News 31.10.2021


The psychopaths have tried to prevent us from sharing the truth on the Internet and in books and in face-to-face groups but they cannot. It’s too late. We know what they planned—partially through insiders and whistleblowers. Some information is still available through research on the Internet. They can’t censor everyone and everything. The only way to do that is to shut down the World Wide Web entirely, and they may succeed but the Earth Alliance has prepared for all eventualities and we won’t be incommunicado for long if a blackout happens.

At this stage of the war we have our challenges to overcome and even now the ship is sluggish and difficult to bring about. We’ll do our best. Ultimately, we have to do our homework, search our own soul and use our intuition to formulate a reality we can live with. Not everyone is at the same place and accepting of what others deem to be true.

The reason things appeared to be so dire until the past five years is because the strategy of the White Hats was to allow the cabal to believe their plan was uncontested and their victory sure. They were caught by surprise when they learned that Humanity had formed the Earth Alliance and had a smokin’ plan of their own.

One by one the initiatives of the dark magicians were dismantled or reversed by the good guys—even as Donald Trump was being elected in what we believe was the first election in decades that hadn’t been stolen by the deep state. The spiritual battle that has ensued appears physical but it also has the demons in the nether realms writhing in fury.

We’ve never looked back and the cabal has in many cases turned tail and run, throwing each other under the bus as they headed for their underground bunkers—only to learn that the US and other military in the Alliance had stormed many of their tunnels and military bases beneath the surface and rendered them useless or taken control of them for use by the Light Forces.

Disinformation is part of war, and it’s frustrating for many of us who try to make sense of the updates we’re given only to learn that even among our most trusted sources, the facts are often in direct opposition with others’ material and those we thought were reliable in their information we’re told they are not—so again, you’re on your own to decide who you want to listen to and how much of their information you take as truth.

What I have come to believe is that while we may have trials and tribulations befitting a race struggling for a leap in spiritual development, we will get through it all. The dark ones want us to live in fear and continually taunt us with fabricated threats and lies. They are afraid of their own shadow now and many have to hide in their homes or behind their goons to go out in public because the People know what they did and they are no longer silent.

It sounds to me like the Patriots who are truly in control have thought of everything and will make this transition as smooth and painless as possible. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, as they say. We can do this. Together, and since we’re getting a brand spanking new Quantum Financial System, the old must go. No worries. No fear. source

The current situation on Earth/Terra is inarguably something of a horror show and it’s fitting that the timing for the escalation is so close to Hallowe’en and the witching hour when we would expect evil to rear its ugly head and deliver untold pain and suffering. Perhaps it’s not quite as bad as it might appear, however.

The dark has it’s “hidden hand” manipulating circumstances but so do the White Hats. Revealing Fauci’s involvement in cruel experiments on dogs is going for the jugular, no question. Children and puppies—nothing would be more successful in uniting people at odds with their beliefs and politics, in my opinion.

Will they get more deeply into the intentional murder and torture of seniors at long term care facilities? Perhaps that’s where Cuomo comes in. The Greek attorney Nikos Antoniadis brought us a shocking case from his country about what transpired and we are convinced there is nothing else for it but Nuremberg 2.0.

The cabal foolishly believed their booby traps and secret weapons would foil the Light Forces’ efforts to liberate our planet but they were wrong. They never counted on The Great Awakening rousing the masses from their slumber so they would fight back.

They never saw the members of their global clique deciding they would flip and assist the Alliance. They didn’t anticipate insiders having an attack of conscience and spilling their evidence as whistleblowers. The Great Awakening prompted Dutch Illuminati banker Ronald Bernard to break free of his mind control when he was encouraged to participate in murdering a child for a satanic sacrifice. The cabal never saw any of that coming.

They knew their reign of terror was soon to be terminated yet they persisted in doing their worst to make it as painful as possible for us. I’ve been saying the same thing for over ten years; “They will never surrender.” Some say the dark ones hope the White Hats will make a fatal error and allow the psychopaths to gain the upper hand but that won’t happen.

The Plan is meticulously crafted with no room for error. The satanic, demonic sub-humans are the only ones making mistakes because they are not coming from a place of strength, but one of panic. They are spiralling out of control but intentionally causing as much misery as possible. source

👉 Big raid on Berlin’s SPARDA bank over Cum-Ex, the biggest tax heist in history. More than 100 banks are involved so far, now also Sparda. The German state has incurred billions of euros in tax losses over the years as a result of Cum-Ex transactions.
👉Today, a large-scale raid with 250 police officers took place in the biker milieu of Berlin and Brandenburg. Seven arrests for drug trafficking and weapons of war. Cracked “Encrochat is an absolute goldmine”, cheers the police union. Criminologists will have their hands full for a long time to come.
👉Special forces carried out a terror crackdown in the Düren district today.
Two earthquakes occurred in Albania yesterday morning around 8:00. The first with a magnitude of 4.6 at a depth of 10 km and the second one a minute later with a magnitude of 3.6 and a depth of 11 km. The location of the earthquakes is again more than striking….
👉Another earthquake occurred off the coast of France, exactly where the supposed “mocking earthquake” occurred.
This time a 2.5 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 10 km!
A 3.8 magnitude earthquake occurs in the Mediterranean Sea between Libya and Sicily. It’s on the Rim-Tripoli line👉DUMB (underground tunnels) source

