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Earth is certainly an interesting place these days. Explosions, flooding, tsunamis, extreme weather, assassinations, people in masks running major nations, Satan twisting everything that is good into something ugly, and Humans are beginning to stand up and take their power back; their Human rights.

The devil will not succeed in bringing to fruition his version of Earth’s “reset”. The Light has other ideas. It’s a formidable task, but doable.

To say we hope everyone is safe sounds absurd but we hold all of Humanity in our hearts at this difficult time. When the dust clears it will be a very different world.

I don’t believe there’s any other way to do this. It’s going to be ugly because it’s pure evil being exposed to eyes that refused to see. There will be bad news for us, as well. There have been many secrets but it’s time Humanity grew up and processed the truth.

Romana Didulo, Queen on the Canadian chessboard, has issued a cautionary note re: flooding which suggests she may know there is more coming. Will it be planet-wide? We know it will be “biblical”.

Please, Store your foods on top shelves. In case of flood…IF you don’t live in high rise buildings.
Farmers and Ranchers, please make sure your crop harvests are stored on an elevated storage (in case of floods from Tunnels/DUMBs).
Make sure all of your Animals have safe and elevated place to stay in case of flood from Tunnels/DUMBs

Stay strong.
Stay together.
Stand up for your rights.
Believe that the best is yet to come.
Fight for that.
God will give you peace in the storm.
You are not alone.
Millions of people around the world are praying.
Patriots are still fighting.
Where we go one we go all. source

We are living in unprecedented times.
If your view of the enemy is more immense than your understanding of how great God is then you are doing it wrong.
If you feel intimidated then change your perspective. source

Twitter suspended the official Arizona Audit and Audit War Room accounts.

Twitter just wiped all “audit accounts” set up for other U.S. states, too. source

Circling back to this article bc i think many missed the significance of this! 😱😱😱

🇩🇪 Deutsche Bank accused of enabling fraudulent investments scheme

Deutsche Bank AG is accused of turning a blind eye to a years-long Ponzi scheme that involved fraudulent investments in 🔥Florida🔥👀…

Liquidators of two now-bankrupt Cayman Islands investment funds sued the bank in New York and Florida, claiming it 🔥”enabled theft on a massive scale”🔥 that led to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses, court records show.

German watchdog Bafin expanded the mandate of the 🔥anti-money-laundering🔥 monitor it installed at the bank.

🔥🔥🔥*EO 13818: freezing global assets found guilty of trafficking and corruption* 🔥🔥🔥 ➡️➡️ and this is how you fund GESARA ❤️❤️❤️ link

And check out all these other stories from FCCED today! 🌈🌈🌈 source

So to understand why the dams need to be destroyed all over the world you need to clear your mind and thoughts, use your imagination, and be guided through this little trip.
It’s true, dams are being used to generate electrical energy, an energy that is based on friction, of course, there are other methods not less efficient, and this is after all a “free” method, as we all know, nothing is “free”

When you look at planet earth from a bird’s eye view think of the rivers, the rivers are like veins in your body, the stones are like the liver, they filter the salty water and turns them into highly nutrient valuable drinking water
cloud waters are clean, have no sediments, and rain that comes from natural clouds washes, washes the plant roots, it cleans, and is also a carrier for viruses (which is normal)
Clouds are being born in specific points in the ocean, for them to generate properly the ocean ph levels must be accurate, as we all know pH levels of the sea has slight changes, but no “climate crisis theory” points to that.

Planet earth has a natural “thermostat”, can regulate temperatures in a circular way (which is perfect, our science is far from copying those mechanisms).
The cooling/heating mechanism is based on specific seasonal events, the whole idea of four seasons is perfect, you have a cooling season, heating season, and two transformation seasons.

To keep the pH levels properly for the planet to naturally generate clouds the water are circulating the planet, clean water dilutes seawater and therefore rainwater which flows to rivers and rivers which flow to sea dilute the sea waters. it’s a natural filtration mechanism
Another mechanism is giants rocks, when waves break on rocks the pressure is so strong that compare to the pressure level the rock acts like a sponge, the water passes the rock leaving salts and sediments behind and water arriving in the aquifer clean (sweet water)

When we build dams we shut the vein of that perfect circulation mechanism, the justification, either for power generation is completely irrelevant. the true justification is earth, not crypto or whatever reason.
When the mechanism is disturbed, the earth will mitigate, through storms and other methods, some are more complex to describe here, and I do my best to keep this note simple as possible … 🙂
When you block a vein, you cause death in the human body, the earth is strong, has many methods to compensate and mitigate the damages, but everything has a limit. we want the eco-system to circulate are god created it without interruption, that’s the main goal.

