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The (vaccine) shot heard around the world

This >SHOT<.. Killed people.. Killed children from protein spikes.. Pfizer admits vaccines cause SHEDDING ///

This SHOT heard around the world.. Was necessary >> to bring the BIG PHARMA.. Global ELITEs .orgs .. big Tech… The deep state who controlled the false flow of mainstream information in all countries DOWN

White HATS had to let the Deep State CABAL unleash the [DS]plan and had to record the crime in progress in real time….( It was the only way for Mil.Intel to track the MONEY, the players, the compromised institutions doctors. SCIENTIST.[DS] Mil., LAWYER’S. Banks..ect.ext.ect .. And to record ALL CRIMES)////


[EXPOSURE] is coming…..

///Like I said long ago. [fake] WAR .. Military will position around the world ..<< Then their will be Military martial law in major countries ( this event will scare the sheep.. Even those who fear the jab will be scared)///// >>>> but then the MILITARY WILL turn on it’s Government.. ARREST ALL who conspired with the Plandemic.. Set up//// MILLIONS WILL be arrested through the world including the top 3000 ELITES who control the World.. World banks. World health.. World news. World wars. World tech…<

The SHOT heard around the world /<<< this_EVENT …. Is connected to MILITARY INTELLIGENCE IN 32 COUNTRIES WORKING TOGETHER…… WORLDS LARGEST MILITARY STING OPERATION………//// right now deep state is trying to create WORLD WAR to create confusion and push military INTEL into other directions… But it’s too late …[ EXPOSURE]>>_WHITE HAT EVENTS…… begin…source

A very important ( reminder)


Keep your spiritual essence strong my dear friends and respect other nations and their way of prayers source

Simon Parkes: White hats impact Channel 4 and independent TV stations in the U.K. over the weekend as part test and part warning to the British based cabal.

The stations were not transmitting as normal with many technical issues.

Perhaps you tried to watch over Saturday/Sunday and experienced it for yourself? source

Devin Nunez joined Maria Bartiromo this morning to discuss the Durham – investigation.
👀🔥”We have filed 14 criminal complaints with the Department of Justice. I expect every one of them to be investigated… We did our job, now we expect Durham to do their job, which I believe they are doing…”
It’s odd that Durham – the investigation is being written about now. Very interesting timing. source
This image from the McAfee Countdown website shows the KOIDU Kimberlite Projects diamond mine in Sierra Leone. Down in the report, I write that there are diamond burials; in Europe, the ashes of the deceased are usually sent to Switzerland, but there are companies in Germany and Austria too! The cost of making a diamond from the ashes is between €1,900 and €19,500. The company in Switzerland is called LONITE 👉🏻
How do you dispose of corpses (e.g. children)? Incineration / cremation ? What happens to the ashes? They are made into diamonds and sold for maximum profit. The diamond smelter is the perfect front for such enterprises. First, the poor children are bled for adr+enoch*rome and then processed into diamonds. As a reminder, here’s a diamond mine in Sierra Leone in the shape of an owl source

Everything fits together like a glove. You can see why Trump is talking about diamonds. It’s bigger than we can imagine! From a dead body 👉 ashes 👉 special technique 👉 diamond ‼️ The companies that do this are in Germany and Austria. And so many dead bodies are made to disappear. With this information, we have to look at the meaning of the 👉 “Blood diamond”…….

‼️ Planned children’s cemetery near Blesendorf – a mourning hall in the shape of a diamond The Cara company wants to create a very special burial ground in the old cemetery in Ganzow. The planned children’s cemetery is to have a mourning hall in the shape of a diamond. The local advisory board of Blesendorf voted in favour.

‼️ Diamond burials and memorial diamonds. In a diamond burial, the ashes of the deceased are transformed into a diamond in a process lasting several months under very high pressure and temperature. Like many other types of funerals, a diamond burial requires the cremation of the deceased. The diamond allows the survivors to keep the memory of the deceased with them at all times. Since only a small portion of the cremation ashes are needed to produce the diamond, the remaining inorganic ashes can be buried in the traditional manner.
Diamond funerals The price of a memorial diamond
In a diamond burial, most of the ashes are disposed of in the traditional manner (see cremation costs, burial in the sea, burial in a tree, etc.). In addition to these burial costs, the cost of making a memorial diamond must be factored in. The cheapest offer costs approximately 5,000 euros for a 0.4-carat diamond. For a one carat diamond, you have to pay over 13,000 euros. source

