News 27.06.2021


We understand the military posturing we’re hearing about is intended to come to a head in an apparent but carefully contrived world war scenario, as we’ve said. It’s part of the “scare events” that Q told us were planned to get the undivided attention of the snoozers and advance to the next phase of “The Plan”.

That will trigger the world’s militaries to launch into “mass arrest” mode to remove their corrupt government officials. No matter what happens, remain calm and know that the Patriots are in control. This is “the storm” and we will come out the other side to a whole new world.

The John McAfee update is interesting. Let’s not assume that putting the “kill switch” material out there means he is dead. They could release it anyway and John could be safe somewhere. Let’s hope he is.

John McAfee activated a ‘Kill Switch’ when the announcement was made that he had committed suicide in his jail cell.

The Amazing Team of analysts at the Awakening Channel HAS DISCOVERED THE EXACT LOCATION AND DATA OF THIS KILLSWITCH.

It appears that the Killswitch is transferring documents via binary code non-stop since the switch was activated and we will shortly post ALL THE INFORMATION.

When we post the information we will need assistance from all of you to help discover and decipher all of the data.

Nothing is what it seems. Those of us who innerstand that face have a better handle on just what the heck is going on. This is a spiritual battle for our very existence and we are engaged, open-minded, and curious.

The Q Team has told us all along what the future holds but the layers upon layers of meaning were not always clear.

We are going to show you a new world.
Those who are blind will soon see the light.
A beautiful brave new world lies ahead.
We take this journey together.
One step at a time.

Faith is very much needed in these unique and confusing times. When Trump says, the best is yet to come, he means it. source

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „4G 12 100% 8:34 87 ተተተተተተተተናተና Kdo by to byl rekl, Schwab a Rothschild? Zobrazit' preklad Goagle klaus schwabs mother maiden nam All News Images Shopping Videes Map Showing results for klaus schwab's mother maiden name Search instead for klaus schwabs mother maiden name Marianne Schwab, née Rothschild: "I always feel a little homesick for Bad Homburg" Marianne was born in Frankfurt in 1919. She grew up in the town of Bad Homburg, where her father, Louis Rothschild, managed a bank. htp://wjedischesien-fanfutd, Family Schwab- Projekt Jüdisches“

The United States is no longer under civilian control. Pete Gaynor the head of FEMA as well as Christopher Miller and the US military are in charge. Both were made responsible by President Trump and activated by executive order. Gaynor is an expert in combat infantry in the Navy. What’s happening to the FEMA tents in DC right now? Be ready for a really rude awakening in no time. So now we have Christopher Miller, an expert on unconventional warfare, and Pete Gaynor from FEMA. Christopher Miller is 100% in charge of the military at the moment, and Pete Gaynor is in charge of FEMA. Who will take command in the absence of a functioning government ??? Who rules america FEMA and the military … who runs them? Christopher Miller and Pete Gaynor. BOTH were installed by Trump.
So what’s going on in DC right now? FEMA tents, FEMA personnel, FEMA vehicles and also National Guard troops will be nationalized as soon as the insurgency law is promulgated. Everything in one fell swoop. Washington DC will not be controlled by Trump, but by an emergency government led by FEMA and the US military … We are in an active military coup. But it is a coup to restore the republic.
It’s because of the fake Biden and Harris election. It took a lot longer than most people would have liked, but this operation wasn’t planned based on people’s sense of time and when they wanted the arrests and things to happen. It is now out of Trump’s control and it has been for a few days … It is now under FULL control of the US military and FEMA. The head of FEMA Pete Gaynor takes over DHS (Department of Homeland Security) as acting head, responsible for D.C ..
Don’t believe their lying eyes. DC is a federal agency on sovereign land. The military is in control. Congress is also null and void. They have lost their powers to do anything since the US corporation’s status is dead and no longer existent. A new republic is emerging. Back to constitutional law. The military does its constitutional duties to protect the Constitution and the nation. Trump is not involved. We are about to become a country that we have never seen before in our lifetime. A restoration of the We the People republic. WONDERFUL. It will be even more amazing to see this spread across the planet. Corruption, extortion and crimes are exposed, denounced and condemned. The sovereignty of nations will be restored, with self-government by their peoples, not controlled and manipulated by central banks and elites. A real opportunity for human welfare. source

