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It’s the weekend, so there have been massive, growing protests across the planet to oppose the vaccines and tyrannical mandates. Things got hot in Brussels, Belgium and The Hague as law enforcement got heavy-handed, while in Austria, it was quite a different picture. In Austria, the police and armed forces marched with the People.

The flooding in Canada is NOT a result of “climate change” and the Canucks need to stop being gullible, as does the rest of the world. We can see that the control freaks have tried to engineer another planetary reset, but they will fail. We are in control of this reset, and they are the ones who will be exterminated. Quite a twist.

Since March of 2018, a few months after Q began posting, I have been following along with the proofs and intel left there for our perusing.

In 2020, I made a Twitter account finally and in the middle of the year began to get Q’d for various things and made many frens—many of which have transitioned here to telegram.

As we approach the one year anniversary of the last Q drop, my resolve that every promise made in those drops will happen has never been more sure.

Yes, our situation really sucks right now— mandates, job loss, vaccine injuries, inflation, etc.

And you are certainly entitled to believe that we are a hopelessly doomed and duped country, left to dry by 45, to fall to communism.

But here, on this channel, my purpose is to give you hope—hope in heaven, above all else—and hope that there is a plan that we’ve been shown and it’s finally starting to play out before us.

Durham is active.
Maxwell is in the hot seat.
The ENTIRE world is waking up to how enslaved we really are to [them].

We are just getting to the good part.

So when I share things to this account in addition to the news cycle, it will ALWAYS be through the lens that nothing can stop what is coming.

We are not doomed.
We the People are getting back the power entitled to us by our beautiful constitution.
We are rising up in our communities to take on leadership roles in elections and schoolboards.
We are part of this plan.
Together we will walk this nation back from the precipice.

And if that’s not something you can get on board with, I’d encourage you to follow a doom and gloomer that will meet your needs. source

Millions Protest For Freedom From Lockdowns, Mandates, And Vaccine Passports

The news that Austria will introduce compulsory vaccination from 1 February 2022 has hit like a bombshell.
However, this will not happen because the resistance will be too great. It already is.
Increasingly, the truth is also coming out: the vaccinated are in intensive care – it’s a pandemic of the vaccinated.
Moreover, all indications are that the compulsory vaccination of certain occupational groups, introduced by Joe B1den’s executive order, will be abolished. (TI)

In addition, the Paul Ehrlich Institute announced that the European Commission has approved a product from Roche that prevents infection both preventively and acutely through antibodies so that there is no longer a need for a jab.
So let’s not be intimidated and continue to fly the flag! source

We can’t help but notice one Google search trend that has erupted worldwide. The search term “died suddenly” has spiked to an all-time high in the last two months, with data going back to 2004. source

There has been some subliminal messaging regarding Michael Jackson being still alive. This is most likely by the White Hats preparing the world for his return – at a time when the world could use his healing music.

1) In the song “Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd, there is a mystery gentleman with a mask on who hands a microphone to The Weeknd near the end of the music video. It resembles the body type and stature of Michael Jackson. It is on purpose to seed the consciousness of the masses as a foreshadow.

2) There is a new song by “Not Over Till We Win” by MAGA Jackson. It is definitely a tribute to Michael Jackson with many graphics depicting photos between Trump & The Prince of Pop.

It is very likely that along with JFK Jr., Tupac, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Kobe Bryant and others are still alive. We are living in the greatest time in human history!! source

Giant find: 650 kilograms of KOKAIN in the port of Algeciras, Spain. source

📍 Violent clashes in Paris, France against the closure and new sanitation measures.
📍 Mass demonstration in the streets of Brussels against restrictions and the health passport. (HLN)
📍 Police use water cannons and tear gas against demonstrators in Brussels, where police say at least 35,000 people are demonstrating against the health passport. source

There have been two more earthquakes in Turkey today, in the exact area we reported on over the weekend. This seems to be a very important area, as there were hardly any earthquakes visible before, but now they are occurring more or less continuously! Especially at a depth of 10 km!

