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Yes the Stock Market will CRASH. It will be PRECISION CYBER on certain CABAL Companies. I have shown you what Industries/resources we are moving away from. Executive Order 1221. How many times did POTUS tell you that the Stock Market will crash THE LIKES NEVER SEEN BEFORE under BIDAN.  = CASTLE ROCK Chess Move. The Old Systems must crash before you introduce New Systems. source

Michael was showing us MED BEDS. source
  • The King of Pop used the $100,000 glass chamber to combat aging, posing inside the blue machine in 1986
  • At the time, Jackson said he took ‘several long naps’ inside the chamber that made him feel like ‘a new person’ with the hopes that he’d ‘live to be at least 150’   
  • In 1994 Jackson bought the machine and had it moved to his Neverland Ranch  
  • President/CEO of Hyperbaric Modular Systems (HMS), tells DailyMailTV that scientists have actually proven that the chamber can help with anti-aging 
  • ‘I want to live to see world peace, a world without hunger, a world where children and all mankind know no suffering,’ Jackson said of the chamber source

The mind is a powerful thing. In fact, it is so powerful that it can control the physical world around us, without us even knowing it.

In essence, when we think negatively, our minds are sending out energy fields that can affect other people. If you imagine that the power of the sun is similar to how we imagine the power of energy waves are, the energy field we emit can affect other people on the other end of a phone, and they may be effected in a negative way.

The mind controls our thoughts and emotions. While it’s often said that your mind creates your reality, the truth is that your mind determines the physical reality that you experience.

When we think and create, we create thoughts, ideas, desires, beliefs, and all of the emotions, feelings, and physical sensations that accompany those thoughts. When you think something, the chemical receptors in your brain send signals to the nerve cells that you designate as thoughts. These signals trigger chemical changes in your body, affecting every single organ in your body. The thoughts you think have the ability to do amazing things. source

A friend sent this map from a website you may wish to check out. So… how do they know this? “The Plan”, I guess. “This month” means May. New York and Wyoming aren’t even mentioned. I guess they’ll never open. How many tunnels and DUMBS are there to address beneath those states?

Here’s an interesting Update on China’s Three Gorges Dam. Some believe it has already been addressed by the Earth Alliance. Beneath the dam are (were) a DUMB, with nukes, trafficked captives, etc. We’re told the earthquakes were the White Hats taking out the tunnels and DUMBS on the largest Human trafficking route in the world through China.

There has indeed been a great deal of chatter about UFOs recently and the planned “fake alien invasion”. It’s partly a distraction.

There have been positive and negative extraterrestrials on this planet for eons and the world leaders and military are well aware of it. It’s time we ended the charade and got real. Trump has mandated full disclosure by August so…

And during the upcoming Ten Days of Darkness when they stream the “truth videos” from Elon Musk’s Starlink system, the world will hopefully find out the alien invasion took place millennia ago and has been the source of our problems.

That is who the military and the benevolent ETs are working to eradicate from Creation. The invading satanic ETs and their Human minions are the virus in this holographic reality.

And how do you fix your computer when a bad virus infects it? Sometimes you have to wipe the RAM and external hard drives, reformat the operating discs and reinstall the programmes. So what can we expect in the upcoming RV/GCR/Reset of our world? As Q has said, “the world is about to change”. source

Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba
Do you remember Amy Coney Barret? Supreme Court judge named by Trump … or … confirmed in office a few months ago?
You remember that Trump always says: You have to have friends with you, but enemies very close “!
We should think she’s PRO Trump, right?
She was arrested at breakfast. She is best friends with ?????? KAMALA HARRIS .. I don’t know more yet .. source
Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „Zuhause Nachrichten Sport NEWS Spule Mehr England Regionen Dorset Speisekarte Appell über Bournemouth-Graffiti in Impfzentren â Vor 6 Tagen ×× ー E S DEPOPULATION CENTRE Das Westbourne Medical Center wurde mit Anti-Covid-Graffiti besprüht, teilte die Polizei mit NHS“
For me another clear sign that the White Hats have the media under control for a long time, otherwise this photo would NEVER have made it into the BBC! source

Woke up and found out that the panic is in MARICOPA COUNTY 💯 and the judge in GEORGIA declares the election invalid because of double counted votes! source

EARTHQUAKE in Maricopa County today at 6:06 GMT – first MESSAGE was received after 1⃣7⃣ minutes!
There has been a proverbial BOOM
If we think of the official publication of the falsified votes, it fits
Trump said we had an eventful week source

Belarusian opposition activist Roman Protasevich (26), who was hijacked from a Ryanair flight, now critically ill and hospitalized in Minsk with “heart disease,” according to unconfirmed reports.