In my personal estimation, we are really close to what I understand to be the end of ‘phase 1’ and which I am inclined to call ‘salvation’. With this in mind, it makes sense to collect all key statements again. This is expressly NOT about knowledge of the truth, but about my own conclusions drawn up on the basis of analysis, research, considerations and plenty of thinking.
🔸 I am convinced that we are experiencing a God-led transformation process, which earthly reflects the implementation of the Revelation of John.
🔸 Thus we experience the apocalypse, the last judgment, the rapture (for divine / God-turned souls) and the walk into paradise.
🔸 I understand ‘Paradise’ as a space of experience / incarnation space in which our souls can experience higher-quality learning content in the future.
🔸 Our future space of experience will be freed from the outer duality with its dark, satanic (God turned away) pole.
🔸 I assume that, despite the appropriate re-incarnation, we will keep our physical bodies as well as our space of experience (living space / earth).
🔸 According to my assumption, we will get to know each other previously unknown areas of our earth – here I am thinking primarily of things like ‘Atlantis’ or ‘Antarctica’.
🔸 I remember the graphics of the ‘flat earth’ shown to us, which reveal huge areas behind the Antarctic ice wall. In addition, the literature explains the underground habitats there.
🔸 We have to assume that there are huge tunnel systems / cavities inside the earth. I cannot say whether these will play a role for us.
🔸 Since spring 2020 we have been shown behavior from beings around us that we visualize as ‘people’, which leads to the inevitable conclusion that it CANNOT be people.
🔸 Right from the start in my short texts, I represent the ‘3 thirds model’, which tends to endure to this day.
🔸 The last third, which is the most shocking for us, is what I call ‘non-human’ beings. The final explanation will be somewhere on the spectrum from ‘reptilian’ to ‘soulless’. Here we need patience, we will find out.
🔸 Possibly they are ‘demonically possessed beings’ who are guided, so to speak, by the dark force that is turned away from God.
🔸 We can understand the middle third as human beings who, however, do NOT have PURE human genetics / DNA.
🔸 This middle third should be animated. We are probably seeing ‘crossings’ or ‘mixtures’ on a biological level.
🔸 Clones are also conceivable, as are ‘technologically upgraded beings’, if one takes the latest reports in the WEB as a basis.
🔸 The first third are therefore ‘real, pure people’ or only those with only minimal other genetic components.
🔸 Let’s look around the earth like thisthe suspicion grows that our Russian fraternal people have the highest pure human content. Conversely, there are indications that lead us to assume that Asia and South America are where the greatest changes in the human race are represented.
🔸 Our food, which has been poisoned for decades, the contaminated drinking water and the air we breathe contaminated by chemtrails, have led to the phenomenon of collective deep sleep, probably due to a massively restricted function of the pineal organ. These should be the colleagues affectionately known as ‘deep sleepers’.
🔸 If we look at the group of ‘awakened’ people visible to us, it is estimated that one fifth (about 20%) were immune to this ‘euthanasia’.
🔸 The presumed ‘lethal injection’ wrongly called ‘vaccination’ will, in my opinion, eliminate one third of non-human beings or the soulless.
🔸 In the case of genetically mixed, ensouled people, the proportion of non-human genetics could determine whether they survive or die.
🔸 Most of those who decide against the ‘vaccination’ or ‘lethal injection’ are likely to be inspired people. Sometimes a few figures from the dark third ‘slip’ through, which might later be cleared up via tribunals etc.
🔸 I assume that the ‘vaccination’ will continue to be voluntary. Here it is important that those who have already been awakened fight with all their might for the freedom founded in God.
🔸 Only in the event that the unvaccinated rate of the ‘dark’ remains too high would a forced vaccination be expected for everyone. According to my observation, however, this could not harm the real, soulful people.
🔸 In my estimation, we are about to make the expected major change in the outside world, specifically the exposure of the long military takeovers.
🔸 With this we can count on the occurrence of all the accompanying physical events, including the destruction of 34 satanic buildings and various dams.
🔸 According to everything we pursued, we have to assume that the military (White hats) have largely eliminated all leadership figures or heads of the Cabal. We are now increasingly seeing an above-ground work down to the level of ‘middle management’.
🔸 If we consider the immense number of flight movements between political places of activity, the conclusion that emerges is that the legal situation of all peoples on earth has almost been clarified. There were clear indications of this for years.
🔸 What remains in any case is the current completely lacking ability of most peoples to shape the aspired future independently. At the moment we see a clear deficit in the necessary spiritual knowledge for a peaceful and divine shaping of one’s own life.
🔸 In my opinion, we are about to begin ‘Phase 2’, which aIn the first place, it will bring about immense mass extinction.
🔸 With this ‘phase 2’ we will also see the establishment of temporary military governments all over the world, which restore and secure ‘law and order’.
🔸 While the ‘awakened’ understand and approve of the meaning and the necessity of an occasionally even authoritarian leadership with respect for all human rights, this is likely to be difficult to digest for the group of those who are still slumbering.
🔸 I think it is realistic to assume a period of 1 to 2 years for such a military transitional government. This time is simply needed for cleansing and building healthy structures of the sovereign.
🔸 In the phase of this military transitional government I see protection and approval from the awakened, peaceful people, maximum rejection from the remaining splitters and agitators.
🔸 In all considerations, we must NEVER forget that we have a current status of a population programmed over 3 generations, maximally indoctrinated and mutilated to the point of complete spiritual decadence. The ability to take responsibility is currently light years away.
🔸 The knowledge and awareness required to build up and gradually refine a social national community must first grow. We still have to be patient here.
🔸 I can well imagine that in two years’ time, i.e. in 2023, we will experience ever increasing euphoria and downright enthusiasm among the people.
🔸 I see the duration of a generation as the starting point for a really free development of our own people, but also of all humanity. If we shorten this time to 20 years, we end up with 2040. Until then we will be able to clean up the pieces of the past.
🔸 For me it is certain that non-divine (satanic) constructs and ideologies will disappear completely, specifically for example the LGBT movement, gender language, excessive materialism. source

