News 23.09.2021


Queen Romana tells us someone will be hanged the first week of October. It all seems so surreal now and I’m getting a taste of how the masses are going to feel during the Ten Days of Disclosure. There will be a full range of emotions, from relief and joy to pain and sorrow over the betrayals. Self-loathing will come up, too, with the guilt of ignoring it all for so long; and hatred, for the unspeakable things done to sentient life by the demonic creatures infesting our planet. The pure evil. After those ten days EVERYTHING will be different, and “you can never go home again”. source

My fear is at 0 percent.
My trust in God is firmly at 117%
Our future is bright. source

The assault on Humanity continues to advance into towns and cities all over the world. How much more will the People take before they revolt? We hear the “red pill” is working. Let’s hope the breakthrough happens soon. We are in sudden death overtime now.

The info/disinfo/misinfo and propaganda are wearing but until we’re worn down to a nub, we will persevere. There is plenty of amazing stuff to look forward to and we will have earned it. We already have. I believe there is Light in the distance.

It’s a very convoluted and complicated situation on our planet. So much so that it’s difficult to get facts and sort out the strategy. It is a war, and we knew there would be casualties. It is being fought in the most Humane way possible and to assign blame in some cases at this point is probably premature.

In a largely information war we will have to wait to learn what the game plan was. I know I’m not up to 5D chess. I don’t even play chess. Or checkers. We know the Earth Alliance knew what would transpire well in advance so… There are still too many unanswered questions so we’ll have to hang out in the bleachers and watch the match.

I am not saying I believe DJT turned. I’m saying some people put out information suggesting he did. I’m saying Romana Didulo put out a post saying something that could be construed that way. I don’t know who she is, and I don’t know what has transpired behind the scenes. Since she didn’t name names, it could be anyone. And disinformation is put out by the White Hats, too.

I’m sharing what is out there, and encouraging people to think for themselves. source

Kamala demands investigation into Biden Administration for the handling of Border crisis<<<
(The whole thing is a show as Q said//) >>> all actors….we all know this was coming…
>>>RED October source

[EXPOSURE] >>>bringing light to the darkness

Rand Paul brings FBI collusion with [FALSE] Russian INVESTIGATION before Senate and airs. FBI DIRECTOR grilled for FBI connection to the Clintons > lawyer _DURHAM<< the indictment/connection to Clinton begins .. This REPORT leads to OBAMA and will eventually connect. Big tech. & FAUCI and the Plandemic/// TREASON at the highest levels _General MILLEY Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. MILITARY being,[exposed TREASON]>inside a planned  SILENT COUP of a sitting President. Donald J. Trump _FAUCI being [Exposed]  by the Senate for creating the Gain-of-Fiction of the COVID-19 Virus and his Connection to vaccine companies and investments _KAMALA HARRIS demands investigation into Biden Administration over borders crisis>>>Snake eat Snake MILITARY Soldiers Start to band together after Resignation from U.S. military offer vaccine mandates >> Rise of the soldiers>>
_white HATS> Project Veritas drops MAJOR BOMBS against the VACCINES lies and FDA collusion


“We have only begun”..


Q drops will become more evident now…. source



EXPLOSIVE evidence drops – Fauci’s Plan to Release Weaponized Coronavirus Blown Wide Open by DARPA-Pentagon Docs 23-9-2021<<

FAUCI, GATES funded groups and Peter Daszek come before the Pentagon and DARPA in 2018 and ASK for permission to release the COVID-19 GAIN OF FUNCTION CHIMERA<<

Project: DEFUSE
{LEAKED}by Drastic Research Institute

25 PAGES leaked from>>DARPA

}Nano tech through the skin
} Infect the open atmosphere
} RELEASE on general population

This release was denied by the PENTAGON<< and DARPA<<<
(sounds like a cover up<<<(

+WAR INSIDE THE PENTAGON IS EMERGING..AS I HAVE STATED MANY TIMES… AND GROWING<< ~~~ FAUCI being thrown under the bus<< cover-up begins<<<<< ~~~RED OCTOBER>>> source

Free energy power plant in Dortmund / Germany. This is two months ago source

📌 Encrochat is still going on
A year and a half after the decryption of the ENCROCHAT underworld network, arrests are still being made. Over the weekend, a German man was arrested in Mallorca for being a member of a serious criminal organisation. The courts are also busy. Thanks to Encrochat, one conviction after another is now being handed down. Often these are long prison sentences. source

I wrote once before that tunnels are filled in and destroyed by what is available in the place: water, explosion or lava 😉
📌 🇮🇹ITALIA – Etna in Sicily erupted this morning 🌋
Italy’s Mount Etna volcano has erupted again, quickly spreading smoke over the eastern part of the Italian island of Sicily.
Europe’s most active volcano erupted this Tuesday. According to the Observer, ash and lava have reached neighbouring towns. Around 5 am, the most active southeastern crater began spewing volcanic material, creating a column of ash and smoke nine kilometres high. source

📌 Over Ahrtal is still forbidden flight traffic, only military and police planes can fly there, no private planes. These no-fly zones are blue and when someone takes off privately they get these corridors marked with a request that they are not allowed to fly there. They’re not even allowed to fly over it. No manoeuvres, no sightseeing flights, no nothing. (Ahrtal – Germany, there was a big flood, a government beech tree flooded, I had a lot of videos and news here) source.

