News 22.04.2021


Military joint ops. The war coming is staged for many reasons and will set off Military Law of War and Codes in major countries. Marshal Law. Arrest the Deep State Cabal disciples. Done in 30 countries. The rest will follow suit.

Quantum Internet: the Internet would be rebooted with everything wiped clean and no more Operation Mockingbird or Microsoft. Everything wiped – the same with TV, Newspapers etc.

All Mass Media owed by Mossad, UK Royals, 5 Eyes, CIA was being removed. The only intelligence will be Military Intelligence.

The storm raider” posts on twitter that Potus is 100% insulated and for reasons of security has been removed from Maralago by US Special Forces.

Frogman is 305th military Intel battalion (what has been described as the “kraken” by General McInerney) and Spec Operator17 is 111th military Intel brigade (the one Flynn was head of) AND is on personal security detail for potus!!! These 2 milint patriots always say if they go dark for a while, it’s to give us a heads up an op is in play and they will post when they can… 

Frogman and SpecOp17 have barely posted since 4/15.

Ghostezra has reposted the Kennedys singing “Timber” today and hinted yesterday about (1) free unlimited Tesla energy (2) 1776 birthing pains (3) that Kamala’s real identity (the actress Kamala) will be revealed soon (4) twitter and jack are down/dead/dying.

This past week official military twitter accounts have been nonstop decoded as hinting at The Event, NCSWIC (aka EBS), Readiness, and Gesara

Donaldo twitter posted several videos recently ejecting Byedin from office and replacing with Trumpybear army corp of eng + other gov twitter accounts have been posting about flood warnings, storm, and electrical storms dc drains/streets are literally flooding.

Lin Wood openly endorsed q at the Oklahoma convention yesterday.

Jim Caviezel debuted their trailer for “Sound of Freedom” movie (to be released Q4 this year) about child trafficking and openly explained adrenochrome to the normies at this event this morning.

 Belarus president saved from assassination attempt/coup d’etat bc he is one of the last countries standing up to the cabal blm/antifa riots broke out across the country a few days ago but last night NG officially stepped in and started helping PD make arrests at gunpoint. Military is in control.

More FF shooting than we’ve ever seen in single days and back to back days to flood the media with a narrative change Castro regime in Cuba ended, Haiti pm resigned, former imo gov arrested deposited money to play in the stock market, etc. Same old game, all were arrested in the last 10 days. This cannot happen in the QFS system.

Covid is the theater that sets the stage to remove, reset and awaken humanity from the illusion of freedom. All political, financial, pharmaceutical scenarios are part of the same Military operation behind the Covid stage. source

From Sat. 10 April to Mon. 12 April arrests were made of bankers being trained or training others on how to siphon Tier 4B exchange funds from currency holders so that we currency holders would never be able to get anything from our exchange funds except a small limited amount.

This was all taken care of and exposed, along with more corrupt Bankers who were pretending to be White Hats and RV insiders, including high level bankers in the banking and finance departments of Tier 1 banks who were taken out. These things need to be done for our own protection. source

Once you realize how much power you have, you become fearless. Break the matrix thinking. You have power. Use it.

We Light Warriors have immense power. We are fearless – the dark has NO power over us. source

At some point, people will realize that some of us don’t give a flying fuck about what is “supposed to be done” or how we are “supposed to be”…

Some of us were an enigma before all this chaos started and we don’t plan to change things up now because of feelings or other dumb shit…

We are just getting started. source

Its obvious why the MSM and shills don’t attack Q and instead focus on “Qanon”, or more specifically anons.

What I find interesting is that these people constantly call us “Q tards” and make fun of trusting the plan, but they NEVER make fun of us for trusting that it is God’s plan. source

I believe WE are ready, and the question might more accurately be asked as ,”Are THEY ready to rumble?”—“they” being the Earth Alliance in charge of this takedown of the cabal.

This might be a sign…

Here’s an interesting Tweet.

The Q drops for this day in 2018 reference MOAB for this week and 11:11:18, which we believe references the DOD Law of War manual.

Another good indicator might be the interesting chatter about the Royal Bank of Canada. Obviously Simon Parkes puts out the information he’s asked to do. We had confirmation from some who watch the markets that a significant event did occur on Friday, and then there were the service interruptions in the Canadian phones with Telus, Rogers and Bell.

Things seem to have recovered with RBC as of now, but there are many outages across Canada with login issues, website, and bill pay according to

Blue Apple addressed the RBC issue in a 17 min. video and stated the info Simon Parkes put out yesterday was false. We know there is a reason for it, however. That’s all we need to know. It could have been a comm meant just for the White Hats.

This is a great illustration I grabbed yesterday to show the interference in the general election on November 3, 2020 in America. It’s all been documented. The White Hats have it all and it will come out publicly and officially at the time of their choosing.

I would consider everything unstable with potential to change dramatically at any moment—globally. Time for a shakeup!

We understand that a great deal of misinformation/disinformation may be out there. For example, we heard massive numbers of Russian assets were moved to the Ukraine border but some are saying that is not true and the images used are from past events. That has happened many times, whether intentionally or not.

