News 29.06.2021


We understand there will be a lot of “booms” incoming, in rapid succession; some things not all will deal with in the preferred manner. Like election truths as a result of the Arizona audit.

Q The Storm Rider said “buckle up” for FFs worldwide.

Here’s a thought from a patriot:

I believe that President Trump is now being referred to as a “political candidate” on Facebook because they will soon hold another election, based on the QVS-quantum voting system- based on social security numbers and encrypted personal data. That’s why they’re asking you to text the word “vote” to 88022 because another election, done on the QVS, perhaps even on cell phones, is imminent, after the fraud in Arizona etc is revealed. That’s also why President Trump is reappearing publicly- he’s on the new (quantum) campaign trail! Wow!

This never gets old.


Why is the Israeli Military at the condo “collapse” disaster site outside of Miami?The Israeli Defense Force sent an Urban Search & Rescue Team to help find victims. Mexico sent a group, too.
– It was a human trafficking base.
– Makes complete sense. source


Moscow FLOODED & city streets in gridlock as apocalyptic torrential thunderstorms & winds break Russian capital’s record heatwave source

The US military is considering expanding its reach beyond earth.

Moon Warfare
When former reality TV star and US president Donald Trump formed a new branch of the military called the Space Force, it wasn’t exactly clear what it would accomplish or how its existence would impact existing peace treaties that prevent military activity in space.

For better or worse, we now seem to be approaching some answers — and according to a new report by the Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) Space Vehicles Directorate (SVD), the time has come for the Space Force to treat the Moon and the surrounding area as a new militarized front.

The report, which is comprised of a series of recommendations by industry and academic experts, argues that the military needs to expand its reach beyond Earth, according to SpaceNews, as both governmental and private space programs continue to grow. source

June 28, 2021 Poland
Warsaw – The Catholic Church in Poland is facing what one official called “a wave of revelations” on Monday about allegations of sexual abuse, as church authorities released statistics on the extent of the problem amid an investigation into the accusations of cover-up by a senior cleric.
In its latest report on child sexual abuse, the Catholic Church in Poland says 292 clergy allegedly abused 368 boys and girls from 2018 to 2020. source

Ezra Cohen confirms that former Attorney General Barr has been convicted. source

Fox News host Tucker Carlson says a government whistleblower told his team that the NSA is spying on his team’s electronic communications and is “planning to leak them in an attempt to take this show off the air.” Wtf. source
Two more Catholic churches BURN DOWN on indigenous Canadian land after residential school mass grave discoveries!
A total of now FOUR churches in British Columbia went up in flames since the discovery of mass graves at two defunct boarding schools for the indigenous First Nations children – with the police investigating the incidents as possible arson.
The mass grave sites are believed to hold hundreds of children and adults. Tribal leaders are looking at their discovery as proof that Canada committed genocide and attempted to exterminate the First Nations and their Indigenous communities.
The Roman Catholic Church ran boarding schools established by the Canadian government in the 1870s to assimilate members of the First Nations by removing children from their families and forcing them to convert to Christianity – with many physically and sexually abused. source
Military assets spotted crossing through Edmond Oklahoma source
Indian banks to be closed for 15 days in July! source

A country that has been one of the world’s most successful at combating Covid-19 has announced it will soon fundamentally change how it manages the pandemic.
The city state of Singapore has stated covid will be treated like other endemic diseases such as flu.

There will be no goals of zero transmission. Quarantine will be dumped for travellers and close contact of cases will not have to isolate. It also plans to no longer announce daily case numbers. source

Germany – Schwarzwald
Massive sandstorm hits inner Mongolia. source

Severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and storms: Hundreds of emergency services have rolled up their sleeves for the storm in parts of Germany. In Stuttgart alone, firefighters reported 330 operations between Monday evening and early Tuesday morning. According to police, persistent heavy rain and wind in Stuttgart on Tuesday morning caused various tunnels to fill with water in a very short time. link

USA – California- Evacuation to the volcano in California!
Alien false flag approaching?

A 200 square mile area around Mount Sashta will be evacuated!

4000 hectares in flames!

The trigger is said to be the so-called lava fire, although the 4300 m high volcano has been inactive since 1786!


“I know a lot.” Mount Shasta has alien bases in it. Many sightings are recorded there all the time.
And here’s something else many don’t know. Very often when there is a fire and people are evacuated, it is because the fight against the aliens/Deep State has been taken to extremes and they don’t want people to know.
So the fires are created as a diversion to get people out.
This has happened several times in the last year and a half. Not saying it will happen for sure. I’m not arguing. I’m just adding 1 and 1 together. ” source

Na obrázku môže byť vonku
The tunnel explosions are coming. Hollywood Boulevard and Western Ave. This is not a test phase of the cleanup. Nothing is as it seems. God bless our military
Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba a text
GALA special edition is written below: IMMORTAL 😉
1 year delta
DOD Whistleblower coming?
Future news prove past drops. source

2.7m/10km Quake in the Suez Canal source

Tell me this is a coincidence ………17
President Biden Announces 17 Key Nominations link source

The STORM starts with FINANCE.

