News 28.04.2021


Fight back. Trust the plan. Plan A. There was only one plan: plan A. 60 years in the making. WWG1WGA. Military. 17. God wins. What is happening in mar a largo? Hold the line. The real great awakening. Let’s see what happens. Enjoy the show. Be ready. Enjoy the show VIP patriot. Truth push. We are going to show you a new world. They want one thing, and only one thing, power. They do not love our country. They will lie, cheat and promise you the world to obtain it. Return power to the people. Justice coming. We are Q. God wins. We honor those who fought (& continue to fight) to save & defend this great country. Something far more sinister has been allowed to flourish through all parts of our society. Be strong. You are not alone. More coming. Who has full control? Define the word ‘plan’. Hang in there, patriots. I’m on my way. New world = plan a. A war against globalism. The war is real. He fights for you. Have faith and trust in yourself. Have faith.. source

36 days later and the Ever Given is still ‘stuck’ in the Suez Canal.

Finally, many Anons believe this to be President Trump’s own spoof Twitter account. Who can blame him for wanting to have a bit of fun? Apparently Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and General  Flynn are following this account. Hmmm. Use your discernment – enjoy!

Speaking of humor, it is so important to have a good laugh every day, Light Warriors. We must retain our sense of humor. source

The Octopus topmost leaders of the criminal global satanic deep state have been taken out last January by the military and patriots under command of General Flynn. They are the physical top of the pyramid. And, are the offspring of the Luciferian Pharaonic rulers of Octogon seated in Switzerland, underneath the lake of Geneva, 6.000 metres below sea level, with one of its hidden entrances at CERN, the largest and most advanced nuclear and particle physics laboratory in the world. And a second entrance via an undersea tunnel running from Genoa in Italy underneath the Alps to their Geneva HQs.

Security at the CERN top-secret facility is the most stringent on Earth. So, it is the perfect place to hide the top of the Global octopus of ruling elites with their tentacles reaching into every niche of “our” society.

The Octopus is structured out of the Pharaonic Templar Bankers of Switzerland with their 5th Column Jesuit and Masonic minions. George Soros and the Nazis are an integral part of the Octogon, and somewhat belong to the top too. They are the ruling Oligarchy around the world.

The Anunnaki, exterrestrials from planet Nibiru invaded planet Earth about 460.000 years ago, and from that time on they established and maintained their rule over our planet, primarily to mine gold. As they came along every 3.600 Earth year, they established their control through ruling Gods, later changed into Pharaohs and kings. All, originating from Lucifer’s occult mystery religions, that came out of Babylon and Egypt. They now are identified as the Global Elite or Deep State-cabal, who see us as their slaves and property, to do with us, as they please.

All top-members are born into the greater Archon bloodline family in which the instructions according to the agenda are handed down from generation to generation. They view and treat the populace as their ‘collateral’. They are the puppets that are manoeuvred around on the chess board, in accordance their game plan. It is in their interest that we the people are prepared for the coming soul harvesting.

Thanks to the Q-anti-establishment organisation, candidate Donald Trump became elected President of America in 2016. The Deep State, made a major miscalculation in the common sense of the people. They were convinced that with the help of the MSM, Wall Street and Big Business their totalitarian regime could continue in the illusion of democracy. But contrary to their expectations Donald Trump became President, and reversed their sinister plans. During the 2020 election process, massive voting fraud was committed to put their man Joe Biden in power.

Q, Trump and the patriots knew all about in advance and decided to let the enemy continue to destruct themselves. source

We may not know exactly who comprises the “Q team”—but we have an idea. We could tell it was probably not a regular Earth Human and Simon Parkes did tell us early on there us a Quantum computer involved.

Don’t fret over what you see happening in our world. It will be put right—and soon. We just need to do the best job we can for those who will remain in 3D. source

