News 31.05.2021


The Lie said to the Truth, “Let’s take a bath together, the well water is very nice. The Truth, still suspicious, tested the water and found out it really was nice. So they got naked and bathed.

But suddenly, the Lie leapt out of the water and fled, wearing the clothes of the Truth.

The Truth, furious, climbed out of the well to get her clothes back. But the World, upon seeing the naked Truth, looked away, with anger and contempt. Poor Truth returned to the well and disappeared forever, hiding her shame.

Since then, the Lie runs around the world, dressed as the Truth, and society is very happy…
Because the world has no desire to know the naked Truth.

Having said that, do people realize how long we’ve been propagandized, programmed, and deceived? We’ve all been led down the garden path but not everyone yet realizes it. Those of us who do comprise, “The Conscious Resistance”.

…What most Canadians do not know is that the USMCA negotiated by President Trump and other parties was, in effect, the keys to the caddy. The US Military and President Trump/Earth Alliance are actually running Canada, in conjunction, of course, with the Canadian Military if they’re going to cooperate. All the “commonwealth nations” are under control and running this scenario.

Have you wondered why Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward talk about President Trump like he’s the keystone? He is. Donald Trump has been instrumental in saving all of Humanity.

You may recall we revealed that 60K US troops were recently called into service if retired/inactive, and were sworn in as US Marshals which means they are authorized to make arrests. Because of the USMCA, that applies to Canada, not only the USA. And probably the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, as well. They don’t need uniforms to do that.

Perhaps this is why Q said the US Military are the saviours of mankind?

What’s unfolding behind the scenes is real and we’ll learn all about it when the White Hats decide it’s time. There are about 4,000 indictments to address, so it will take time to process everything but some interesting news is forecast for this first week of June. source

It has come to my attention that at the moment we are in the midst of twists and turns. It was long predicted, as true astrologers and indigenous souls verify, these days between full moon and new moon regarding planetary aspects will create some very interesting times.

In those times you will see some very obvious actions.  source

I have been doing a lot of deep processing around being exposed to people who have had the jab – especially loved ones. It has been a profound test of confronting fear on a level that none of us could have foreseen two years ago. 
The world has become a surreal place. I find myself constantly focussing on getting back to center after being side-swiped by another shocking piece of information or insight.
Spirit told me this morning that everything that’s happening in the lives of Light Warriors right now is designed to test us. Are we ready to tackle the full impact of the storm? Are we REALLY ready…? source

One of the brightest and fastest CMEs in years is expected to sideswipe Earth’s magnetic field on June 1st. Close miss. If it were heading directly toward Earth it would have caused major instead of minor geomagnetic storms. source

Lin Wood: To be clear, I am flattered by Tim’s description of me as a “genius,” but it is not a term I would use to describe myself. I am simply one man who loves God and tries my imperfect best to use the tools God provided to all of His children – common sense and instinct.

How many times have you found yourself saying, “I should have followed my first instinct?” Do you do your own research to analyze what makes sense and what does not make sense? Do you take the information you obtain and try to make sense of a situation, i.,e., “connect the dots?”

Does reliance on your God-given common sense make you a “conspiracy theorist?” NO. It does not. It only renders you a person searching for the TRUTH to achieve justice. Kinda like what I have done for my almost 44 years of practicing law.
Enjoy your day!!! source


There is a Gematria decode going around on the latest Q post that has a Gematria value of 684 which is incorrect, as they did not include the [V] in [Vs]. Although the post was “debunked” by Jim Watkins as not Q, but a global volunteer who posted it, it could also be head fake and or include some clues as I don’t think Q would have allowed anyone to get this far in posting unless they at least knew about it). b is the mirror opposite of q.

The correct Gematria is 816. The correct decode gives you some good comms. I know 816 is correct because you can see the same letters result in the most searches under the Jewish Gematria. This means that this is the correct word search that other Patriots are searching when seeking out comms.