What we do know is that various potential global events will be orchestrated by the Earth Alliance to justify to the sleeping masses that the military need to be deployed. That’s really all we need to know. There will be no WWIII or nuclear war. The real WW3 is an information war.

In the very near future, we are very likely going to enter a period of tremendous global economic chaos and geopolitical turmoil on a grand scale.

We are now standing on the brink of the most dramatic evens in world history. The Earth Alliance and the Patriots in America are clearly setting the stage for our Restored Republic; the Global Reset/Revaluation (GCR/RV); the Quantum Financial System (QFS);, G.E.S.A.R.A.; the 10 Days of Darkness/Disclosure and so much, much more! source

Tim Ballard is the man portrayed by Jim Caviezel in the movie ‘Sound Of Freedom’

Pompeo’s tweet on April 21, 2021 shares the same 1:01 timestamp as Q1880 and Q1881

The White Hats aren’t waiting.
They are doing things covertly. We will be informed afterwards. They want to accomplish the mission, or at least a lot of it, before the public is aware.
This way they avoid unnecessary violence against innocent people that would happen from unhinged lefty dumb-asses, if those brainwashed minions knew what was going on. source

China is behind a newly discovered series of hacks against key targets in the U.S. government, private companies, and the country’s critical infrastructure (NBC) source

DOD Timestamp 0500
Drop 500 Defcon 1
Notice Soldier has 1 finger pointed down. We saw 1 finger a ton yesterday.

“Learn how the DOD is taking action in a spotlight premiering later today”.

Epoch Times has just warned about the Black Swan Event.

U.S. House passes bill to make DC the 51st state. source – Marker 11.4

Because that’s normal, right?
They ARE giving you hints if you’ll just LOOK! source


The Event to go down on Biden.
Everyone blames Biden.
Military Overturns the Election.
King Trump saves the day.

The King steps aside
The opposition charges the King’s Position.
A Major Event Goes Down.
[FAKE] Global War Scenario Activating All Militaries WorldWide.

In Real Life.
The Police & Court System rule the land.
All Judges, Police & Lawyers must stand down WORLDWIDE. The corrupt ones arrested. The others Retrained in Constitutional 1776 Law.

Back to the Chess Board.
By activating a World War scenario
The Kings Men (Military) go from being Pawns & Bishops(Below) the Police to becoming Kings & Queens. (Above) They then Mop Up the other team

Planet Earth Liberated.
“When Q said “Do Anons Know What Is About To Be Unleashed”
This Exactly^^ source

What about the ankle?
The “vulnerable” achilles heel is metafor for the 3G dam and the river Styx of the underworld.
The war in this myth is metafor for the war between Light and evil/underworld.
In the myths Achilles was said to have died from a wound to his heel, ankle, which was the result of an arrow—possibly poisoned—shot by Paris.
Paris is JFK jr.
He will metaforically shoot the arrow in the ankle and finish the underworld Cabal.
Returning after being considered death just like Paris is the greek mythology. source

Russia to end “military drills” near Ukraine tomorrow (AFP)

Troop pullback from Crimea and the Ukrainian border to permanent bases will finish by May 1, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu says. source

3 ~ 5
The genetic codes are activated by light codes for the construction and materialization of the light body within the physical spaces.
(our body)
We leave the old 3D illusion matrix and enter the connection of divine consciousness with the crystalline grids of the fifth dimension, which will open our divine human potential as a being of light.
You will recognize and feel that in due time everything will be revealed and there will be no more shadows, just simple truths.
Start to live from the heart, to be a sovereign being and to act in the awareness of the light.
We are the only ones who can get ourselves out of the illusion matrix.
Nothing can stop what is coming, is not just a catchphrase! source

What you need to know about Iran, Isreal and the US

1) The agreement between Israel & the UAE is a step towards peace.
Will #Iran ever make such a move? It depends on how we define “Iran.”
The Iranian people have no enmity against Israel, the U.S. or the world.

2) The mullahs do not represent us Iranians. This is a 41-year old lie.

3) Iranians hate the mullahs’ regime, symbolized in their supreme leader Ali Khamenei. In recent years there have been nationwide uprisings & protesters are seen setting fire to posters of Khamenei while chanting “Death to the Dictator!”

4) While some politicians & MSM may glorify Qassem Soleimani & describe him as a “popular general,” a “divine” figure & a “national war hero,” watch how people in Iran tear apart a poster of his image along with Khamenei.

5) Iran’s regime claims to support the people of Palestine. This is another 41-year old lie. The mullahs are known to provide at least $360 million a year to Hamas, a terrorist organization.

Palestinian woman criticizes Hamas:
“Hamas officials’ children drive in luxurious cars, but I have 4 unemployed sons. All of Gaza are unemployed because of Ismail Haniyeh & Yahya Sinwar. These officials care nothing about the poor people’s necessities. We have the right to live.”