UPDATE – The interior ministry in Belarus claims journalist Roman Protasevich, who was aboard the diverted Ryanair plane, is being held in a jail in Minsk and is not complaining about ill health (Sky News) source

Russia’s communications watchdog Roskomnadzor issues 24-hour ultimatum to Google: Delete “prohibited content” or be fined and slowed down. source

Biden at FEMA roundtable: “But, uh, there’s, you know, there’s to be, you know, beginning, uh, this effort for 2021 is, uh… that is what FEMA does every single day.” video

Tucker Carlson: “…the government of Thailand contacted the CDC and Fauci’s office to say that its intel service had picked up biological anomalies around the lab in Wuhan” on 11/19/2019 — which is around the time that the Chinese researchers at the lab became very sick. video

MSNBC is starting to cover what’s happening in Georgia and they continue to cover the Maricopa audit.

They even showed a poll that 70% of Republicans don’t think Biden won.

Redpill anyone? source

So how many times did Donald Trump tweet out “crime of the century?” source

No matter your beliefs. The True Enemy is in Plain Sight in a manner I’ve never observed before. You Don’t have to believe in Satan for him to believe in You. Spiritual Battle Not Flesh. source

This is a mirror image of schumann resonance today. Wow look at those wings! source
Môže ísť o snímku obrazovky z Twitteru, na ktorej je text, v ktorom sa píše „Trilby Smith @TrilbySmith2 GEORGEnews reporting: "...loads will come OUT via the Rallies". *Referring to upcoming President Trump rallies. Texas has rally on Friday with General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, etc...don't know if President Trump will be at that one, but I guarantee it's going down.“
Môže ísť o snímku obrazovky z Twitteru, na ktorej je jedna osoba alebo viacerí ľudia a text, v ktorom sa píše „Trilby Smith @TrilbySmith2 Odpoved uživateli @TrilbySmith2 It's being said President Trump will tell Americans to go stand on their govt building steps and demand justice. It's about to get real really fast. We warned you. [They] won't be able to walk down the street.“
Na obrázku môže byť mapa a text

1 year delta
Pompeo Wuhan Lab leak source
Pompeo anti-semitism tweet
Match to Q2386 11/2 which lines up with Law of War Timestamp page 1126 on “conspiracy”

ALL FOR A LARP? source
Pompeo pallets tweet
Mirror Timestamp
9:34 > 4:39
Apple & China spying on us source

We need to be talking about the fact that the world military games took place in Wuhan just a few weeks before the first documented case in 2019.

Nearly 300 members of the U.S. military, Department of Defense, and support personnel attended these games and then returned to 219 home bases in 25 different states.

An official investigation was done, which concluded that a strong correlation exists in COVID-19 cases reported at U.S. military facilities that are home bases of members of the U.S. team that went to Wuhan.

Pentagon officials decline to talk about the incident.

Not surpringly, the US team flew back to the states through the Seattle Airport.

Over 9,000 “military athletes” attended these games.

Oddly enough, some Iranian athletes “died from Covid” after returning home.

The entire situation smells and im shocked I haven’t heard anything about this since very early in 2020.

Military personnel from all around the world were gathered together IN WUHAN RIGHT BEFORE COVID WAS RELEASED.

No coincidences. source

Who would have thought that letting your child cut their penis or breasts off would lead to them being depressed and suicidal?

Shocking really. source

Michael Flynn is the de facto General of the digital army.

Ask yourself…why doesn’t the media attack him 24/7? source

Yesterday was the last day for the mask mandate in Maine.

Today I’ve decided stop into a handful of stores to get a feel for how many people are done with Covid.

I am delighted to report that Dicks Sporting Goods was 75% maskless (even some employees) and the grocery store was roughly 50/50.

It almost feels weird seeing so many people’s faces.


The long-awaited Durham Report is due out shortly. I wonder if the Cue drop ‘C before D’ is actually [C]hina before Declas? It is looking more and more like that with each passing day.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is solidifying his position as Light Warrior hero. He has signed a bill that will allow Floridians to sue Big Pharma for damage from the [v]accine. And he has signed a bill allowing Floridians to sue Big Tech. People will be flocking to Florida to live soon.
Governor Ivey has signed a bill banning [v]accine passports in Alabama. She made it clear that the jab must be voluntary and not mandated.
Not to be left out, Iowa has placed a permanent ban on masks now and in the future. It is now a totally mask-free state. The people are FIGHTING BACK.
And Georgia is ready to flip their state election result in favor of President Trump – 30,000 fake ballots have been discovered in their much-anticipated audit.

It really is time to choose…. love or fear… courage or surrender… sovereignty or tyranny. Rarely have we been faced with such a far-reaching and urgent decision. I can’t stress this enough! We are midwives of the Aquarian Age, right here, right now, in every choice we make, each minute of every single day. We must all play our part in the great awakening. The new age is drawing near.

