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We are certainly feeling the pain and we know the Q drops can be taken many different ways. Q encouraged us to be open-minded, to research, and expand our thinking.

We have been asked to stay calm, keep our emotions out of it, think logically, and trust that we are in good hands and that the Plan will unfold in our favour. We also know that the time for fence-sitting is over and the enemy will increasingly be exposing themselves.

Anything is possible and it’s not a crime to ask, “What if…?”. To blindly believe only one thing and refuse to look at information we don’t want to hear is how we arrived in this dire situation. “They would never do that” attitude was almost the death knell for Humanity.

One might wonder why there are so many FEMA camps in America. How many emergencies are they expecting, exactly? How many camps are there? It’s a sea of red. Check out this map. You can dive in and out by scrolling your mouse or however you do it on your gadget to see your state and city. I have some ideas on what we could do with those “re-education camps”. We know the original plan was to throw the dissidents (like us) in there, never to be seen again. We heard there were guillotines at some of them.

This is a really good, short update from attorney Reiner Fuellmich on the legal war in Germany. It’s unreal what these Nazis are doing to prevent people from getting justice in the courts.

It’s a good thing we’re taking action because we know they would try to shoot us all up multiple times until we’re either dead or no longer Human. This is what happens when they get their foot in the door. We allowed them to launch a fake pandemic, and just for two weeks to wear masks, social distance, stay home, stop living… and that was… how long ago? A year and a half. And people believe their shite to this day. source

22 – Global predictor, protector of planet Earth

Cowboyw2b at Anonup with a pic from the White House live cam from tonight – GOLD.

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Myanmar’s biggest cities hit by power outages – as critics continue to slam social media blackouts

Urban centers including commercial hub Yangon and areas in the capital Naypyidaw have been left without power. (AFP)

Other major cities have been affected too, as electrical companies claimed they had suffered a “system breakdown.”

Power outages in Myanmar can be extremely common, with demand often outstripping supply. However, recent internet outages have been slammed as preventing basic human rights. source

Donald J. Trump – The Fake News is lying about the Arizona audit report! The leaked report conclusively shows there were enough fraudulent votes, mystery votes, and fake votes to change the outcome of the election 4 or 5 times over. The number includes 23,344 mail-in ballots, despite the person no longer living at that address. Phantom voters! The official canvass does not even match who voted, off by 11,592—more than the entire Presidential Election margin. Voters who voted in multiple counties totaled 10,342, and 2,382 ballots came from people who no longer lived in Maricopa County. There were also 2,592 “more duplicate ballots than original ballots.” Just those fraudulent ballots alone total 50,252, and is fraud many more times than the so-called margin of “victory,” which was only 10,457. In addition, election data appears to have been intentionally deleted, and ballot images were “corrupt or missing.” This is not even the whole state of Arizona, but only Maricopa County. It would only get worse!

There is fraud and cheating in Arizona and it must be criminally investigated! More is coming out in the hearing today. source

Trump said it right here 👀
“Look at the Durham, the first section of the Durham report where Hillary Clinton rigged the campaign… “
Coincidence that he is pointing to this the day before the AZ audit results are set to come out?
Ready for the flood?
Justice is what the American people want the most. That’s what I’m fighting for. Justice will prevail. source

Defence Forces conduct military exercise in Dublin


17,000+ duplicate ballots that Maricopa County never mentioned.

23,000+ mail in ballots that were somehow sent to people who had already moved to a new location. Forwarding ballots is illegal.

As we’ve known, the machines were connected to the internet.

The last OS patch and security updates were done in the end of 2019 when Dominion’s software was loaded. How convenient.

One machine was found to have two different hard drives which were bootable to different configurations. The second hard drive contained non-Maricopa information.

They failed to preserve the security logs. They had shared accounts and passwords.

They refused to provide the router logs and a bevy of other critical information that would have provided clarity into these issues until AFTER the audit results were presented. They still haven’t handed them over.

They purged a database which held election results the DAY BEFORE the audit began. Innocent people with nothing to hide don’t do that. It’s also against the law.

Categorical election fraud in Maricopa County was unequivocally proven by this Audit report.

A wide variety of criminal actions including massive obstruction were exposed by this Audit report.

A comprehensive list of actions that can be taken and legislation that can be written to protect our future elections has materialized from this Audit report.

The Maricopa Audit was extremely secure, comprehensive and accurate. Many other states will attempt to replicate what they accomplished.

In conclusion…


This is why the Alliances have been working solidly here – everyone needs to grasp just how deep this goes and why things cannot be rushed.



It is not the people of Australia it is the country of Australia that is a major DRAKON STRONGHOLD.

The Global Elite originally set up Canberra Parliament House as their Central place of Governance to Rule the Planet.

The Headquarters of the major US Intelligence Agency is not Langley, Virginia it is Melbourne Australia.

Central Australia contains the major underground facilities in the world, which are built like underground hotels where the Global Elite planned to take shelter after they implemented their original global extermination plan and they only come out once the dust settles.

