News 25.03.2021


WATCH THE WATER has many meanings – part of NESARA – the no more wars and aggression part. Same as bombing the DUMBS/Tunnels. All major dams with Nuke Reactors will collapse. The White House and others in the 34 will flood and become a sanctuary, or something else. The Suez Canal, blocked. Liquidity. Stock Market Collapse. Water Marked Ballots

“All of the fencing that surrounded the outer perimeter of the U.S. Capitol Complex has been removed,” read a Wed. 24 March press release from U.S. Capitol Police. “Affected roads have reopened. The USCP is ready to quickly ramp up security at a moment’s notice, if needed.” Source

On Jan. 20 the Stock Market crashed, has been falsely held up since and never really recovered, plus has wollered in deep red for the last seven days. At any time that Market Crash may be made public, though blamed on a ship that has been sitting in the Suez Canal blocking international trade for the last several days.

The Interim Military Govt. would initiate that Red Alert through their Project Odin National Alert System that would take down the Mossad Satanic satellites and activate the new Starlink communication system, thereby taking over all media outlets globally. Sixty Starlink satellites were launched last week and sixty more on Wed. 24 March: Source

We would be compensated for taxes paid to the Cabal that was illegally taken. The gold collected from the Cabal has all been taken to a specific refinery, melted down, reformed, embedded with a serial number, stamp and device that could track it and then taken to the gold bullion bank of the country that owns it so it can be tracked 24/7. There’s no way you could move it without being caught. That process has taken 5 years to roll out. There is 100 times more gold in the world than has been recorded – showing how much the Cabal or Deep State has stolen. The virus, the riots, the lockdown, the alien invasion was all a smokescreen to create chaos Source

It all is making sense now. The evergreen cargo ship, owned by Ghislaine Maxwell’s father/husband, is stuck in the Suez Canal. Hillary’s SS codename was Evergreen. They use the ships for child trafficking. For the last week, the entire Russian naval fleet from the area is right there, waiting…….Our ol’ buddy Putin has them trapped. Pretty darn slick if you ask me. I didn’t see this coming. Putin is in on the takedown of the worldwide deep state cabal. Just wait until theyunload some of the cargo and find what is inside…..This may be the start of the avalanche. Stay tuned

If I may interject. As an IT professional, I noticed a few things about the whole thing that got me thinking.
If you look at the pattern drawn by the ship before entering the canal, take note that the ship was on a straight course before drawing the vulgarity. This would mean the ship was not planning on drawing anything. Just going into the canal to do the exact same that they always did. And using a canal is symbolic of a birthing canal. Things are about to happen worldwide. The birthing of the information coming from this mess will be the beginning of the end of the deep state.
Those ships are on auto pilot most of the time. The computers do the work. I am suggesting that the ships computers were hacked. My suspicions lean toward the White Hats. This was part of the plan.
The ship had left c[h]yna days before. Heading for the Netherlands. So, its cargo was updated from babies and children (for 4dr3n41chr0m3) to teenagers and young adults (for s3x trade).

The children cannot testify as to where they have been and what they have been through. The teenagers and young adults can tell what they have been through.
Once the ship went back on course, I am guessing the Captain and the driver decided that the hack was gone, and they had full control again. Looking at the Suez on maps, they went aground in one of the most narrow spots of the canal. The White Hat hackers waited till the ship was there, then took control again and ran it aground at full speed. The ships Captain said there was a blackout. That means the ships systems must have went dead. Our Space Force has blacked out entire countries recently. They were hacked during reboot of the ships systems. A vulnerable time for computers that have a virus, where the virus allows the hacker to take control.
The phallus and but, drawn by the first hack, were communications letting the crew and the Deep State know that they are f00k3d. The fallout from unloading the crates in order to get the ship fixed and out of the canal will be huge.
And let’s look at the fact that the Soviet Navy vessels are on one side and the US Navy vessels on the side the ship came from. White Hats are in control. They planned this. The ship cannot escape. Their crimes will be televised. Source

Watch The Stock Market.

So Thursday 25th March is 107th day of year.
It is Christmas Day on Assyrian Calendar. Their symbol is the Evergreen Tree.
24th March was 3/11 on Julian Calendar.
Melanias Evergreen Tree Christmas also Allan Parrot’s

25th Amendment time Joe. Source

Lame stream must be running out of actual journalistic reporting, why are they always reporting on what we investigate? guess we bring them views. kek : QAnon claims stuck Suez canal ship used by Hillary Clinton to traffic children – Article

Black Out 
A ‘blackout’ is talked about in Q1440 and could just mean an information blackout.
The ‘lights going out’, spoken of in Q64, could mean that we’re just ‘in the dark’ like we are now.
That is why we don’t need to panic, things are probably happening.
But there is a possibility the literal power could go off for awhile, but again if it does don’t panic.
There is also a ‘scare event’ talked about in a Q521. The patriots worrying right now could be the scare event. Or it could also mean there’s going to be an event that is truly scary.
Either way, The Q team has said that it is ‘necessary’, and to not be afraid. Source

Lindsey Graham: GOP Will ‘Shut the Senate Down’ If Denied Access to Border Facilities

● Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said that Republicans will “shut down” the Senate if he and other senators are denied access to Border Patrol facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border on Friday.

