News 23.05.2021


We can see the Earth Alliance is preparing to remove the dottering fool from the script.

Simon Parkes points this out:


With Arizona and Georgia days away from an official election audit release,

The question is… How long before Biden steps down ?

…It’s difficult to grasp how we can look at the same situations and interpret them entirely differently. Soon, we must bring about a meeting of the minds and the deceived ones must see reality for what it is.

There is a lot of disturbing news, but we don’t know how much of it is true. We’ve always had a lot of “fake news” and material designed to instill fear but we also know the military designed this time to grab the attention of the programmed minds still deep under hypnosis so it’s unclear how much is really happening this way and how much is fabricated.

There is a lot of press time allotted to the discussion of the gas pipeline issues, coal, etc. We don’t need to worry because we’re going to Tesla energy. Free energy. Ceasing to use the cabal’s oil and gas will suck their central bank accounts dry. They’ll be broker than broke. I wonder what sort of infrastructure is needed to share the Tesla energy? I would think some jobs will be created. We’ll see what happens. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the 4G and 5G towers were retrofitted for Tesla? source

Steve Bannon on War Room let something slip during an interview. He said things need to happen before the August 15th inaug – then stopped. Steve is a former advisor to President Trump. Me thinks it wasn’t an ‘accidental’ slip. But we are wary of dates. As a wise Anon said recently, focus on EVENTS not dates.

Troop movements are still happening in USA. A friend in Minnesota reports that the National Guard is now fully deployed there. Hmmm.

Remember this is a BIG week astrologically. Saturn the planet of karma turns Direct today. And on May 26th is a Lunar Eclipse plus a Super Full Moon. It is a total Lunar Eclipse which is a rare event. My favorite astrologer Pam Gregory said that it’s a time when truth comes into the Light, things come to culmination. She said that it’s a re-boot – we are jumping forward in our destiny. Sounds perfect to me. 

Okay, so I said ‘Events not dates’ – however there are two important birthdays coming up. JFK Senior’s birthday is 29th May. And President Trump’s birthday is 14th June which also happens to be a Solar Eclipse. The powerful effects of an eclipse can be felt for up to six months later. source

Whiplash347: Last night I mentioned Earthquakes in Qinghai (Northern Headwaters) & Yunnan(1st Bend) along the Yangtze River and how they were hitting HydroPower Dams, Bitcoin Mining & DUMBS then Disclose T.V & others mentioned it. Well there has been more in Yunnan tonight, waiting on R3 – ChongQing before the BIG BOOOOM Climax Round. Taking out the last 70% of BTC. All complete in other parts of the World.

I will re-post all the Bitcoin Mining shutdown in the World. China has 70% and it is much more Sophisticated. The other 30% is spread out in smaller mines which have been shutdown. The last of it is being taken care of now. It is ISRAEL IS LAST. Bitcoin Mining – Child Trafficking Coin. Wuhan, Organ Harvesting, Big Pharma Labs, Virus Creation, Yellow Brick Road, Silk Road – Largest Child Trafficking Route in the World. Project TerraMar etc. It all connects.

A lot of information above on the Global Military Operation to shutdown Bitcoin Mining who was invented by CIA, UK Royals, Rothschilds, Guthrie Castle & put mainly in the hands of CCP for Nefarious Activities. Q Save The World shows you US vs China Tech War & shows a Nuke being launched out of a Large Water Body. Saving Israel for Last has multiple meanings. The Khazarian/Bolshevics own Big Pharma but it is in Wuhan. Just like Gates & Soros have the 2 Labs in Wuhan.  Rods of God will be whacking Big Pharma. That will certainly hammer the market. This is how we get given 6000 cures, med beds etc. This is why POTUS told us all hospital equipment will be obsolete.

…San Juan is Bill Gate’s Getty. San Juan connects Epstein to the CIA, the NSA, and Bill Gates, and organized use of child sex slaves to develop Vril. There are 3 untouched DUMBs on these islands. There is a Submarine entrance, and tubes leading into the Pacific. There is also a major portal in operation off the coast that has been there for 30 years.

The 10km earthquakes that are happening in the far North West of China near Kazakstan are the “Silk Road” Tunnels being blown. All those 10km quakes throughout China and its borders. Kazak, India etc. Blowing Dumbs, Tunnels on the Silk Road. Australia just pulled out of this.

Wuhan Deep State Central. Big Pharma Vaccine/Virus Labs Adrenochrome Harvesting Organ Harvesting Silk Road BTC – Child Trafficking Coin All goes back to the Khazarians Bill Gates & George Soros Labs.

“Yellow Brick Road” Biggest Child Trafficking route out of Wuhan to all parts of the world.

