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Everyone wants the Event to come as quickly as possible. Many people predict dates. For those who think that any of the people decides WHEN there will be an Event, I inform you – only GOD knows the date of the Event and only GOD decides it!

The Event is a very complicated process!

The Dark have established a lot traps (not just a matrix!). All this must be disassembled and very carefully so that there are no irreversible consequences! Moreover, it was only recently that they were released almost !!! all the hostages. Almost everyone, but not all source

Stanley Plotkin, Godfather of vaccines and a consultant to Moderna. Admitts under oath to the use of fetal tissue from aborted babies. He also says he’ll gladly go to hell for what he’s done. source

As Q said, sooner or later we’re forced to take sides. Those who tried to hang in there and get along to keep their jobs are being edged toward the precipice.

Arizona health care workers protest against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations

Some would prefer to sit on the fence but are pushed off. source

CDC – the biggest flip flop establishment on the planet – is now calling for all vaccinated Americans to still wear masks. In my play-book, this is a classic case of ‘how far can we push the sleepers until they wake up…?’ Imagine being fully vaccinated and WILLINGLY still wearing a mask without question. The mind boggles. source

Russia & China to hold JOINT MILITARY drills in mid-August

The joint military exercises next month will involve 10,000 troops in north-west China – Interfax News Agency reported citing the Russian defense ministry as saying on Thursday.

It will be the first time China hosts a joint drill with another country since the outbreak of Covid-19. source

Comms: Red flowers represent children. Adrenochrome. source
Na obrázku môže byť jedna osoba alebo viacerí ľudia a text, v ktorom sa píše „What Donald Trump tells us with his HANDS We will win! Give me break! The numbers speak! You agree with me! It's got to stop! No, no, think of it! Not gonna happen! This is huuuge! Believe me! Don't mess with me! fight for you! Dress for success!“

My thoughts on the vaccine passport scare:
We are all feeling the precipice in tangible ways.
In turn: The will to change is rising in We the people like never before.
People around the world understand what a danger this is and will not stand for it.
We will fight back together.
No one is going to force me to take an experimental vaccine.
Not now. Not ever. source

Punisher on US Army Video? 💥💥 History is being made. Saviours of mankind. Nothing will stop what is coming. NOTHING💥💥

5G/Illuminati/”Delta Variant” Connection

Theory:  The new ‘Delta variant’ is what they are selling… in reality, they already know people are going to drop like flies when they turn on their new 5G system to full power…. in particular, those who are vaxxed! When they turn on their 5G system to full effect, it will kill people and they will blame it on the delta variant. (at least that was the plan)

Hidden in plain site photo proof:

Notice the all seeing eye??

This supports the theory that the delta variant, is their plan to cap the illuminati pyramid… thereby making completing their plan for total control.

Is it too late?

Well…  it is very late in the game already, but have faith, have faith in the Divine plan. Have faith in God.  Have faith in yourself that you can wake up, help others wake up, and make the world a better place now… don’t delay.  The ones who seek to fulfill this plan work 24/7… and so it’s worth noting, that the masses have to also do more, and to raise our frequencies, and to be more driven and passionate than those who seek to permanently enslave us. Don’t delay… be light now!

Now we have a major clue:  The idea is that when they turn on the system, it will create mass death… this is why they have the guillotines, body bags, and plastic coffins already ready for years! Ideally you would awaken NOW, and help out in any way you can! Don’t be that adult that goes back to sleep, when you could have been useful to help save yourself and others. Can the women and children of the world count on you? Can Christ count on you? source

You will soon be free from the evil that has terrorized the world.

People of balanced character will become the new slimmed down administrators, tasked with decentralizing power and public administration, power must and will go back to the people by taking self-responsibility through democratic referendum decision on local and regional government.

Drain the Swamp, drain the swamp, MEGA Make the Earth Great Again.

Governments all over the world are going to fall.

The Deep State will be defeated with its own weapons.

The most deadly thing for politics are questions, when the corrupt MSM can no longer cover up the truth.

HAARP, Chemtrails, why hasn’t it been stopped, because with these DARPA weapons the Cabal is defeating.

Now it becomes clear look at the water, where corpses come to the surface, by flooding underground Dumps and tunnels, this is going to raise questions.

Where are the child corpses coming from that have washed up in the homes in flood plains.

Rothschild Banker Macron has no more protection from the military, the entire crime cabinet will be rounded up by the military for their role in the Genocide.

France is not a NATO member, NATO was under the control of the City of London, which along with Washington DC and the Vatican have ruled and terrorized the world.