● “I am going down [to the border] with 18 senators Friday, and if I’m denied the ability to look into any place I want to go, we’re going to shut the Senate down,” he said in an interview with Fox News. “Where are all the liberal hypocrites? Where is AOC? Where is Elizabeth Warren? Where is Vice President Harris, who basically protested outside of a facility—in Homestead, Florida during the Trump years—holding migrant children?” Source

Marine Corps Officer Warns Congress Against Classifying Christians in Military as ‘Religious Extremists’ Source

Biden Administration Tells Supreme Court Police Can Seize Guns in Homes

● The Supreme Court seemed skeptical of government arguments this morning that the “community caretaking” exception to the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement should be expanded to allow police to seize guns without a warrant in a person’s home.

● The case comes as Joe Biden and congressional Democrats press for aggressive new restrictions on Second Amendment gun ownership rights. Source

“Horrific” Swarms Of Spiders, Snakes Invade Australian Homes Amid Devastating Floods
“There were also skinks, ants, basically every insect, crickets – all just trying to get away from the flood waters,” Source

Facebook, Google, Twitter CEOs testify before Congress on misinformation, extremism Source

Billionaire Benjamin De Rothschild, Heir To Storied Banking Fortune, Dies At 57 Source

Tento obrázok nemá vyplnený ALT popisok, jeho názov je image-22.png

President Trump, USACE, Dan, DoD, Pompeo Qomms & More! 🍿

-Trump’s hidden msg in Endorsement of David Shafer: The Best Is Yet To Come.

-USACE HQ retweets “ReadyGov”. Tornadoes, hail (Storm).
Q552: Warning Storm Coming.

Retweet is on Mar 23, QDrop from Mar 23 says Red Castle, which is USACE’s profile pic. Coincidence?

-Dan IG: Trump in front of the fake media: Transparency.
Q: Transparency is the only way forward
Sometimes it takes transparency to force action

-Dan same post TS Breakdown.
Q4: Patriots Are in Control, Sit Back & Enjoy the Show!

-DoD tweet: “Illuminated Unloading”.
Transparency, which ties back to Dan’s IG post. Coincidence?

-Pompeo TS 2:34pm or 1434.
Q234: Stay strong
We are winning
Q1434: Flood is coming
Mike Lindell echoed the same. Coincidence?

-British News: May “17”, & a Q in the background? 👀

-Flynn: “Never Give Up”….“Its going to happen more rapidly than people think”.

-Dear Newsweek: If Q isn’t real, why can’t you shut the f**k up about it? 😂

More photos to drops above here

Covid is the Biggest Health Scam Ever || Final Wakeup Call – article here


5 Ways To Be A Spiritual Warrior Now!” 

Are you a bright light  of God and want to help save our beloved Sovereign Nation ? Great!  The IMMENSE power of YOUR desire and focused positive attention will keep us on the WINNING TIMELINE! Here’s 5 ways to be a spiritual warrior NOW:

  1. Pray to God and verbally announce your free will choice to be in service to others and service to source/God.  Your spoken words are powerful!
  2. Surround yourself with God-CREATED ORGANIC everything.  Eat as clean & natural as possible: fruit, vegetables, tea, coffee, purified water.  
  3. Go outside in nature and give thanks to God’s garden planet.  Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions in the multiverse!
  4. Pet your dogs  and cats and other furry or feathered critters. They are our loving guardians and make Earth a better place for us.
  5. Meditate for a few minutes on our many blessings—even if it’s one thing you can see right now.  Focus on uplifting thoughts like “I AM calm and peaceful” and “I AM sovereign and free!”

Appreciation for the positive around you and inside of you will raise your vibration automatically.  Your higher frequency attracts other higher frequencies and ripples outward like a pebble in a pond.  You ARE making a huge difference and bringing us closer to full disclosure and the Great Awakening.  Source

In newly released Maxwell documents, her legal team makes damning allegations against the SDNY, Wisconsin State Assembly orders an investigation into the 2020 election with teeth and Fulton County Georgia orders a forensic audit and you can help! Source

For thousands of years they have been harvesting our energy when you wake up to this only then you will trully be able to see through the matrix ! Nothing is as it seems !


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