Antisemitic Video of “Rabbi” Speaking About Putting Human Parts into McDonalds Beef

Now you tell me why they banned this? A Rabbi telling you they sell Human/Children Meat to Fast Food outlets & McDonalds is the number 1 Buyer. The Khazarians are the ones behind Mcdonalds. Now go find the TerraMar Project. The Submarine Operation Epstein/Maxwell group. That is where they collect the Jewels off the bottom of the Ocean.All those Children Tortured,Raped, Murdered & Eaten getting ground up & put inside the Jewels. See Those Red Jewel Rings they wear & The Red Shoe Club. Thats right Childrens Remains. See Cemex & Heinz too. Cemex, Heinz, Terra Mar, McDonald’s, All used for disposing of dead bodies.

Watch the Waters Undersea charities. Connect them. TerraMar is not unique. Blue Prosperity – Waitt Oceans 5:- Rockefeller LDF – DiCaprio Why was Leonardo DiCaprio awarded by the Clinton Foundation? For 2 million to “Oceans 5”?  Why did billionaire Ted Waitt donate 10 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation around the same time he was helping Ghislaine Maxwell learn to pilot submarines and helicopters onboard their private yacht? Blue Prosperity. Ghislaine Maxwell founded Terramar Project, a nonprofit, and was Principal Officer. Steven Haft was on the board at Terramar, before it closed just after Epstein got arrested. Steven Haft was a big Hollywood blockchain producer. Why did James Biden get a loan from Scott Green instead of going through a bank? The Biden family sold a parcel of land on Water Island to James. It was just a short distance from Epstein Island.,  Not much-saving oceans. Very much laundering money Providing kids for the ‘network’ This goes so much deeper. Watch this video where Gislain invites the UN to support TerraMar. Listen to the video at 3.28 One third of fish harvested are used to feed livestock like fish. Fish is code for Andrenochrome. Albert Fish was a child rapist and cannibal. The underseas charities are trafficking cartels run by the Elite. International waterways fall under no jurisdiction. Anyone can do anything underwater. Terra-Mar=> Ghislaine Maxwell Terra-Mar=> Clinton Foundation. Ghislaine Maxwell => Ted Waitt. Ted Waitt=> Waitt Foundation. Waitt Found.=> Clint. Found. Waitt Found=> Gates Found. Ted Waitt+ G.M.=> Water Island. Water Island => Biden Family. Bridges, Bridges everywhere. source

Hal Turner just broke this on his show. A Russian hacker went on the dark web and found a database that shows vaccinated people’s info (like their vital signs, their exact GPS coordinates, whether they are sleeping or awake) being uploaded in real time. Ppl who have received the vaccine are now being tracked in real time by this Artificial Intelligence 5g system. They have become transmitters, transmitting all info about themselves back to the mothership aka the AI receiver. This is wild dude…. It also shows the exact info of the firmware, CPU info and processor that is inside the person. source

The Mysterious Death of Dr. Fauci’s Most Notable Critic
The late Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, has been blowing the whistle on Fauci and big pharma for thirty years source

The 10km earthquakes that are happening in the far North West of China near Kazakstan are the “Silk Road” Tunnels being blown. source
Anyone who may have had contact with a positive case is taken to mandatory quarantine.
Xingtai City, Hebei Province 🇨🇳 source
Trump Intel is saying that Diana of Wales has a daughter before Harry and William, the fruit of an unspeakable story. It turns out that, in order to ensure that she was fertile, Queen Elizabeth ordered her to have an egg removed which, after being fertilized, would have been stolen by a doctor who was sterile and wanted to have children (honestly, that part doesn’t convince me). Currently the girl is 38 years old, married and has two children. Take a look at how she looks like Lady Di. Apparently, Harry and Meghan found out about her existence and went to the United States to meet her in person and verify her identity. There they revealed their origin, unknown to her until that moment. According to this video, Sarah does not want to go to Public Opinion because she fears the reaction of the Royal House, since being two years older than Guilherme would be the legitimate heir to the throne. source

I would like to use an example to briefly show why observing the airspace is also important.
We had shown that the South Korean presidential machine was on its way to the USA.
What I hadn’t posted from the flight observation on May 19, was the following, from our good Argo: picture 1
But what’s on my mind right now:
Kim is also in the USA, President Moon of S-Korea and Trump sit down at a table to negotiate the peace treaty, it is said in the media that the South Korean President is meeting with B.I.D.E.N ….
Feint !!
Then we have to keep our eyes open to see if an IL-62 can be seen there in the next few days (/ Air Force 1 by Kim)
Last night André had the Nightwatch on his screen: picture 2 and 3
I’ll see Kim Shady’s post this morning. Bingo! Picture 4
The meeting between Moon and Trump with the red ties was 3 years ago.
In the PK’s with the actors Harris and Biden you saw Moon with the blue tie that the MSM wanted to sell to us. Pic 5
The new picture in front of the White House was posted on Twitter.
Since the enemy is of course also watching the radar, smoke candles are ignited without end.
We can see from this example alone that there is obviously a lot going on behind the scenes.
Argo’s intuition and premonition was outstanding in this case! 🤩
Of course I’m happy that it turned out like this, but it was clear to me:
The action with the AF1 and the E-4B was pure distraction, the machines including the KAF01 flew EMPTY. That’s why I said that we have to keep our eyes open to see if TRUMP’s private machine starts when Moon landed in DC …
They know that these machines are being tracked on the radar ….. source

