News 30.05.2021


Things are actually moving along very quickly and we can’t see around the corner or anticipate the curve balls. The Earth Alliance has put a lot of junk on the balls which are making magical moves as they approach the plate. The demonic left know they’re coming and they’re terrified because they can’t anticipate the moves, either. Their silly bats are useless and no matter how they duck and dodge, they’re going to strike out.

It’s sounding like the first week of June may be very… um… colourful. I believe we can expect a great deal to change in the coming days. We won’t be doing things the same way any more in many aspects of our lives and we shouldn’t expect it. It didn’t work, so I hope everyone is ready to embrace change and seek better ways. Be creative and open-minded.

…And speaking of JFK Jr. and the discussion about whether Juan O’Savin (107) is actually John, have a look at this pic the crew found on Gab. Juan only lets us see the lower half of his persona. Note the placement of the hands.

The American Prophet channel has shown us that John is probably a master of disguises and has been on site with President Trump for years as Secret Service, etc.

…It’s not just “Human trafficking” and “child sex rings”. It’s much, much bigger and the world is going to get the truth.

Advanced supercomputers of the US Department of Energy ordered to analyze “unexamined data” in the new COIVD origins probe. What kind of data has not been revealed. source

As you may know, some researchers pointed out that the “Q clearance” claimed by our favourite dropper of breadcrumbs belongs to the Department of Energy. Very interesting when you think about “energy”. We understand the team has a Quantum computer.

ProtonMail users are outraged as the email service has reportedly started using Google’s reCAPTCHA to “secure” logins, but potentially compromising users’ identities in the process.

I never swallowed the claim that Protonmail was secure just because it’s “encrypted”, I just didn’t want to use Gmail any more, and now it’s even more suspect. Someone has been censoring my email. Friends who always replied to me frequently don’t now—particularly those in Canada with Gmail as their mail program.

Changing email addresses is a real pain, and where do you go for secure mail any more? Seems like it’s all corrupt and surveilled. It could be filtered and routed anywhere.

That is what happens when the people ruling the world bring everyone into their fold and have them executing their agenda. Monopolies got it covered and there’s no way to escape it. It leaves us trapped, with no options.

They pretend to have a better, safer, secure product and then later we find it’s compromised like the others. source

Disclosure and worldwide Mass Arrests officially began, while 2,149 National Guard troops left Washington DC to give way for a Military troop takeover of DC. The National Guard would be busy making political and global elite arrests in their own states. Military missions and Mass Arrests worldwide continued to wipe out Cabal infrastructure in DC, Brussels (NATO headquarters), Geneva Switzerland (Octogon Group Deep State global headquarters), & Israel (Jerusalem Freemason pedosatanist psychopaths). source

Ready for Med Bed Level Technology Dawn. We are close to receiving this worlds precious gift, the introduction of over 6,000 patents and cures will be among them.
This is definitely one of the most profound technologies and said to have been used in the secret space program for over 80 years; imagine health care and maintenance so advanced that it can turn back the hands of time erasing the physical; mental and emotional scars and battles of the everyday traumas of life and aging process through the technologies of frequency healing and quantum devices.
The world is about to take a giant quantum leap into the revolutionary New Age of healing technology systems that will become an integral part of transforming the way our traditional medical communities heal and remedy the masses with energies and healing frequencies. source

X22 report – The great reset has hit the wall, the people are no longer going along with with it. Leaders in other countries are not going along with the green agenda. The [DS] is losing control. The people are no longer accepting their false narratives. Once election fraud is exposed the entire [DS] system will be brought down and the people will be able to see how the [DS] manipulates we the people. video

Anyone else think “The Perfect Storm” will arrive at the same intersection at the same time? source

New Intel Drop!
Drop #4954 link (not working)

It´s signed ´B´ source

Breaking the silence just on the JFK birthday.
How many coincidences before? source

Q Alerts: The post made on 5/29/2021 to Q’s private board projectdcomms appears to have been made by either a board volunteer or some other level of 8kun admin. Unless Q verifies it with their “trip code” we at are considering the post bogus. It has been deleted from our site. Our site will now only consider a post to Q’s private read-only board valid if they use their trip code. source


I’m not involved in 8kun administration anymore but lots of people are asking me to weigh in on “B”.
The way the /projectdcomms/ board is setup, only the board owner is able to post on it.
Logging in as board owner requires a username and password.
The person who posted as B had logged into the board with the correct board credentials.

