News 28.06.2021


There are operations ongoing which will require travel restrictions even more than what we’re seeing now. The military needs to do what they need to do.

We’ve always expected our countries to be completely shut down when the mass arrests take place. Borders closed. No airline traffic. Locked up snug as a bug in a rug so the criminals can’t flee. Communication interruptions.

With tunnels destroyed the globalists can’t hide underground in their bunkers and with the Space Force patrolling the skies they can’t hop in their space craft and leave, either, or they’ll be shot down, as many have.

They’re here for the duration and they’re going to face the music. If the vaccines didn’t get them, the military and law enforcement will. There’s nowhere to hide. What was the final count on those thousands of sealed indictments?

I suspect if people think there’s a world war on the brink of going kinetic and a nuke could come flying overhead at any moment they won’t mind staying home for a bit. Is that when the tellies come on and the videos start playing to explain what has happened on this planet? Can we tolerate 10 days of that?

With the recent airlines cancellations supposedly as a result of sick, vaccinated pilots, I’m thinking the White Hats are easing everyone into a fully grounded situation for the near future. The Plan is quite brilliant. source

Why would President Trump go to the trouble of holding a rally for an election as far away as 2024..?? It makes no sense. That rally – and his endorsement of great people like Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Kristi Noem – was a rally for an IMMINENT election or official inauguration. Take your pick.

I was fascinated that President Trump read out the lyrics to The Snake song. His oration was superb and he ended it by mentioning the word ‘reptile’. President Trump is red-pilling humanity about REPTILIANS.

He gave a list of traitors’ names, including Liz [C]heney, Mitt [R]omney, Nancy [P]elosi and Creepy Joe B. Once again, red-pilling humanity ahead of military tribunals for treason.

His closing words were electrifying.

‘No matter how powerful the sinister forces may seem, we must remember that this country DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM. The people of this land will not be talked down to from Washington. We will never EVER surrender. Our movement is not over. Our fight has only just BEGUN.’

I want to clarify that this entire WORLD does not belong to the sinister forces. And we Light Warriors will never EVER surrender. We are holding the line, and we will hold the line until the final moment of victory. source

Lin Wood dropped a BIG truth bomb about Tom [H]anks and his Pedowood friends.

The greatest battle in the entire universe is being fought between heaven and earth, and in the midst of this great battle are people, most of them in a deep sleep known as …
Because he says: “Wake up, you who are sleeping,and rise from the dead, for Christ will give you light … (Ephesians 5:14)
I often say there is no sin, there are consequences / you want to sleep, sleep, but if it’s after your bedtime don’t say I didn’t warn you … (laughs)
I’m sorry, but it would be weird if it wasn’t dramatic.
This fight takes place on two levels, on the one hand on the upper spiritual level, ie the high spiritual hierarchy “THE POWER OF LIGHT”, which has just banished the dark commanders of the earth, but still has the power to take their commands from the Afar, and the struggle on the physical plane of the earth that is waged at the behest of the hidden government against humanity on the surface, by the people who serve the dark high command.
The way the Army of Warriors of Darkness operates is through the media’s use of their subtle weapons, which is a double-edged sword because it is also used by the Warriors of Light, they are weapons that have two types of ammunition one ammunition is used negatively as a distraction and the other as a positive warning.
And then we have other, more dangerous weapons that are used by the wrong religions, wrong politicians, wrong industries and as if that wasn’t enough the wrong prophets. All with the aim of taking the power of control for the good of evil on planet earth.
If you want to go back to sleep and live in an eternal dream of illusion, well, that is your right, you have free will and it is my duty to respect and honour your right to choose, but from now on I warn everyone, who choose to go on with what is happening on planet earth with their eyes closed, that everything is already ready for salvation.
Those, who. Awakened in time for the first salvation will be saved and returned to the planet in a fifth-dimensional planet with all in a fifth-dimensional understanding. “A new heaven and a new earth,” do you remember? “The promised land”
The rest, the “majority” will be exiled, if you want to understand more about it read the “Exiles of Chapel”, the exiles will be taken to other school planets dep
ending on the spiritual level of each.
At the moment the earth is going through a transition process to go from the third dimension to a quantum leap directly into the fifth dimension, and the bodies of the people who have decided to awaken are in the process of transformation in order to survive on a fifth-dimensional planet, with a body and understanding at the height of a 5D dimension. source