Under Canberra are many levels of Draconian bases accessed via submarine and via the craft that land while cloaked in the lake, which is located in front of the Parliament House ( Lake Burley Griffen )

Under the lake they can access the many levels located under Australia’s Parliament House.

Under Uluru ( Ayers Rock) located in the Center of Australia is the major Genetic Cloning Lab Facility in the World for the Dark.

Under Pine Gap, which is located in Australia is the major UFO monitoring facility in the world utilised by the Global Elite.

Most of the children that are conceived in underground facilities are conceived in the Underground facilities located under the Western Suburbs of Sydney and then taken to Circular Quay Harbour in Sydney and then shipped around the world In crates VIA P&O Cruise Lines to places like New York, LA, The Middle East and Europe, to then be used in Satanic Sacrificial Rituals, Child Hunting and in Adrenachrome Harvesting.

Australia has a MASSIVE underground Tunnel System and is littered with DRAKON bases and all connected by major tunnel systems built over 200 years ago using Draconian ET Tech.

Tunnels from Melbourne run directly to Tasmania and from Tasmania to Antarctica.

Tunnels from Sydney Run to New Zealand and to Norfolk Island.

Tunnels from Sydney run to Canberra and from Canberra Pine Gap and to Uluru ( Ayers Rock ) and also to Melbourne.

Tunnels from Perth ( Geraldton ) in Western Australia run directly to South Africa.

Tunnels from Darwin run into Indonesia.

Under Coober Pedy located in South Australia, MINERALS are mined underground, by CHAINED HUMAN SLAVES and then shipped directly to Alpha Draconis.

Australia is not what most believe.

Australia is a major GLOBAL stronghold for the Dark and at present, the Dark are desperately
trying to hang on to one of their last remaining strongholds on the planet.

That is why the Standover tactics are in place at present against anyone who dares Rise up.

🙏Take a moment and Pray for all those putting their lives on the line for us. They have a massive job. (from a reader)

Media Gives False Narrative

The media gives a false narrative in regard to the Arizona election audit.

Last night I was sent the executive summary of the report and it clearly recommended the decertification of the AZ election, claiming that the result for Biden could not stand as the levels of fraud were just too great. source

🛑 A major crackdown on drug dealers in North Rhine-Westphalia and the Netherlands. Ten properties searched, darknet trade crippled, lab uncovered, large valuables seized, two arrests.
The crackdown on child pornography has intensified again in recent days. Baden-Württemberg: 32 objects searched. Hesse: 17 properties searched. And in Italy, Operation Green Ocean: apartments were searched for child porn. Source:

📌 A major mafia raid took place in Sicily today. Fifty Mafiosi in custody, a Colombian wholesaler arrested in Spain, two murders solved and more than 350 kilos of drugs seized.
The French coastguard intercepted a fishing boat with 4.2 tonnes of TRAFFIC off Marseille.
📌 Splitter in custody politician who wanted Catalonia to secede from Spain has been arrested in Sardinia. He was previously stripped of his immunity by the EU Parliament. He will be charged with rebellion in Spain. He faces a long prison sentence. source

📌 If there was any doubt about the special role of the Slovenian army, here is another strong piece of evidence. It took off from Kranje near Ljubljana this morning, landed in the military area of Stuttgart and is now on its way to either Belgium or Ireland – possibly with a detour to Ramstein.
📌 The Spanish army is also currently engaged in negotiation and/or mediation missions. Mexico, Russia, Greece, Israel (in recent days) and Slovenia again today.
📌 The Swiss also travel a lot, at least within Europe, currently a T-751 Bomber on its way back from Malta.
📌 So the Belgian Falcons have been ordered to a US base in Sicily. Etna? Or other missions. We’ll see…
📌 EuFi/Typhoon took off from Neuburg this morning, made quite a turn through Saxony, MekPom to Lower Saxony and finally landed in Wunstorf. Interestingly the speed was quite low and the altitude equally low. Did they take off again on the way to the base?
📌 The Spanish army also has a job in Turkey source

More scanning flights along the site of the old government bunker source

📌 23.09.2021 – 11.42 hrs.
A whole flock of Dutch falcons on their way to the North Sea.
What can I say, what could never be “normal” in the past and what motivated new sightings every day has become commonplace for today. Folks, every day we have massive flight and ground movements of the military. Everything is definitely piling up and will have to be unloaded at some point. It’s impossible to predict, but we’re farther away than we can see on the surface.
📌 Belgian Falcon far away in the south of France in flyover mode. We’ve been seeing some of these flyovers on the radar in recent days, probably fighters equipped with special weapons systems. It is certain that these flights have been flying since at least 2017, only now can the operational command justify allowing various sightings even on public/civilian radar applications. The decisive battles have been won, world peace has been decided and is already being realized – despite all the warmongers and doubters.
📌 Two German A400M aircraft insight. Interesting that 54+36 took off from Laupheim, as only helicopters are usually seen working there. In contrast, flight 54+07 took off from Neuburg/Danube from a staggered runway. Interesting! source

And again, as every day, a huge movement of the army throughout Germany. A few photos 👇👇 source

Last Friday ( 1️⃣7️⃣ ❗❗) I had a bombshell message here (message below)….. and today I found another message that might confirm it 💥
📍 PEACE AGREEMENT GLOBALLY on September 17, 2021:
One of my most important sources from America (Sam Mugzzi + Kent Dunn) in an interview (about minute 19:30) says that a global peace treaty has been signed by 210 countries on 9/17/2021. Trump is to take responsibility for all of these countries.
Is it possible that this peace treaty was signed in Athens when so many flights were seen there on 09/17/2021????

