Asian dragon’s family. The money was to be used to fund travel and security arrangements for members of the Asian Dragon to cash in on historic Asian bonds. These bonds were then to be used to fund a massive Western-led planet-saving project that would eclipse China’s modern Silk Road initiative.

The HAARP system in Norway, which has been identified as the source of the impending disaster on the island of La Palma, is located around the massive underground base there. This base came under temporary scrutiny in late 2009 as the source of the mysterious “Norway Spiral”.

In other words, it appears to be a northern European company called Thule. We contacted a Thule source who linked this to events at the Thule airbase in Greenland and “the complicated connection between Greenland and what is under Lake Geneva”.

Recall that the Octagon group, which controls the fake Biden administration, is based on Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Here is more information from this source:

“Why do you think Russian President Vladimir Putin was in Geneva on June 16? To meet with Biden? He didn’t. In Genova, Italy, there is an entrance to a 275-kilometre-long underground tunnel that allows submarines coming from the Thule military base in Greenland to reach the CIA’s global headquarters under Lake Geneva. This connection seems to be confirmed by the fact that Geneva and Genova have similar flags with red crosses. Genova’s emblem features a Roman cross, similar to the flag of Switzerland and identical to the logo of the Red Cross, which coincidentally is also based in Geneva, Switzerland.”

“A purge is underway in Switzerland. In addition to the flooding of DUMBS (underground military bases), mass arrests are underway at the CIA’s Geneva global headquarters, the Khazarian mafia’s lair (the Octagon), and other locations in the area.”

We have partial confirmation from open sources that this is all somehow related to the US, as there are huge numbers of planes flying from Washington DC to Thule Air Base in Greenland.

According to CIA sources, prisoners are transported on these flights.

Let us now connect a few more dots and try to find out what this is all about.

Sources from the P3 Lodge, MI6 and Mossad claim that they are attacking the French branch of the Rothschild family, which is controlled by the Octagon group and their Freemasonic servants from the Grand Lodge of the Orient.

This, for example, is what is behind the Australian submarine incident being reported in the corporate media.

Recall that the Communist Party of China was founded by Chinese agents trained by French Freemasons. They are called the Great Colonies of the Orient because they consider themselves the secret administrators of Asia.

For example, General Douglas McArthur, who established the post-war regime in Japan, was a member of this lodge.

The Chinese Communists (CCP) agreed to finance the fake Biden regime because the French Rothschilds promised them control of Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the ASEAN group, according to Drake family sources.

Here is some basic information provided by the CIA in East Asia:

The CCP took over the Australian government. They were promised bribes to completely remove British rule on the island so that Communist China could take it over.

So the traitorous Australian government took billions of dollars for what it was doing, and it probably infiltrated the Australian police and military as well.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Liyuan called the secretly negotiated AUKUS (submarine agreement) pact an “extremely irresponsible” double standard and urged member countries to “abandon the outdated Cold War zero-sum mentality and narrow-minded geopolitical concepts”.

The state-backed Global Times went even further, claiming that Australia had turned into an adversary of China and that “Australian soldiers are also the most likely first group of Western soldiers to lose their lives in the South China Sea”.

Why would the Chinese be so upset about Australians buying English submarines instead of French ones? The answer: The British, Americans and Australians prevented the French Masonic promise to hand Australia over to China. Instead, they put Australia under their nuclear umbrella.

Interestingly, the Russians are also aiding the Rothschilds and their Swiss masters of the Octagon in their fight against the French Freemasons. That is why Russian troops have been sent to Africa, according to FSB sources, to interrupt the theft of the continent’s resources by the French Rothschilds.

This is what lies behind the propaganda messages of the corporations denouncing the presence of Russian ‘mercenaries’ in Mali. Remember that in Mali, the French Rothschilds are stealing gold in order to pay their debts to the Asians.

We have also seen the Alcuin and Flutterby websites, which are linked to British intelligence services, signalling British rapprochement with Russia with extensive quotes from Putin about the criminal nature of the Khazarian mafia regime in Ukraine:

“Why meet with Ukrainian President Zelensky when he has accepted full external control of his country? The main issues of Ukraine’s functioning are not decided in Kyev, but in Washington and partly in Berlin and Paris. So what is there to talk about? The Ukrainian authorities are taking completely illegal actions that even go beyond their competence. Dissidents are simply being killed in the streets, and after such a crime, no one is looking for the criminal, or people are even burned alive.

Perhaps this tilt towards Russia, combined with the removal of German sleeper agents from the British government, is why MI6 told us last Thursday:

“We are under some sort of comprehensive cyber-attack. It’s so complex that we’ve lost a whole day because of it and we’ve had to ask a lot of people to work hard overnight. The connection was sabotaged in the very early hours of the morning and the cyber attack was so severe that it put national security and the police in the crosshairs.”

Now, let’s take a look at a few other events that took place across the planet during this busy week.

Perhaps the biggest and most under-reported news was that Iran was officially invited to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as a permanent member.

This would mean that any further Israeli attack on Iran would lead to retaliation by Russia, China, India and Pakistan, all members of the SCO. The US and NATO are not about to start World War III by fighting the SCO to protect Israel, Pentagon sources promise.

That’s why last week Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz broke Israel’s long-standing resistance to refreshing nuclear diplomacy with Iran, Mossad sources say.

This news, combined with the continuing US withdrawal from the Middle East, as manifested, for example, by the withdrawal of US missile defences from Saudi Arabia, marks a complete change of policy in the Middle East. Israel had hoped to persuade Egypt to come to its defence, but it refused. It seems that they now have no choice but to seek lasting peace with their neighbours.

Meanwhile, more and more consumers of deceptive news (vaccine acceptors) are beginning to awaken in North America. This has been helped by rapper Nicki Minaj, who told tens of millions of her supporters the truth about vaccines when she wrote comments like this one:

“80% of the artists you’re watching right now have the same opinion on vaccines as I do. And they are afraid to talk about it. If they murder me and make me look like a fool or a jerk, guess what? Nobody else is asking. Don’t you understand what’s going on?”

When the fake Biden regime tried to organize another event for patriots at a seedy motel in Washington, D.C., on September 18, there were far more cops, reporters, and Secret Service agents than demonstrators. The only person they managed to arrest turned out to be a secret agent. link

This means that these criminals are losing their ability to lie and trap patriots.

Meanwhile, in California, according to Pentagon sources, military action is being prepared against Governor Gavin Newsom’s regime after it was discovered that the proposal to impeach him was a satanic psychological operation. The proof of this is in his 66.6% “winning vote”.

According to sources, the military attack will also target the Facebook and Google headquarters in Palo Alto, California, and the CNN and AT&T disinformation centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

We are also receiving numerous reports from Canada, where Manchurian candidate Justin Castro ‘Trudeau’ is attempting a communist totalitarian coup. It turns out that Castro forged his own vaccine identification certificate to deceive Canadians into believing that a DNA-modifying vaccine was necessary. link

Castro and his satanic regime are also complicit in attacks on Canadian Christians. Over 64 Canadian churches have been damaged or burned in the past few months based on a false story about the discovery of mass graves of First Nations members. Investigative journalists who have actually gone to the sites to investigate have found no evidence of mass graves.

The Canadian military needs to wake up and realize that the civilian government has been taken over by Satan-worshipping criminals.

In any case, representatives of the White Dragon Society and the Chinese Lotus Masons will be meeting later this week to try to put an end to all these disputes and hopefully reach a solution that will be beneficial to all the inhabitants of the planet.


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