News 28.05.2021


The leadership of our nations is going to change. No more fancy suits with forked tongues, spouting promises and seasoned with virtue-signalling and guilt-inducing platitudes. We want honesty, sincerity, self-less authenticity. We want people who speak the truth and do what they say they will do; people who live by the same laws the rest of us do; no exceptions. No privilege.

Did you notice Justine’s teeth? I happened to look at photos like these just the other day because I was looking for that. Another replacement.

I have noticed a difference in Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand and went looking for photos the other day. The current one is more appealing than the old. (man) And The Real Dark Judge on Gab popped in as soon as I fired up the beast this morning and said this and showed a video featuring a better-looking Ardern, I assume since the alliance already dealt with “it”. As we’ve been told, a lot of the “earthquakes” are not earthquakes, they are the alliance taking out deep underground military bases (DUMBs) with tactical nukes.


Wait until Liberals realize that all of this has been done in order to minimize the amount of psychological damage inflicted on their minds when they learn the truth.

They are the reason that the intelligent and open-minded half of America has had to walk through hell and back to save the country.

We had to baby step them back to reality or they would have ended up in the hospital.

However it’s vitally important to remember that they are NOT our enemy. Every single one of us was brainwashed at some point. We’ve been in their shoes.

Unity is the only viable path towards progress.

We will understand this with more clarity as time goes on.

Once the entire country realizes that its US against [THEM] instead of US against US, you’ll see amazing things start to happen.

Imagine 330 million people unifying around the executions and imprisonment of the people responsible for the current state of our country.

Have faith in humanity. source

BlackLivesMatter co-founder and Marxist Patrisse Cullors is stepping down as executive director of the organization amid controversy over her $3 million property portfolio. source

1 year delta
Cuomo knowingly & deliberately killed elderly in nursing homes. source

Audit Reveals that the GA Officials Don’t Know How Many Ballots Were Printed source

A woman with a magnetic effect on her arm goes to the vaccination center to request an explanation.
The nurse replies: “You are the one who decided it is your responsibility. We were just working. Ask the laboratories for explanations.”
And as if that were not enough, he says to the other lady:
“I would not have been vaccinated.”
Wake up! source

A little bit of logical thinking:
Do you remember?
At the beginning of the supposed term of office of Joe Pedo-Bidan, we were informed by the media of the immediate signing of a mountain of (according to memory) of the 40 executive orders, i.e. ordinances.
If you take a closer look at this, it was largely Pillepupp in the sense of undermining countless improvements installed by Trump.
Why, however, were all of Trump’s elementary edicts not affected?
For example, his executive orders relating to the death penalty for pediatric criminals and the complete expropriation of companies and people in the context of high treason along with pedocratic crime?
This alone shows that a real Bidan government NEVER existed and worked.
It was always just a show program. source

Lisa Shaw: BBC presenter, 44, died of a blood clot after receiving the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, says her family. source

💥 The stories are falling faster and faster for everyone to see. Bild claims we don’t need a lockout anymore and that our neighbours are much further away. But despite the falling numbers, the epidemic needs to be extended. Starting with the Wall Street Journal, the theory that Corona originated in a lab in Wuhan is back in the mainstream, gaining credibility, and even Fauci is no longer ruling out this thesis and is open to exploring it. Also glaring are the money-making testing centres, the empty Berlin emergency hospitals and the fact that the mortality curve in each country follows the vaccination curve. Why the desire for a quick vaccination and the fear of relaxation and free-living still haunt many are explained in this article on the pandemicisation of everyday life.
💥 The Greens are dropping in the polls and there are already reports of the Baerbock wagon derailing. Apparently, she also copied from Biden as part of the climate lockout propaganda. Die Welt wrote quite critically about the CO2 theory ten years ago as “brilliant propaganda” and also before the Bundestag the climate scam has already been debunked.
💥 The global fight against paedophilia is also still very topical in the media. Bild publishes a “shocking map of the child porn crackdown” in Berlin and writes about a “cover-up ‘mafia’ in the Cologne archdiocese”. There are regular raids and the mass abuse in SOS children’s villages in more than 20 countries, including Germany, is brought to the public’s attention. The media also covers the subject of Lady Diana, Prince Harry talks about his father’s disastrous upbringing, the alleged death of his mother around which various conspiracy theories swirl, and the connection between Diana and JFK Jr. is also addressed.
💥 Rebellion starts a hip hop avalanche, conquer the charts and are expectedly censored or vilified.
💥 More and more UFO sightings, underwater UFO hunts, Obama’s confirmed ownership of UFO wreckage, and the emergence of a UFO lobby group in Washington bring the “alien agenda” increasingly into the public spotlight.
💥 German business news reports on Operation Paperclip and n-tv reports that US citizens still believe the election was stolen. A diligent vote count continues in Maricopa County and fraud and military officials believe that “400,000 to 700,000 ballots in the state of Arizona have been tampered with.” source

