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There appears to have been some collateral damage from what’s going on in tunnels. Just guessing, since we’ve seen fires and smoke emanating from grates and sewers in other places for some time now after we learned the military are either burning them out, flooding them, etc.

Second New York man, 57, is badly burned after being engulfed by big fireball on Queens sidewalk

Children need to be protected—not prey. And they haven’t been protected; they’ve been used as currency and Human sacrifices. They glorify it in their art, for godssake, right in front of us!

Hundreds of children abused while in care of Lambeth council, inquiry finds

The pedos, sickos, and POS of all kinds are going down. Clinton donors, included.

Romana Didulo tells us that not nearly as many people accepted the jab as the enemy are making out. The numbers are not true at all. She said 90% of Canadians did not get it. She said the numbers in the US are not as high as they claim, either. They know that many people are swayed by what others do and they want to “fit in”. They think that by putting jumbotron messages on our freeways saying 3.2 million Arizonans got the shot, they can convince other gullible people to get it.

Here’s a clever, creative look at a possible view to a future for Humanity IF we do not stand up, fight back, and vanquish the enemy.


There are three types of people…

  1. Sane unvaccinated Patriots.
  2. People who vaccinated because they were told it would keep them safe.
  3. People who vaccinated because they wanted their freedoms back.

Groups 2 and 3 are beginning to realize they made a monumental and irreversible mistake.

They’re also realizing that the people in group 1 tried to warn them and have paid dearly for doing so.

It’s about to get ugly. source


We were right about Epstein Island.
We were right about the Covid hoax.
We were right about the ineffectiveness of masks.
We were right about the rigged PCR tests.
We were right about the nursing home scandal.
We were right about massively inflated death tolls.
We were right about the origins of Covid.
We were right about Fauci/NIH/CCP/Gain of function.
We were right about attempted vaccine passports.
We were right about the stolen election on 11/3.
We were right about the false flag on 1/6.
We were right about the jabs being poison.
We were right about the jabs being ineffective.
We were right about an attempted Communist takeover.
We were right about the “Great Reset”.

Why are we never wrong?

Because the TRUTH is our weapon of choice.

We have no ulterior motives.

We fight for the future of humanity.

We are guided by light, love and righteous indignation.


Q & A – After EBS what happens?

Q: Queen Romana, after EBS and we’ve gone through the 10 days mainstream media black out and sat through all the 24/7, (eight hours long movies), do we go back to normal like business as usual?

A: After EBS and the 8 hours long 24/7, movies…Everything will change. 

The, life support, attached to the old and evil systems will be pulled.

Humanity, and planet Earth simultaneously move to quantum reality consciousness system (Peace and Prosperity).  

End of Financial and Human consciousness enslavement.  

Old systems of Government, Education, Finance, Health, Trade and Commerce, etc, etc, will all be dismantled and replaced. source

A whistleblower has released footage from the last 24 hours inside Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters. source
This is at a beverage warehouse in Lingen on the Ems Lower Saxony Germany.
The water comes from below source

Google mandates #COVID19 vaccines for all employees who will return to the company’s offices

Netflix mandates #COVID19 vaccines for casts, crew, and actors of their US productions, the first major Hollywood studio to do so

Facebook mandates #COVID19 vaccines for all employees who will return to the company’s offices source

Necessary SCARE EVENT source

Blackout Eminent confirmed by >REPORTER: John Rolls: The [DS] is now getting ready to cross red line 2, communication blackout. Audit accounts have been terminated on certain social media platforms, this will continue until the [DS] has no alternative but to do a total communication blackout. Most likely the [DS] will shutdown all communications when the classified information begins to be declassified. During this time they will stage fake riots to convince the public that the Trump supporters are angry because the plan is not working. During this time the military will be sent to various location but the [DS] in the end will not be in control of the troops. Special operations will be activated to shutdown the riots and to take control of the government . The [DS] will be trapped in the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. source

Fun story today while chatting with my army recruiter + station commander. (I forget what commander’s MOS is, but I spoke with the guy who trained him last week who is a career signals&cryptologic intel+linguist and pretty high up the food chain, and he confirmed that haarp/dew is being used for DUMBs right now (duh 😂) source

Five high-ranking military leaders died in the span of just 10 days, according to the Cuban government — though it’s remained mum on the causes. source

People don’t realize that the majority of these people helping us wake up are not innocent. They are controlled opposition who got something of value to them for helping us. source