Think now of the country leaders, that “scientists” approach them with so-called statistics and claims cloud degeneration and force them to intervene, as in supporting cloud seeding or any other method, they will agree, in that perspective HAARP or any other technology ( from the eye of the minister is legit), that’s how those technologies, irresponsible as they might be are being pushed by decision-makers.

Destroying the dams is saving the planet’s eco-system. regardless of any crypto coin source

Elon Musk was Genetically created off the DNA of Nikola Tesla<
Trump’s Uncle John G . Trump
Took control of Tesla’s Projects including Looking Glass and free Energy

Outside of Earth’s Atmosphere are smaller Worm Holes> that connect to different parts of the Universe including Mars
On 30 December, the billionaire and SpaceX chief executive Musk quoted a popular line from the film Young Frankenstein on Twitter. He tweeted: “Destiny, destiny. No escaping that for me.”

he was referring to being a genetically modified human being created of Tesla’s DNA

“He’s one of our great geniuses”
Trump says about Elon musk…

Now you know why Elon used the Name Tesla.

Will start MASS CENSORSHIP and blame Extremism>Patriots worldwide for sharing information that threatens the[DS] SURVIVAL and agenda >>the censorship is actually for all the declassified>Truth speakers
The Great Awakening movement

Stay vigilant
NCSWIC source

CFC (Controlled Foreign Corporation) has ]INFILTRATED[
Top Elite Hollywood companies and agencies and is working with Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in July 2010, the National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (NCSWIC)

NCSWIC was Established by the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY who are currently protecting important assets, movie stars, musicals (Britney Spears) etc.. who were all used in the human trafficking of Hollywood/CIA/CCP paid owned companies.
These Important WITNESSES have first-hand accounts and evidence of paedophilia, satanic rituals, Adrenochrome drugs industry sales and Full information on Hollywood’s 120 year reigns on human trafficking and connections to the FBI’s full involvement in the century-long Dark Operation into the Satanic cults connected to Bohemian Groves Rockefellers/Rothchilds worldwide operations.

The PLAN is much larger than any person can imagine and has its roots corrected to JFK JR. who created The SPECIAL FORCES>>
-Who were created to protect the U.S. citizens in case the U.S. Gov.(CENTRAL BANKS) tried creating a totalitarian state!

Lots going on behind the scenes source

Over 200 Tehran state institutions DISCONNECTED from POWER GRID (Report)

210 state institutions in the capital have reportedly been disconnected for their non-compliance of electricity consumption regulations, according to Iran’s ISNA news agency on Tuesday.

ISNA stated all Tehran’s non-compliant institutions are serviced by the same electric grid company – dozens of activists protested at a rally in the capital earlier this week over power cuts.

Iran is in the midst of its worst drought in half a century – with almost a third of its 304 cities suffering an acute shortage of water, according to an Iranian water supply and sanitation company. Water shortage demonstrations began 7 days ago in the country’s southwest, with at least 4 people reportedly killed in clashes. source

Unvaccinated employees of one of the food distribution centres in Russia refused to work as a protest, the vaccinated bosses had to take up work themselves source

After heavy torrential rains, flooding also occurred in Islamabad, Pakistan. source

Church in Glasgow burnt to the ground last night, one of hundreds that mysteriously “catch fire” after standing for centuries, no other religious buildings. source

📎Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers says that all it takes to overturn the results of the 2020 election is reasonable doubts that they already have.

📎Biden’s Justice Department says COVID-19 vaccination mandates are legal.

📎The Maryland Voter Integrity Group found serious anomalies in four counties of the state.

📎Former Liberal Senator Barbara Boxer was attacked and robbed in Oakland.

📎”We cannot allow the Communist Democrats to destroy our great cities” – President Trump makes a statement after the attack on Barbara Boxer in Oakland.

📎The Hungarian government appeals to the EU: “There are no transgender activists in our schools and there will not be!”

📎The net profit of the electric car manufacturer Tesla for the first time in one quarter amounted to more than a billion dollars.