Stay strong and brave, World Patriots. The many years of waiting patiently are about to be rewarded. It has felt as if this day would never get here but it is very close now. source

Facebook Whistleblowers Expose LEAKED INTERNAL DOCS Detailing New Effort to Secretly Censor Vaccine Concerns on a Global Scale

Facebook has responded: “We proactively announced this policy on our company blog and also updated our help center with this information.” -Facebook company spokesperson

  • Two Facebook Insiders have come forward with internal company documents detailing a plan to curb “vaccine hesitancy” (VH) on a global scale.
  • The stated goal of this feature is to “drastically reduce user exposure” to VH comments. Another aim of the program is to force a “decrease in other engagement of VH comments including create, likes, reports [and] replies.”
  • It was such a shocking revelation, that it moved not just one — but two whistleblowers to come forward to Project Veritas, so the public could be made aware of this plan to stifle free speech.
  • One Facebook whistleblower said the company uses a tier system to determine how a comment should be censored or buried.
  • Comments that include “shocking stories” describing potentially or actually true events, or facts that can raise safety concerns” — are demoted.
  • “True events or facts” that raise concern about Covid vaccinations are fair game to be demoted and hidden — according to our source — despite their authenticity or capacity to contribute to the public good.
  • “I have to do something,” one of the Facebook insiders said.
  • Project Veritas reached out to a top Facebook Spokesperson about these documents and received only a brief and broad statement in reply, that failed to address our biggest questions regarding transparency.
  • “They’re trying to control this content before it even makes it onto your page before you even see it,” the other Facebook insider added. “If I lose my job, it’s like, what do I do? But that’s less of a concern to me.”

It doesn’t matter if the comments are true, factual or represent reality. The comment is demoted, buried and hidden from view of the public if it clashes with this system. 

“It doesn’t match the narrative,” one insider explained. “The narrative being, get the vaccine, the vaccine is good for you. Everyone should get it. And if you don’t, you will be singled out,” 

One of the insiders, a Data Center Technician, leaked multiple internal documents detailing an algorithm test being run on 1.5 percent of Facebook and Instagram’s nearly 3.8 billion users worldwide. documents here

Glancing at this Full Moon chart, I’d say, just off the cuff, that we are about to be flooded with  tranches of information that until now, have been kept in shadow (12th house Sun in Gemini conjunct south node), and that this massive tsunami info will flesh in the already largely formed (south node) world-view (Moon in Sagittarius) of those of us who have been lambasted as “conspirators” — for calling out both the covid-19 con  and the election fraud as real. In other words, history’s largest sting operation that included both is about to climax.

Notice, BTW, that Venus and Mercury are both near the Gemini Ascendant. This chart is about information coming into the light and being expressed. And note this triple conjunction as well, given what I’m about to say about Trump.

…I’d say that the (Sagittarian) world-view that he holds has been there all along, and what he’s had to do was to investigate the shadows (12th house of this lunar eclipse) to reveal all the Gemini facts that, when connected, reveal/display/certify that world-view.

Let me repeat one more time: DJT was born under a Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon with Gemini North Node and Sagittarian South Node parallel to this May 26 Full Moon eclipse with the nodes, for him, also near Gemini and Sagittarius.

Note that he was interviewed by Chanel Rion on May 21, only two days prior to Saturn’s turn, an interview in which he said that things have to turn around before 2022, or it will be too late.

As I said, I have a feeling that this Full Moon heralds the “disclosure” we have been waiting for. And it’s not just about the extraterrestrial presence and free energy technologies, which of course, are the MOST significant (and will likely be sanitized), since they offer the largest perspective (and remember DJT’s uncle John Trump knew Tesla, and was charged with collecting his works after he died), but, since we’ve all got our eyes glued on the fraudulent election finally becoming unglued thanks to the states’ audits, and the fraudulent Covid-19 coming unglued thanks to Fauci’s saintly halo being sucked from his double’s masked face — oh yeah, and then there’s child trafficking, the currency that fuels the deep state via blood (adrenochrome), blackmail and bribery, all of which  DJT has been highly aware of and deeply concerned about for a long long time . . .

All I can say is, it’s time for us to hold onto our hats, for there are strong winds blowing through the collective now, and they’re liable to strip us of whatever illusions we are still clinging to, leaving those of us who chose not to see what the rest of us did see — naked, raw, and in need of healing.

Hopefully, the initiation of that healing will begin during Mercury’s retrograde period, also coming right up, from May 29 through June 22, when thoughts naturally turn inward, going back over what has already been revealed. source

Today at around 07:30 and 08:40 hours, 2 more earthquakes of magnitude 2.2 and 2.8 occurred in the Mediterranean. The centre of the Epi was between Rhodes and Kos. However, it is noticeable that it is again right at the junction between Rome and Jerusalem where huge DUMBS are suspected! source

An earthquake of as yet unknown magnitude hit Paris directly this morning at around 5:30am and there are no reports of damage. However, anyone who knows a little about the history of Paris knows that the “Parisian underworld” is very well known. source

Today there was an earthquake at around 9:30 am with no measured magnitude near London. Here, as in Paris, the London underworld is more than familiar. The second capital today…source

Another earthquake in Germany occurred around 10:00 am in the Plauen area near the border with the Czech Republic. The magnitude of the earthquake has not been determined. A survey of the area revealed that there are surface mines and bunkers! source

Another earthquake of magnitude 2.1 was reported from Turkey around 10:00 today. The centre of Epi is located about 90 km south of the capital Ankara near SEREFLIKOCHISAR. This earthquake is also exactly on the Jerusalem-Odessa-Tallinn line. source


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    Thank you for sharing. Pray for unity and spirituality.

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