The strange case of the immortal Putin

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The strange case of the immortal Putin

Have you ever encountered these images? This is not the first time that truth seekers have claimed that a world leader is either a time traveler or an immortal.

This time around, it seems the internet has taken a particular interest in Russian President Vladimir Putin, who some say is the ultimate time traveler.

People have spotted a strange similarity between Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, and two historical photographs taken in 1920 and 1941 respectively. (See above)

Some truth seekers claim that pictures are the ultimate proof of time travel or immortality.

Amazing claims made on social media suggest that the two historic images taken in 1920 and 1941 are in fact current Russian President Vladimir Putin. The photos are said to be proof of a slightly younger version of Putin, who is 65.

Some believe that the 1920 image shows a Russian soldier who looks a lot like Putin. Another image believed to have been taken in 1941 shows another Russian soldier who also looks a lot like Putin.

People have been discussing these images for quite a while now and come up with all kinds of theories, trying to explain them. Some believe that the all-powerful Russian president is, in fact, an immortal, others believe he is alien. Speculation is rife.

A lot of people think that the pictures are proof that Putin is a time traveler and that such people exist among us.

Mystery-loving people seem to like the idea that all three images actually represent the same person and that Putin, the Russian president, is immortal and has served the Russian people for centuries.

There are even more bizarre theories that link the Russian President to Prince Vlad III of Transylvania, popularly known as Count Dracula.

And while truth seekers have proven that there are many explanations, no one seems to have thought – apparently – of another simpler explanation:

Two Russians, living in Russia, who may share common DNA and look like their ancestors. Would that make more sense than an immortal time-traveling vampire?

It’s not sure…

Andrew Basiago claims to have participated in a time travel project for the CIA: Project Pegasus.

The program has led to the successful development of a number of highly advanced technologies enabling teleportation, physical time travel and holographic time travel.

Basiago says the program was run jointly by the CIA and DARPA, and was used to contact former presidents, teleport to Mars, and maintain contact with aliens.

Nikola Tesla discovered a form of latent energy that exists throughout the universe; which he called, radiant energy.

When there is radiant energy available and someone is exposed to it, inertia opens a ‘portal tunnel’ in space-time. The person does not undergo any change and does not need to travel at the speed of light. For 45 years, we have been hiding a transport technology that could have been used by all citizens to overcome the limits of time and space on our planet.

A conversation between David Wilcock and John Cassidy, about Montauk and a colony on March, reveals that President Barack Obama traveled through a teleportation room.

If so, Putin might as well have traveled through time during the secret projects carried out in Russia …

Anyway, these photos question us…. source

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