Stock market, Great Awakening, Heaven on Earth, Financial Reset, Liars Condemned, My Mission & more… source

Attorney Sidney Powell spoke at the For God and Country Rally this Memorial Day Weekend in Dallas, Texas. During her on-stage discussion, Powell was asked about what will happen if several states overturn their 2020 presidential election results: “It should be that he is simply reinstated, that a new Inauguration Day is set, and Biden is told to move out of the White House, and Trump is moved back in” video

I like how casually Sidney Powell said that Trump can simply be reinstated.
As if all hell wouldn’t break loose and “Reees” wouldn’t be heard worldwide from the deep state, crying liberals, and Rhinos. 

The storm is inevitable. source

1 year delta
NYT Abramson setting Q up as an insurgency
(Psst, it’s actually a counterinsurgency) source
Scavino tweet
Timestamp 2:4 4:26
God wins! source
Prior Dan Scavino (video clip with “man” shown) and Mr Pool post…looks like this is a match source

Russia to deploy military units near western borders in response to NATO moves. Russia says it will send an array of “unpleasant” signals to the United States in the coming days ahead of the Biden-Putin meeting source

China is ending its two-child policy to allow couples to have three children after a census found the population is rapidly aging, and births plummet to a record low of only 12 million in 2020.

The “one-child policy” was relaxed to a “two-child policy” in 2016. source

Parents outraged after New York private school shows 1st graders video about masturbation. The video, part of of the cartoon series “AMAZE,” and the curriculum is also teaching children that family members, including parents and grandparents, should not be able to hug or touch them — even innocently — without consent. source

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says Russia is monitoring the persecution of those behind the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, hints at violations of human and opposition rights. source

Trains cancelled across the Netherlands by communications failure source

Facebook ministry of truth has removed 18 million “misleading posts” about COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, and labeled more than 167 million others.

How’s that working out in impacting voter opinion?

68% think the virus came from the Chinese lab. source

People implicated in crimes against humanity in the hot seat

It’s time to swallow the bitter pill. Many physicians are not healers.

They are drug sellers trained by large pharmaceutical companies. They promote harmful drugs, breaking their Hippocratic Oath causing serious harm to their patients. They are businessmen challenged by integrity.

Find a doctor of impeccable integrity who lives up to his oath and who will seek out the most appropriate and best treatment for a given situation.

All those involved in these crimes against humanity will be held accountable. Federal protection does not include secondary administrators. Whoever makes the vaccine mandatory is responsible.

As in the past, karma is working and there are forces at play now beyond their imagination.

The hammer is falling.

This includes the world elite, the CCP, politicians, businessmen, talking heads in the mainstream media, all those who have been implicated in these crimes against humanity.

Once the military has completed their arrests and investigations, there will be a whole new system of government.

The White House will be gone. Many politicians will disappear. Much of what you are seeing now is drama to educate the masses many of whom just couldn’t handle the truth.

Many have already been arrested, tried and executed. What you are seeing are duplicates.

Do you really think it’s Biden you’re looking at? Why are his hands going through the microphones? How did they broadcast Biden’s inauguration hours before the event in other countries?

Why is Trump still riding Air Force 1 and Marine 1? Why do the military have the access codes for the nuclear suitcase? Why have they not been transmitted? Why doesn’t Biden have access to the Pentagon? Why were its main generals arrested and fired?

Clinton gone, Gates gone, The queen has returned to her reptilian origins. The Pope is gone, there are only a few left but their time is running out. The White Hats and the military have it and control everything and the one they salute is Trump.

Corrupt agencies will be transformed or completely suppressed.

It will be as if God / Creator / Great Spirit has said enough! It’s over – followed by a big unraveling or transformation.

We must all do our part.

No stone will be left unturned and all iniquities will be shouted from the rooftops. It is all driven by an incomprehensible force that tyrants underestimated.

Once this is done, we will join the rest of the multidimensional Universe in peace, we will reunite with the Great Male / Female Family, and technologies will surface to heal humanity and restore Earth. Technologies that many can only dream of. They are flying through your skies as we speak.