Great Awakening instead of Great Reset – the show can begin
🔸 380,000 soldiers are in position on German soil – if the ‘BRD’ figures knew …
🔸 The OSCAR awards show almost no more well-known actors and almost no guests.
The audience ratings plummeted, Oscars: -58%, Golden Globe: -62%, Grammys: -51%
🔸 The manual counting of votes in Arizona provides evidence of US presidential election fraud, which will act as the first domino for the other states. At the same time, this is likely to cause the publicly visible military takeover, due to foreign electoral interference with the help of the CIA and Deep State.
🔸 Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe successfully battles media giants CNN and New York Times. Everyone is watching.
🔸 The well-known pictures of Bill Clinton with specialty Jeffrey Epstein appear again in the whole network.
🔸 Medially we get a picture of the federal piglet with plaster on the left middle finger. Best known from Obama, Stefan Raab & Co. Keyword: Satanic rituals.
🔸 President Erdogan orders 2 weeks of hard lockdown, starting at the weekend. Fits perfectly with Putin’s vacation in Russia. Window for media education?
🔸 20 retired French generals call for military law in the country. Preparation for what is to come.
🔸 Mr. Schumann delivers energy volleys, then Michael Jackson’s moonwalk fades.
🔸 General Flynn speaks openly of cyber warfare (information warfare). Lin Wood is also open about Clinton 2016 election fraud and the Arizona domino effect.
🔸 Furthermore, the collapse of the Chinese 3 Gorges Dam and the mega-detonation of the global economy are at the top of the ‘to do list’.
🔸 David Rothschild sends an alarm message to a 23 foot python that has swallowed a woman. Pythons like to eat federal piglets …
🔸 The ‘Focus’ announces: ‘Merkel warns in an internal meeting: “This will be an indictment summit”.’ So the tribunals could start on Monday.
🔸 We hear of a 1500 mile tunnel between the Vatican and Jerusalem. A foretaste of the gigantic DUMB network.
🔸 The WEB page ‘deagle (.) Com’ can no longer be reached. Does that end the Cabal’s depopulation plans?
🔸 The Cologne Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki promoted a priest who previously confessed to child abuse. Enlightenment minor: Pedocriminality in the ‘BRD’ system.
🔸 I read somewhere that mass ‘vaccinations’ for MPs are now pending in Berlin. As a reminder: ‘Vaccination’ immediately ‘finished funny’.
🔸 It was interesting to see 2 German government planes that were flying from Cologne / Bonn to Berlin at the same time. Detail at ‘fuf media’. source

Na obrázku môže byť text
You have been selected to help serve your country.
Never leave the battlefield [Twitter, FB, etc.].
Mission 1: Dispute [reject] push advertising by posting research and facts
Mission 2: Supporting role for other digital soldiers [one falls, one stands (stands up)]
Mission 3: Guide [awaken] others through the use of facts and memes [decouple MSDNC control from the flow of information] _ask ‘against’ questions to start ‘thinking’ vs repeat [echo] of MSDNC propaganda
Mission 4: learn to use camouflage [digitally] _ suspended-closed primary account _ secondary use
Mission 5: Identify strengths / weaknesses [personal and designated target (s)] re: Twitter and FB [+ other] example re: meme (s) failure to read the use of SOMETHING [think Tron (program of MCP_master control)] _dependence on person-to-person capture [unidentified user (s) with slow response time]
Game theory.
Information war.
Welcome to the digital battlefield.
Together we win. source

People often say, why not just jolt the sheep awake. The wakeup process is very serious and delicate. You are dealing with some big serious lies that will be uncovered. Nasa, Cia, Disney, WW2, 911, Antarctica, Vatican, Mockingbird Mossad Media, Dumbs, Central banks, Fed, Synagogue of Satan, Black Triangles, The earth, Royal blood lines, Frazzeldrip, Vril, Adrenochrome, and much more. Now imagine all this being downloaded all at once. People would be in padded rooms or cliff jumping. Yes, even conservatives who don’t wear masks fall into this category. This has to be unwound delicately for your own sanity. It’s coming out drip by drip. Nothing at this point can stop it. You may not understand the process, but you’ll end up respecting and appreciating it greatly. The battle is won already, this is Operation Wakeup. Pay attention to everything, but don’t let anything consume you. Everything matters, and is connected in some fashion. You can’t tell people, you must show them. Decades of brainwashing is slowly being unwound. source

Pompeo’s 9:08 timestamp on April 27, 2021 matches that of Q691

For the intellectuals who get stuck in cognitive dissonance….

Allow me to by pass your programmed mind.

