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Nicholas: Okay, so you mentioned that when we make a decision, a big decision, for example, you’re married and you decide to divorce. Then you create a new, different universe and your consciousness moves to this other universe and continues in a different timeline and leaves the previous timeline.
And in the previous timeline, where you are when you were married, you continue with the person who is married to you. But then on that other timeline, you are, you are now single. So can you please first explain what it means to change the timeline and explain the quantum behind that?

Gene: So first of all for understanding. You don’t always create a new universe; most of the time you do it when you decide, as you have decided, not to become an advocate, but to do what you have done. Well, here you are, having become an advocate. So that’s a different way of making a decision based on a different set of values you, who decided to take a different path, adopted a different set of values, based on different motivations. It depends on the reason, but you know, maybe it was to have more influence and power and so forth, or notoriety. So it’s a different energy vibration. And so what isolates the timelines or the different universes that are all based on everyone’s choice is that the overall quantum signature or vibrational package of vibration is different than the ones next door.

And the further you get away from the timelines, the more different they are, so there are timelines, for example, where the U.S. is not yet independent from Britain, this revolutionary war of the founding fathers. God allows all kinds of choices. So when you look at what is, you know, understanding the vibration of a quantum packet, it’s called a collapse, a wave function or a wave collapse. It’s described by the double-slit experiment. So what you see with the wave is anything is possible. The cosmic light effect shows everything, which shows all possibilities. You see every possibility until you observe it, and the you that observes it is in a certain pattern of choice or vibration.

So what the vibration of the particle is deciding, is the universe that the particle is in. And that vibration of the particle is defined by the overall consensus of choice. So, for example, overall on Earth, there are already Armageddon timelines where the Antichrist is already walking the Earth. There is a nuclear war going on. That effort has never been stopped. This is a timeline where the Alliance has not prevailed or does not exist. And so there is nuclear war.

Be respectful, stand up for yourself, stand up for the planet, stand up for each other. To stand up for humanity as a whole, especially for children, for their rights and their dignity, for them to be treated with respect and to be raised the way they should be raised and not to have all the sex stuff and the really bad stuff and the human trafficking and all that.

So that’s what’s happening now. For example, there’s a timeline where Notre Dame didn’t burn a few days before Easter, it’s where the antichrist comes in on that timeline. It was four days earlier. So that was the portal for the antichrist, the place where the sacrifices were made. All those bodies are from the black plague deaths. All the bodies were gathered there to bring all that pain and misery and suffering and death. So then they would have catacombs that go under Notre Dame. And what they do there is at that time, every year, they open a portal, they use black magic and child sacrifices every year, they make them bigger and bigger and bigger. They set the time. But it takes a huge portal for a being like Lucifer to get in. We’re talking about a massive energy being. So it has to be a big portal. So they were opening a bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger portal. He was supposed to come in while the temple was being burned down, but it was long past time for him to be on the same line. If you do something at a different time, it’s like breaking down a door, but you don’t have the energy to open it all the way. So then when that energy stops, it’s like a door, you let it slam and the door breaks. So you can’t get out anymore. And now you’ve broken that door and locked it, so now they would have to do it again for thousands of years in some place, the same place or another. So now that timeline doesn’t exist anymore. And so that choice doesn’t exist.

That’s human population, just like a bunch of cattle and corrals, that kind of thing. That’s how they look at us. These one-percenter top people. They realized that if you make somebody work for just enough to pay the bills, that when they go to work, they’re not doing the best they can. They’re doing what they have to do. And that’s it. They’re not going to do the best they can. In a lot of Japanese companies, if someone comes up with an idea and the company uses it, advances in the company, they get other rewards, like a bonus in salary and things like that. So if people are respected in that situation, they like the people they work with. They like coming to work. They’ll work as hard as they can, and they like coming to work. And so you get a much stronger performance than forcing people. So the 1% or so realized this to the point that they actually became more compassionate and stopped doing Satanism and that’s why they saw the timelines when they were looking through the Looking Glass that they were ending for them and they were trying to figure out why. There were some in the group who were wise enough to realize the truth. That you see the hand of God intervening because Satan’s time is over, where he doesn’t get out, he’s brought to judgment, he’s finished. All of these things are happening on a different timeline. So what does that do? Is it God creating another timeline?

Like I said, late August or late September, October, I think we’re going to see somebody return. The return of the republic in this country, in America, and so in that, you’re talking about a timeline where the people rise up and the people we elect, really elect, get to where we elect them. We’re going to get the people who represent us, who care about us to stand with the best. And so the cabal didn’t just remove books from the Bible to get to where we are today. They were also encroaching on major primary timelines that were affecting other timelines. They mirror each other. People jump back and forth in time.

Nicholas: So you’re saying that if we focus and pay attention if we jump timelines if we make big decisions, we can see inconsistencies if we’re paying attention. Because not everything is perfect.

Gene: Yeah. There are inconsistencies that, you know, because you’ve changed timelines, they can be minor or they can be major if you make a big shift. It could be a big change like mine, or it could be a tiny little thing where there’s a small difference. Another example of an experience: a student of mine and I went to Los Angeles for a martial arts demonstration, to Phoenix, where we were staying at the time, and on the way back he was driving and I was reading a book on Tai Chi and he made a comment. I looked at him and he looked at me and I responded to his remark. And then I looked back at my book and I’m on the third page. I looked at three pages and I didn’t even read them. I looked at him and he says, yeah, me too. I’m like, what? He says the mile marker has passed. You responded to my note and not 15 seconds later the mile marker passed, but it’s three miles up the road. In 15 seconds, we’re going to move three miles. This car can’t go that fast. You know, it can’t. We’re back in Phoenix. We decided we’re going to rent a martial arts movie and go to a blockbuster (movie theatre). The whole building fell apart. We walk around the empty parking lot. You know, the buildings are way down. So they drove some guys through the parking lot. We say excuse me, do you know if there’s a blockbuster nearby? And they’re like, yeah, it’s on the other side of the mall, over there. So we drove up to the blockbuster and the location of the building has changed, the colour of the sign is different.

People are starting to get it now because they’re more aware of it. And because they’re aware of it, now there are people who hear us, who don’t think it’s stupid, who think it’s completely crazy. And because we’re kind of in-between now, in a fixed timeline where there’s a totally big awakening and things that never even happened. Our timeline is Armageddon. It’s completely destroyed. So we’re kind of halfway in the timelines now. We’re at the point where we’re trying to steer people into the one where it’s completely positive. You know, we’re seeing lawsuits and all these things that are happening. I’m trying to get people on the most positive timeline of all in terms of serving others and serving God and serving Christ and making it really, really solid. And you know, when we get there, most people are like, what do you mean? It’s always been that way. It’s always been that way. The White House has never been on Capitol Hill…

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