As I go through my daily work life, I see 90% of sleepyheads still living their “normal daily life” and settling into the “new normal”. They play games full of intrigue, always looking for blame in others, and if I were to sort “bad into the pot, good into the chamber pot”, God’s pot would look pretty empty indeed.
Let’s say a deadly pandemic really did break out and millions of people died for a year (well, unlike us Guardians, the sleepers really believe it!!!) – so we Guardians work on ourselves, meditate, be there for others, increase our frequency, become a better version of ourselves every day… even though the world is living a lie and we are in the middle of it.
And the sleepers, the ones who think their fellow humans are dying like flies, think they are in danger themselves….. snitching on others, ignoring the real danger, berating others, and clinging to the old 3Dlife ala “competition instead of teamwork”. They continue with their old, ugly and negative life even though they think life will soon be over!
Isn’t that sad? Shouldn’t everyone enjoy life more and appreciate it more?
But as one astrologer said, “Some will be put away, others will put themselves away.”
Unfortunately, I can’t ignore it, but I can’t change it either. I prefer to focus on light and love, and when the frequency drops again, I always raise it. I know what a battle we are still in – because we have to remember that we are at war – which may be why many deadlines that everyone has been waiting impatiently for months have not been met.
We should be absolutely focused on what we want – PEACE LIGHT LOVE LIFE and for God to finally draw a thick line under the 5D shach 😉.
I pray, meditate and turn to the light. When the power goes out, either today or in two weeks, I’ll know when it’s time. Even without tracking the dates. My children and I are as prepared as we can be.
Beyond that, I wear the armor of God, trusting the plan as well as the process, following intuition and divine guidance. And every day I work on a better version of myself.
Am I afraid? Yes, of course! Who isn’t afraid of this great uncertainty when they have children?
But as my big daughter taught me in March 2020, “Mom, everything is going to be okay!” 🙏💙 source

During the filming of the volcano, a sonic wave is seen.This is not what a volcano normally does. 🤔 source

Even among those familiar with Special Unit Q and the plan, the question sometimes arises as to how long and when it will finally be completed. The answer is that the fake pandemic cannot be ended until the real virus ′′, i.e., the Deep State, has been completely eliminated. And President Trump has said several times that you can’t imagine how deep the swamp is. I suspect that the entire expansion of the Deep State is so gigantic that few can imagine it, and so far few have been able to believe it. …….‼ The issue of arrests will come up more often, as has been reported several times. You can see for yourself with research and open-minded thinking, but if you haven’t noticed, the snake has already had its head cut off, the heads of the major cabal members have already been executed or arrested. Buckingham Palace is empty, the Vatican is empty, the Queen, the Pope, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Obamas, the Clintons and others are long gone or have been replaced by masked doubles, clones or holograms, depending on whether they still play a role in the film. Also, there are almost no real actors left in Hollywood, because almost all of them were part of a worldwide criminal network based mainly on paedophile crimes and extortion. This network was also physically connected around the world by underground tunnel systems that have been cleared for years and are still being cleared today. Millions of children around the world are trapped there (haven’t you ever wondered where a million children around the world have gone? ) and are subjected to horrible things in order to provide the self-proclaimed elite with a cure that enormously slows and rejuvenates the ageing process: adrenochrome. And because one of the main workers, Jeffrey Epstein, whose death was faked, informed the military about many of the tunnel systems, the White House in Washington was shut down, among other things (that’s why the actor who plays Joe Biden sits there because the real one has already been executed, also in the Castle Rock movie studio) because there are entrances to many tunnels at the bottom, which is why the area was cordoned off, thousands of National Guardsmen were stationed there, and there was months of digging and construction, and people still come out at night to leave. The huge hospital ships in many of the harbours are not for sick people, but for liberated children.
When it is all over, there will come a time when the public will be informed, the mainstream media will catch on, and people will be shown the truth in the form of military tribunals, video evidence, background information, etc. that they are not so slow to wake up at the moment, these things will shake them up tremendously and throw them off their guard. The reality is that almost everything that most people have believed in their lives and that has been presented as truth in the mass media, taught in schools and universities, is completely false and a lie, all just part of a huge deception on humanity to bring them down and exploit them into slavery.
For the people who are here at the end of the day and have not given up in spite of everything, it is a better time when there will be no more poverty, hunger, hardship, disease and existential fears. We will see a fairer world, a new financial system and unimaginable prosperity for all people, incredible technology, free energy and above all peace and freedom💖. source

Of course, they know exactly what’s going on. But they can’t or mustn’t say anything. That should be clear… Germany – Warngau
📌 US ARMY in Warngau
Here we go
Unfortunately, they knew nothing about Shaef and the planned actions. But at least they had the logo on their “training plan”. source