With the “ORION VIII” project, global counter-narcotics operations have entered the next phase. Spain and Colombia together seized a huge quantity of 13 tonnes of cocaine and arrested 25 criminals. source

The Army’s 405th Field Support Brigade has moved approximately 2,000 vehicles, containers and equipment from north of the Alps to the south in the last three weeks!And one of them was seen today “Brutal equipment at the Holzkirchen rest area heading south” source
2 earthquakes at a depth of 10 km!
No sooner do we write about the Dumont-d’Urville station in Antarctica, there are others leading there too…
Na obrázku môže byť mapa, obloha a text, v ktorom sa píše „Persischer Golf Vereiniate Arabische Emirate Arabien Bhutan Oman Indien Jemen Mumbai 10km Golf von Aden Bangladesch Kalkutta (Birma) Myanmar 10km os Hyderabad Arabisches Meer Chennai BangaloreO von Bengalen nalia Thailand Bangkok Vietnam กรุงเทพมหานคร Kambodscha Andaman-See Golf von Thailand Sri Lanka Lakkadivensee Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Singapur“
The line runs EXACTLY through the Indian city of Hyderabad!
Hyderabad is the capital of the Indian state of Telangana, which was newly created in 2014. With 6.8 million people in the city proper and 7.7 million in the conurbation, it is India’s fourth largest city and the center of the country’s sixth largest metropolitan area.
Of course, ALL humanitarian agencies are based here, but the city is also known as the technology hub of India!!! Yes, it fits right in – it seems to be a regular hub for the cabal, the Zionists. India is often neglected in our observations because we know so little about it. source
DUMB 😉 That’s exactly what we saw on Wednesday evening over Tegel Airport. 🙏 Several detonations were heard last night and the night before. Very hollow and without sound. ( in the northern part of Berlin) ‼️ source

Laos reports the largest drug find in Asian history: 1.5 tonnes of crystal methamphetamine.

Investigators revealed that the head of the Arab Al-Zein clan planned a $145 million extortion racket while receiving HARTZ IV. The family syndicate from Leverkusen had been operating internationally for decades, even in Lebanese intelligence circles – and on the side received support from the German state. The leader is now in prison. source

Oumph! Reveals First-Ever Vegan Burger to Replicate the Taste of Human Meat source

This is just a >, test
For areas… BETA TEST
.. But [they] are preparing for the real blackout.. Once]] DURHAM[[ report intensifies, Voting FRAUD Exposure intensifies… Exposure of CDC NIH,World HEALTH,WEF Hits the fan>>

It’s easy to control humans with an invisible enemy>>> the virus was fake in the beginning {CHEMTRAILS sprayed frozen Protein Spikes/Bioweapon// then the re_release of SARS 2021 ///
Now I have said for months… FAKE solar storm*>>>> once the first test is done and PANIC starts and MSM starts fear campaign.. Then[THEY] Start to plan the real blackout>> //////.

Everything has to happen this way…. The Crime Of Century taken place>>>>
Many Military Intelligence battalions are recording the crimes<<<<///ALL CRIMES source

In 1975 Gough Whitlam signed the LIMA Agreement. He sold Australia to the United Nations – but wait Australia & Pfizer are listed on the NYSE.
Donald J Trump’s Executive Order 13818 has seized the NYSE.
Therefore by default he is the owner of Australia. Chapter 11 – City Of London, Vatican & Washington DC are bankrupted (Filed & Actioned)
The Act Of England 1871 has been reversed. The Secondary Judiciary Act 1869 is no longer. This also overturns the Balfour Declaration of 1917.
Now we wait Justice Thomas to open a can of WHOOP ASS [1776] Style.
The Whole World goes to 1776 in law.
The Whole World goes to A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD – Think Revaluation of All Currencies.
The Whole World goes to 1950’s Prices. 1955 the Chosen Year. Post [CRASH]

The 3 Most Important Executive Orders of our lifetimes.
13818, 13848, 13959.
Think Crimes Against Humanity, Foreign Election Interference Globally, Think Chinese Military Companies, Think EVERGRANDE.
Ladies & Gentlemen

Two white jeeps were in Biden’s motorcade in Rome. Stuttgart license plates and army. That’s very interesting.
This is a screenshot from a Facebook video from Rome.
Presumably, these are members of the 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group from Stuttgart, who exclusively drive vehicles with Stuttgart license plates on European roads.
In this way, they attract less attention during their missions.
Having been to the tank barracks in Böblingen several times during my military service, I was able to see this for myself at the time.
In front of the barracks, they drove only with German license plates and with exactly this type of vehicle.
And when they come, the air is on fire. I knew a couple of these guys personally, absolute fighting machines who live for their mission. source

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