If you are wrong you are right in the eyes of those in power, if you are right and have values you are wrong in the perception of the satanists and globalists.

You have to show the people, now this is indeed unstoppable, the corpses are falling out of the Closet by the hundreds of thousands proverbially, and rising to the surface.

Along with the decomposition and gas formation in the dead body, gravity will begin to do its work, this is unstoppable.

When the water is washed away, the corpses are there for all to see, this is why the Merkel government is not helping the people in the affected areas, because there will be questions.

Despite the fact that many countries have banned Bitcoin, the super rich are actually fleeing into this crypto currency, however, people are forgetting that Bitcoin does need to be included in the QFS, to ever be able to use it again.

NESARA / GESARA is rolling out at full speed, the old money system is dead.

Now that France has been taken over by the Army, the Globalist alliance of the unelected EU is falling apart.

Christine Lagarde, though the most corrupt person to protect the ECB, can no longer print a EURO, which is not covered by the QFS.

The problem of legislation has been solved by Donald J Trump on November 2, 2020 with EO 1776, the new constitution of the US will apply to the whole world.

The fake Corona spread in Huwan China, was a 5G accident, by turning on the deadly 5G network, and had nothing to do with Virus.

Now that there will be a new Internet for the whole world, through starlink, telecom services will also go through starlink, this makes us can expect all telecom companies to go out of business, and expect damage claims for their intentional harmful radiation.

The new Internet is needed because the old Internet will no longer have access to the QFS.

One thing the C19 scam showed, that health care had nothing to do with care, but murder and assault on your health.

Many GP’s and institutions that gave people their Lethal Shot can be held accountable through the Nuremberg Code 2.0 tribunals under the law of war.

No Pharma Producer is immune from the misery and deaths they have on their conscience, they are going to be tried along with the Deep State Politicians and corrupt Officials, and Justice for their actions.

The protection around the Politicians, falls away as the corpses surface from the underground tunnels.

Consider that underground explosions had been heard for years, expect where the water leaves its trail the evidence is no longer deniable by MSM.

Corona was an intelligence test, many police failed it.

Their macho culture and behavior will now be paid for dearly with their deaths by their own fault.

The military will have to restore order, police with common sense and sincere intent, are not going to protect politics anymore.

The introduction of Medical Beds will transform the entire medical care system.

Be patient it is coming very soon.

Everyone who has committed a crime against humanity, the game is up, it has been played and the globalists have lost. source

You asked how far the Ahrweiler incident (government bunker) is connected with the Leverkusen explosion. We suspected that it was a diversion of journalists from Ahrweiler to give them something new to write about. But I see another connection. The flood mud was taken to Current to be incinerated. And we can imagine what might be mixed in that mud. I’m of the opinion that the tracks were covered up quickly. From what I hear, several trucks had already arrived at Current before the accident happened. I think it was a targeted action by the White Hats to secure the evidence. The mud was to be taken away and destroyed as quickly as possible because on the 23rd it was published that Current was buying up this mud for incineration and, on the same day, another scanning flight was made over the Current area. Then there were one or two earthquakes and then at 9:30, there was a detonation at the waste incinerator. This diverts all attention to Leverkusen, I have private information, evidence that there should be bunkers under the whole plant because after the war the area was dangerous and so were the bunkers. At Current it would have been a targeted Deep State action, but they didn’t hit Current, they hit the adjacent hydroelectric plant, which is a stone’s throw from Current, so I’m sure it was a White Hats action. source.

‼️ If the entrance to the bunker is indeed located in the Ahrweiler Elementary School (a government bunker) and this is confirmed, then we can assume that this will not be an isolated incident. Then ALL earthquakes recorded so far in the vicinity of the school would be in a completely different light and reach a completely different dimension. source

I was at a gas station today and happened to meet a Bundeswehr soldier. My curiosity, of course, did not leave me alone and I approached him: “Hello, I would like to thank you and your comrades very much for your help and I pray for you every day.”
Thank you.”
Then I asked him if the whole scenario would take more time and he said: “NO”.
When I asked him if SHAEF was supporting them, he cheekily asked, “Who is SHAEF?
When I answered who he was, he said: “Yes, they are with us.” Source

“Shared information from friends in my contacts, this is very real ′′ I know a lady in my town whose son is an explosives specialist in the US military. He told her that even three years of mission training could not prepare him for what is really in DUMBS. He tells her that Europe is particularly horrible.” God bless these warriors source

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    I’VE Heard the babies washing up . R they finding any of the evil people that was down in the tunnels? Praying for everyone safe t . thanks for the updates.


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