All over Germany a lot 👇
confirmation of the connection between the fighter overflight and the underground detonation….there’s a rumble 😉  source

📌 There have been several earthquakes in Australia, which in itself is very rare, as the continent is not a known earthquake zone and none of the known “fault lines” run through it.
However, it is very noticeable where the earthquakes occurred:
Right in Adelaide, north of Melbourne, 2x Sydney and Laurieton, north of Sydney.
There have been a total of 8 earthquakes tonight, most with no indication of depth or magnitude. Only 3 earthquakes near Melbourne are listed: The strongest with a magnitude of 5.9 and a depth of 2.0 km.
One with a value of 3.1 and a depth of 10 KM (!!!) and another with a value of 4.1 and a depth of 11 km!!!
There has not been a single earthquake in Australia in recent months, so there is no doubt that these earthquakes are NOT of natural origin, but are probably massive tunnel clearing!
This line is very interesting, but also very explosive: On this line lies EXACTLY Canberra, the capital of Australia. What a coincidence…. 😉 source

📌 This morning I was at Hardthöhe with my dog and I saw a white van with the back door open in the Ministry of Defence area and two soldiers watching something. Then I noticed two objects standing to the left and right of the car.
I positioned myself so I couldn’t be seen and took a picture of one of these things. There is also a lot of federal police flying around today. Here are some pictures

📌 There’s also a voice message:

Dear fellow soldiers, I don’t think it’s too unlikely that this device is a jamming transmitter. If anything is deep state, it’s the Department of Defense. I’m convinced there’s more there than we know. I know first-hand, for example, that there are large tunnels running from the Ministry of Defence from Bonn-Hard through Euskirchen to Mechernich and the largest NATO storage facility, probably with nuclear weapons. There is also a tunnel from Bonn-Hard and the original government bunker at Ahrtal (government bunker and the great flood, M.M.) bei Danau. So Bonn-Hard was probably the connecting node for all the tunnels. Now everything will be uncovered. source

If you click on the link on the U.S. Army Europe Twitter page, you’ll find even more interesting information:
“V Corps Soldiers arrive in Grafenwoehr, Germany, in early September to prepare for the upcoming V Corps Warfighter 22-1 certification exercise. The exercise, which will take place Sept. 27-Oct. 6, will be the V Corps’ final step toward becoming the U.S. Army’s fourth corps and the U.S. forward corps in Europe.”
As well as “Upon completion of the exercise, V Corps is expected to reach full operational capability by November 2021. … Victory Corps was reactivated at Fort Knox, Kentucky, in October 2020, and its forward command post is located in Poznan, Poland.”
So much for timing perhaps… Exercise from 27 September (the day after the election in Germany!) to 6 October and full operational readiness in November 😍🥳. source

I found one more voice message for V-CORPS.

📌 These units were founded on 3.12.1918, after the end of the First World War, which by the way was not ended and still continues. This tells us that if they now pass their final qualification, which is what they came for, WW1 would be over. So when WW1 is officially over, we know that sovereignty will come and we have 1871 and state’s rights again. The curtain has fallen.

V-CORPS was established in 1918, first recorded in 1940 in WWII. 1951 established in Germany. Among other things also in the liberation of Normandy, Paris and Leipzig in negotiations with the Red Army in Saxony. 2020 reactivated via Defender 2020. And it is important to know about the connection to EU-com and Central-com in Florida. They have 1 direct connection to military intelligence and two more from units 501 and 504. The main base is at Fort Knox. That’s where the gold standard is located. It means the gold is coming back! It’s liberation on all levels. These troops will return for the final battle, the transfer of state power and the return to sovereignty. source

✈✈ Germany

📌 Both are federal police and there seems to be a lot going on in the region today. We’re currently seeing four federal police helicopters here. That’s not necessarily unusual, but it’s not every day…

📌 that sounds like a painful crackdown that is currently taking place – at least for those involved in crimes against humanity. This helicopter has been circling over NUVISAN Pharma including the vaccination centre for several rounds (about 8).
The vaccination entrance is highly visible and unfortunately has always been heavily frequented. Not for about a week now. The construction site you see in the picture has been there for about a week.

📌 1. If it is the case that it is still not possible to fly private aircraft over the flooded Ahrweiler area (government bunker), then this is proof that there are many small aircraft involved. Small planes have been seen over this area for several weeks.

  1. Material that is locally available is being used to close the tunnel. However, this could also mean that there could indeed be volcanic activity in the High Eifel, where not much can be achieved with water.

📌 The Great Polonaise EC-135/ EC-145 over the Baltic Sea source

📌 Military colonies seen behind Sofia

📌 On the Dutch North Sea coast, the Sentry circled for quite a long time this afternoon at a really low altitude of max 800 meters above the ground: it seems to be a survey of underground objects – tunnels, probably also underwater accesses.

📌 Soldier. loader: Oh, it’s something bigger – like a transformer room to connect many other generators or other consumers. It appears to be a sort of power distribution box, to be connected directly to the output lines of the power generator. Perhaps there is a Tesla tower somewhere in the destination of this transport? source

As reported by the newspaper “Berliner Morgenpost”, an outbreak of the animal disease Q-fever , which is transmissible to humans, has occurred at the Charité hospital. The Charité and the health administration of the Berlin Senate have confirmed the report. According to the report, 20 employees of the clinic contracted Q fever in mid-July. According to the Morgenpost, this happened during an experiment on pregnant sheep. source
Na obrázku môže byť vonku a text, v ktorom sa píše „8,9° 90% rlin BZ DIE STIMME BERLINS Bezirke Berlin-Sport Berlin Sport Tatort Tierseuche an Charité ausgebrochen 20 Mitarbeiter infiziert IITI CHARITÉ“
Opis fotky nie je k dispozícii.

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