Cast your memories back to the Mini Crash on Dow Jones in March last year. I will go over it again. That was TRUMP, VLAD & KING SALMAN removing the ROCKEFELLER’s control of Oil. This then led to the Federal Reserve merging with the Treasury Dept in MAY. There was a 1 year deal in place then the FED would be no longer.
You can ask Alexa who owns the FED. You would of seen the ROCKEFELLER Tree get cut down. source

People of London went to the HQ of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. source
Meßstette source
Süddeutschland source

Chicago AGAIN!
There the earth shook again today around 7:35 am with undefined force and depth!

And again in the immediate vicinity of the nursery!

… can you imagine how I feel when I’m researching earthquakes and I keep seeing the same thing?

2 elementary and preschool facilities at the same time !!!

It brings tears to my eyes when I realize what is happening in front of our eyes ……


Same here ……

Schools and daycare centers!

Also here again 2 elementary schools …

San Francisco!

Elementary schools and zoos!

Julian Assange could be RELEASED from UK prison – major new Labour Party bid launched source

Labour MP Richard Burgon is due to hand in a letter at Belmarsh prison about the ongoing refusal to allow a meeting with Mr Assange… source

Dearest Ones we are here to say to you yet again. ALL IS WELL. You have all been through so much in the past year and many of you are feeling tired, weak, exhausted and wondering what your life is all about. You wonder when the darkness that is being shown to you, will all end and why you are even here on the Earth’s plane at all. Many of you feel downhearted that your families and friends are still asleep and why you haven’t been able to awaken them so to speak.
Dearest Ones never doubt that your life has been in vain. You are the STRONG ones holding the LIGHT for others to follow you. It is time NOW for you all to bathe in that LIGHT and relax knowing that you have done a good job, just by BEING the Loving, Kind, Supportive being that you are. Just because you see no evidence physically of your work does not mean to say that you have not achieved anything for much of your work has indeed been behind the scenes.
We see how much you have helped spread the LIGHT on a planet that has been very dark over the last millennia. Once the LIGHT has spread throughout the world there is no going back to darkness. Many of you have been talking to others about your beliefs, standing up for your rights and practically protesting in marches for Freedom throughout the world. We commend all of this work for this has helped much of humanity to wake up. THE TIME HAS COME NOW FOR ALL OF HUMANITY TO AWAKEN.
The 5th Dimension is not in some far off distant future, the 5th Dimension is NOW and you can all live in this state of being yourselves without waiting for others to join you. You all know this, deep within your hearts. It is time NOW to relax and just BE. The Time is NOW to stop worrying about your friends and family for they will be looked after and will follow you in their own time. The time is NOW for you to move forward to the 5th dimensional world of your own making. The time is NOW to manifest those dreams that you may have had all your life and wondered if they would ever happen. The Time is NOW for all of those dreams to come into existence. No one can stop you NOW.
Stand up to those who would try to take away your dreams. As you would stand up to a bully, stand up to those who would take away your Freedoms and they will just fall by the wayside. Their power has been taken from them and YOU are the true SOVEREIGN beings. Once you know that you are a SOVEREIGN Being, there is no going back to being under another’s control again. That is the Law of the Universe and the dark beings know this.
Think not of your past trials and tribulations, heal them and move on Dear Ones to a new wonderful future. You have all worked so hard for humanity and NOW is NOT the time to give up. The LIGHT has won and the darkness is receding. It may seem as if the reverse is true but Dear Ones the House of Cards is falling. Once one card falls, the rest will follow suit. As has been said many times on your alternate media, sit back NOW beloved Ones and enjoy the show that is about to take place.
You will start to see much news in your Main media that you never thought that you would see. Some journalists are beginning to awaken and are starting to challenge the false narrative. The real TRUTH is starting to be seen and once seen will never be forgotten. Your long winter of discontent is about to be turned into a summer of JOY.
It is time NOW to BELIEVE in yourselves as SOVEREIGN beings and in your amazing capacity to LOVE others even though they may not seem to Love you. Keep sending out that LOVE and your glorious LIGHT to others wherever you are. Keep meditating on that Brave New World which you are bringing into the LIGHT.
We are here for you when your LIGHT dims and you feel overwhelmed. Those days will become less and less as more and more LIGHT is shone onto the planet and you absorb this LIGHT into your own bodies. As we have said before, your bodies are changing from carbon based to crystalline and indeed you are becoming LIGHT BEINGS. Changes to the human body which use to take millennia to happen are now taking place in months. You are the LUMINOUS beings Dear Ones. You are co-creating the NEW EARTH with your GOD and the TIME IS NOW.
As always we are here to help with your own Ascension. Call on us and we will help you to overcome any dark that may befall you. Have FAITH, TRUST and BELIEVE and ALL WILL BE WELL.

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  1. Barbara S

    I walked thru the dark and found God, and was looking forward to the future, awakened a few, except my own family, they think I am crazy, now my only son who lives in brainwashed California was fully vaccinated last month, and now my only grandson (12) is next, my 72 year old heart can’t take any more, PLEASE tell me there is help for them. I was so grateful to be a part of this, and now I’m Broken.


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