News 23.06.2021


As General Flynn said, it’s mandatory to get involved, to engage, and participate in this war. We must use the tools we have and join the assault on evil.

Join the storm, patriots. Won’t you help make it happen? It’s your move.

The election was a watershed event. The globalists never knew what sliding down the other side was going to look like, and they’re still sliding—directly toward the pits of hell. The White Hats aren’t going to release everything just yet, but all in good time according to The Plan.

US has also seized the website of Sabreen News, the outlet that usually breaks Iraq-related news.

…Because this war is unlike any war ever fought before, most don’t recognize it for what it is.

How privileged we are to be here in the thick of it, more apprised than a civilian population has ever been. We have been activated to man our battle stations and do what awake, aware and responsible people can do. Most irregular warfare.

Where is this war going? Wherever it needs to go to show the world who has been running the planet into the ground and had they been permitted to continue, our civilization into extinction. It should be come apparent to even the most closed-minded, distracted people that there is nothing these aberrations of creation wouldn’t do to retain control. Nothing.

The truth about the brutality of the old regime must be brought into the Light. Stew Peters and Mitchell Gerber bring us shocking details about why we must eradicate the Chinese Communist Party. They treat Humans like livestock; to be harvested and profited from.

It’s not that no one knew about it, but by now you are probably aware what happens to those who tell the secrets of the psychopaths. It wasn’t until the world could be brought together to fight the common enemy and the rogue militaries brought to heel that we could hope to get the situation under control.

How can we NOT do something about this when 65,000 were murdered for their organs from 2000 – 2008 according to best estimates from those investigating the genocide? And how many since? We can’t turn our backs on any of the crimes against Humanity and hope to ascend as advanced Beings of Light.

The future will be almost unrecognizable as far as technology and almost every other aspect. Everything needs reform and upgrading. There are far better alternatives than what we have been forced to use and it really came down to greed and control.

Just because you haven’t seen or heard about something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Much has had to be kept under wraps until it’s safe to reveal.

We’ve been told that the Tesla tower in Texas could power the entire world with free energy. The video below shows us a Tesla power plant in Russia. These could be built anywhere. Do you think there will be a shortage of power on our planet in the near future? No more paying through the nose for energy. Energy is FREE. We allowed them to charge us for it.

In the Jetson White video below we get a decent view of how controlled our world has been at the hands of these dark magicians. I believe that in addition to Trump addressing the sleeping masses and the awake patriots, he also includes specific comms for the starseeds. Others, of course, are meant for the White Hats, and others for the Black Hats. There is far more communication going on than most of us realize. Q was just the tip of the iceberg. video source

ROMANA Didulo :
The internet that you are using now will be #removed and #replaced.  
Do not panic!  
The new internet system is 1000x better and without the evil stuff.  
Back up your valuable data (photos, files, etc).
Instructions on how to connect to the new system will be provided.  So, do not worry.

Dear “We The People” of the World
1) We control, the Vatican
2) We control, London (no more fake Royals)
3) We control, DC
4) We control, QFS (new banking system)
5) We control, the Internet (new system)
6) We control, the Satellites (new system)
7) Our Military is with us!
8) We control, everyyyyyyything, everyyyyyyything, did you hear everyyyyyyything!!?? source

This is an excellent interview – Nicholas Veniamin and Tarot by Janine. I recommend watching it all but if you want an RV update, go straight to 27 minutes.
Instinctively I sense Janine is right that the RV is imminent – ‘could go any day…’ Pragmatically, most of the blocks to its release have been removed. And there has been a lot of buzz in the last few days that Iraq is about to launch the international release of the dinar. It only takes the first domino… source

President Trump’s latest official statement included the words Fast and Furious…
“This means we (you!) won the Presidential Election in Georgia. But don’t fret, much other information will soon be revealed about Georgia—and other States as well. It is coming out FAST and FURIOUS. The 2020 Presidential Election was rigged!” (President Trump)
Hmm. Where have we seen that phrase before…?? Incoming Q drop.