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „SPIEGEL Panorama Menu Startseite Panorama Justiz London Abonnement Anmelden London: Bezirk soll 700 Falle von Kindesmissbrauch vertuscht haben Großbritannlen Londoner Bezirk soll 700 Fälle von Kindesmissbrauch vertuscht haben In mehreren Kinderheimen des Londoner Bezirks Lambeth soll es in den Sechzigerjahren zu Gewalt und sexuellen Übergriffen gekommen sein. Die Behörden wussten offenbar davon, taten aber nichts. 77Q 27.07.2021 16.37 Jhr“
Spiegel 👉 MSM 😉👇
United Kingdom. London borough allegedly covered up 700 cases of child abuse Several children’s homes in the London borough of Lambeth were allegedly the scene of violence and sexual assaults in the 1960s. Authorities apparently knew about it but took no action. source

Truth comes to the MSM 💥………..WELT 👉 “Did she drink the blood of children with Hillary Clinton?” “Political correctness is cancelling out many things in the arts.” Did she and Hillary Clinton drink the blood of children? There are wild rumours about Marina Abramovic, the world’s most famous artist. A conversation about bone cleaning, the ruthlessness of the politically correct, and a brutal educational ploy under communism.

Na obrázku môže byť text, v ktorom sa píše „WeLT HOME Ticker Suche NEWSTICKER LIVE-TV MEDIATHEK WELTPLUS BUNDESLIGA POLITIK WIRTSCHAFT SPORT PANORAMA WISS HOME Anmelden KULTUR KUNST ABONNEMENT ENACHRICHTEN HEUTE: Newsticker, Schlagzeilen und alles, was heute wichtig ist, MEHR PRODUKTE Überblick. Marina Abramović: Die politische Korrektheit cancelt so viele Dinge no der Kunst" KULTUR STÜTZEN DER GESELLSCHAFT ZUM NEWSTICKER DEUS EXMAHNA FILM LITERATUR POP WeLT MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ KUNST THEATER ARCHITEKTUR KLASSIK MEDIEN BLAU „Die politische Korrektheit cancelt so viele Dinge in der Kunst" Stand: 26.07.2021 Lesedauer: Minuten Von Gesine Borcherdt“

📌📌 Regarding the floods in Germany. It’s not just my information, but conveying my feelings about everything. I believe it’s a hybrid war that needs to draw a lot of energy and forces. There is something going on in the psyche. The psyche is not the psyche, we must not dwell on hurts and bugs, complexes, etc. It’s time to cut the old circuits.
As for people in floods – the mud in houses already stinks, once it sets it’s like concrete, people cry for help. But a lot of the emergency services didn’t get the call to intervene. What happens to the morale of these forces? They stood there a short distance from the site and could do nothing, one digger dug up the girl’s corpse….
We’ve got two levels, sky above and the ground below. Meanwhile, the dividing line is water, and it’s breached. So it is in the psychic process. What happens to the earth happens to us. One big chaos, nothing is in its place, the earth goes up and the water goes down, the divine order is disturbed. It is an invasion of humanity.
It’s no secret that about 4 days before the flood we had reports that a big rain was coming, a catastrophe. Copernicus noted it too. And nothing was done. The reservoirs that are supposed to catch this water were full. People were not warned. A lot of people were at home, in their houses. They had to take refuge on rooftops, a mother and her children were on the roof for 18 hours.
The corpses of the children came out, nobody knows where they came from. There are tunnels. Even in Stuttgart and elsewhere, the streets caved in. And they want to retouch it all. It’s a hybrid war for energy, it’s happening fast, it’s related to the art of war. People have to deal with their existence, they don’t have clean water, electricity. It looks like a very deliberate attack. The weather can go crazy, but not like this.
That mom and her kids were sitting on that roof and no helicopter anywhere to rescue them and now, a week later, there are helicopters. And there are planes flying around, scanning the terrain. Adding to the trauma, these planes are flying over people’s heads. What’s behind it? What’s going on here? What parties are behind this? We saw politicians laughing at the camera, Merkel flew in, she didn’t even have a mask, it’s all a shambles.
A year ago, I never thought they’d go this far. But now, the war for resources and energy, in so many places in Germany. Bodies are still being found. It’s still 2 sides fighting each other, but why does it have to be a man caught in the middle? The people affected are deeply shaken, many houses are without roofs, many people are homeless. Some people shut themselves in their homes, and then when the Red Cross or the fire brigade came, people said, don’t open the door, there’s nobody there, some people were furious that they lost their doors, they can’t get new ones, etc., people are terrified. It’s a moment of truth. It’s about our existence. This is the connection to the divine essence. People understand that. We don’t know what else is coming, fall or winter. We’re gathering strength. It’s different for everyone. Existential levels where nothing from the past applies, that’s what we have to orient ourselves to. Think that in the darkest moment the light will come. We’re experiencing a monumental change, but it’s not the apocalypse. source

