News 22.07.2021


Boy, were we naive to expect that the election would be honest and the red wave would wash over America putting Trump back in office; but in our defense, he won legitimately in 2016 and we expected it again.

Unfortunately, there is no easy button in this revolution and since the masses are so programmed and brainwashed, this was the only way forward.

Did you wonder, like I did, why the White Hats don’t use weather tech to bring rain so they can’t start all these fires and they can be brought under control? Russia is.

RAGING forest fires are STIFLING the air in Siberia – Russia is using CLIMATE ENGINEERING to trigger rainfall
Thick smog covers the capital of Yakutia in Siberia as well as a further 100 towns and cities in the region – as over 200 vast wildfires continue to rampage.
Emergency workers have been using climate engineering technology to combat the inferno – sowing silver iodide cartridges into the clouds from a Antonov An-26 transport plane kitted out with a fan to help ‘seed’ the air – the chemical is understood to cause rain to fall and in turn aiding the fight the fires on the ground.

You can’t make this up, folks. They know years in advance what they’re going to do—if not decades.

Google recently had an operating system called GrapheneOS.

—The vermin on our planet are exposed so the snoozers can see what has been going on. These “special people” think they should be able to do whatever they want to us and our children. The world is their playground and they own everything and everyONE. Fortunately, thanks to President Trump, they don’t own all the judges any longer. We’ll see what happens. source

I received this screen shot from unknown sources could be true or could be misinformation.

Thought i would share it anyway.

The Germany flooding…

🔸Thousands have died.
🔸The farmers of Germany came to the rescue
🔸Politicians have done fck all. 🔸The fire brigades who came from all over West Germany were pulled out and not allowed to help. 🔸Same goes for the THW (technical help services) who normally deal with these catastrophes 🔸The police are enforcing masks and doing fck all (enemy of the people)
🔸The deep state Merkel cronies are enemies of the people and Germans are waking up
🔸On Thursday health secretary transferred 260 million to the World Health Organisation while the farmers, building companies, landscape companies are paying out of their own pockets for diesel, repairs, equipment
🔸The devastation is in the truest sense of the word unbelievable
🔸Some Bundeswehr military moved in and brought some diesel and helped, however…
🔸ALL EXPECTED parties (local government, army, police, fire brigades etc) were given orders to stand down. It’s unbelievable.
🔸THE PEOPLE from all over Germany have been collecting donations nationwide in warehouses to then be sent there. The police have turned people away from warehouses “too full”, it’s unbelievable.
🔸There is a MASSIVE campaign to stop help arriving, sabotage, etc. The media have also been in it (“Don’t go to help on your own, leave it up to the officials”)
🔸Builders have been repairing access roads together with the farmers, the Middle class that runs this f*cking country are paying out of their OWN POCKETS to help
🔸Merkel and politics are just blaming it on climate change
🔸Politicians are blaming THE PEOPLE “for getting in the way of the official disaster relief forces” (who ARE NOT HELPING)
🔸There is a MASSIVE atomic bunker underground D. U. M. B. which seems to be the main deep state trafficking and weapon hub which got flooded, its in Marienthal.
🔸Private pilots have been forbidden to fly sub 5000 feet in a 100km radius
🔸No psychological help for farmers and helpers who are digging up dead people
🔸Dead bodies hanging from trees
🔸Days without running water, no sanitary equipment provided
🔸Literally NO OFFICIAL coordination, only THE PEOPLE
🔸Yesterday, 120 German Feldjäger (NAVY seal types, the baddest of our forces, have superceded all chains of command and gone in to investigate and help because they saw farmers Telegram video evidence – Feldjäger are MILITARY Police, there is more happening that we don’t know)
🔸ONE German said in his cellar (I’m getting goosebumps typing it), he saw demonic creatures trapped in the water and then sinking and he fled
🔸Undertakers have been having to sign written NDAs to Bury “any type of bodies”
🔸The weather and disaster institutions warned government on Monday about impending catastrophic flooding, NOBODY relayed the messages, WILLFUL neglect, mass murder, hundreds died
I could write SO MUCH MORE. It is unfathomable. It is truly biblical and it will have far-reaching consequences.

I could write more about satanic rituals, Tunnel structures from Rome all the way along the Rhine River to Rotterdam… There is so much to tell….


the flood seems to have an artificial background.

there is a massive underground base in that area which seems to have been flooded.

military police took over.

all fits in well in a military action to take out this D.U.M.B.

from other source we know that there was no warning for the people.

unfortunately it seems that in a case of a military action this is an absolute MUST because a warning for the people would have been also a warning for this underground base.

