News 22.05.2021


We hear there is now a guy posing as Charlie Ward’s grown son who tells us Charlie is not be trusted. I haven’t wasted my time watching it because they probably dredged him up from the religious cult Charlie escaped from. Who cares? Charlies’ information has been good—and we expect disinfo from all these people because that’s the way you fight an information war. That is their role; to put out the information the Earth Alliance needs out there. Who do they ask to do that? The patriots with the biggest subscriber lists, obviously.

We know that throughout Trump’s time in office the Earth Alliance has been flushing out the vermin and draining the swamp. That is sometimes done by putting out disinformation and deadlines to force the enemy to react and expose themselves.

As Q put it, they let them expend all their ammunition and when they foolishly have nothing left, the White Hats have an advantage. “These people are stupid”, remember? They prove it every day—and they never learn!

That has been the case, we understand, the past couple of months when we thought it was “Go time” and then nothing happened. Each time they discovered thousands of traitors pretending to be on our side but ready to sabotage the RV/GCR. Thousands of arrests have taken place and one of these days, the Military is going to make their move. They know when it’s the right time. Failure is not an option.

I shared some decode material from a bright young man some time ago that revealed the Military is The Storm. It was disinfo to suggest that Donald Trump was The Storm. If you missed it, and you really like detailed digs, you may want to take it in.

He illustrates how the Q drops showed us they were pointing autists to The Law of War manual because the mass arrests would not be happening until later when Trump had exhausted all legal means to expose the corruption in the election and the only alternative was for the military to take control. The message wasn’t getting through, but now we understand and that is where we are now. Just waiting…

People should be able to see now that we are not who we think, reality is not what we think, and what’s happening is not what we think. “The world is about to change” might be the understatement of the millennium. When you innerstand the monstrous lies told for thousands of years, the world certainly changes.

Getting back to the incendiary situation in Arizona and the brushfires in other states, we can see a wildfire is about to engulf the nation. The tipping point is coming when the military will have to step in.

It seems that insufficient numbers of “normies” have awoken so it’s only going to get more extreme, more absurd, and more in our face.

We’re sailing in relatively calm waters at the moment, me hearties, but the winds of change are picking up and I see clouds forming in the distance. We have a Soleri wind bell and when it chimes it sounds like a ship’s bell and I think of this one, from JFK’s yacht. WWG1WGA.

Received message from my friend minutes ago: 

Message from Romana Didulo, Head of State and Commander –in-Chief of the Sovereign Republic of Canada. 

Hello everyone,  Here are itemized notes to keep you in the loop. 

1)  Yes, I can officially confirm – the US Armed Forces and Allied Forces are inside the Sovereign Republic of Canada.  

2)   *The opening of your Province/Territory hinges solely upon the completion of the work being done by the US Armed Forces/Allied Forces within your Province/Territory **It has nothing to do with vaccinations and percentages nonsense.   

3)  The Parliament and Legislatures, are not part of and will not be part of the Sovereign Republic of Canada’s Government structure. 

4)  The National Capital of the Republic of Canada is, Victoria, BC Canada. 

5)  Canada Revenue Agency (an Agent of a foreign Monarch), will not be part of the Sovereign Republic of Canada’s Gov’t. 

6)  There will be zero personal income tax in the Sovereign Republic of Canada. 

7)  The Republic of Canada has funds at the Vatican.  It is now under the Republic’s control and guarded by the White hats.  It will be repatriated to the Republic of Canada.  Hold your Wine/Beer 

I have also requested to have any and all monies stolen from Canada to be traced internationally and returned to the Republic. 

9)  The Republic of Canada’s financial system structure will also be separate from the current financial system.   

10)  The Republic’s Government will be 80% to 90%, less than, the current Governments size.   So, expect a very small government. 

11)  Do not believe anything main stream media tells you.  Also, Politicians, serving a foreign Monarch.  Most of them (Politicians) especially those in Cabinets are facing charges for crimes against humanity/treason.   

12)  Last but certainly not the least, our Military is with the People.  Ignore the media. 

…Only GOD and President Trump know for sure at this stage. source

Events happen quickly after Mr Pool posts.  With 9 shocked faces and international clocks / times used for each photo, in my humble opinion, tells me the events that are about to happen will be very shocking, worldwide!

Floods kill 14 people in China as water peaks at Three Geroges Dam source

Powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake just hit #Qinghai in China following a 6.4 magnitude in Yunnan earlier today, according to Chinese state media. source

Over the last 5 Hours there has been up to 20 Earthquakes in Yunnan, China.

This is what is known as the 1st Bend in the Yangtze River.
Lots of Bitcoin here.
Hydropower Dam/Plants source

Looks like the 1st FloodGate has just opened

R1, R2, R3 & CR

Round 1, Round 2, Round 3 (Flood Gates)
& CR(Climax Round i guess)

2 Northern Dams at ChongQing
Then 3GD. (WUHAN) source

They are going down the Yangtze
They started at Qinghai
Which is the Northern Headwater.

Next stop ChongQing where 2 very large dams are before the Three Gorges. source

R1 – Qinghai
R2 – Yunnan
R3 – ChongQing
CR – Three Gorges Dam/Wuhan source

Reporter: “Obama said, we don’t know what they [ UFOs ] are. What do you think?”

Biden: “I would ask him again.” video

John Frederick says that the Georgia ruling today to audit the mail-in-ballots is “bigger potentially than what is going on in Arizona”.