Global Intelligence Agency – —————————————–
Global Intelligence Agency
Summary: Gia global control by the military
Television will be controlled by the military
There is a woman who seems to me not to be Human helping at all
Everything will be in law and order
Reservists can work with them too
There is no company, FBI etc.
The federal reserve no longer exists
everything is quantum
Everyone who was responsible for taking care of us failed
GIA slogan
Everyone will have their GIA in the country that will be administered by Military, special types… trained for this
they took care of everything
Even our health…
tv… education
A public servant is over
The Global Intelligence Agency is the only agency currently operating under legal ratification as recognized by the Hall of Records. Each country has its own GIA branch and they are the only agency or military branch authorized to access key intelligence and military systems.
The former agencies and militaries that protected the interests of the Federal Reserve and the elite hierarchy that controlled the governments, media, commerce and assets of the planet have been officially disbanded. This includes the FBI, CIA, KGB, MI6, NSA, and any other intelligence or military organizations that were funded by the global repository formerly known as the Global Central Bank. source


TRUMP’s Rally in Ohio was a huge signal
It’s the 17th state of the US (17 for the ANONS and Patriots who believe and know>>Signaling..) he stood over where MiL. Ops are taking place. Between Canada and U S. Borders. This is a signal to the Woke Dark GENERALS [DS] and to BIDEN and ELITES that he is In CONTROL and destroying the largest North East TUNNELS
(Subs and maglev underground trains) run by Biden through Obamas [CHICAGO] lines///
This was a signal to CANADA too that the destruction of these TUNNELS is done. And so is $$$$ it generates, human trafficking, weapons, drugs. DRENO… ////
You have to admit there was so much going on these past weeks in this area corrected to Five finger lakes… Nigra falls Booms… Military Fights ops…
Earthquakes over Precise locations I gave before the Earthquakes…Fires…Explosions Indianapolis…Illinois factories. CHICAGO water explosions… And very strange out of the ordinary weather in these locations///
And continuing source

Don’t be disappointed that people with Q badges or shirts were not allowed in the Trump rally … There are many reasons why 45 have to publicly distance themselves from Q supporters at this moment (the FBI c_a the controlled media / foreign-occupied courts .. they are using everything at this moment to indict him … they are indicting anything related to Q) ///
He protects you and protects himself. And protects the movement … source

DisclosTV: Trump rally in Wellington, Ohio. MelQ: I love the choice of location in Wellington, Ohio. Fun Fact – The Duke of Wellington beat Napoleon in the battle of Waterloo. BTW: The Battle of Waterloo is when, after Napoleon lost, the cabal sent a messenger to the England Stock Market Trading Floor to announce that Napoleon had won. This news caused the traitors to sell their stocks & the Cabal gobbled them up at pennies on the dollar….thereby owning most of England. This time, the Cabal will be the ones left penniless & helpless. source

US20030085296A1 – Hurricane and Tornado Control Device
US5096467A – Artificial Tornado Generating Mechanism and Method of Utilizing Generated Artificial Tornadoes
US20100072296A1 – Method of Interrupting a Tornado source

Look for ‘Placeholder’ updates @ / PatriotsFight
Indictments, arrests, and DECLAS will force WW coverage.
Leaks, bribery, collusion re: media will force resignations w/ follow up criminal prosecution.
[First Placeholders]
OIG report, DECLAS, other released facts re: 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES.
Q source
I asked Alexa “Is the Federal Reserve owned by Donald Trump?” source
Another hidden message on
“Does Infinite “FREE” energy exist to be harnessed for the benefit of all humanity? Is Nikola Tesla’s “aether” theory just simply the Ionosphere, which HAARP taps into? How about Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone energy theory? What would happen if you combined their knowledge?”👀 source
Trump is still in charge. Proof is everywhere if you’re awake enough to see it.

“That” country you speak of adheres to the law. And the law is clearly spelled out in the constitution, as are many other countries and nations who have been subjugated.

What your opinion is irrelevant. What counts is what current (military) law has been enacted and which law is in effect.

What any of us people here think, believe, hope, is literally the arse-end of “zero fucks given” from a a military standpoint. Look it up on the official website of Congress, days before the ‘inauguration’ FEMA took over. That country you speak of is under military command.
Biden and Harris are nobody and nothing, they have zero power, it is all for show.

Christopher Miller is head of FEMA, thus head of the military command and the military transition, together with Gaynor.
What we or even Trump think, believe, hope, is largely irrelevant. FEMA is in charge of the country, DC, the military, you name it. The same goes for all the CIA rogue states, that European, UK, SA, shit show. It is all optics, and there is fuck all we can do about it. Either we start seeing it or we can go cry a river.

It is irrelevant. What counts is law. Military law. Martial law. International law. Law of War. As the shit show election fraud (planned/trap) was run by and through dozens of rogue/corrupt countries (Pakistan, Germany, China, etc), all these countries are toast.

Putin (ally, already got rid of Rothschild/got rid of SWIFT) has publicly stated that the C_A is the DS intelligence and warmongering arm. They have 0 to do with the USA.

Hence Q talking about nullifying C_A. As those cunts however have a fuckton of nasties going on, WMDs, tech, etc. globally, it’s a bit of a delicate scenario before they are toast.