17 GOP Attorneys General Back South Dakota’s Lawsuit Over Mount Rushmore July 4 Fireworks Cancellation
How many? 17? 😉 source

I hate to break it to everyone, but if you’ve gotten wrapped up in date predictions and feel betrayed or let down because they didn’t come to fruition…thats nobody’s fault but your own.

You got these dates from anons, not from Q.

Q specifically told us NOT to make date predictions for this very reason.

If you trusted the plan before these dates passed and let it destroy your faith, I urge you to re-read the first 100 drops and recalibrate.

If you know the drops well, we were given the entire road map ahead of time. Only until certain markers are hit, do we start to see the bigger picture reveal itself.

The 2020 election steal and the resulting Biden nightmare is so much bigger than anybody could imagine. It wasn’t just a trap for Biden and Dominion. We caught ALL of our enemies, foreign and domestic. The other side of that prong is the Covid hoax. Between these two events and Epstein Island, we have virtually caught them all.

This is why Q focused so much attention on these three subjects.

Be honest with yourself…did you ever truly believe that white hats would reveal the timing behind their plan to eradicate a satanic cabal from the planet?

We are at war. Not a chance. source

DJT Rolls Royce match
Mirror timestamp
6:17 > 7:16

RR = 18 18
Law of War: 18.18 Reprisals

Reprisals are extreme measures of coercion used to help enforce the law of war by seeking to persuade an adversary to cease violations. source
CVN 71 > 17
12 sec vid
Mirror timestamp
8:00 > 00:8

Match to DJT & Scavino post about The ‘Start’ source

📎Maricopa County is doing an unheard-of thing by intimidating the Senate and its auditors with possible legal action if they complete their legal and proper audit.

📎Yesterday, auditors in Windham, New Hampshire, began checking whether “ballot creases” affected the vote count in the 2020 election. If this is confirmed and the machines are deemed unreliable, the new evidence could affect elections in at least 4 New England states. This was reported by Heather Mullins of Real America’s Voice.

📎The people of Georgia are unhappy with the lack of transparency in the 2020 presidential election or the November 27 recount in their state, and they want a manual audit that is more than just documents for counting votes. There is too much evidence of falsification.

📎Radio host John Fredericks on the Georgia audit: “I can’t overstate how big this opportunity is – what happened in Atlanta is potentially bigger than what happened in Arizona.”

📎Anonymous witness to the Georgia election: “During the recount of the 2020 presidential election, workers simply counted the number of ballots, sheets of paper, and I think they counted the same stacks of papers more than once. We were told that we were not allowed to get close enough to see the details of what they were doing,” an eyewitness said. “I and the other two ladies were constantly pushed away, and they both had the same reaction as me, as if we were just wasting our time.”

📎U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has not yet been able to talk to China’s top general, despite numerous attempts to open talks, U.S. Defense officials said on Friday. Relations between China and the United States have become increasingly strained: they clash over many issues, from Taiwan and China’s human rights to its military activities in the South China Sea.

📎The U.S. government has seized $ 90,000 from a Utah-based BLM-Antifa organizer who sold footage of the Capitol riots to NBC and CNN.
Fake media paid John Sullivan tens of thousands of dollars for footage of the Capitol riot.
Sullivan wore MAGA clothing and claimed to be an independent reporter, but was actually a leftist rebel leader encouraging violence and encouraging people to” burn down ” the building.

📎About a third of all restaurants in California have closed permanently due to the state’s egregious COVID restrictions. The California Senate Select Committee on Responding to Pandemic Emergencies found that about a million industry workers were laid off.

📎Senator Kaine compares Catholic views on abortion to Sharia law and says that this will not be the “main concern” of Jesus.

📎Secret Service agent Michelle Obama said that the former first lady can not go out in public without hearing racial slurs in her address.
Evie Pumpouras says her previous job was frustrating because she couldn’t protect Michelle Obama from racist slurs or signs in the line of duty.

📎The Chicago Police Union expresses no confidence in Mayor Laurie Lightfoot, who opposes giving interviews to white journalists.