You can certainly understand why [they] are panicking. source

Môže ísť o snímku obrazovky z Twitteru, na ktorej je jedna osoba alebo viacerí ľudia, stojaci ľudia a text, v ktorom sa píše „One America News YOAN @OANN Biden quotes Chinese Communist dictator who killed 80M people in address to Coast Guard cadets #OANN Tweet übersetzen Biden quotes Chinese Communist dictator who killed 80M people in address to Coast Guard... 19:02 20 Mai 21 Twitter Web App“
Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba a text, v ktorom sa píše „Home TrendingPolitics olitics HOME POLITICS SHOP NEWSLETTER While Dems ixate on Capitol Riote... DOWNLOAD OUR FREE APP While Dems Fixate on Capitol Rioters, Biden is Quietly Releasing Deadly Islamist Terrorists by Becker day updated about 19“
Na obrázku môže byť 3 ľudia a brada

Two prison guards assigned to keep an eye on Jeffrey Epstein have admitted to falsifying journal entries about the night Epstein allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell with a sheet.
Two prison guards, Tovah Noel and Michael Thomas, were either asleep or browsing the internet instead of watching Epstein on the night he “committed suicide” in August 2019.

The prosecutor’s office said the two security guards were browsing the Internet for furniture, motorcycles and sleeping for two hours on the night Epstein died.

As part of the deal with prosecutors, they will not serve time behind bars, according to a letter from federal prosecutors that was filed on Friday. Instead, Noel and Thomas will be subject to supervised release, will also be required to perform 100 hours of community service, and will fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation being conducted by the Justice Department’s Inspector General, the report said.

What insiders have been saying so much about is gradually being confirmed. Epstein is alive, his death is staged, and he is cooperating with the investigation, revealing all of his famous clients who visited his pedo island and participated in satanic orgies. That is why the guards will not be seriously punished. source

📎The case becomes explosive.
A Georgia judge has ordered 145,000 absentee ballots from Fulton County to be scanned to determine their legitimacy.

📎The Maricopa County District Attorney’s Office says Senate Leader Karen Funn is requesting ALL DOCUMENTS related to the deleted directory of the Arizona election database.

📎Pro-life, anti-abortion activist David Daliden says Fauci owns every piece of a horrific study in Pittsburgh in which scientists grow baby hair transplanted onto lab rats.

📎”This is the nature of communism: they want to impose lies” – historian Doug Weed on the Democrats and their attitude to January 6 on Fox News.

📎Dr. Yancey Lindsey sounds the alarm and demands to stop the experimental vaccination against Covid (gene therapy).
Dr. Lindsay exposed the” great hoax ” coming from the Fauci-worshipping media claiming that the antibodies to Covid-19 somehow disappear after a certain number of months. Big Pharma is scaring the public with this big lie to convince people to get Covid booster shots every 6 months. “The idea that we haven’t got herd immunity yet is absurd,” the doctor said.

📎Tom Malinowski, a Democrat in the House of Representatives, secretly made $ 1 million from investments in medical companies that had a stake in the Covid response. Recall, Congressman Malinowski warned people who want to profit from the pandemic. “This is not the time for anyone to profit from selling ventilators, vaccines, medicines, treatments anywhere in the world,” he told MSNBC in April 2020.

📎Gabe Sterling, an employee from Georgia, played a key role in the election fraud in Georgia. He was constantly hired for a specific purpose. Now he’s starting to feel the heat. In late April, Sterling, a former state voting system implementation manager Georgia, opposed the audit in Arizona. The judge was not convinced by his arguments. Let me remind you that he ordered the promotion of absentee ballots in Fulton County, Georgia, because based on the initial sample, 21% of the checked ballots are duplicates.

📎PBS radio station defends Drag Queen Story Hour program for children from 3 to 8 years old with a transvestite as the host: “This is a performance art that can inspire creative thinking»

📎Tulsi Gabbard calls on Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot to resign over anti-white racism.

📎An Obama-appointed judge sided with Biden: a private Christian college orders biological men to shower with women.

📎Biden plans to release three murderous terrorists from Gitmo, but will leave hundreds of American patriots in prison because of the Democrats ‘staged” assault ” on the Capitol on January 6.

📎A suspicious package containing “unidentified white powder” was sent to the office of the leader of the Senate of the Republican Party of Arizona.

📎The steelworkers ‘ union, which supported Biden, is now pleading with him not to cancel Trump’s tariff on foreign steel.

📎President Trump has weighed in on the ongoing forensic review in Arizona and upcoming inspections: “So, let’s say that many of these states will appear, starting with Arizona, but there will be others, and many of them are now very, very seriously looking at this. And many of them are republican legislatures. It will be a very interesting time in our country. Do you understand what this means? I mean, how do you manage when you lose? So we need to see. I say, let’s go first, number one is Arizona. And that will be according to what they say in the next four weeks. Let’s see what happens.” source

Smoke rising in the port of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. source

That feel you get when you are 17 steps ahead of all your enemies and nothing can stop what is coming. source



Globalists don’t panic. They work slowly and deliberately. You are currently seeing every asset they have deployed at one time. This is unprecedented.

In their world Trump is gone, Qanon is a joke, Maricopa is a joke, Cyber Ninjas are a joke, Lin Wood is insane, etc…


If Trump, Q and the audits are all a complete joke and nothing to worry about, why do they spend ALL of their time worrying about it?!

If the global cabal is making panic moves, you can be sure that something so massive has happened behind the scenes, that it has put the fear of God into these people.

Or maybe its because for the first time in history, the good guys have the high ground while evil tries to fight in the dark.

It seems to me that our enemy knows better than we do, that nothing can stop what is coming. source

Biggest Navy Exercise in a Generation Will Include 25,000 Personnel Across 17 Time Zones source



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