What all is dangling on “The Precipice”? These, and we only need ONE to blow everything wide open:

  • Durham
  • McAfee’s 31TB surprise
  • Dong’s evidence
  • Wikileaks
  • Hunter’s laptop
  • Weiner’s laptop
  • DNC server
  • Hillary’s emails…. source

5 minutes (if that) before the end of the rally POTUS said it, ” my fellow Americans” he also said it’s very windy here, like 3 times, storm incoming he said I brought my hat just in case! source

Matt Hancock resigns as UK health secretary. source

Looks like Trump opened a verified account on the YouTube competitor and video platform Rumble today. link source

You must remember.. Also the deep state is getting ready to play their last cards [they] been saving>>[hope LOST]>>>>>

White HATS will emphasise on those major movements coming and people won’t understand the MOMENT (PAIN, HOPE LOST FOR ANONS PATRIOTS)>>> Stay Strong!!!!! That moment WILL PASS!!!!….. THE MOMENT WILL BE USED WISELY BY GREATER GOOD WHs…//)..

I gave this ⚠️ WARNING many times!!! For a reason!!!!..>>
So you will be prepared in the weeks coming!!!..




New Russian Sub means White City(White Hat) and can dive to a depth of 1700 ft what are the odds 🔥

Leaked Audio of Britney Spears’ Hearing

“You know, Washington…I was there 17 times in my life… and then all of a sudden I’m President of the United States.”

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