Na obrázku môže byť 2 ľudia a text, v ktorom sa píše „Maneuver Management Fallschirmspringerübung Fallschirmspr US Streitkräfte“
Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba, helikoptéra a vonku
Na obrázku môže byť cesta
Today at Hohenfels/ Emhof Gate drove out towards Amberg at least 12 light tanks (8 tires) and supply vehicles. Later the tank was parked on the main road in Schmidmühlen.  source

The Austrian media just reported live that a blackout is imminent! source

The plan to save the world is a plan to activate YOU to save YOURSELF as the largest military operation is underway to remove the satanic and inhuman entities that control the hidden global crime syndicate that has enslaved humanity for centuries. The destruction of farms for the purpose of extracting human resources, human trafficking and poisoning all aspects of human consumption is something that is happening on a spectrum that is invisible to the public.
C. is the depopulation program of the Deep State, but it has been deployed and used against the Deep State – a “scam” that is awakening humanity from its curse, trance and illusion. Awakened souls are activated to become another piece on the chessboard. Big Pharma, technology, media, banks and government are all involved – the fall of these industries is underway. The real psyop (psychological operation) is to make everything look like a psyop while a secret war is waged with as few civilian casualties as possible.
The art of war is to win it in advance. source

Na obrázku môže byť mapa, obloha a text, v ktorom sa píše „RIPURA MIZ km My (Birma) Hanoi Naypyidaw နေပညတော် Hongkong 香港 Kaohsiung Laos Vientiane อรงจับ HAINAN Thailand Bangkok รงเทพมหานคร Paracel Islands Südchinesisches Vietgam 10 km Philippinense Luzon Andaman- See Pattaya เมองพทยา Kambodscha Manila Golf von Thailand oHo-Chi-Minh-Stadt Spratly Islands Philippinen Panay Palawan Negros Sulusee Mindanao Davao KEDAH PENANG TERÊNGGANU ACEH PERAK Medan Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Singapur RIAU SUMERBARA (WEST SABAH LABUAN RIAU KEPULAUAN Darussalam KALIMANTAN UTARA SARAWAK Celebessee AMBI 10km km KALIMANTAN TIMUR WEST-KALIMAAN Manado KALIMANTAN SULAWESIUTARA ZENTRAL-SULAWESI PAPUABA“
🤔 it looks like all the big tunnels (DUMS) were 10 km deep
📌 More earthquakes near Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar: all at a depth of 10 km!
📌 …. who doesn’t believe it: la Palma 10 km deep!
📌 Australia is slowly turning into an earthquake zone 👉 at a depth of 10 km. The earth shook again in Melbourne too. However, there is no record of depth or strength here! But that’s clear to us now, isn’t it??? source
Na obrázku môže byť mapa a obloha
And Australia is also very interesting in its morning sightings. Here alone we see four reconnaissance aircraft equipped with special sensor technology. Very striking is the P-3, which we now suspect is also a surveillance aircraft for deeper ground anomalies because of its special magnetometer technology. If we now look at the route that the P-3 flies (at least 2x Adelaide-Brisbane) and compare it to the earthquake events, the current riots and hard closures and DUMBS indications and their routes, then these movements are certainly very strange.
Clearly, even in this way, we are reaffirming that Australia is now in the midst of a purge. I hope that we will soon receive signals from there that will indicate the end of the purge. The whole world is being cleansed bit by bit. On the basis of such observations in the big picture, we can confirm it again and again with circumstantial evidence!  source
Na obrázku môže byť mapa a text
27.09.2021 – 8.17 a.m.
Here we see a Special Air Mission aircraft heading east from Ireland. We have been seeing US government aircraft in various regions time and time again recently. This is further evidence that many negotiations and meetings are taking place without any disclosure. The numerous military sightings, also from all parts of the world, are further proof that the reorganisation of the world is in full swing, while the masses of people are completely unaware of it. source

So let’s recap a little bit 😉 👇
🐸 Last year in spring and summer I had a lot of screenshots from aerial scanning of different areas around the world……
🐸 then there was a period (I think) when preparations were being made to rescue children…, probably scan data was being evaluated…..
🐸 then there were reports of children being rescued, strange noises in the Alps and also in various other places
🐸 this year – smaller tunnels were destroyed and then reports of control scans
🐸 currently 👉 the destruction of BIG DUMS. This is confirmed by reports of earthquakes, mostly at a depth of 10km. Destruction of tunnels near schools and colleges!!!
Incredibly high air traffic 🐸 to an area where more GITMOs are expected. Cuba is not the only one, I have had reports of other places.
🐸 the large number of GOVERNMENT planes flying indicates that BIG THINGS are happening behind the curtain!!!! New national boundaries are being arranged, probably signing various agreements, 🤔 new governments are being established….
🐸 Trump mentioned a great Christmas at the last Rally 👉
see the Julian calendar 😉 👉 I had news here too!! source

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