  1. Imagine we the people can escape financial slavery……

With a new financial monetary system > QFS
And a new monetary system back up by metal > XRP etc.
Corrupt free
End of Swift
End of the FED
End of BTC


  1. Imagine your tv and the media can not be trusted but there will be an alternative soon…..
    Project Odin


  1. Imagine all global corruption and fraud was organised, conspired and real.
    Imagine even the term “conspiracy theorist” was invented to have you, “good citizen” push against it……


  1. Imagine this fraud has been going on for centuries….we call it religion.


  1. Imagine this fraud became so organised and evolved….we call it politics.
    They even had their own playbook.
    The Deep State Playbook.


  1. Now open your Mind…..and let it sink in. It was always about Global and Human control.
    Never ever about your benefit, health, soul, family, talent or world peace.
    You and I were puppets on strings.
    In a world were evil excists on a level you can not imagine.
  2. Now expand even further….what if the turning of this evil elite game has started years a go?
    What if the FED has lost control?
    What if the end of slavery is truely here…..


  1. What if Starlink is already up and ready for the Reset of the world.


  1. What if Covid was the turning point and the roll out of the plan changed from black to white?
    Staged to liberate the planet……


  1. The plan to save the world 🙏❤️

9 source

Dutch railway announces no or less trains coming days…. source
Im sure this is just another “coincidence”. 🙄 source

Democrats seeking to expand the Supreme Court would trigger “nuclear war” in the Senate if they continue their fight in the upper chamber, according to the second-ranking Republican Sen. John Thune. source

FBI used NSA to snoop on Americans’ communications WITHOUT a warrant in search for “racially motivated violent extremists” – despite being warned it was unconstitutional. source

President Trump’s official Presidential Portrait has been released. The portrait will be on display in the America’s Presidents exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. when it reopens on May 14th.

Lindell: “Everything will fall like dominoes after Arizona because of what they’re gonna find.. we have the evidence, they’re caught.” source

Wall Street giant commits suicide at 717 5th Ave source

The UK’s Office for National Statistics reports that the death rate per 100,000 population in 2020 was 1,016. And that is not unusual. Twenty years ago, in the year 2000, for example, the crude death rate per 100,000 was 1,032. In fact, mortality rates vary from year to year.

Coleman shows not only that the death rate in 2020 was not exceptional, but that the number of deaths from COVID-19 was virtually the same as the death rate from influenza. The government’s own figures show that hospitals have not been hectic, overcrowded or busier than ever. In fact, the figures show that hospitals were quieter than usual. Staff had plenty of time to make happy dance videos.

Coleman points out that since March 2020, the government has been officially informed that the coronavirus is no more deadly than the flu. Since the beginning of this “pandemic,” he has said that COVID-19 is just the annual flu that was renamed. source

23 April 2021. Dr Reiner Fuellmich interviews many international lawyers and asks if there are special situations that need special attention in any one of the countries who they are going to talk to.

There is a close cooperation between the lawyers in Germany, the Italians, the French, the Austrians on the one hand, and the Anglo-American countries in particular Canada and the United States. It is going on and will probably lead to many more class action complaints. It may even result in a special international Corona court. We will see where the current lawsuits take us and where the current evidence takes us. source

📎Maricopa County, Arizona Audit Office report – ” Tens, hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots have traveled this far!”. The audit continues despite the hysteria of the Democrats.

📎Another Democratic “non-profit” organization joined the audit of the Maricopa elections. This organization, affiliated with George Soros, is only involved in major democratic efforts.

📎Delusional Liz Cheney sides with Pelosi, criticizes Trump voters, attacks Trump, and claims that Republicans lost voters in 2020 after Trump made history by winning a record number of votes in the 2020 presidential election.

📎Trump’s statement in response to the actions of the traitor Liz Cheney:
“Liz Cheney’s poll numbers are very small in Wyoming, and
she has very little support, even in
The Republican Party of her home state, so she’s looking for a way out of all this in her congressional race. Judging by all the polls, there’s no way she can win. She will either become another lobbyist, or perhaps embarrass her family by running for president. This war-mongering fool wants to stay in the Middle East and Afghanistan for another 19 years, but does not consider the big
picture: Russia and China!»

📎The performance continues. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, extended the city’s state of emergency until Monday amid concerns about possible unrest following the trial of Derek Chauvin. He asked the public to provide “any information about the members of the anarchist group.” Like he doesn’t know who’s behind it.