The army of God is vast, multidimensional, and fully equipped to remove visible and invisible negative influences. The order from above has been given. It’s time to buckle up. source

🔰 More than 100 employees at Houston Methodist hospital filed a lawsuit against their employer for requiring all staff members to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or they would lose their jobs.

● Saying the COVID-19 vaccines are experimental and they don’t want to be “guinea pigs,” the 117 employees argued in court that it’s unlawful for their employers to require them to take the shots. source

📎A major milestone: The Medical Examiner’s Office in Arizona officially announces that ONE MILLION ballots have been counted and analyzed manually.

📎7,300 people joined the White House’s YouTube channel to watch Biden, who received 81 million votes, deliver his Memorial Day speech.

📎The Michigan State Police arrested a Polish immigrant who escaped communism and moved to the United States in search of freedom. Marlena Pavlos-Hackney, owner of Marlena Bistro and Pizzeria in Michigan, was arrested in front of her home and taken to the Ingham County Jail for refusing to close her restaurant.

📎Harry Hursty, an expert on voting machines, invited the president of the company that sold the machines in Windham, New Hampshire, for an audit.
In addition to being a conflict of interest, the state is also dealing with obvious collusion. Local residents are extremely outraged.

📎Arizona Governor Ducey on Friday vetoed 22 bills, including the election integrity bill. He literally hates the people of Arizona.

📎A Dallas high school teacher has been placed on leave after approving a Black Lives Matter yearbook cover.

📎According to emails found on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, in 2014, at that time, Vice President Biden hired one of the employees of his son’s investment company as a personal assistant. We are talking about
a 34-year-old employee of Rosemont Seneca, Anne Marie Person.

📎Biden’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, failed to define “infrastructure” during his appearance on Fox News on Sunday.

📎ABC’s Jon Karl on the origin of Covid-19 and the Wuhan lab leak: “Some things may be true, even if it was once said by Donald Trump.”

📎”This is a lie – he is deliberately misleading the American people” – the former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) calls for the current DHS Secretary Mayorkas to be held accountable for constantly lying to the American public.

📎Biden’s administration (supervisors) denounce Texas ‘ new election law requiring voter ID as “un-American.”

📎The alarm went off at a secure building in Fulton County, Georgia, where ballots are stored. The doors of the building were wide open.

📎The court ruled that attempts to recall Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer can continue.

📎Liang Tao, vice chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said at the International Financial Forum in Beijing that the recent increase in interest rates in emerging economies could lead to the explosion of global financial asset bubbles, which were made even bigger by unprecedented measures to mitigate the pandemic by developed countries (i.e., the Biden trillions)

📎Officials are calling for tougher measures against Russia after Microsoft’s assessment that the hackers behind the devastating SolarWinds hack continued to conduct cyberattacks against U.S. government agencies and other organizations.

📎Ukraine’s Ambassador to Thailand, 45-year-old Andrey Beshta, was found dead in a hotel room this morning. As the son of the official told, the day before he felt well. In the morning, the diplomat woke up with symptoms of poisoning, and then lost consciousness.

📎Armed gunmen stormed a school in the Nigerian state of Niger and abducted about 200 children. In total, since the beginning of the year, according to media reports, about 700 schoolchildren have been abducted in Nigeria. In the north of the country, more than 600 schools have been closed since March.

📎During a speech in honor of Memorial Day, Biden said that ” he will make it clear to the head of Russia: America will not stand by and allow him to violate human rights.” Biden and Putin are scheduled to meet in Geneva on June 16. source


  1. Trigush

    You say the white hats are in control.

    But if that is so and the fact that the vax is bad, then why are they implementing it.

    Why the vax drives? Why are they proceeding with 5G implementation? or is this all an illusion??…..

    • J

      The pharma companies wanted to make the Vax mandatory, but since Trump rushed it out they had to label it as experimental so that people could CHOOSE to take it or not. Since they want 100% of people to take it, but they can’t FORCE people to (yet) that’s why they’re pushing it so hard.


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