I see a few POSSIBILITIES about what happened.

  1. The board could have been claimed and given to someone new. This can be checked by logging into the admin account and checking the board claims log. I dont have access to the admin account so i can’t check that.
  2. Someone GUESSED the board owner username and password, then logged in and posted as B.
  3. The original Q gave the username and password credentials to someone else to post on the board with.
  4. It’s actually Q posting.

If i had to guess, i would guess it is either #3 or #4, but i am not in a position to technically verify that now. source

Text B source
b mirrors q
How many times has Trump posted on twitter in the past then deletes it? How do u get a message across to people?
This is all anyone is going to be talking about. source
Ingersoll Lockwood

Scavino posts 4 in a row concerning “new” q post.
It was a fake.

5:44 shows it was a security failure
5:49 shows playbook fail
5:55 asks biggest connection missing …which is the tripcode.
1835 Tripcode compromised

Scavino Comms Good.
Nice try. source
I personally don’t believe the post from earlier was from Q. I’m not sure what to make of it, but being signed by “B” and having no tripcode is enough for me to stay away from it.
We’ve already played this game in the past…
There is ONLY Q. source

Numerous people trapped inside burning Ergon oil refinery plant in Newell, West Virginia. video

How to “catch them all”.

  • Insert an outsider into the WH who is brilliant, outspoken, charming, clean as a whistle and loves his country. Someone that “We The People” would rally behind.
  • Have this outsider take a trip around the globe to let each world leader know that he has them by the balls, or plans to liberate their country. Play ball or go down with the rest.
  • Create an executive order that seizes the assets of anybody who attempts to steal the presidency in 2020 (knowing that they had no choice but to steal the election.) If China gets caught, we seize everything they own in the United States.
  • Create an executive order that seizes the assets of anybody involved in crimes against humanity (knowing that they were going to release Covid as a last ditch effort to regain control.)
  • Gather information on how they cheated in 2018 to use against them, knowing they would be stupid enough to repeat the process in 2020.
  • Set up the sting operation.
  • Make it painfully obvious to the country how much support each candidate has.
  • Let them walk into the trap.
  • Record everything before, during and after.
  • Cede the high ground so traitors expose themselves and the enemy has time to destroy itself.
  • Give them the chance to come clean on their own.
  • Do everything 100% by the book.
  • Bait them into eating each other alive.
  • Allow adequate time for the country to understand what happened and begin taking action on all fronts.
  • Begin auditing the steal and leaking drips of election fraud and the true origins of Covid simultaneously, while the country is horrified at Biden’s decisions.
  • Tie together Biden, Fauci, China, Gates, the election steal, the Covid hoax and watch the entire house of cards burn to the ground.
  • Decertify the election state by state and watch the MSM implode.
  • Trump reclaims his rightful title as President of the United States.
  • D5 source

19 Bellwether counties have perfectly matched the outcome of the presidential election since 1980.
40 years and 10 straight elections without fail…until 2020.
Trump won 18 out of 19 of these counties.
Yet somehow Joe Biden “set the record for most votes in an election.”
This. Isn’t. Rocket. Science. source

The mainstream media is publishing the TRUTH about the origin of the virus. This is a strong indicator that the Alliance operation is poised to go to a new level of offensive. Remember it is a chess game and a movie – every event we are seeing is scripted and fully controlled.

Multiple sources, including Q, have discussed an imminent ‘scare/ near death event’. The potential for a (fake) global nuclear event to be blamed on [C]hina is a strong possibility in light of recent events. If it takes place, it will be highly orchestrated and benign. Please always remember that Source/Creator banned ALL nuclear detonations in all Universes because of the severe effects on souls. Nuclear war on planet Earth will NEVER be allowed to happen.

We Light Warriors remain in a state of high alert. A BIG domino is about to fall, heralding the arrival of the full blast of the storm. I believe that many dominos will fall at once after the first one. Each event will be separate but all related to the accelerating Ascension of humanity. Nothing can stop what is coming – and nothing will ever be the same again after the storm hits with full force. source

Simon Parkes update 29.05.2021 video

GEORGENEWS one month ago said: “what will happen to the MSM when “that latter” posts again”. Would that have been this whole new drop shenanigans today?
Also note, Dan Scavino’s COMM at 10:27pm linked to drop 1027 which said: “Watch the news tomorrow” 🤔 source


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