Today (27.05) is already the 4th time that an Apache squadron has started from us in Katterbach at the airbase. This morning there were 20 chinook Boing Vertol CH-47s, all heading southeast. Katterbach is in Middle Franconia. About 150 helicopters are stationed here.
There has never been anything like it here! If there are missions, they do not fly, but are spent on the trains.
That’s already massive today. Guaranteed 100 helicopters source

The claim that Q was a “psyop to keep people passive” is beyond imbecilic.

News Flash: When your goal is to control the entire planet and your 95% of the way there, the last thing you would ever do is create millions of enemies, expose your evil deeds to them, help them bond into a massive community and then piss them off to the point where they would rather die than lose their freedom. source

The supposed new sovereign leadership of the sovereign republic of Canada Romana Didulo warns all concerned that the punishment for crimes against humanity, bio-terrorism (vaccination) and high treason is definitely the death penalty and that no elites will protect those involved anymore. You will definitely personally sign EVERY execution warrant from the convicts! It is interesting that NO sources of white hats deny this video so far! And here the German translation: Hello Canada I am Romana Didulo. I am the founder and leader of Canada First. Since February 2021, I have been the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Canada. In case you’re wondering who named me Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Republic of Canada, the people who named me are the White Hats and the US military along with the global allied forces and their governments. The same group of people who helped President Trump. The same group of people who confiscated the Vatican Church’s property. The same group of people who seized the assets of the UK false royal family that was installed by the central bankers over 200 years ago. The same group of people who confiscated the 13 family bloodlines’ assets. The same group of people who have confiscated the property of most, but not all, of Europe’s royal families. The same group of people that criminal governments around the world removed. With that out of the way, I want to say a special hello and thank you to the U.S. Forces and Allied Forces within the Republic of Canada. Thank you for your sacrifice and service to humanity. Most of all, I thank you on behalf of the men, women and children of the Republic of Canada. Now on to our coast to coast Canada first members, thank you and hello to all of you. And I would like to send a very special thank you and greeting to our digital soldiers in the telegram. These groups of people have sacrificed their time and energy, worked tirelessly, and shared information. You are waking up your fellow Canadian citizens and people around the globe. So thank you for your service to humanity. Now I would like to address the vaccinations and injections that are taking place all over the republic. In late February, early March of this year, right after taking my oath as head of state and commander-in-chief, I declared Canada a vaccine-free nation. Which means that all vaccinations and injections that take place in the republic are illegal, criminal and a crime against humanity. And for those individuals and groups who may not know: know this, within the republic the penalty for crimes against humanity, treason, economic sabotage and bio-terrorism is death. You will be tried for crimes against humanity under the Nuremberg Code. And if that’s not enough, as Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Canada, I will convene a military tribunal and charge you with crimes against humanity, high treason, bio-terrorism and economic sabotage. On all these crimesas I mentioned earlier, the death penalty. I would also like to remind you that the corporate government, for which you are now working and taking orders, will not be there to protect and defend you. The corporate government will not exist within the Republic of Canada. The corporate government banking system will no longer exist in the Republic of Canada. The judicial system of the corporate government of Canada will not exist within the republic. So I encourage you to think very, very carefully and immediately stop your actions in dealing with advertising, deliveries, etc., etc., of these vaccines. They aren’t even vaccines and they’re not approved for use unless it’s an emergency. They are supposed to try and experiment this vaccine with what I call this drug cocktail, a toxic drug cocktail that was mixed by the pharmaceutical industry. And they use the Canadians, the Republicans, as their lab rats. And these actions will not go unpunished, as I mentioned earlier. So I urge you to carefully consider your options. Because if the time comes when the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Canada, who is me, have to sign your execution papers for these crimes against the Republic, I will! source


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