📎The mandatory mask regime for vaccinated persons has been re-introduced in the United States.

📎New York Times reporter Kathy Benner deletes tweets claiming that the fight against” legitimate threats to national security “requires recognizing Trump supporters as”enemies of the state.”

📎Trump: “We will not go back (to restrictions). We will not disguise our children. Joe Biden and his administration have learned nothing over the past year, and brave Americans have learned to live safely and responsibly, to fight back. Don’t give up on COVID. Don’t come back! (to the realities of last year)”

📎The DPRK and South Korea have started negotiations on holding a joint summit and are opening a border communication office.

📎Twitter Twitter blocks accounts related to the audit of the 2020 elections in Maricopa County.

📎CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky: “The new data” shows that vaccinated people may have as much chance of contracting the virus as unvaccinated people.”

📎Biden said that Russia is interfering in the 2022 midterm elections in the United States, spreading disinformation.
“He knows that he has problems, and this makes him more dangerous. He has only nuclear weapons and oil” – Biden about Putin.

📎Unvaccinated residents of Chechnya (without a certificate and certificates of vaccination) are now officially not allowed to enter shops, mosques, cafes and restaurants, public transport, on the territory of consumer services and sports and entertainment events. source

Indonesia: A rumbling volcano on Indonesia’s Sumatra island on Wednesday shot billowing columns of ash and hot clouds down its slopes. The ash released by Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra province reached more than 15,000 feet into the atmosphere, and an avalanche of searing gas clouds blew 0.5 miles to the east and southeast, Indonesia’s Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation Center said. There were no casualties from the afternoon eruption, said Armen Putra, an official at the Sinabung monitoring post, and an alert has been maintained at the second-highest level. The 9,000-foot mountain has been rumbling since last year and villagers were advised to stay 3.1 miles from the crater’s mouth. They’ve been warned about lava while authorities were closely monitoring sensors that picked up increasing activity in recent weeks. source

1000% uptick in Earthquakes, Fires, Volcanoes, Floods, Typhoons, Astrological Anomalies, Explosions etc since 2020 “election”. 12-foot tall barbed wire fences around the Capital. Audits. UN vehicles in DC. “POTUS-46” talking about sucking the blood of young children”. Up is down, left is right, good is evil, patriots are traitors… We are living in the upside-down, actors on a stage, the magic theatre, bread and circus, Clown World.

No one (no one) can say that any of this is normal. Tides are turning. Something MONUMENTAL is happening behind the scenes. The choice to know is yours. 4-6% will be lost forever. The Reckoning has already begun and the Judgement is getting nearer (KEEP PUSHING 4 TRUTH). Vindication. Dead Man Switch. BIBLICAL. Neo-Pangaea.

The only conspiracy is that there isn’t any source

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „Weitergeleitet aus Qtah Things are going to get worse before they get better. These are the times that will try men's souls and your faith shall be tested. Will you cave in and give into NWO control or will you rise το the greatest challenge. Who will save America if her own people will not? God bless the souls ofthose who fear with courage, bless them with the armor of God so they may be mighty and ull offaith. 25.4K 09:45“

I’ve already had a content report here about the government tunnel in Germany – Ahrweiler. There was a video from our “007” who filmed live the whole endless column of firefighters and the Red Crisis (they had motorbikes and quad bikes on the trailer). This area is now declared a restricted area.
Further information suggests that yesterday’s explosion in Leverkusen is probably related to this. Here is the explanation I found and translated. The audio recording was translated by Jana Kiara.
The media says it must have happened between 9:30 and 10:43. There was just an earthquake in the area at 7:37, so we can assume it’s related. But- and here comes the big BUT- as we can see, the media is just pouncing on this disaster. I think it has to do with the fact that the media is supposed to be deflecting from that and swooping like flies on this particular disaster. So that the Ahrweiler can wash it away in the meantime.
Amazingly, this comes with the times, which I could just verify here. It doesn’t make any sense. Do you know why? This disaster is about half to three-quarters of an hour away from Ahrweiler. So for the media that are in Ahrweiler, this place is easy to get to, so they’ll pack up their stuff and rush over here to the fire like flies, leaving Ahrweiler, which is probably the purpose. If the detonation were any further away, the media wouldn’t have moved Ahrweiler, but they did this way.
📌📌 ADDENDUM: It is very exciting to see that in the report on yesterday’s earthquake in Leverkusen, the Epi Center is indeed listed as CHEMPARK…..But even more interesting is that there were two earthquakes: the CHEMPARK earthquake at 07:36 and the second earthquake exactly 1 minute later at 07:37 3 km away!
📌📌 I would like to add 👉 nearby is also Bergisch Gladbach, the birthplace of the world-famous model Heidi Klum 😉, which was discovered by Thomas Gottschalk (wearing CERVENE shoes 😉) 👉👉👉👉 huge pedo rings !!! source