📎The new Fox News show hosted by Greg Gutfeld, which premiered on April 5, has already surpassed NBC’s long-running late-night show, hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

📎California will require Uber and Lyft drivers to switch to electric vehicles as part of the latest climate change mandate.

📎George Floyd’s family will visit the White House on the anniversary of his death.

📎A Colorado professor claims that “white supremacy” encourages blacks to attack Asians.

📎Alex Rodriguez launches a makeup line for men after breaking up with Jennifer Lopez.

📎Kamala Harris insults the South Korean leader by shaking his hand and wiping it on her pantsuit The video is widely discussed in South Korea. source

Sacred Wisdom of Water

Ancient peoples understood that it was possible not only to purify and cleanse water but also to charge it for healing and regeneration.
They considered water to be the Sacred Source of life.
Spiritual sciences also speak about the life force being primarily connected to hydrogen. Hydrogenated water is used today by athletes and health advocates. Micro clustered hydrogenated water is utilized as the healthiest form of water to consume.

Traditional colour therapy uses colour filters (with natural sunlight) to charge the water with specific frequencies for specific illnesses. Sacred geometry and crystals can enhance the effect when they are in complementary overtones.
Decades ago a scientist tested Waters from all of the active holy sites where miracles were occurring. He discovered that miraculous waters had a double molecular bond, were microclustered, and were charged with White Light healing energy.
He also discovered that advanced spiritual healers could charge the water for about 100 days, simply by praying and applying their hands with intention of healing, impacting the energy on the structure of the water.
The same thing occures in Reiki and laying on of hands with people to heal and alter their Frequency and Light.

The ancient Essenes (who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls,) bathed three times a day in solarized water.
They also had three different types of water, which they used for sacred ritual. The type of water utilized depended on the spiritual development( or initiation) of the candidate. Ancient cisterns which travelled through underground aqueducts almost always had intermittent openings to allow sunlight to purify and charge the water. This can be seen most obviously in the Peruvian deserts. The Edgar Cayce readings discussed that the Atlanteans utilized various types of rocks as filters for water purification. We also know that they connected some of these crystalline stones with the sun, moon, and stars to charge them with life force. Each type of charging was dependent upon the use required. Different intention, symbols and timing altered and served different objectives.

Indigenous peoples and farmers today have passed on the knowledge of how to plant according to the moon cycles which is also connected to the water within our bodies and in the earth. Modern science has proven that water retains memory, and is imbued with intention. Since our bodies are mostly water, whatever we consume or send out with intention will affect every aspect of our being.

A lot of this ancient knowledge is lost and unfortunately even the passing on via generations of farmers stops because the world has slowly turned into one big pharmaceutical industrialised company. Nature and innate divine spiritual knowledge of the human being and it,s Source have been taken out of the equation. even Water, one of our main sources of life has been taken over by bottled water companies and marketing machines. And government institutions control the purification process of our water that runs through tabs into our houses. The authority over what you drink, shower and bath in as a primary source of life should be you and the knowledge of how to purify, heal and charge your water should be ordinary primary school knowledge.

In order to totally purify water or anything for that matter, we must also remove the negative imprints( or destructive discordant memories )that cause a physical molecular breakdown. In our Body, Mind and in our hearts.
The ancient holy ones who had knowledge (as the Children of the Law of One God) utilized a combination of healing modalities as resonant frequencies. This included charged solarized water, sacred geometry, specific crystals, specific colours, energy vortexes, caloric currents, electric magnetic fields, and corresponding sounds to achieve complete healing.
It was a far more holistic approach to healing than what we have today.

Today’s sound beds and tomorrow’s med beds are the closest we have come to this technology. But it is only a part of it.
These technologies combined water with sound frequency, but have not yet utilized the other approaches I discussed above.
Even so, they go far beyond other healing modalities that include any type of technology. Ultimately God, Source, the divine, the light in the intention (or divine Word) to move energies and upgrade structures, is our healer.

Everything else is merely amplification devices that utilize natural harmonies and resonant frequencies in order to reinforce balance. I believe the integration of the Hindu tradition of the AKASHIC RECORD, and the Christian tradition of GOD’S BOOK of REMEMBRANCE will be the key to the return of Sacred Life.

The waters in our body are there for our personal record of every thought, feeling, and memory. The waters of the Earth are the collective memory of humankind, and the Earth itself. The Great Awakening will help you to purge, detox and purify your individual and our collective waters and return to you the sacred wisdom and mastery of the Divine. source


  1. Luba Wold

    This article reinforces my belief and hope for the transition to the next step in human development. Everything we are going through is for that reason. The last part was especially important to me as I am struggling with accepting the gate predicted for the vaccinated people, as my own son was fooled by the propaganda machine. I have to trust that there will be a cure soon for all.

  2. Luba Wold

    Not gate, but Fate in the previous comment

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