Insanity military planefags have been making insanity surveillance of global mil ops/flights. I live near the black forest. I literally can see and hear the fucking planes in the sky.

Today a 4.0 (!!!) Earthquake ONCE AGAIN hit between the black forest and the Strasbourg. Incidentally, Rothschild had a castle in the black forest (cleared last year). There are massive tunnel systems around there. There is a massive Disneyland-style theme park there (trafficking). You can watch on a daily basis US mil ops flights scanning the area.

That is just ONE operation. There are insane tunnel systems, all the way from Rome through Germany/Bonn/Dortmund, Netherlands, Belgium to London. Guess where all the scanning flights have been visible the past several months?

Why are there so many WW2 bombs being found, huge amounts of people evacuations, followed by underground Earthquakes? These military operations are GLOBAL. I have watched them go Benelux, then they went to France/Bordeaux, Sweden, Norway, you name it.

B-52 nuclear bombers flying about Europe, over the Black Sea, Egypt, Middle East, Syria, Israel. There are huge Naval operations.

Several Aircraft carriers have moved away from the China/Taiwan Media bollocks and are en route to Iran, SA. General Flynns brother is in charge of the Pacific fleet, they have moved aircraft carriers away from the media hype and are going to the heart of the DS. FOLLOW military plane and naval fags or just look for yourself at the US NAVY DAILY UPDATE MAP.

Do you honestly expect the military (maybe even General Milley) is going to roll out a press conference and say “Ladies and gentlemen of the world, here’s the deal, right…”

What about Clandestine Special Operations? Do you think any one of these ultra-elite fu*k*g hyper operators are going to drop even a fart in public?

I follow 15k channels in military sighting by the public in Germany. The channel is being flooded with US military movements on a minute by minute basis, postal codes literally all over Germany. Trains, planes, helicopter, nighttime massive explosions, weather manipulation, tanks, machine gun soldiers in random Bavarian towns. It’s INSANITY.

And this is just the shit I can keep up with. We have no fu**ng idea what is happening in a gazillion other places. source

West Wants Myanmar to be Ruled by Its Marionettes, Commander-in-Chief Says (Sputnik News)

“The West wants to control the people in charge of Myanmar, Min Aung Hlaing, the commander-in-chief of the country’s armed forces and chairman of the State Administration Council, has told Sputnik in an interview.

According to the military leader, the ambivalent perception of the recent events in Myanmar can be put down to the West’s intention to “destroy our state”.

“The second reason is that they want to have in power people who are under their control”, Min Aung Hlaing said.” source

I find it highly interesting that Myanmar’s commander-in-chief was interviewed by a Russian state-owned news agency.

It is all coordinated and the plan keeps unfolding before our eyes. source

Wow Western Australia sure has an interesting emergency extension date!
💥July4 start💥ends Jan2, 2022 source
Appears elephant and castle station in central London on fire. source
Mr Pool’s posts. White house [presidency] turns upside-down->TRUMP WON. OVERNIGHT? Interesting this house is in Orlando->FLORIDA. HMM source
You know who that is?
The most powerful man in the world!
Pepe Orsini,
alias Domenico Napoleone Orsini,
The Gray Pope
Chief of the Rothschilds
Head of the Rockefeller’s
Head of the Vatican
Chief of the entire black nobility
(You won’t see faces like that in the press ..
Time to bring them to light!) source
It is June 15, 2021. Today is the day on which the ‘Final Stand’ operation starts. Operation ‘Final Stand’ is where we are going to create a new program separate from the Veteran Patrol program. These are successful operations in support of the border patrols on this side of the border. In Operation ‘Final Stand’, we will erase imaginary lines that are preventing us from removing and freeing women and children held in captivity within three miles of those imaginary lines. I want to record to document, and thus let my future colleagues know that I openly admit that I have crossed two sovereign nations. I have irrefutable evidence in my possession of how these criminal corporations operate under the protection of the Republicans and Democrats of Arizona, including our US military and the Mexican military, which should have been busy freeing these children long ago. Children are stolen and kidnapped. Not all of them are simply given away. And what the media are showing you with these caravans, all these families with their children, are the facts that we have documented on-site. The Department of Homeland Security reporting confirms our own reports. Do you think these huge groups are asylum seekers? These families are mostly made up of sold women and children and are given to the cartels as payment for criminals to enter America or for whatever purpose. They hand over these women and children. I was just up on the mountain with my father. I go to the mountain to consult with God, especially when it comes to creating programs. We need blessings because I am not righteous enough.
That’s why it’s so important that people understand why President Donald J. Trump wanted to build the Wall in Mexico: the media wanted us to believe that he only wanted to seal off illegal immigrants. That was NEVER really about!
It was and is particularly about preventing human/child trafficking across this border (from all over South America to the USA). source

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