I guess they would have been able to “close the doors” quite literally and be safe and now instead of this were flooded.

we know that in parts of this area there are rivers which are normally around 50-100cm deep, so, kind of small and peaceful.

these rivers came up to a level of 10meters!

so for sure this was an event of massive power without warning, definitely killing a lot of people and making a lot of people homeless – but perhaps also switching off a major cabal site in Europe.

will we know for sure in future?

no idea. source

Faith has become one of the most important weapons we have in 2021.
Although the uneasiness that accompanies this fog is testing us and making us feel uncomfortable, I’m sure that we will ultimately be glad that we went through this time.
Keep your head up Patriots.
God wastes no season.
Instead of fighting against the uncertainty I choose to embrace faith because I know the best is yet to come. source

Keep your eyes on>> UN



(i don’t condone violence!!
But there is a difference in defending your self, Family and country….///) 1776

  • Bill Gates don’t have a medical degree but creates pharmaceuticals, including a vaccine… Moderna
  • Covid is patented
  • Follow the money to see who owns Phizer
  • Bill Gates wants to depopulate the world.
  • They want to kill you & depopulate you by destroying the middle class; only allowing an elite class and a servant class.
  • We’re NOT going to let that happen. They’re not going to take away our freedom!
  • What they’ve done over the years, keeping cures for cancer from us for 30 to 40 years, how many they killed for money.
  • With no legal right in America, the CIA Mockingbird media have been brainwashing us for 70+ years.
  • People need to see it. They need to experience it.- America The Republic
  • 1871 America borrowed Money from the Rothschilds
  • 1910-1911 America couldn’t pay our bills and they took over our banking sustems
  • We need to go back to the GOLD standard
  • John D Rockefeller formed the American Medical Association and labeled naturalist doctors were quacks.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is evil
  • Donald Trump is still the President for The United States of America
  • You don’t impeach a President to get him out of office, after he lost.
  • They tried to impeach him because they know what’s going on.
  • Watch his rallies. Look at the Secret Service protection he has. That’s the protection given to sitting president of The United States of America! (BOOM!)
  • Trust the Plan!
  • Q is real
  • I stand with Q.
  • Q doesn’t like pedophilia, I don’t either
  • Q doesn’t like Child sex trafficking, I don’t either
  • We won’t see when Jesus comes, but he’s coming. 🙌
  • Walk by Faith, not by sight!
  • Walk by Faith until we are given sight!
  • The military swore an oath to defend the constitution and the people. They will do their job. source

Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina survives ASSASSINATION attempt, two French nationals reportedly detained. source

Underground DUMBS are connected worldwide. They used technology NOT available to those on the surface of Earth — such as FREE ENERGY, magnetic levitation transportation & highway systems. Their ability to move massive cargo overseas can be done in minutes & hours. These underground & underwater transit systems are the bloodline to the DS operations. Much of this covert war is being fought underground, under water & on the water. source

Just figured I’d let everyone know that if you’re waiting for some massive event where Trump is back in office, Covid is gone and every dirty player around the world is in prison and/or executed…you’re in for a very rude awakening.

This isn’t a game folks.

We are watching these people fight for their very existence. They will cause as much chaos as possible on their way out.

Ridding the world of a deeply entrenched evil doesn’t happen all at once.

Limb by limb.

Piece by piece.

One step at a time. And it must be done right.

Humanity is regaining control.

The cure is spreading worldwide.

God is making moves.

May your faith illuminate your path as you walk through the darkness… source

Many news websites are offline in Germany, including the largest newspaper BILD. source

Soon, at any moment a turn of events will trigger the unbelievable. Our entire government will be invalidated. Biden, Harris, Members of Congress and The Supreme Court will be removed.

Laugh if you want. There will be a ‘temporary’ Coup d’état with new elections, a new beginning. source

To all kahzarian pedo zionists and so called „freemansons“ you will not survive this. Clean out at least in Geneva and Basel (Bale) zurich and Vienna: NAZI = National Zionismus: you kazarian pedo adrenochrome blood drinking vampires: your last hours have been arrived. You cant hide nowhere anymore as all tunnels, D.U.M.B.S are getting destroyed by brave heros.

NOTE: Vatican, City of London and also a dirty shithole place: Washington DC are cleaned and destroyed

No draconian no reptile no nothing will help those who started to kill our children as they are our future source

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