Pardon me while I splash some ice cold water on the situation at hand…
The MSM is currently trying to convince normies that exposing election fraud through an audit ordered by the Arizona State Senate, that has been completely transparent and has set the gold standard for this type of an operation, is dangerous to the voting process and should be considered a malicious attack on our democracy.
Read that again.
Folks…I’ve been “red pilled” for 14 years.
This is a level of panic I never even fathomed I would see from these people in my lifetime.
Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow literally have tears in their eyes every time they speak about it.
I want to make something very clear for those who may not fully understand…
They have been quietly and meticulously infiltrating our country and destroying the fabric of America for many decades.
To see them panicking like this is all the proof you need that there is a plan in place to take them down and its going swimmingly.
We’ve reached The Great Awakening critical mass.
The cat is permanently out of the bag.
We have eyes and ears on EVERYONE, including the highest of the elites who hide in the shadows while they pull the puppet strings of humanity.
It’s not just the panic you see from public figures in the media and politics…its the actions of those who generally never see.
Consider how many major CEOs have stepped down.
Consider how many elite pedophiles have been arrested (Wexner, Epstein, Weinstein, Maxwell…)
Consider how many crises this country has gone through since Biden was fake inaugurated. We are being attacked on all fronts. [THEY] have ALL assets deployed right now. The MSM doesn’t even try to hide it anymore. It’s all one big charade for the small percentage of people who are still firmly within the grips of the Mockingbird.
The Great Reset is hanging by a thread and [THEY] are blindly throwing knives.
Regardless of what they do, they ultimately wake up more people and lose ground in the process.
May I remind you…
We are living in unprecedented times.
We are navigating uncharted waters.
HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS around the world have awoken to the presence of evil in the past 18 months.
That is extraordinary.
Only God Himself could pull that off.
The entire planet is being subjected to birthing pains, while humanity is carefully reborn through His divine will.
I do my part by attempting to help people think logically and reassure them of the plan, but the sheer magnitude and complexity of what is happening around the world occasionally brings tears to my eyes.
I am only human.
If I’ve learned one thing throughout this entire process, it’s that love and light will always find a way.
Have faith my frens 🙏 source

Ezra Cohen-Watnick

“Despite his prominent, and apparently quite secure, position in Trump’s NSC, little is known about Cohen-Watnick, who had spent much of his short career as a low-ranking official at the Defense Intelligence Agency. Information about him in publicly available sources is scarce. Few higher-ups from the DIA remember him….A DIA spokesperson confirmed that Cohen-Watnick had joined the DIA in 2010, and left…in 2017.”
Where did ECW go after he left the NSC in August 2017??
Well…it’s reported he worked at ORACLE.
Cohen (Former DIA) left in August 2017 to work for ORACLE??
Oracle’s technology is known to have been used in Chinese government surveillance.
The Intercept wrote a piece about Oracle marketing its software for use by military/police clients in CHINA.
Why would a Pro-Trump, former DIA/senior intelligence official (hired by Flynn) go “work” for a company with KNOWN ties to China and Chinese government surveillance programs??

This is YEARS in the making…We have it ALL! source

I’d like to make it clear that I fully understand the CCP isn’t the top of the food chain.
However they are the globalist’s main weapon of choice and we have been at war with them for years.
Taking them out AND liberating the good people of China would change the entire world in ways most people couldn’t imagine. source

Please note that the US army begins retaliation against the Iranian government for having participated in the hacking of the elections. They removed the domain from the Iranian state television website PressTV and two other websites. Given the “moment” of this fact, it appears that the publication of the Arizona audit could trigger further retaliation. Let’s see if it’s confirmed. source

Na obrázku môže byť 5 ľudí
Robin and Zelda Williams
Na obrázku môže byť jedna osoba alebo viacerí ľudia a text, v ktorom sa píše „What We Know About the Dangerous COVID B.1.617.2 (Delta) Rosa-Aquino 17 Variant By Chas Danner and Paola 0795038781 JCDecaux NHS -19VARIANT FCONCERN HOUNSLOW Paddy Power frompeople Ûndo Pedestrians walk past sign warning members of the public about the spread of coronavirus in Hounslow, West London, on June Photo: Justin Tallis/AFP via Getty Images“
Interesting when you look at the possible meanings of the word “delta” beyond the fact that it’s the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet.
👉Delta Force, Special Forces of the US Army !!! 🧐😉
👉Delta (rocket), carrier rocket
The letter D in the NATO spelling alphabet
Plus!!!! It’s there! 💛Q = 1+6+1+7+2 = 17
There are no coincidences!!! Or everything is related to everything! It’s a military operation.
Corona and her mutations are just a cover. source
Na obrázku môže byť mapa a text
Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „BZ PANORAMA 分 Leute Vermischtes Front| Panorama Abonnieren -Loch Zentrum Login Suche Menü 25-m2-Loch im Zentrum Fussgängerstreifen mitten in Genf vom Erdboden verschluckt Kurz nach 17 Uhr brach unter einem Fussgängerstreifer in der Innenstadt der Boden ein. Zurück blieb ein riesiges Loch. Es wurde niemand verletzt. Publiziert:21.06.2021,19:47 Kommentare“
The pedestrian zone in the middle of Geneva has disappeared from the face of the earth. The location is marked on the flight charts, could the flights be related? source
Na obrázku môže byť jedna osoba alebo viacerí ľudia, cesta a ulica
Na obrázku môže byť mapa