Na obrázku môže byť ‎mapa, obloha a ‎text, v ktorom sa píše „‎NuEழ Samsun BлaAиKaBKa3, Earthquake data: Mag 4.7 / 10.0 km (6.2 mi) depth 1 hour and 44 minutes ago Georgien Nov 22, 2021 08:31 GMT, Nov 22, 2021 11:31 am GMT +3) local time Lng: 39.83 42.01: Turkey tflis Source: GFZ Other sources: USGS: 4.7 km, more... Altınordu Çorum Tokat 10 km, EMSC: 4.7 Sivas Detail info You felt it? Report it! menien Türkei aray Kayseri Iğdır Aserb Malatya Van Kahramanmaraş Caحlanton Sanlurfa Diyarbakır Batman Mardin Urmai اروميه‎“‎‎

In addition to yesterday’s earthquake in Turkey, today there was another earthquake near Nicsar and Baku in Azerbaijan! Both actually lie on the marked line! The earthquake near Baku is 10 km deep and the two earthquakes in Turkey are 5.2 km and 12 km deep. We also know that another line runs between Batumi, Georgia and Baku, as we have reported several times… Today’s earthquake is marked on yesterday’s map!

Na obrázku môže byť mapa a obloha

This earthquake does not give me peace of mind: after further investigation, it occurred to me that this could be a strange earthquake at a depth of 10 km. It is located in the Rome – Istanbul extension and due to its location it could have a huge effect. It is an area where a “distributor” would even make a lot of sense: GeorgiaArmenia (direct line to Baku/Azerbaijan)Iran Iraq Syria, in the immediate vicinity of Damascus… source

Na obrázku môže byť ‎mapa a ‎text, v ktorom sa píše „‎Lagred Kroatien Rumanie Italien Serbien Bukarest Bulgarien Schwarze Tyrhenisches Meer Albanien stanbul Bursa Griechenland Georgien Athen Malta Türkei Konya Aserbaidscha Mittelmeer Tripolis ن Syrien Libanon Beirut maskus Alexandria Bagdad Irak Jerusalem Jordanien Israel Libven Kuwait Persischer‎“‎‎
Tento obrázok nemá vyplnený ALT popisok, jeho názov je image-19-776x1024.png
Interesting timing

My source is a pilot, not an airline pilot, but somehow works independently directly for airbus.
He just told me that, according to his information, there are now 580,000 American troops on German territory. Most of them are literally mixing with people, travelling only in civilian clothes and with cars registered in Germany. Their special unit is also stationed in Rammstein.
He further stated that prior to Bremerhaven, during the reactivation of Valentino, an American aircraft carrier had been in the North Sea off Bremerhaven for a long time.
It is still not clear to me who actually commands these units. NATO? Then I guess it wouldn’t be so good for us….

The answer is actually simple, but then really complicated.
Why? Because we’re watching a movie.
Because nothing is what it seems.
Because the enemy, whether it’s a high-profile actor or an “authoritarian” flunky, is ALWAYS there, hiding his dirty face in a half-light.
There is now a so-called Central Command in Tampa, Florida, which, like EUCOM in Stuttgart, occupies a not inconsiderable area, as well as branches in Ramstein, Nuremberg and Dresden – just the ones I’m familiar with. Maybe there are others.
Then there are our ” Dukes” – the Counts who make sure that everything runs smoothly for the Germans here in the occupied zone (so that others get sovereignty too) – also known as Supreme Headquarters European and African Forces = SHAEF, who also carry out their tasks from various locations.
Then there is SHAPE, V Corps, 101st, 7th Cavalry and…..
In the case of the V Corps itself, there are also cyber defence units attached to each integrated unit.
Crucially, the individual WHs in the units are linked and pass the Military Intelligence (MI) command structure from Q-Quarters to their hierarchy for execution.
It is impossible for us to know which unit is actually doing what and which individuals are behind it.
That’s why they say trust the plan.
This is not just a spiritually optimized motto. It is the basis for all the actions of the entire military Operative. (Alex) source

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