Reports on the disaster area in and around Bad Neuenahr are conspicuously rare in the media at the moment. Spiegel online today – only after a long scroll does the video report “Life after the flood” appear at the very bottom, otherwise nothing, nothing and again nothing about the disaster area.
That in itself shows that the Deep State wants to get the whole thing out of people’s minds as quickly as possible. So something is and/or has been going on down there and our assumptions are probably very correct. First of all, there are a lot more bodies down there than are being reported, and secondly, there is no way that anything will come out about the identity of the dead. We have already received serious reports of the discovery of 200 or more children’s bodies. We know of severely mentally handicapped people who cannot process the images of the dead, and we hear nothing about it in the media.
And then there is the fact that, in the event of any other disaster, search teams with rescue dogs are immediately dispatched to the areas affected by the disaster. Whatever has happened, the first thing we see are units searching for survivors. The dog teams then report their successes or we learn of the hopelessness of finding survivors due to the rapidly diminishing odds. What about here? Has anyone seen a single rescue dog in one of the hundreds of videos? Has there been even one case of a survivor being rescued from a hopeless situation? Where are the reports on the two camps I know of with first-hand information? Where are the interviews with people who tried desperately to save people and didn’t save themselves? These are exactly the testimonies I have heard first or second hand from the life partners of those affected. In the media? Nothing about it! Why?
We also know for a fact that the people in the camps were not warned and were trapped by the masses of water. Only when it was really too late did the people there try to rescue them. Many were simply washed away and did not survive. We don’t know how many there were, but a recent call for evacuation at one of the camps indicated that many dead were expected to be found during the evacuation work.
What’s going on down there? source

Most of the elites wanted to escape to Iceland, they had a lot of bunkers there
Iceland was rocked by a series of small earthquakes. The strongest earthquake was 5.2 on the Richter scale.
There are no industrial plants, businesses, bases or homes in the snow-covered area.
However, on approach, this……
They cannot be identified, only seen to be NOT natural structures. All 3 are the same

THE CLANS ALLEGEDLY CHEATED WITH QUICK-TEST SCAMS. C.-racie at more than 150 locations in Berlin. Berlin – Mega raids on Wednesday morning at more than 150 locations in the capital! This is suspected billing fraud at C. testing centers. on Wednesday morning, the Berlin Attorney General’s Office announced on Twitter. source

Na obrázku môže byť 1 osoba a text, v ktorom sa píše „MENÜ MIT VIDEO POLIZEI BE 12302 CLANS SOLLEN MIT SCHNELLTESTS ABGEZOCKT HABEN Corona Razzia an rULIZCI COVID mehr TESTZENTRUM als 150 Orten in Berlin“

The Art of War: This private message below was accidentally distributed against our will. This information was not intended to be posted on Clearlook at this time, it is internal information to be used in a future article.

While waiting for more information, we have given this private message to several friends to keep them informed of the real happenings in France so that they understand that there is no need to worry or panic…

Unfortunately, one of them shared this private message on the internet.

He also erred as to the nature of our source.

The fact is that the source is not a member of the French Q Force, but a member of the 43rd Detachment of the American Q Force.

However, the content of the information in this report is entirely accurate.

“The real situation in France:
The government was overthrown by the army and arrested on the night of May 28-29, 2021. Their situation is as follows: they all have the death penalty on the condition that they obey the secret government of the military coup. The army has made them believe that if they obey, they will live and be exempted from conviction and punishment in the military courts after the presidential elections in November. This is a trap they believed because in reality, the next government will try to execute them after the death penalty is reinstated. The same process is taking place in the US.

