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Listen to what ABC said in the video below about Hillary Clinton’s death. The video begins with the now-famous September 11 footage of Hillary Clinton falling into a black SUV while surrounded by secret service.

We are reasonably certain she was arrested at that point because she was definitely replaced by a body double immediately afterward, but did you hear the scuttlebutt that JFK Jr. was in that vehicle and the shock caused her collapse?

That’s very possible too, because I believe he would want to witness her arrest, and I believe he would be afforded that opportunity since it was she and her team that assassinated his father and uncle. Justice has been unfolding quietly behind the scenes to keep the peace.

These “slips” are for us, to show us Justice is being done so the People don’t take to the streets with torches and pitchforks and cause a civil war. The White Hats knew this process would take a long time and don’t want us despondent. Sadly, some patriots have already given up.

If Fox is on the side of the dark, why pay people who tell the blatant truth like Sean Hannity [who also has worn a CIA and Q ‘punisher pin’] and Tucker Carlson as well as the Juan Williams and other obvious deep state shills etc? Because they are part of the plan; the education process. They don’t want to lose viewers—they want as many as possible. The cabal has used the media to tell people what to think for decades. Now the patriots are undoing the damage and telling them the truth.

If Fox had all patriots or all Trump haters they would lose a large chunk of the audience. To look real, there has to be commentary from both sides, but it seems like they are slowly dropping the leftist commentators. source

Biden: “I’m not supposed to take any questions, but go ahead…. I’m not going to answer on Afghanistan now,” and disappears. video

Right now all 3 are in the news, going viral & they all have seem to have a Q in their memorial landmark. source

Media gets front row seats to gitmo 9/11 pre-trial hearings!!!! Never happened before in history 👀 source

CABLES: Inside The >Pent_aa_gone<<

WAR>Inside the Pent_a-gon
Is errupting and Dong Jingwei’s DECLASSIFIED Revelations are COMING & Have been PROVEN True the past weeks//

DEEP STATE MILITARY GENERALS /Intelligence officers/in All three letter agencies are now feeling the pressure of Jingwei’s INTEL & MILITARY retributions starting<<<
///PANIC has set in and [DS]MILITARY INTEL PERSONAL are in FEAR/// ⏰<<


🔥 🔥 🔥 Inside the 3 letter agencies<<<



The Sickness and deaths in ITALY. NEW YORK. UK. Last year wasn’t caused by the virus bioweapon.
But was caused by SYNTHESISED TOXIC NANO PARTICLES <<That caused the spike proteins to mimic a virus.

Many in the Pentagon now believe this as well*



The Sickness and deaths in ITALY. NEW YORK. UK. Last year wasn’t caused by the virus bioweapon.
But was caused by SYNTHESISED TOXIC NANO PARTICLES <<That caused the spike proteins to mimic a virus.

Many in the Pentagon now believe this as well*

A WAR IS ERUPTING IN THE PENT.A_GONE<< GRAY hats>> FORCED to pick sides source

Never before have so many broken and enlightened souls existed at the same time.

Biblical indeed. source

People forget that the cabal was largely controlling the world long before 2020. The world was already in dire trouble but now a generation of people are seeing things with crystal clarity.
This is the Great Awakening.
Once all is revealed, the world will be transformed.
Exposure happens first, then justice. There is no where to escape for the cabal because God is doing this.
God cannot be stopped. source

Japan suspends use of an additional 1 million doses of the Moderna vaccine after finding more contaminants in the batches 👀 source

Double meanings. Why is steel[e] so important?

Japan is recalling ( 1.63 million doses of the Moderna vaccine due to contamination (!) with foreign substances.

“The size of foreign substances found in 39 vials is presumably several millimetres, and their elements are unknown. The company Moderna is conducting an investigation about these materials, according to the ministry.” source

Disney Illuminati Satanism & Sex symbols Mind Control video

💥BQQQQQQQM💥 PARASITES, METALS, NANO-PARTICLES AND GRAPHENE OXIDE FOUND IN VACCINES 💥 Dr Robert Young discovers ingredients used in jabs source

A bill is in committee to prevent unvaccinated people from flying domestically. source

Why does everything take so long, you ask?

…..I had the opportunity to speak again with the commander of a certain group at SHAEF. I mentioned him several times last year. I asked him why everything takes so long and the deadlines keep getting pushed back. I wasn’t surprised by his answer, but it will probably come as a big surprise to many readers. It is not possible to speed things up as many of you would like. So sit back, have a cup of coffee and start reading. Some will be pleasantly surprised, some shocked and many amazed….

Many people at the Earth Hotel are impatient and want everything immediately. One cannot take the tenth step if the first nine steps have not been taken before. That’s obvious to everyone, isn’t it? At least I think so. The impatience of people who know everything about the present matter is only a consequence of their unbalanced psyche and inner setup. So I repeat, calm down everyone and watch the game. You will never again have such an opportunity to examine your thinking, your states of mind, your reactions and your actions. It is an excellent examination of every human being who has participated in Armageddon.

The ARMAGEDDON that is taking place on planet Earth will automatically, without any nonsensical “man-made tests”, SURVEY you all. It will show you your true SELF. Let’s not talk about vaccinations at all, that was just an intelligence test that very many people failed. Unfortunately for the constructive power of the universe.

In speaking with the person in question I was given the following data. Short, concise and punchy.

There are countless cloning labs in the underground tunnels (DUMBs = Deep Underground Military Bases) located under the entire surface of Hotel Earth, the elite can only accept a new body after three days of the body dying. Most of these elites, (not meaning any of the financially rich people you know like ROCKEFELLER, ROTHSCHILD, MORGAN, etc. I’m talking about the elite, most don’t even know them. They don’t even know the digital aristocracy that has been around for 1000 years!!!!! you kill them, they just take a new body, that’s why it’s NECESSARY to destroy these DUMBs first, these clone factories. Yes, they are huge factories down there. For these beings, bodies are just vessels, like vehicles.

…Look at the map of the earthquakes that have now taken place in the USA. The storm and hurricane that has been artificially induced will collect a huge amount of water over the continent that is needed to flood the DUMBs. Hence the synchronicity.

The source added that the cloning of children and adults for organs in underground laboratories is only a very small piece in the mosaic of Hotel Earth’s secrets. When the truth is revealed, many will have their minds blown. Maybe forever?

…That’s why we must wait. source

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