📎What are the “blue T-shirts” doing at the Arizona audit? Expert Doug Nenappel responds: “You fold a piece of paper and it leaves a mark. You fold it twice and it leaves a trace. This way, they will be able to determine even if the paper ballot was folded and sent to the voter, and the voter pulled it out, opened it, marked it, re-folded it, put it in an envelope, and the envelope went through our mail system. All this leaves physical traces. All of them can be detected by the human eye of experts.”

📎Poll: 70% of black Americans support the work done by local police.

📎LeBron James mocks a small business after the owner refuses to broadcast NBA games in his bar because of the basketball player’s threats to the police. James wrote: “Oh no, I just wanted to watch my game in this bar! Welp!»

📎German police searched the judge’s home after he accepted evidence in court that children “are at risk for their mental, physical and spiritual well-being because of the obligation to wear face masks.”

📎Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) is scheduled to lead a pro-police rally at the Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday morning. The rally comes a day after the funeral of 16-year-old black woman Makia Bryant, who was shot by a Columbus police officer last week as she tried to kill another black woman. source

In a newly leaked audio recording, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the US Secretary of State at the time, John Kerry, had informed him of Israel’s covert operations in Syria.
Zarif said he was shocked by John Kerry’s revelation that Israel had attacked Iranian targets in Syria more than 200 times.
The leaked audio recording was obtained by The New York Times and other publications, and Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh actually confirmed the authenticity of the leaked recording.
But for John Kerry, this was not the only such incident.
In 2016, when he served as Secretary of State for Obama’s failed foreign policy, another audio recording of John Kerry was leaked.
He was caught on tape telling the Syrian revolutionaries: “I have lost the argument for the use of force in Syria.”
Kerry’s comments came at a meeting held at the Dutch mission to the United Nations on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. The audio gives you an idea of what’s going on outside of official meetings.
Note that it represents the US narrative, not necessarily the entire true story. The audio was improved by Angel North, who is not affiliated with CNN or any referral of this video. The audio recording was restored in the public interest of the people of the United States.
It was originally leaked to The New York Times in late September 2016, where only some parts of it were deciphered. CNN was the source. They have since removed the file from their site.
John Kerry insisted on new US bombing in Syria.
The discussion on the record came just days after the US and Russia announced a cease-fire agreement in Geneva.

In this “administration”, a clown sits on a clown and drives a clown. source

DNA 🧬 & Energy management

If energy can flow freely through your system, you see, feel and notice it.
The flow of energy resembles with threads of Christmas lights that come together in your body and flow through and around you in your energy field.

Reflect below on what system you can promote the flow of energy and ascension of the frequency that is you:

  1. Ensure the highest possible quality of life energy supply through: food, sunlight, breathing and grounding.

Eat high quality live food, go out into nature and ground yourself by working on the connection with yourself.

  1. Ensure optimal flow in your system by removing blockages on your 4 bodies:

⚜️ Mental: negative thoughts, beliefs, thinking about yourself and the world around you (who and how you should be, how it should be, what you can do, what you should not, etc.)

Break through negative thinking patterns and work on integrating new thoughts through intentions and affirmations. I am Light. I am Love. ❤️

⚜️ Emotional: by repressing negative emotions about yourself and the world around you (instead of feeling and transmuting) you block your emotional body. This emotional body is the connection to your intuition. You block the navigation of your total system that tells you what is and what is not good for you.

Learn the language of your emotions. Collect positive emotions by identifying what makes you grateful, passionate and happy. Acknowledge, feel and transmute negative emotions. Clear old emotions and keep yourself clean by expressing yourself. 🧼

⚜️ Physical: insufficiently knowing and nourishing your own rest, movement, nutrition and relationship needs (how you fulfill all your needs and respect your limits).

Let the energy flow through active movement, walking, yoga or sports. Get plenty of rest. Learn about the right nutrition for your body. Make choices in who and what you take in. You are what you eat, watch, read, do and with whom. Listen to your body! And actively and lovingly direct your body. You are the conductor of all cells of all your DNA. 🧬

The causes on the above bodies result in a blockage on a spiritual level.

⚜️ Spiritual; not being able to find your own way and experiencing a shortage of meaning.

If you remove the causes of noise, negativity and blockages in your system, it becomes quiet and peaceful. Then the energy, your higher Self, with which you are connected to everything and everyone, can guide you. You will automatically know, feel, hear and see what is for you. Just wait and see!

Work on your energy management to receive more light, feel lighter and be light.

Shine! source



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