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett resigns trustee post at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. source

Hillary Clinton Campaign Official and Founder of Org to End Sexual Violence Against Children Is Arrested on Child Rape Charges – Sentenced to 13 Yrs in Prison. source

This is also used as rat poison and destroys your teeth and is a by-product poison of mining. It is in your toothpaste as well. When the dentist asks you if you want (sodium) fluoride (toxic poison) tell them no. It’s calcium fluoride that is good for your teeth, yet that’s not available. source
Na obrázku môže byť vonku a text, v ktorom sa píše „The system can be fixed! All you need is some wood, and dalttlrope little“

CDC just released its myocarditis/pericarditis update. Post-second dose risk from mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in people under 25 could be over 200x the background rate (not accounting for underreporting).

The post-second dose cases double from age 25 to 21, then double again in the 16-18 range.

WHO has updated its vaccine recommendations for children and concluded that “the Pfizer/BionTech vaccine is suitable for use by people aged 12 years and above.” Until yesterday this was not the case.

Portal type “Stargate” discovered near Area 51 thanks to Google Maps

The images captured by Google Maps show some structures or military complex with a kind of “Stargate” device, a short distance from the famous Area 51.

According to UFO researchers, this “Stargate” was built thanks to the ‘ Pegasus Project ‘, where different types of tests were carried out between 1968 and 1976.

Evidence that was basically “to travel in time and space, and possibly through parallel universes.”

Gravitational and magnetic research carried out long ago by UFO researcher Joshua Warren tells us that near Groom Lake, the time would decrease by 20 milliseconds.

Warren is convinced that it is a gravitational anomaly.

Warren himself tells us that in this place there could be a “Stargate” or a “Wormhole” that represents a temporal-gravitational dimension.

This is the effect of time flowing at different speeds in regions of different gravitational potential.

“For example, in the vicinity of a black hole, the slowest time will flow.”

Clearly, Warren was not wrong since this military complex was discovered with the “Stargate device.”

According to some whistleblowers, the Department of Defense developed Stargates or technology for space-time travel more than 40 years ago.

As early as 1967, the United States government allegedly used a facility dedicated to this and built on the basis of Tesla’s quantum access.

This technology has been used to keep the construction of military installations secret, as well as offering political and economic benefits by knowing what the future holds.

Some say the CIA confiscated the documents from the Tesla transporter shortly after his death.

The Dr. Andrew D. Basiago participated in the DARPA Project Pegasus (from 1968 to 1972) which focused on time travel.

He said that the CIA and the US Navy operating Area 51 were actively training groups of US military and students to become the first generation of dimensional explorers.

The “Stargate ring” visible on Google Maps is part of the underground military complex called «Century IV», which is part of Area 51, where work began on the «Aquarium» project in 1990.

The same microbiologist Dan Burisch who worked on Area51 describes a Stargate that is located near the secret base and near Lake Groom.

Dan says that “next to this huge device is a platform with a Portal that allows the object to be thrown into the wormhole to travel to other stars, teleporting people or materials from one place to another instantly.”

This device is also known as ” Looking Glass ” and was used to see the probabilities of future events.

As Burisch states, many wars and catastrophes would have occurred due to these Stargates. According to Burisch, there are fifty Stargates on Earth.

“Today, the human race would be in danger of extinction due to climate change, and the elite could be using these devices to build bases and shelters on other worlds.”


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