These ministers are ordered to carry out and complete their criminal plan to the end (presidential campaign expected in October) so that the French people will understand what the new world order is (4th Reich) and what it is preparing for them (slavery and extermination) ). Of course, they still issue their punitive decrees but they cannot actually use them. Proof: almost all European countries (except France, England, Portugal and Italy, where the Illuminati have already been overthrown) have compulsory “health passes”, gene vaccine experiments and subsequent re-containment… source

The floods and earthquakes are intentional events against the Cabal. Watch the Water. Reptilians and humans are washing up to the surface. This is a Military Operation to flood and blow up the strongholds of the CIA and CCP. Some major Banks close their accounts. Medical martial law is near, with its gigantic operation to round up all western medicine criminals at all levels. Keep your eyes on Doctors, nurses and hospitals in your area. Amazon has been taken over and is being cleaned up. Jeff Bezos is in GITMO. CEO of Google CEO (Eric Schneider?) is in hiding. MED BEDS are going to Big Cities Hospitals first. All BIG Pharma companies are to be destroyed. Johnson & Johnson stays at the top of the list. Those people whose vibrations are not high enough for the 5D world will have to live in the cities. Those of 5D will be in the suburbs. Stay away from Big name brands. They are full of sugar and other nasty stuff. The cereals are the big offender. Children foods are now loaded with graphene oxide nanobots.

Graphene oxide in all vaccines makes the vaccinated walking time bombs: The use of Graphene Oxide (GO) is much more widespread and started much earlier than just the “Covid” vaccines. Babies have been found to be magnetic, and people who have not taken the “Covid” jab or been PCR tested or worn masks are also exhibiting magnetism, so it has to be coming from elsewhere. They assume that the GO has been used in all vaccines, including tetanus, meningitis, children’s vaccines, etc., for some years. source


China is heading into a financial spiral since food shortages have hit the country and the severe devastation of the floods in several provinces has hit the supply chain and energy structures… The Credit system in the trading market is at an all time low and collapsing and nothing can be done with in the next year’s… This collapse WIL hit United States and has already started…….
What ever you’re seeing in MSM TV . NEWS. RADIO. APPS is all [DS] > CONTROLLED<>>> [[Fake] data<<< the collapse is> IMMINENT
What’s worse is.. It takes only one catastrophe 3GD to destroy world shipping an halting 30,000 ships on the oceans to a stand still…. Or a Major explosion at a major shipping port/this effect would also cause a HALT to shipping lines world wide and collapse the economy… Or Cyberattack on the shipping industry and world wide and shut down the shipping lines will cause devastation/quick Collapse>>but as it is already the Chinese markets is in the worse shape since the turn of the century and the U.S. is already fuelling the inflation as the super rich and elite behind The Wall Street scams, are lining their pockets with [INFLATION] getting ready for the collapse.

2008 AGAIN>>>> [THEY] know it’s coming.. source

Powerful magnitude 8.2 earthquake off the coast of Alaska.

Tsunami alert triggered following the powerful earthquake off the coast of Alaska, the most significant earthquake worldwide since 2018, and strongest in North America since 1965. source

Kodiak, Alaska as of 10 minutes ago sirens and evacuations source

Project Thor: What America’s ‘Rods from God’ Space-Based Superweapon Can Do

The U.S. Air Force is reportedly considering the deployment of highly sophisticated new weapons systems in space, which is currently under development under ‘Project Thor.’ While the 1967 Outer Space Treaty prohibits the U.S. from deploying nuclear, biological or chemical weapons in space, this new weapon promises to deliver strikes more powerful than many types of nuclear and chemical attack – while avoiding the unfavourable fallout which follows nuclear strikes. Development of a non-nuclear space-based ‘superweapon’ also provides the U.S. with a potentially massive advantage against adversaries with a no-first-use policy for their own nuclear arsenals such as China and North Korea – allowing the U.S. to strike targets with the same level of force as a nuclear warhead without escalation to a nuclear war. Investment in such a capability would come amid growing American interest in non-nuclear strategic weapons, which has also included investment in the Conventional Prompt Global Strike hypersonic intercontinental-range missile program for the Navy’s submarines and stealth destroyers.

Iranian Underground Missile Facility

Project Thor will see telephone pole sized tungsten rods, 20 feet long and 1 foot in diameter, dropped from American satellites to strike hardened bunkers and underground nuclear complexes. These rods will not carry warheads but will strike at approximately to 10 times the speed of sound allowing them to cause tremendous damage with the sheer speed of their impact. This would provide an alternative to both nuclear bunker busters and conventional ones such as the GBU-57. North Korea and Russia, both of which deploy considerable assets from well-hardened installations, are thought to be the primary potential targets of these weapons – alongside Iran which has received Korean assistance in hardening its own missile sites and nuclear facilities. source

Check out our transcript of the video:

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