More footage of #Iran-backed Hamas forces raiding the homes of Palestinians in Gaza. Palestinian protesters are demanding better living conditions & saying, “We have the right to live!” Reminder: Tehran provides $100 million/year to Hamas terrorists.

This is the meaning of the mullahs of #Iran exporting extremism: Tehran provides $100 million/year to Hamas (and their filthy ideology). Hamas security forces attacked the students of Al-Azhar University today.

‎6) ‎More recently in Lebanon, the people are chanting very significant slogans. ‎The world should listen to the brave people of Lebanon: ‎”Beirut, free, free! Iran, out, out!” ‎”Terrorist! Terrorist! Hezbollah, terrorist!” ‎⁦ ⁩
Will peace between Iran and the U.S., Israel and the world ever be possible? Of course. But not with this regime.
But no, that doesn’t mean we want war. Not at all.

9) We just want an end to the appeasement policy that the mullahs’ thrived from especially during the Obama years & continue to enjoy from the Europeans. Chamberlain appeased Hitler. And the rest is history…Unfortunately, the Europeans seem not to learn from their own past.

10) End the appeasement & we’ll take care of the rest. No need for a single bullet shot. No need for boots on the ground.
No need for a single taxpayer dollar or euro. source

There are pictures and reports circulating about how women living with someone who received the vaccine either started bleeding too early in a cycle and have huge pain and the worst menstruation of life – a lot of bleeding / cramps, or their menstruation turned into one big piece of cast. Doctors have no idea what it is, for many women at first thought it was probably a miscarriage… the number of people trying to find the cause or a description of what is happening to them has also increased. source source2

Tento obrázok nemá vyplnený ALT popisok, jeho názov je image-26-756x1024.png
Tento obrázok nemá vyplnený ALT popisok, jeho názov je image-28-619x1024.png

The Postal Service is running a ‘covert operations program’ that monitors Americans’ social media posts source

President Trump, Pompeo, Miller Qomms & more! 🍿

-Trump Statement on Afghanistan Troops + Decode
Follow the Money
Zero Day
The time has come to take back our country
What is Mil Intel?
FISAGATE, Coming very soon to a theatre near you

-Trump Statement on Terrorism + Decode
Voter ID LAW will be MANDATED
Who funds ISIS?
What must be done first?
Muslim brotherhood is NOT the same thing as Islam

-Pompeo 2A (Right to Bear Arms) tweet
TS 10:11
Q1011: Gun Control

-Miller Queen tweet
TS 1:00
Q100: Who is the Queen of England?
Secret Society, Evil
Satan, who follows?
Spirit Cooking represent?

-Lin Wood: Q is the Truth

-Trump: “It’s going to take a little while to show” pertaining to SHOWING Pedo Biden’s anti-American policies

-Flynn: We need to renew our faith in God. The Truth Is Going To Come Out

-Ben Carson: We need to have strong beliefs to weather the STORM THAT’S COMING!

Keep the Faith
WE WILL WIN! source with decodes within pics here

Update on the situation with EVERGREEN.

🔹No agreement is expected, the container ship is still in the Bitter Lakes. The crew is detained, the cargo is arrested.

🔹The crew of Ever Given cannot be blackmailed or held, says the union leader, while Egypt is not going to reverse the decision on confiscation.

🔹The crew representative also said that they should not be “held for ransom” and used as “hostages”.

🔹Egypt’s monetary demands are too high, indicating an imminent battle in court.

🔹EVERGREEN tries to challenge everything that happens, but no agreement is expected. A reasonable question arises, why do they keep the crew? Did they know anything about the cargo on board?

🔹 The sailors on board the missing Indonesian submarine have enough oxygen to last until Saturday on board the ship, which was in good condition, the country’s defense ministers said on Thursday. The search for the missing submarine continues.

🔹The media reports that India has set a new world anti-record for the daily increase in the incidence of coronavirus.
Over the past day, 314,835 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were registered in India, which is a record increase among the countries of the world.

🔹Turkish authorities are imposing a round-the-clock curfew from April 23 to 25 amid a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus infections.

🔹Russia will complete “military exercises” near Ukraine tomorrow.

🔹Biden considers vaccination a patriotic duty and calls on Americans to protect themselves and others.

🔹UN Watch demands that US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield of the EU countries condemn the election The UN has appointed Iran for a four-year term to the Commission on the Status of Women, “the main global intergovernmental body dedicated exclusively to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.”

🔹Organizers of the American Priority Festival 2021 ” Rebirth of America» We asked General Michael Flynn, writer and director Dinesh D’Souza and actor Kevin Sorbo headline their 2021 gathering at Trump National Doral in Miami, Florida, from October 7 to 10.
AMPFest, first held in 2018, brought together MAGA’s biggest influencers and attracted thousands of America First activists from across the country to its annual meetings. Past speakers have included Donald Trump Jr., Congressman Matt Gaetz, Trump adviser Roger Stone, Laura Loomer, Congressman Lauren Bobert, One America News Network journalist Jack Posobiec, and religious leaders such as South Carolina pastor Mark Burns. source



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