Things will get worse before they get better. These are the times that will try people’s souls, and your faith will be tested. Will you submit and bow to the NWO domination, or will you rise to the greatest challenge. Who will save America but her own people, God bless the souls of those who are courageous, bless them with the armor of God to be mighty and full of faith. Source

📌📌 Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Sunday that his country’s navy could carry out a surprise strike if necessary. His warning comes just weeks after a British warship sailed through waters off Crimea, angering Moscow. Speaking to a crowd at a naval parade in St. Petersburg on Sunday, Putin said, “The Russian Navy has everything it needs to guarantee the defense of the homeland and our national interests. We are capable of detecting any enemy, whether underwater, over water or in the air, and delivering the inevitable blow if necessary. In his speech, Putin goes on to talk about the June incident in the Black Sea. Russia said it fired warning shots and dropped bombs in the path of a British warship to drive it away from the Crimean peninsula. Britain has denied the report. Instead, they said Russia fired during a pre-announced live-fire exercise and no bombs were dropped. The Kremlin says the warship entered its territorial waters, but Britain and much of the world says those waters belong to Ukraine.
📌📌 I found the explanation from a historical perspective in a video (translation by Jan Kiar) 👇
👉 “Putin says his Navy is capable of repelling any attack at sea, this is a very clear message to me, which is related to the picture we have here, where the alleged Spanish galleon is in the background of the picture. The background to that is that in 1588 there was a great naval battle between the Spanish Armada and the English naval fleet. A few years later it was basically announced that the Spanish Armada had completely fallen. This means that up until that point Spain was the unrestricted world naval power, and then had to, sometime around the 16th something, hand over that power to England, who became the reigning naval power and could base their later empire on that because they were unassailable. As an island state with the strongest naval fleet. So the message that Putin sent with this picture is a very clear message that the sovereignty of the English empire is definitely over. ❗️❗️There was a very clear signal given to the deep state, “You have no more power, you have lost.” Any action you still want to take can be reversed. THAT is the hidden message. The royal palace has already fallen. There will probably be more messages to come, hiding historical events that will give us proof and clues that the deep state can do nothing anymore, every intervention will be averted. A clear message to the deep state – they are screwed.” 👈 source

We are in World War III, yes my friends we are in a war for our souls for our freedom for the freedom of our children for our right to breathe and live and not be scared. What are you to do, if anything you ask? It’s easy to inform the people around you slowly and gradually because there is a lot of information and not everyone could stand it… It’s not war, the ones we know from the past are used as powerful weapons against us our deepest fear, our desire for total freedom, they send your loved ones, friends, family against you using the media that are not there and have never been there for us… They only serve as a tool to make us slaves of the system. I’ve been aware of this for years, but only now are we starting to reach a critical mass where we can make a difference. We’re only human you say to yourself, but there’s so much more power and deep truth in it… You say to yourself, I’m only alone, what can I do? You really can do a lot when you understand that you are not alone, that there is an army of us “ordinary people” you will understand the basis for your inner revolution. We are just “ordinary men, women, mothers from families, fathers from families, truck drivers, salesmen, business workers and many other “ordinary people” but we are here, we have chosen this time when our shackles of thousands of years of slavery will soon fall. No one knows when that will be, but know that the information that is coming out now could not have been mentioned anywhere before. I know your faith in a good tomorrow is broken, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is happening all over the world. It’s coming like the “inevitable storm” and it’s up to us who we are going to be, who we are going to become as a society, who we are going to become as individuals… So my only advice and plea to you is to always be who you are, you can’t be any different. Try to knock the people around you and if you can’t don’t push the envelope, give “little red pills” to the people around you. Maybe just ask them why they wear the veils if they are comfortable with the system they live in… I’ll leave the composition of the questions up to you. We are a light in the darkness and we are coming to an amazing finale. Source

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