Administration: I found some voice reports on the German net from guys who observe air traffic. Today they found out that Greece is a place of HUGE interest!!! In connection with these reports, it is now clear to me why GEORGE magazine (founded by JFKjr!) shared this news. I think it was a clue to what is happening in Athens today….. 🤩🙏
📍 Q-clock ends today.
Do you believe in coincidences?

📌 Still in the air 99-0003 – destination Crete? Where N163PA also landed yesterday? Still accompanied by Sentry. They were joined by the Slovenian delegation (Team Romanov) (pink object).
📌 Also German presence on site: Bomber 14+03 also landed in Athens. Does that make sense now? 😁🥳
📌 A Learjet from Crete, based in Ramstein.
📌 ‼️These are the current sightings for Athens. To recap: AF2 99-0003 is there, LV01 of Slovenians, i.e. Romanov team, German delegation with 14+03 Boelcke, probably on behalf of CentCom/German Kaiser, Czechs just departed, Intel delegation of Israelis/MI6 landed, Spanish landed, Hungarians landed, Serbs landed, and the delegation from Malta landed.
💥 Voice mails👇
📌📌 Very very interesting. In Greece, in Athens, there are partnership talks going on that also concern us, Germany. I saw Austrian and Swiss planes and some charter planes. Maybe it’s the Habsburgs who flew in with them. Most likely they are talking about the administration of the state that is now the Company. I’m sure this is something we will all feel in the near future. Italy has arrived. I’ll keep an eye on that.
📌📌 World history will be made here today. They’re all here. They just flew in. Lithuania, Switzerland, Bermuda, Bahrain, Canada. They’re all getting off, I have to assume, JFK, LADY DI and I don’t know who all will be there. This is where the contracts will be signed. World peace. September 17, the week before Christmas on the Julian calendar. Hallelujah. And we can be there. It’s incredibly beautiful.
Canada, Bermuda, Bahrain, Switzerland, France twice and again the Czech Republic with another delegation. The English were there with BAe146 Statesman Reg. ZZ700 source

Na obrázku môže byť mapa a text
2 unmarked U.S. MIL 737s flew into DIEGO GARCÍA
Unlike the US military base in Guam, spouses of employees are not allowed on Diego Garcia. No journalist has visited them.
Lawrence Wilkerson, a former Bush administration official, told Vice News in 2015 that CIA contacts informed him that Diego Garcia served as one of the prisons where people were detained, interrogated and in some cases tortured as part of the war on terror after September 11, 2001. source
Na obrázku môže byť mapa, vonku a text, v ktorom sa píše „as EN1-1A EN1-1A Lajes EN1-1A Aeroporto das Lajes EN1-1A Google“
Diego Garcia ✈️✈️
📌 Zařízení plní několik funkcí. Zařízení slouží jako podpůrné zařízení pro hladinové flotily i jednotky ponorek a zajišťuje regionální operace ve spolupráci s Military Sealift Command. [9] Na základně se nachází také sofistikovaný radar, zařízení pro sledování vesmíru a komunikační zařízení a plně funkční společné letiště námořnictva a letectva.
V polovině září 2002 bylo oznámeno, že USA požádaly o povolení vybudovat na základně Diego Garcia speciální kryty pro čtyři až šest bombardérů B-2. Stavba přenosných klimatizovaných přístřešků potrvá přibližně měsíc. Podle společnosti American Spaceframe Fabricators, dodavatele, který navrhl a postavil systém krytů B-2 , byly do konce listopadu postaveny čtyři kryty.
Jelikož se jedná o britské území, podléhá veškerý vojenský i civilní personál žijící na ostrově právu a správě BIOT. Tyto zákony se liší od zákonů platných ve Spojených státech.
Americká vojenská základna na ostrově Diego Garcia (známá také jako Camp Justice) patří Spojenému království a je jedním z nejstrategičtějších a nejtajnějších vojenských zařízení USA mimo území USA.
Je známé jako přísně tajné vězení CIA, kde jsou vyslýcháni a mučeni podezřelí z terorismu. Příběh Diego Garcia obsahuje odhalení od zasvěcených osob z Washingtonu, vojenských stratégů a obyvatel ostrova v exilu, jakož i stovky odtajněných dokumentů. source

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